6 Crucial Benefits of Building a Solar Powered Home

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There is no denying that photovoltaic or solar technology is becoming more and more popular. So much so that we are seeing an increasing number of solar-powered houses and the city government incentivizing such homes. Why Go Solar-powered?

Solar Power Systems Instead of Conventional Power Systems

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This is indeed a reality if you make use of solar energy to power your home, office, or any other buildings. The post Solar Power Systems Instead of Conventional Power Systems appeared first on U.S.


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How to Calculate How Much Solar Power You Need?

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Depending on your goals and power needs, it is easy to calculate your energy needs for a DIY solar install. Should the system provide power during an outage? The post How to Calculate How Much Solar Power You Need?

Comparing solar power with electric power

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Obviously, the gadgets use electric power. The post Comparing solar power with electric power appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Solar Power Solar powerThe recent pandemic caused a lot of unrest.

5 Solar Energy Facts That Will Make You Want to Move to Solar Power

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Solar energy is the energy generated using Sun’s light (photovoltaic energy) and sun’s heat (solar thermal energy) to generate electricity. Solar energy is inexhaustible and renewable, and it is harnessed using panels and reflectors.

3 Top Benefits of Solar Power

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The growth of solar in both a residential and commercial setting all over the world in the past 10 years has been immense. Countries like Australia have been leading the pack with nearly 30% of all dwellings having solar. One… Read More 3 Top Benefits of Solar Power.

7 Solar-Powered Gadgets To Invest When You Go Hiking Frequently

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The post 7 Solar-Powered Gadgets To Invest When You Go Hiking Frequently appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Solar Power solar-powered gadgets

CNT Foundations Facilities are 100% Solar Powered


CNT Foundations, a general contractor and foundation repair company that serves South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, has already become 100% solar powered

Concentrated Solar Power Technology Witness Growth 10.8%


The concentrated solar power industry is predicted to witness growth at a CAGR of 10.8% Increase in government support for the adoption of renewable technologies coupled with rise in energy demand & capability to supply power without CO2 emission drive the growth of the market

This solar-powered car concept is anything but Humble

Inhabitat - Innovation

Humble One's solar-powered car concept promises greater range, more features and better design elements than just any old electric vehicle

A History of Solar Power

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Solar paneled roofs and devices are all around us. Solar power is a renewable alternative to the greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels affecting the atmosphere and the climate. The post A History of Solar Power appeared first on Green Living Guy.

How to make solar power work for all


Three stories and three approaches to equitable clean energy, and we're just getting started. The first in a series. Equity & Inclusion Policy & Politics Renewable Energy

Solar-powered home embraces tree canopy views in all directions

Inhabitat - Innovation

This family's solar-powered home sensitively responds to the landscape in more ways than one

This minimalist, solar-powered home stands strong against earthquakes

Inhabitat - Innovation

The modern, solar-powered home is situated on a hilly slope with the help of a protective and stabilizing wall along a surrounding orchard

Barcelona's new solar-powered sports center features a green facade

Inhabitat - Innovation

Local firm Architecture Anna Noguera has just completed work on the Turó de la Peira's Sports Center, a solar-powered complex covered in a lush green facade Barcelona, a city well-known for its avant-garde architecture, both modern and historic, is going green.

8 Myths About Solar Power Debunked

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With climate change frequently making the evening news, many people are considering alternatives to fossil fuels to power their homes. Solar power is a renewable energy source that can help homeowners saving money on their utility bills while helping the environment.

Architects envision a green, solar-powered skyscraper

Inhabitat - Innovation

Envisioned for densely populated cities around the world, the futuristic proposal features a conical shape with a facade built of materials designed to harness solar energy

Arkansas schools save millions by adopting solar power

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are using solar energy to cut down on expensive electricity bills. As a report by Generation180 shows, over 7,300 schools use the solar power approach to save on utility bills Schools in the U.S. With funds freed up, schools can then improve the quality of education.

These solar-powered cabins are made of natural materials and shungite plaster

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Karg Cabin provides owners with a cozy opportunity for off-grid living with 100% solar-power capabilities (and that’s not even its most sustainable feature

Solar-powered timber home in Chile embraces ocean views

Inhabitat - Innovation

Earlier this year, Chilean architecture firm Cristobal Vial Arquitectos completed Casa Rural #01, a solar-powered holiday home oriented for views of the Pacific Ocean and optimal passive solar conditions.

World's largest solar power plant to supply energy to Australia and Singapore

Inhabitat - Innovation

The world's largest solar power station is planned for Australia

Solar-powered motorbikes help rangers protect African wildlife from poachers

Inhabitat - Innovation

Called the Kalk AP, the motorbike will solve some of the most prevalent issues that park rangers face

Considering a Solar Powered Home? Here’s How to Plan

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Solar energy is very beneficial to us in many forms. The sun generates main energy forms that we can use for several things, including solar power systems. Compared to conventional electricity from coal or natural gas, a solar system can produce clean, pure energy from the sun.

