America Steps Forward To Expand Nuclear Power

Jim Conca

DOE awarded TerraPower/GE Hitachi and X-energy an initial $80 million each to commercialize their advanced nuclear reactors, planning up to $3.2 billion award to UAMPS for the development and construction of a 720 MWe NuScale small modular nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Power Continues To Break Records In Safety And Generation

Jim Conca

Energy Northwest in Richland, WA, which operates the only nuclear power plant in the region, the Columbia Generating Station, has earned the American Public Power Association’s Safety Award of Excellence for safe operating practices in 2020.


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Nuclear Power And The 2020 Presidential Candidates

Jim Conca

14 candidates support nuclear in some way, 9 do not, and 1 is unclear. Leading climate scientists say we can't address climate change without nuclear power. Supporting nuclear power is a clear signal about how serious a candidate is about climate change and how serious they are about science

Nuclear Power Does Slow Climate Change

Jim Conca

Why are we trying to close nuclear plants that have been relicensed as safe for another 20 yrs? As all climate scientists agree, prematurely closing nuclear plants is bad for the climate. To save a penny to spend on renewables and say that helps climate change?

Nuclear Power Just Doesn’t Need Much Fuel

Jim Conca

On May 8th, the Columbia Generating Station, the only nuclear power plant in the Pacific Northwest, disconnected from the grid for its biannual refueling.

Nuclear Power Plants - Refueling Amid COVID-19

Jim Conca

Nuclear plants refuel only once every two years. Local officials in Pennsylvania asked Limerick Nuclear Plant to delay refueling, but the company says refueling is needed for vital reliable power to the region's hospitals and critical facilities

Washington State Senate Bill 5244 – Needed Support For Nuclear Power

Jim Conca

The Washington State Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee drafted a new bill, SB 5244, encouraging the production of advanced nuclear reactors, small modular reactors, and components through the Invest in Washington Act.

Nuclear Power’s Future Is Looking Brighter

R-Squared Energy

That’s why nuclear power could play a critical supporting role in reining in global carbon dioxide emissions. Yet, nuclear power is concentrated in a handful of countries, and very few are growing their nuclear energy production.

Nuclear Power Always Ready For Extreme Weather

Jim Conca

As more Polar Vortices, Bomb Cyclones and massive hurricanes pummel America, nuclear plants keep putting out max power when other sources can’t. Last month, the Pacific Northwest’s onlynuclear plantwas ordered to keep the heat during record cold and snow because wind and gas couldn’t keep up

U.S. CO2 Emissions Rise As Nuclear Power Plants Close

Jim Conca

Closing nuclear power plants ahead of schedule is a bad idea if you care about the environment, if you care about carbon emissions. That’s because nuclear is the best source of low-C energy and actually produces most of our low-C electricity, over 800 billion kWhs – twice as much as all renewables

Slow, [Expensive] and Amazing - Nuclear Power [2/3]

Mr. Sustainability

Nuclear power is up to three times more expensive than wind or solar Summary - Costs of renewables continue to fall incrementally and are at a record low of around €40 per MWh. Whatever the case, the conclusion remains the same: nuclear energy is too expensive and risky for investors.

Ensuring A Safe Future For Nuclear Power

R-Squared Energy

The world needs to expand global nuclear power generation to help curb global carbon emissions. We simply can’t have major nuclear incidents such as those that took place at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan. In the history of nuclear power, there have been few serious incidents. But nuclear power plants have the unique potential to permanently displace entire cities in the event of a serious accident. Building Safer Nuclear Plants.

America’s Nuclear Navy Still The Masters Of Nuclear Power

Jim Conca

America’s Nuclear Navy is one of the oldest and largest nuclear organizations in the world, and has the world’s best safety record of any industry of any kind.

[Slow], Expensive and Amazing - Nuclear Power [1/3]

Mr. Sustainability

Ever wondered how long it takes to build a nuclear power plant? Summary - The conventional one gigawatt nuclear power plant takes almost 15 years to build if you are not from a major nuclear state*. Those who love nuclear power, and those who hate it.

