Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience


Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience. I'm also a social entrepreneur, community organizer and now director of sustainability and resilience for the city of Orlando. Resilience. Chris Castro. Thu, 03/11/2021 - 01:00.

This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic


This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic. The past 15 years have tested the resilience of everyone living along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, including the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band and the four other state-recognized tribes that live nearby.


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Companies across Canada united on vision for a resilient recovery

Clean Energy Canada

A new public letter asking Canadian governments to pursue a “resilient recovery” has attracted the signatures of companies and industry associations across Canada. The idea of a resilient recovery is now mainstream, it’s good business, and it’s how Canada stays competitive.”.

An Adaptive, Resilient and Equitable Workforce

Better Ventures

As was the case after the 2008 recession, many traditional workers who lost their jobs are likely to turn to alternative work either out of necessity or desire for flexibility and companies in many sectors will be reluctant to rehire amidst uncertainty.

The seven steps to a green and resilient recovery

Business Green

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis calls went up for green stimulus plans, but while they gained some traction support was largely confined to environmental campaigners and clean tech industries and the opportunity to deliver sweeping climate-focused recovery packages was ultimately squandered.

Orlando’s journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience


Orlando’s journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience Chris Castro Thu, 03/11/2021 – 01:00 Cities are home to more than 50 percent of the global population and as a result are presented with ever-growing challenges, including finding a balance between social equity, economic vitality and environmental sustainability. I’m also a social entrepreneur, community organizer and now director of sustainability and resilience for the city of Orlando.

Tell Kansas City how to fight climate change

Greenability Magazine

The city of Kansas City, MO wants to know how climate change is and will impact you and what actions the city should take now to become carbon neutral, equity focused and resilient by 2040. more resilient?

Recycle holiday trees, wreaths and greens

Greenability Magazine

Belton, MO — Lawn-Corps, 2008 E. Air Quality Animals Compost Conservation Environmental impact Gardening Lawn & Garden Nature Recycling Resilience Restorative Sustainability Trees Uncategorized Water Wildlife Zero Waste

CCC urges government to craft climate-resilient Covid-19 recovery plans

Business Green

Letter to the Prime Minister by government climate advisers adds further weight to cross-sector calls for coronavirus stimulus packages to eschew carbon-intensive practices in favour of low-carbon, climate-resilient industries and projects.

Sustainable infrastructure investments can aid the post-COVID recovery


Before the shovels hit the dirt, it's worth understanding how the world of 2020 is different from the world of 2008. For example, since 2008, the percentage of U.S. Economically, the case for technologically advanced, resilient and sustainable infrastructure is clear.

A community remembers an environmental leader

Greenability Magazine

Beginning with the city’s Climate Protection Plan in 2008, Murphey led the effort to identify potential climate risks to the region and recommend actions, many of which have been implemented.

Recycle holiday trees, wreaths and greens

Greenability Magazine

Belton, MO — Lawn-Corps, 2008 E. Compost Conservation Environmental impact Green Tip Nature Recycling Resilience Restorative Sustainability Trees Uncategorized Wildlife Zero Waste

Let’s incubate the Green Swans hatched by the COVID-19 Black Swan


These events, made visible by the COVID-19 virus, have shown us the fragility of systems pushed to their breaking point by design constraints to maximize return on investment in the absence of resiliency. . Resilience, despite resistance.

How to value solar plus storage


In the wake of California’s summer of wildfires, blackouts and planned outages, many consumers and businesses are clamoring for more resilient options. How to value solar plus storage. Adam Aston. Tue, 11/03/2020 - 01:00.

Inside Hewlett Foundation’s plan to electrify all road transportation by 2050


A former research scientist in clean energy and transportation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gopal has a grant-making philosophy that focuses on electrifying the global economy quickly, resiliently and reliably with clean power.

Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues?


In 2018, the International Maritime Organization set the goal to halve emissions for commercial ships from 2008 levels by 2050. Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues? Zac Estrada. Tue, 08/18/2020 - 01:00.

Why investors are putting biodiversity on the balance sheet


The coronavirus pandemic "has focused investors on the vulnerability and resilience of the financial system," according to a new report from the CFA Institute , an association of investment professionals, which found 85 percent of its members consider ESG factors when making investment decisions.

Clean Energy’s Ever-Changing Policy Risk


As an intern in Lehman Brothers’ global power group in 2008, she watched the collapse of the investment bank happen in real time. Those that are resilient and those that figure out how to work in the new paradigm that they’re given are the ones who are successful,” says von Oesen. Britta von Oesen knows risk. She’s lived it. Later, as a wind and solar developer in Italy, she watched European markets grind to a halt after feed-in tariffs were slashed.

Policy 100

Build back better – with energy efficiency improvements

Renewable Energy World

In fact, green energy has been more resilient against COVID-19 impacts than fossil fuels. Lessons from the 2008 financial crisis. Investing into energy efficiency can trigger further investments and bring down costs of energy technologies, as we have learned from the 2008 crisis.

Advice for thriving amid crisis, from 14 sustainability vets


Tone down the celebration : Though the scale differs, in 2008 people were losing their jobs and afraid for their futures. Rather, we needed to focus on listening, empathy and building personal, community and business resilience.

Danone's Eric Soubeiran: 'The food system is broken'


On the bright side, however, the crisis has underlined the resilience of Danone's direct sourcing model, he says, which minimized supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. Workers fills up milk storage tank at a Danone dairy plant in Normandy, France, April 2008.

A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers


After the 2008 economic recession, I led a study to show that companies generally scaled down sustainability programs during periods of lowered financial performance, but they did so rather selectively. A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers. Rajat Panwar.