New solar-powered townhome community opens in Sonoma County

Inhabitat - Innovation

Round Barn is a new townhome community composed of eco-friendly, solar-powered residences in Santa Rosa’s historic Fountaingrove neighborhood

Ephemeral Station provides a solar-powered shelter for large gatherings

Inhabitat - Innovation

This sculptural shelter is a gathering space that is completely self-sustaining

Solar-powered computers to accelerate digital literacy in Madagascar

Envirotec Magazine

A new partnership aims to deliver solar-powered computers to 10,000 children a year across schools in Madagascar and East Africa. The batteries that power the device are built in Kenya from repurposed waste solar lanterns and lithium-ion battery cells. News Solar

GE selected to supply solar power stations for 1.3 GW of projects in Turkey

Renewable Energy World

GE Renewable Energy has been selected by Kaylon to deliver solar power stations for 1.3 GE's FLEXINVERTER* solar power station combines a solar inverter, medium voltage power transformer, and an optional MV Ring Main Unit, integrated in a 20-feet ISO high cube container.

California university prepares to test ‘breakthrough’ space-based solar power project

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A research project at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is preparing to test, what the group calls, “breakthrough” technology capable of generating solar power in space for use on Earth. Background: Experimenting with solar in space. News Solar

MAD Architects unveils solar-powered Hyperloop transit system

Inhabitat - Innovation

The avant-garde architecture of Beijing-based MAD Architects has merged with Hyperloop’s futuristic transportation technologies with the unveiling of a new, solar-powered rapid transit system

FPL makes progress on battery installations at solar-powered facility

Renewable Energy World

Florida Power & Light crews have installed the first battery modules and more than two-thirds of the containers for its massive Manatee solar-storage hybrid project. The plant will have 409 MW/900 MWh of capacity, enough to power 329,000 homes for more than two hours.

What You Should Know About Solar Power System

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Solar power energy is booming right now, and for a good reason. Solar energy is clean, meaning it doesn’t create pollution; it’s cost-effective and low maintenance. Of course, The post What You Should Know About Solar Power System appeared first on Green Living Guy.

S-5! Solar Expert Presents at Solar Power International and Launches New Solar Product


the leading authority on metal roof attachment technology, will introduce its new PVKonceal solar solution next month at Solar Power International in New Orleans.

Rundown lodge near the Nile River is now a solar-powered eco-resort

Inhabitat - Innovation

Now, it's a solar-powered, luxury resort Once known as one of Uganda's most popular hotels, the Nile Safari Lodge had fallen into disrepair over the years.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Energy Refuge

Street lights, depending on the society or community in which they are located, can be powered by different forms of energy sources including fuel, gas or solar. The panels during the day supply charges to a rechargeable battery that in turn powers a LED or fluorescent lamp at night.

Farmers Harvesting Solar Power for Pest Control

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While they all do their job, a newer pest control method has emerged on the scene — solar power pest control. The post Farmers Harvesting Solar Power for Pest Control appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Seeking solar power for all Puerto Rican homes

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Is this vision possible for the island, whose democratic power is limited to begin with? Vila explains why rooftop solar should power every home in Puerto Rico, reducing residential electricity rates and covering basic needs during future crises. Originally published on ILSR.org.

Who benefits from Solar Net Metering?

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Solar energy is a reliable source of renewable energy. The benefits of solar power cannot be understated. It is clean and provides independence from power utility companies. A direct benefit to those who have installed solar panels is a reduction in the cost of power.

Solar-powered coastal home opens up to views of the Arabian Sea

Inhabitat - Innovation

A decrepit coastal property is now a solar-powered luxury home

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Solar Power

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There are lots of reasons why homeowners may choose to use solar power. Many people have become aware of solar energy and why it is great for use at home. The post Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Solar Power appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Facebook building solar-powered data center in Arizona

Renewable Energy World

Facebook will build its newest data center in Mesa, Arizona – powered by 100% renewable energy. C&I News Solar facebook

Solar-powered luxury home celebrates contemporary style at Lake Huron

Inhabitat - Innovation

A gorgeous, energy-efficient home sits on the banks of Lake Huron

Solar-powered home in Maine stays warm with passive design

Inhabitat - Innovation

This modern barn home on an old blueberry field uses solar power and passive design to keep toasty during the long winters of Maine

2,000 gigawatts of solar power needed for 100% renewables

CleanTech Alliance

would need 1,500 GW of utility-scale solar power and 500 GW of rooftop solar to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050, according to a plan developed by Stanford engineering professor Mark Jacobson and seven co-authors. Battery capacity of 3,300 GW would balance solar and wind power — […]. Source: William Driscoll, PV Magazine, Jan 6 2020 The U.S.