U.S. Energy Storage Monitor


Each quarter Wood Mackenzie and the American Clean Power Association (ACP) gather data on U.S. energy storage deployments, prices, policies, regulations, and business models. We compile this information to create the most comprehensive, timely analysis of energy storage in the U.S.

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Smart meter network passes 20 million milestone

Envirotec Magazine

The firm behind the telecommunications infrastructure underpinning the UK’s smart meters rollout, the Data Communications Company (DCC), says the 20 millionth smart meter has been connected to its national network. Total smart meters connected to the nationwide DCC network.


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The HVAC Industry: Upcoming Trends for Technicians

The Environmental Blog

Do you work in the HVAC industry? While they do their job well, duct systems can run into issues like cracked pieces or mildew build-up. Using energy-efficient features. This relies on a large outdoor unit to power up to five indoor ones. . Energy

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Building Sustainability Checklist: 28 Tips to Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly.

Green Business Bureau

Building Sustainability Checklist: 28 Tips to Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly. Becoming a more sustainable business starts with having green buildings and infrastructure. Increasing energy efficiency. Building Sustainability Checklist. Energy.

Sense Delivers Insight into Home Energy Usage

Greentown Labs

If your house could talk to you about your energy usage, what would it say? The creators of Sense think it would say you could reduce your energy usage by at least 20 percent—and tell you how. Sense is a home energy monitor that gives real-time insight into your home’s energy usage. That background in speech recognition informed the way they approached home energy monitoring. Photo courtesy of Sense.

DistribuTech: Itron and Landis+Gyr Take Smart Meter Energy Disaggregation Mainstream


SAN ANTONIO — Energy disaggregation is a term of art for technologies that can parse out energy usage of individual loads like air conditioning, heating, lighting and appliances, simply by analyzing single sources of data like smart meter feeds or circuit-level sensors.

Fivefold rise in smart meter data, and what to do with it

Envirotec Magazine

A 500% increase in data traffic from smart meters is predicted over the next four years, according to the Data Communications Company (DCC), the organisation which built and maintains the UK’s smart metering network. million meters. About smart meter data.

Renovation vs. New Build: Which Is More Eco Friendly?


At Prakriti Group, we believe in offering solutions that promote a greener future within the property industry. With experience in both renovated property and new build property, TK Property has a good understanding of which type of home is best for the environment.

Behind-the-Meter Battery Pioneer Stem to Take SPAC Route to Public Markets


Stem, the decade-old behind-the-meter battery startup that was seeking a buyer earlier this year to bolster its growth ambitions, is now launching a plan to go public via a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) reverse merger.

How to Build and Retrofit a Sustainable Home

Green Business Bureau

Building and Retrofitting a Sustainable Home. Whether you’re building from scratch or adding onto an existing home, there are a variety of green building materials and products on the market today to create your sustainable home vision. ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS.

Renewable and Resilient Energy in Commercial Buildings


Commercial buildings account for 33 percent of electricity usage in the U.S. But to be truly sustainable, energy solutions must be not only clean, but also resilient and affordable today, representing a major opportunity for decarbonization.

6 Ways Businesses Can Save with Renewable Energy (No Electricity Bills + Tax Incentives)

The Environmental Blog

The good news is that the mass adoption of solar energy presents another opportunity to save money. A business with a solar system can utilize tax incentives and protect itself against energy price fluctuations, to name a few. Reduced or Eliminated Energy Bills. Energy

How Waste Metering Powers Environmental And Financial Responsibility


As such, metering utilities like gas, water and electricity has been standard practice for decades. At Compology, we know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Think tank outlines possible clean energy industrial strategy for the UK

Envirotec Magazine

Accelerating the build-out of clean energy will reduce costs and make the UK more secure, write Josh Freed and Isabelle Chan of US think tank Third Way, which released a new policy paper on the topic on 29 September. Why industrial strategy? Go all in on domestic clean energy.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy and UtilityAPI Want to Free Your Meter Data


Why can’t you get an accurate, fact-based online quote for a rooftop solar system, backup battery or electric vehicle charger as easily as getting a quote on, say, a mortgage refinancing or home insurance policy? His company has built a technology platform to manage the open, transparent and secure exchange of energy data, and this week the California-based based startup announced a pilot project with Silicon Valley Clean Energy to test it out.

Massachusetts to Require Disclosure of Energy Usage from Large Buildings

Energy and Cleantech Council

Lost amid the more high profile items in Massachusetts’ recently enacted Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind is a requirement that the Department of Energy Resources establish a program requiring large buildings across the Commonwealth to report energy usage on an annual basis.

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Demonstrates Power of Advanced Analytics-Based Rate Design


When analytics are applied to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data, the resulting intelligence serves as an essential input to rate design calculations, delivering more effective rate structures that better satisfy utility objectives. Building Customer Relationships.

COI Energy Cuts Buildings’ Power Consumption, Driven by Philosophy of Mutual Responsibility

Greentown Labs

Berrien is from a small Pennsylvania town, where her family experienced energy poverty. As an adult, she went into the energy industry—a decision, she explains, that she didn’t realize was fueled by her previous experiences with energy.

