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Why Lime uses big electric trucks to haul its small electric scooters


The company cut emissions by 16% with modular scooters and switching its operational fleet to electric trucks.

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Every Third Car Sold in US Could Be Electric by 2027


The slowdown in US electric vehicle sales may be a mere blip as they could make up almost a third of new car sales by 2027, according to BloombergNEF’s latest electric vehicle outlook. The post Every Third Car Sold in US Could Be Electric by 2027 appeared first on BloombergNEF.


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Blue Bird debuts electric step van


US school bus manufacturer Blue Bird has unveiled the operating prototype of an electric step van and underlying stripped chassis. Blue Bird expects the electric stripped chassis to be commercially available in late 2024. Source: Blue Bird

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Why US Towns are Changing Lanes from Electric to Hydrogen Buses

Hydrogen Fuel News

While electric buses have been at the forefront of this transition, many US towns are now reconsidering their strategies and turning to hydrogen fuel cell buses. One of the primary reasons for the shift from electric to hydrogen buses is the range and reliability of the vehicles. What’s Driving the Change? increase from 2010.

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Larderello, Italy celebrates 120 years of geothermal electricity generation


A celebration was held in Tuscany, Italy to commemorate the 120-year anniversary since geothermal energy was first used to generate electricity in Larderello. Larderello produced its first electricity from geothermal in 1904 when Piero Ginori Conti turned on the first five geothermal-powered light bulbs using a simple dynamo generator.

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New Jersey Signs Multi-State Electricity Transmission Agreement

Solar Industry

Department of Energy to convene a multi-state initiative, the Northeast States Collaborative on Interregional Transmission, to increase the flow of electricity between three different planning regions in the Northeast and assess offshore wind infrastructure needs and solutions.

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Electricity Maps calculates the carbon intensity of electricity consumption to optimize usage at scale

TechCrunch: Climate

If you’re an electricity nerd, chances are you’ve already spent quite a few hours looking at Electricity Maps and its mesmerizing export flow animations. This open-source data visualization project has been around since 2016.