Nuclear Power - Where's The Uranium Coming From?

Jim Conca

Mostly from Canada and Australia. The bottom line is that there’s lots and lots of U in the world, and more keeps being discovered. U resources increased about 25% over the last decade, which has kept prices low. As long as we don’t go to war with Canada, we should be OK for a long time to come

Fukushima nuclear power plant to release contaminated water into ocean

Inhabitat - Innovation

Ten years after an earthquake and tsunami caused meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant, Japan has announced plans to release contaminated water from the plant into the ocean

Hurricane Florence No Problem For Nuclear Power Plants

Jim Conca

Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas, the most powerful storm to hit so far north in the U.S. Devastation is expected on many fronts, but the nuclear power plants are ready and will weather these storms better than almost anything else Isaac and Helene are fast on her heels.

Communities Surrounding Closed Nuclear Power Plants Face Terrible Challenges Moving Forward

Jim Conca

The Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative’s report on socioeconomic impacts of nuclear plant closures on host communities has some sobering thoughts.

Any Green New Deal Is Dead Without Nuclear Power

Jim Conca

But the roll-out hiccupped a bit on the role of nuclear energy, at first dissing it, then saying “clean was OK”. Which is good since without nuclear it won’t work Congressional members rolled out their "Green New Deal" in February that calls for a rapid shift to carbon-free energy.

Nuclear Power Provides A Whole Lot More Than Just Energy

Jim Conca

Like all nuclear power plants, the nuclear plant near Richland, WA provides a significant economic boon to the region, providing over 9 billion kWhs of carbon-free electricity at-cost, $690 million in economic output and supporting 4,000 jobs/year, all while continuing to break production records

Perkins Coie Breakfast: Idaho National Labs’ Clean, Integrated Energy Systems and Nuclear Power

CleanTech Alliance

with Corey K. McDaniel! Only on April 14

Slow, Expensive and Amazing - Nuclear Power Part I

Mr. Sustainability

Ever wondered how long it takes to build a nuclear power plant? Summary - The conventional one gigawatt nuclear power plant takes almost 15 years to build if you are not from a major nuclear state*. Those who love nuclear power, and those who hate it.

Closure of California's last nuclear power plant questioned


There are doubts over the planned closure of California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power station following the recent energy crisis. The station currently serves as the state's largest power supplier, accounting for over 9% of the state's energy needs. It has the capacity to serve a population of over 3 million residents

Commentary: Bitter Cold Stops Coal, While Nuclear Power Excels

CleanTech Alliance

Source: James Conca, Forbes, Nov 29, 2019 As I woke up to Thanksgiving yesterday, I realized we in the Pacific Northwest had been cyclone bombed for the holiday. A Bomb Cyclone is when the barometric pressure drops by at least 24 millibars in 24 hours. The winds were wicked last night and kept us awake […]. Commentary

Can Nuclear Power Plants Resist Attacks Of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

Jim Conca

NuScale has made their new small modular reactor resistant to electromagnetic pulses, among all other disaster scenarios, and most other reactor designs should follow. EMPs are one of those things many people think is fake, or over-blown, or a conspiracy theorist’s dream. But they are real

What’s the Role for New Nuclear Power in the Fight Against Climate Change?


But some opponents claim new nuclear power could have the opposite effect, slowing the fight against human-caused climate change just when things should be speeding up. That’s not the only criticism facing new nuclear.

Small-Scale Nuclear Power Plants – Have We Reached an Inflection Point?

CleanTech Group

Energy & Power Nuclear Small Scale Nuclear Power Plants Small Scale Nuclear Power PlantLast week two barge-mounted reactors in Russia started providing electricity to the coastal town of Pevek, marking the official start of operations for.

How 1,500 Nuclear-Powered Water Desalination Plants Could Save The World From Desertification

Jim Conca

And even better to power them with small nuclear reactors. Many plans have been hatched to bring more water to CA, but it’s better to build desalination plants. Thirty desal plants produces a billion gallons/day and would cost the same as a water pipeline stealing water from the Pacific Northwest

Nuclear Power Could Cut The World’s Carbon Emissions In Half

R-Squared Energy

Nuclear power is unique among energy sources. It can be scaled up to very large plants, it is firm power (available upon demand), and it produces no carbon dioxide while generating electricity. They contributed to a public distrust of nuclear power.

