Addressing Methane Leaks In The Energy Sector

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While carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas destroying the atmosphere, methane is a significant contributor. Anthropogenic methane emissions are believed to account for 30%of that warming. Methane emissions stem from many aspects of life on Earth.

Methane solutions offer down payment on our climate future


Methane is a greenhouse gas that isn't talked about enough but needs to be addressed


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Methane, manure and a net-zero pledge


Methane Renewable EnergyBy addressing a gas that can super-charge warming, Dominion Energy is breaking new ground. And its plans hinge on an unusual source of power.

Why methane is a large and underestimated threat to climate goals


Scientists say governments aren't factoring in the big short-term impact of rising methane emissions in meeting mid-century climate targets

Antarctica's seafloor is leaking methane, scientists confirm

Inhabitat - Innovation

For the first time, scientists have confirmed that methane leaking is from Antarctica's sea bed. They say the methane is likely escaping into the atmosphere

Here's what to make of the COP26 methane moment


The fight to reduce the powerful super pollutant is already underway, with the focus on agriculture, landfill management and industrial emissions

Affordable methane detection

Envirotec Magazine

The GF77 from FLIR Systems is said to be an affordable, handheld methane detection camera allowing inspection professionals to actually see invisible methane leaks and other industrial gases at natural gas power plants, renewable energy production facilities, and other locations. The GF77 is spectrally filtered to optimally visualize methane gas, says FLIR Systems.

Methane, water, birds, pollution — how can rice farmers tackle trade-offs?


Kellogg is working with rice farmers to introduce a new sustainable flooding method that would substantially decrease emissions but also protect bird habitat

Methane over Poland’s coal mines: Satellite analysis from ESA

Envirotec Magazine

According to the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, the top 10 largest methane emitting coal mines in Europe are in Poland. Collectively, these mines released around 282,300 tonnes of methane into the atmosphere in 2020. Methane emissions from coal mining.

Methane in the spotlight


In the context of climate change, initiatives towards reducing methane emissions have often been side-lined, so why is it that methane is now taking the centre stage

The world gets serious about cutting methane pollution

EDF Voices

The urgency of tackling methane is finally being recognized at the highest levels — and new satellite-based tools are coming to make that possible. Here’s how we got to this Methane Moment

EU methane policy recommendations

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Methane: Europe’s missing link for effective energy decarbonization. and Algeria, countries with sizeable methane emissions. Many key stakeholders have already come to understand the importance of a regulated methane performance standard underpinned by robust, science-based assurance.

Sensitive methane sensing on a budget?

Envirotec Magazine

Researchers have developed a new sensor that they suggest could allow practical and low cost detection of low concentrations of methane gas. Measuring methane emissions is important because the gas contributes to global warming and air pollution.

Measuring methane at landfill sites using drones

Envirotec Magazine

Viridor is working with UAV expert High Compliance, to understand the flight characteristics required for effective methane emissions surveys. The company has established a project team to plan a series of methane measurement surveys across several UK sites.

Methane action at National Oil Companies

EDF + Business

As the largest producers of oil and gas globally, National Oil Companies are critical stakeholders to achieving deep cuts in global methane emissions. climate leadership methane net zero commitments

Protected: Investor Guide to Company Comments on Proposed EPA Methane Standards

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Investor Guide to Proposed EPA Methane Regulations

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EPA proposed new regulations to reduce methane and other harmful air pollution from new and existing sources in the oil and natural gas industry. New EPA rules would significantly reduce methane emissions from oil and gas facilities. EPA finance flaring investment methane regulation

Protected: Private Equity Methane Solutions Summit

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How gas leak detection will help the world keep its methane reduction promise

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The signing of the Global Methane Pledge at last year’s COP26 marks a vital step in reducing the impact of industrial activities on the environment. The technology allows detection of methane from leaks from up to 300 feet away in a vehicle moving at 55 mph.

Reducing methane will help hit the brakes on runaway global warming

EDF Voices

Unless we act, methane will do more to warm the planet than the burning of fossil fuels in the next decade

Cutting methane emissions: different strokes for different folks


Many ASEAN countries have adopted ambitious goals to cut their methane emissions but they might need to use diverse approaches to address the issue

Newly discovered catalyst offers solution for methane


Researchers have found and tested a catalyst that could convert methane gas into valuable compounds. A study in Nature Catalysis says the catalyst will be able not only to convert methane but also develop industrially vital compounds. These findings provide an option for combatting methane's harmful greenhouse effects

New Satellite Data Reveals Dangerous Methane Emissions in Permian Region


Read time: 6 mins New research based on satellite data confirms that the oil and gas industry in the Permian region of Texas and New Mexico is leaking record amounts of methane. percent of the total methane produced by the oil and gas industry there.

To Meet Sustainability Goals, Food Companies Need To Slash Methane

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For companies that produce, process or sell beef, pork and/or dairy, there’s an often overlooked, invisible source of climate pollution lurking in the supply chain: methane. While some food and agricultural companies are making progress on methane, there’s still a long way to go.

