The Economic and Environmental Impact of Electric Scooters

U.S. Green Technology

Electric scooters are now more than just a leisurely ride for children and teenagers. Cities across the globe have been seeing the benefits of legalising and implementing shared and private electric scooters on city roads and lanes.

A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid


A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid. How will the electrical grid handle so many vehicles charging at once? Electric vehicles are already benefiting the grid to a large extent," said Miles Muller, attorney for the climate and clean energy program at NRDC. "We’re


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The Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

The Environmental Blog

In your search, an electric water heater should be high on your list because they’re easy to install and good for the environment. Below, we will tell you the pros and cons of installing an electric water heater. The majority of houses are already hooked up to the electric grid.

DHL Express places order for 12 all-electric aircraft


Deliveries giant announces it is to team up with electric aviation pioneer Eviation to put zero emission planes into service

A wave of electric workhorses is coming


A wave of electric workhorses is coming. When most folks think of the electrification of transportation, they naturally think about electric cars. Electric tractors: Yep, those diesel-powered tractors plowing farms across America could be powered by batteries one day.

Hybrid vs. Electric vs. Gas Vehicles: Which is Most Efficient?

U.S. Green Technology

As more people understand the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, hybrid and electrical models are hitting the market. The post Hybrid vs. Electric vs. Gas Vehicles: Which is Most Efficient?

Test Drive Results VW ID4 Electric Car

Green Living Guy

For it is Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV and the brand’s first global EV. The post Test Drive Results VW ID4 Electric Car appeared first on Green Living Guy. So I love the ID.4.

8 electric truck and van companies to watch in 2020


Get ready for all-electric heavy-duty big rigs, semi-trucks, box trucks, delivery vans and more. clean fleets electric trucks Electric Vehicles Logisitics Transportation & Mobility

How Will Electric Trucking Impact the Agriculture Industry?

U.S. Green Technology

These vehicles consume a significant amount of fuel every year — switching to electric is a useful solution for the climate. The post How Will Electric Trucking Impact the Agriculture Industry?

5 electric bus makers shifting into next gear


5 electric bus makers shifting into next gear. battery-electric buses are projected to remain the lowest-carbon option in every part of the country, even on current electricity grids. Transdev 7900 electric buses. . Yutong U12 all-electric bus showcased at Busworld 2019.

Electric tractors, agribots and regenerative agriculture


Electric tractors, agribots and regenerative agriculture. Billed as the first fully electric driver-optional tractor, the Monarch will be available in fall 2021 at a pricetag starting at $50,000. Electric Vehicles. Heather Clancy. Thu, 12/17/2020 - 01:30.

10 questions on EVs for the CEO of Portland General Electric


How electric vehicles can be a net benefit to the grid. Electric Vehicles Electricity Grid Electrification Transportation & Mobility

How open source software could revamp the aging electrical grid


The energy sector should follow telecommunications with software-defined infrastructure rather than hardware-centric updates

Why the electric vehicle wave is still coming


COVID-19 COVID-19 Driving Change Electric Vehicles Transportation & MobilityBuckle up: this year will be rough, but this road trip still looks promising.

Coronavirus dampens 2020 outlook for clean energy and electric vehicles


Clean Energy Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy Transportation & Mobility Energy StorageThe immediate crisis could undermine long-term strategy.

The electric revolution needs sustainable battery materials


The electric revolution needs sustainable battery materials. But circular and sustainable EV batteries — and the systems to support them — will be paramount to the electric revolution coming for both transportation and the power grid. . Electric Vehicles.

Trend: Commercial buildings go all-electric


All signs point to the next generation of commercial buildings becoming all-electric. Buildings Electrification Natural Gas Oil & Gas Renewable Energy State of Green Business 2020

New sparks for the electric vehicle industry


New sparks for the electric vehicle industry. The move to electric vehicles (EVs) was intensifying. . With a growing unease in taking public transportation, the demand for electric bikes and cars is also skyrocketing. . Electric Vehicles.

The promise of electric school bus adoption in the US


Nearly half a million school buses transport children to and from school — 95 percent of them run on diesel

Electric package trucks are (almost) ready for delivery


electric trucks Shipping & Logistics Transportation & MobilityLocal delivery fleets are ideal for electrification given their predictable routes and significant dwell times at the depot.

The robotic, hybrid-electric future of agriculture


The robotic, hybrid-electric future of agriculture. Giants of the agricultural [industry], such as John Deere, are saying that electric power gives far better controllability and opportunities for automation and precision seeding and other things like that. Electric Vehicles.

Lion Electric to deploy 35 electric school buses on Prince Edward Island


The Lion Electric Company (NYSE: LEV) has received an order for 35 LionC school buses from the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island’s 47 electric school buses are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 1,000 tons per year.

Seville's plan to turn oranges into electricity

Inhabitat - Innovation

When life gives you oranges, make electricity

Are You Ready for an Electric Car? Here’s How You Can Tell

The Environmental Blog

If you are a gear head, some of the most exciting cars on the road are electric. But what about the reality of owning an electric vehicle? The same is true for an electric vehicle. Right now, many companies are announcing their plans for releasing electric trucks.