Media Brief: Clean stimulus: the research behind it and the countries adopting it

Clean Energy Canada

From the head of the International Energy Agency who said recently that “governments have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reboot their economies… while accelerating the shift to a more resilient and cleaner energy future.” After the 2008 recession, the Obama-era U.S.

Using Mindfulness to Seed Climate Innovation & Equity • 1/27/22

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

A panel exploring how mindfulness practices can bolster climate tech innovation, equity, and personal resiliency. She is a recognized writer, speaker, trainer and event moderator who has worked to forward the interests of women in the solar industry since 2008. January 27, 2022.

Key UK financial regulators mandated to consider climate issues

Business Green

The government wishes to deliver a financial system which supports and enables a net zero economy by mobilising private finance towards sustainable and resilience growth and is resilient to the physical and transition risks that climate change presents," Sunak wrote.

Coronavirus Response: As we rebuild, we must avoid sleepwalking into the next crisis

Business Green

It could be akin to the 2008 financial crisis that delivered a shock to our systems that continues to shape politics and economics today. We cannot wish this moment away, but instead we need to face up to it and work out together how to protect ourselves and rebuild more resilient systems.

Tracing EthicalEvidence in Moral Obligation to Future Generations

The Environmental Blog

There is also a recognition that present-day delay in action would put the responsibility on the future generations, who will face greater vulnerability and exposure due to reduction in the climate-resilient pathways that we still have a chance to avail (IPCC “climate change report”, 33). 4, 2008, pp. 4, 2008, pp. 1. Introduction.

Ethics 215

When Extreme Weather Reigns, Disinformation Pours


Al Gore at the World Economic Forum in 2008. After the particularly destructive 2005 and 2008 hurricane seasons, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and BP all prepared alternate sites for business operations, control centers, and data systems in parts of the United States not vulnerable to hurricanes.

Going green: The future of hydrogen energy

Renewable Energy World

However, if there is to be wide-spread adoption of hydrogen as a viable alternative energy source, there needs to be a national focus on establishing a network of hydrogen production and refueling — not unlike EV charging roll out — to provide the basis for resilient local supply chains.

UK’s £27bn Roadbuilding Plan Ruled Legal Following Challenge from Campaigners


He added that “whether they are enough is not a matter for the court” and noted there was “no requirement in the [Climate Change Act] 2008, or in government policy, for carbon emissions for all road transport to become net zero”.

Climate migration is part of our future. Is it a problem or a solution?


Since 2008, an average of 20 million people have been internally displaced each year. Rising seas and extreme weather will drive millions more people around the globe to relocate their homes, businesses, and lives, according to the latest U.N. climate report.

Environmental Racism is at the Heart of Europe’s Continued Coal Use


Between 2008 and 2016, around 4,700 indigenous Wayuú children died due to a lack of food and water. The overlap between racial inequalities and environmental issues is all too often ignored.

Fighting deforestation should be a top priority for 2021, and here’s how it can be


Brazil, for example, recently recorded its highest rate of deforestation since 2008 during the period from August 2019 to July, an increase of 9.5 Fighting deforestation should be a top priority for 2021, and here’s how it can be. Heather Clancy. Mon, 01/11/2021 - 02:00.

President Biden Outlines Comprehensive Plan for Federal Sustainability

Clean Energy Law

The president’s executive order aims to use the US government’s procurement power to achieve “carbon pollution-free electricity” by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. By Jennifer Roy and Julie Miles.

Law 52

South Carolina’s Past Failures and New Policies Contribute to a Brighter Future for Solar and Battery Storage

Renewable Energy World

These technologies can be used to create community resilience hubs throughout the state, providing services during hurricanes and other extreme weather events. By Shelley Robbins, Clean Energy Group.

Storing value in a mutual credit world: Chris Cook

Low Impact

Part of it is part of my work for the Institute for Strategy Resilience and Security at UCL. I’m working on action research to come up with a more resilient financial system. As Michael Hudson says, ‘if debt cannot be paid, it won’t be paid’ – that was in 2008.

Ethics 107

Looking back on the future

Envirotec Magazine

In 2018 the World Bank and others agreed significant funding to help governments boost the resilience of communities, including things like the Green Climate Fund, intended to provide support for lower income countries.

COP 130

Environmental Racism is at the Heart of Europe’s Continued Coal Use


Between 2008 and 2016, around 4,700 indigenous Wayuú children died due to a lack of food and water. The overlap between racial inequalities and environmental issues is all too often ignored.

CDL Integrated Sustainability Report 2020 discloses ESG performance aligned with global standards, and strategy to accelerate climate action in the built environment


its thirteenth sustainability report since 2008. With the global push for a low-carbon economy, there is great potential for the built environment to contribute to a climate-resilient future.

Community wealth building & mutual credit: a match made in heaven?

Low Impact

The experiences of many LAs after the 2008 crash with holdings in various financial institutions exposed this reality in often painful ways. Local Economic Resilience.

Where are they now? Catch up with 30 Under 30 alumni


In a way, we are seeing this crisis as an illustration of how expensive the failure to build resiliency can ultimately prove. If not because of COVID-19, I would not know how resilient and adaptive everyone can be. . We are more resilient and adaptive than we think.

2020 Legislative Session Review: Addressing Environmental Inequities

Front And Centered

The recently concluded 2020 Washington Legislative Session resulted in some victories, some losses, but all around continued our progress in shifting state government to directly address environmental inequities and centering impact communities in decision-making.

'Historic': Carbon emissions set to plunge a record 8% in 2020, says IEA

Business Green

If the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis is anything to go by, we are likely to soon see a sharp rebound in emissions as economics improve," he said.