Cow Burps – Cattle Industry Poised To Lead The Way To A Cooler Earth By Reducing Methane Content

Jim Conca

Davis shows a dramatic reduction in cattle methane emissions using red seaweed as a feed supplement while significantly reducing the cost of feed. A new study out of U.C.

Sponsored Content: Methane detector has leaks covered

Envirotec Magazine

The SEM5000 is a portable methane detector specially designed for landfill surface emissions monitoring, reporting and detecting potential leaks at wellheads and surface penetrations. The laser technology allows the device to scan the sample spectrum and identify methane (CH4) only.

Camera-based study reveals methane leaks far worse than expected in New Mexico region

Envirotec Magazine

The airplane-mounted sensor used by the researchers to detect methane leaks from oil and natural gas production in the New Mexico half of the Permian Basin. Each chemical, including methane, has a unique pattern – an optical fingerprint. Most methane is leaked from a handful of sources.

Methane is the climate opportunity food companies can’t afford to miss

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Reducing methane now is the fastest way to slow global warming in the near term and a critical part of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change. methane emissions , is taking steps to address its impacts, with more companies setting climate targets and net zero pledges.

The Fracking Industry's Methane Problem Is a Climate Problem


Read time: 9 mins While carbon dioxide — deservedly — gets a bad rap when it comes to climate change, about 40 percent of global warming actually can be attributed to the powerful greenhouse gas methane, according to the 2013 IPCC report.

Can a new wave of laser and aerial imagery technologies slash methane emissions?


Along Colorado’s Front Range, researchers are working to develop new ways of detecting methane leaks, using everything from lasers to light aircraft to drones.

Industry first liquid bio methane offering

Envirotec Magazine

It is produced during the anaerobic digestion (AD) process, which breaks down organic matter (such as food, sewage sludge or animal waste) to produce methane-rich biogas. Flogas Britain – a major supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) – has added liquid biomethane (Bio-LNG) to its off-grid energy supply, marking what is said to be the industry’s first Bio-LNG solution for commercial and industrial operations.

An Investor’s Guide to the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership

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For net-zero committed financiers, reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations represents the single fastest, most cost-effective way to slow the rate of warming now. corporate leadership methane net zero oil

The other greenhouse gas: UN report sets the record straight on methane


Most of the time carbon dioxide gets all the attention as the most villainous of greenhouse gasses, and the industries that pollute the atmosphere with methane would like to keep it that way. And part of that new emphasis is on methane,” Hayek said.

Thanks to Manchin, IRA’s Methane Fee on Big Oil Is Riddled With Massive Holes


The newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act contains the world’s first-ever fee on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas believed to be responsible for roughly 30 percent of global temperature rise since the Industrial Revolution. billion in financial incentives to clean up their methane.”

Carbon Mapper Launches Satellite Program to Pinpoint Methane and CO2 Super Emitters

Planet Pulse

In addition, the Carbon Mapper consortium announced its plan to deploy a ground-breaking hyperspectral satellite constellation with the ability to pinpoint, quantify and track point-source methane and CO 2 emissions. To read the press release in full, click here.

Methane leak data and campaign to cut emissions


Ten major oil companies will now be required to disclose more methane emissions data from the Permian Basin. The House Science Committee decided that the companies must do more to track and decrease the amount of methane contaminating this part of Texas and New Mexico. Already, more than a hundred other countries have promised to slice 30% off their methane emissions by the decade's end.

Methane is front and center for EIG’s portfolio companies

EDF + Business

Note: this is the second installment of a dialogue Q&A series with private equity investors following a methane summit EDF recently hosted for portfolio companies of EIG Global Energy Partners (EIG) and Quantum Energy Partners. Andrew: What is EIG’s future strategy for methane management?

Methane and Climate Mitigation: Outlook for Innovation and progress

CleanTech Group

Methane has a global warming potential 86 and 28 times higher than CO2, over 20 and 100 years and is responsible for 23%. Cleantech Insights Resources & Environment

Little-known firms lead America's list of top methane polluters


Among the top 10 emitters of methane, five are smaller firms. Their environmental footprint is now larger than their production

Methane policy is a test of investors’ post-COP climate commitment. Will they pass?

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That’s at risk of happening now as major asset managers have remained silent on a proposed new Environmental Protection Agency rule requiring oil and gas producers to cut their methane emissions. The EPA comment period for the proposed methane regulations lasts until Jan.

Four ways EPA methane rollbacks threaten American natural gas

EDF + Business

By Ben Ratner At the behest of the American Petroleum Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to eliminate nationwide limits on methane pollution, sending America’s natural gas industry backwards to the days of uncontrolled emissions. Eliminating methane standards would increase risk to each part of this foundation, making this proposed rollback a prime opportunity for risk-conscious executives and investors to speak out this fall.

Digital innovation: how National Oil Companies can meet the methane challenge

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Owned and overseen by national governments, As such, it is in both their commercial and national interest to minimize waste – particularly of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is responsible for a quarter of the climate warming we’re experiencing today. By Isabel Mogstad.

‘Dangerously fast’ methane increase suggests feedback mechanism may have begun


Atmospheric methane levels are now nearly triple pre-industrial levels, found research published in scientfic journal Nature