Comparing solar power with electric power

U.S. Green Technology

Gone are the days when you could invest in electric gadgets. Obviously, the gadgets use electric power. Nowadays, you go about looking for switchboard manufacturers so that you can have the most efficient electric connection. The recent pandemic caused a lot of unrest.

IKEA tests new model for accelerating electric delivery


A lack of commercial EV shipping services has prevented companies from adopting cleaner, more equitable solutions

The road to electric vehicles is paved with disruption


The road to electric vehicles is paved with disruption. The expectation that electric vehicles will displace the internal combustion engine continues to accelerate. Will electricity be reliably available for electric vehicles? Electric Vehicles.

Inside the transition from diesel to electric


Electric Vehicles Transportation & MobilityKey learnings from the UPS fleet electrification project outside London.

Electric Motors and Industrial Efficiency: Innovation is Key for EVs

CleanTech Group

Electric motors can be found in everything from cars to toothbrushes. Electric motors-and the systems they use- account for more than 40% of. Cleantech Insights Electric Vehicles battery storage electric engines electric motors

The race to mainstream electric vehicles by 2030


The race to mainstream electric vehicles by 2030. The Climate Group's EV100 program , which has 92 member companies that have pledged to buy EVs and install EV chargers, features the tagline: "Making electric transport the new normal by 2030.". Electric Vehicles.

Commerce Clean Energy Fund awards grants to 18 innovative electricity grid modernization projects benefitting Washington communities

CleanTech Alliance

Grants fund electricity grid projects that will expand renewable energy use and support community resilience. Member News Public Policy cef funding grid mod grid modernization utilties

Lessons from inside the heat dome about the future of the electric grid


Lessons from inside the heat dome about the future of the electric grid. Heatwaves are a double whammy for the electrical grid. Make it all-electric. As people invest in new AC systems, they simply must be all-electric. All-electric homes are critical to decarbonization.

Volkswagen unveils hotly anticipated ID.3 electric car


Electric Vehicles Energy & Climate Transportation & Mobility Energy StorageThe EV market is about to get even more competitive following VW's unveiling of what it hopes will become the 'people's EV.'.

BYD introduces two new electric heavy-duty trucks


BYD unveiled two new battery-electric heavy-duty trucks, the Gen3 8TT and 6F, at the recent ACT Expo in Long Beach. With our next generation 6F and 8TT, we’re setting a new standard for driver comfort and safety in an electric vehicle.”.

Transport provider First Student orders 260 electric school buses from Lion Electric


First Student, a major provider of student transportation, has ordered 260 all-electric LionC school buses from the Lion Electric Company (NYSE: LEV). The new Lion Electric buses will be used by Transco, a First Student subsidiary that operates in Quebec. Source: Lion Electric.

Silicon Valley commuters should return to work in electric buses


Silicon Valley commuters should return to work in electric buses. Last year, I published a feature about why it was time for Silicon Valley to embrace the electric commuter bus. Want more great analysis of electric and sustainable transport? Electric Bus.

Green Mountain Power buys two electric utility trucks from Lion Electric


Since 2016, Lion has delivered over 390 all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America, which have logged over 7 million miles. Source: Lion Electric. Newswire The Vehicles Electric Trucks Green Mountain Power Lion Electric Company

Green light for path to UK’s first ‘electric motorway’

Envirotec Magazine

The consortium has proposed an ‘electric road system’, using the Siemens Mobility ‘eHighway’ technology, as the fastest, lowest carbon and most cost-effective route to decarbonising our road freight industry and delivering cleaner air.

Bermuda buys 30 electric buses, plans an all-electric fleet


The local government has approved the purchase of 30 electric buses to replace aged diesel buses, the first step in a multiyear strategy to fully electrify the public transit fleet. The buses will charge primarily at night, when electricity demand is low.

Australian mine operator buys Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive


In July, Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) announced that its FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive delivered an 11 percent reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in a three-month pilot with BNSF Railway. Newswire The Vehicles Battery Electric Trains EVs in Australia Wabtec

GM's electric delivery foray, plus other mobility trends headlining CES


GM's electric delivery foray, plus other mobility trends headlining CES. GM showed off images of an electric delivery vehicle called the EV600, as well as a pallet system called the EP1. Of course, GM wasn't the only automotive player that emphasized the electric transition at CES.

UPS invests in electric vehicle pioneer Arrival, as delivery giant places order for 10,000 vans


Electric Vehicles Investing Transportation Transportation & MobilityArrival has emerged as a major player in the fast expanding commercial EV fleet market.

XPeng G3 Ranks Top Quality Among Compact Battery-powered Electric Vehicles In J.D. Power 2021 Study

Green Living Guy

(GUANGZHOU, China, July 22, 2021) – The XPeng G3 ranks top in quality in the compact BEV (battery-powered electric vehicle) segment based on owner experience. The post XPeng G3 Ranks Top Quality Among Compact Battery-powered Electric Vehicles In J.D.