Clean Hydrogen From Nuclear Power

R-Squared Energy

Depending on the process, blue hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels, but it can also be produced from nuclear power. For example, electricity from solar power can be used to electrolyze water into its constituents, hydrogen and water. The Nuclear Option. This is where nuclear power can make a huge impact. Hydrogen can be produced from nuclear power in a scalable fashion in two different ways.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change


Countries investing in renewables are achieving carbon reductions far faster than those which opt to back nuclear power

Why The World Needs More Nuclear Power

R-Squared Energy

Last week someone asked me “Are you pro- or anti-nuclear?” My thinking is more along the lines of “Can we meet global carbon dioxide emission targets without nuclear power?” Further, these regions have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while reducing nuclear power.

Is Nuclear Power A Renewable Or A Sustainable Energy Source?

Jim Conca

Nuclear fuel made with uranium extracted from seawater will make nuclear power both renewable and sustainable. Because uranium extracted from seawater is replenished continuously, nuclear would become as endless as solar.

Will Nuclear Power Grow in the Future?

U.S. Green Technology

Nuclear power is a polarizing subject in the United States. Research has shown an even split in public opinion, with 49% of Americans in favor of nuclear power and 49% against it. The post Will Nuclear Power Grow in the Future? Alternative Energy alternative energy alternative energy politics nuclearThis mixed reception is the product of domestic energy prices, safety concerns and the historical crises that engendered them. With the accident at.

The World Won’t Get To Net Zero Emissions Without Nuclear Power

R-Squared Energy

Any time I write about nuclear power, it evokes passionate responses from readers. That was certainly the case following my previous article, Nuclear Power Could Cut The World’s Carbon Emissions In Half. There is always a contingent who are convinced that all we need is solar power. They provide lots of qualitative responses like “solar is cheaper than nuclear power” and cite solar energy’s incredible growth rate. Where is nuclear power growing?

Climate Change, Capitalism And Nuclear Power -- The Closing Of Duane Arnold

Jim Conca

NextEra Energy will close Iowa’s only nuclear plant in 2020. Officials say closing the nuclear plant will save as much as $42/year in savings for residential customers. Save $42 to lose 5 billion kWhs of carbon-free electricity by building gas plants, or to spend $2 billion on new wind farms

Nuclear power ‘cannot rival renewable energy’


Far from tackling climate change, nuclear power is an expensive distraction whose safety is threatened by wildfires and floods, experts say

Small nuclear power plants no use in climate crisis


Governments are investing in a new range of small nuclear power plants, with little chance they’ll ease the climate crisis

Hitachi ditches UK nuclear power projects

Business Green

Developer Horizon Nuclear Power, which is owned by the Japanese engineering conglomerate, this morning confirmed it was fully winding down all its current development activities for the two projects, both of which had already been on ice due to difficulties in securing additional investor partners.

Questions over Russia-funded nuclear power plant in Bangladesh


Officials are preparing to make up for an electricity shortfall if sanctions delay completion of the Rooppur nuclear power plant

Singapore could use nuclear power if world fragments on energy transition: report


New report by the national energy office deviates from the island-state’s stance against nuclear power. It also includes domestic geothermal energy, which is currently being studied, in its scenario planning

Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Power

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Power | Third Way | Washington DC. Third Way is seeking a Senior Policy Advisor who can lead national advocacy work supporting advanced and existing nuclear power as a key tool to address climate change and provide well-paying jobs to American workers. As the Senior Policy Advisor for Nuclear Power, a typical day might include…. Have a degree in nuclear engineering, engineering, or related science or public policy field.

Nuclear Power Under Attack Again - This Time From The Ballot Box

Jim Conca

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona, our biggest power plant, is under another political attack that could cause Arizona to lose not only its biggest source of electricity of any type, but its biggest source of low-carbon energy, ten times what all of its renewables are producing