LEED Certification Checklist for Building Design and Construction (BD+C)

Green Business Bureau

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most prominent green building rating and certification system used throughout the world. Pricing is dependent on building size and various other factors which can be found here. Which Rating System Fits My Building?

A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid


A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid. How will the electrical grid handle so many vehicles charging at once? Especially when fast-charging stations gulp down prodigious amounts of power? Electric Vehicles.

The Top Energy-Saving Companies in Europe: Compare Prices

The Environmental Blog

If you have paid attention to the price of energy recently, you have likely seen that it has gone up drastically during the past few years. What are some of the companies you may want to rely on if you are looking for someone who can help you keep your energy bills low ? Gota Energi.

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Who benefits from Solar Net Metering?

U.S. Green Technology

Solar energy is a reliable source of renewable energy. The benefits of solar power cannot be understated. It is clean and provides independence from power utility companies. A direct benefit to those who have installed solar panels is a reduction in the cost of power.

Meet one vertical farm venture helping the industry grow past greens


Meet one vertical farm venture helping the industry grow past greens. The industry needs to cultivate a much wider array of produce to mark more than a niche impact. It builds the farm towers and offers maintenance and innovation support while it is in operation.

New Jersey Approves PSE&G’s $778M Smart Meter Rollout


million smart meters — but with regulator insistence that it share the benefits of the data they will collect with its customers. That’s approaching two-thirds of the 159 million meters in the country. Building customer and distributed energy values into AMI.

Build Louisiana Back Resilient

Renewable Energy World

By Logan Atkinson Burke, Alliance for Affordable Energy, and Marriele Mango, Clean Energy Group. Like Hurricane Katrina and numerous storms before it, Hurricane Ida demolished Louisiana’s outdated, fossil-fuel-dependent energy system. Look to Resilient Power Solutions.

Solar panels may become mandatory on all new buildings in Europe

Envirotec Magazine

The European Commission announced on 18 May that it plans to make the installation of solar panels mandatory for all new public, commercial and residential buildings in the EU. Investors may now be wondering whether it is an ideal time to look to the solar industry.

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Harness the Power of Bottom-Up Grid Management


Load forecasting has always been a mission-critical discipline for energy providers. Thankfully, new AMI data is at the same time expanding and improving the accuracy of the insights energy providers are able to draw upon as part of their grid planning process.

American Electric Power, Sempra launch sustainable finance frameworks

Renewable Energy World

American Electric Power – operator of the nation’s largest electricity transmission system – announced on Monday the launch of a Sustainable Finance Framework (SFF) to support the funding of social and environmental projects.

From smart meters to big batteries, co-ops emerge as clean grid laboratories

Renewable Energy World

By Frank Jossi, Energy News Network. A wave of pilot programs by Minnesota electric cooperatives is saving customers money and providing useful data for larger utilities considering new technology and pricing models to encourage grid efficiency. Credit: Great River Energy / Courtesy.

Smart Meter Capital Project Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Smart Meter Capital Project Manager | SDG&E | San Diego, CA. At SDG&E, we are committed to the community we call home, delivering clean, safe and reliable energy to better the lives of the people we serve in San Diego and southern Orange counties. Our commitment means 40% of the energy that SDG&E delivers to customers comes from renewable sources, exceeding California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. After all, it takes the best to build the best.

So, What Exactly Is Building Electrification?


Buildings were first electrified nearly 150 years ago. So, why is it that “building electrification” is now among the energy industry’s most popular buzzwords? Most buildings run on multiple fuels. Are there other benefits to electrifying buildings?

Energy Analytics: The Power to Reach Net Zero


These companies are deeply invested in diversifying their energy sources, embracing energy efficiency, evolving their business models, and fully transitioning. Consumers themselves are realizing that the way they use energy is proving to be unsustainable. Industry Perspectives

Greentown Startups Share Insights on the Buildings Sector?

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs supports startups that are decarbonizing the key greenhouse-gas-emitting sectors—agriculture, buildings, electricity, manufacturing, and transportation—and building resilient communities. First up is the buildings sector. primary energy use.

Drax Cancels Plan to Build Europe’s Largest Natural Gas Power Plant


Plans for a new 3.6-gigawatt natural gas power plant in the U.K. have been shelved by the developer Drax, highlighting the challenging economics of converting coal-fired power to a cleaner, but still fossil-fuel-fired, alternative. ’s largest power plant.

The Power of Renewable Energy in Commercial Buildings

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Commercial buildings account for 33 percent of electricity usage in the United States, representing a clear area to focus decarbonization efforts. However for this effort to be sustainable, energy solutions have to be clean, resilient, and affordable.

Data Drives Rollout as USA Builds Coast-to-Coast EV Charging Infrastructure


With billions of dollars on the way from the federal government to deploy the infrastructure needed to fast track transportation electrification, energy businesses need proven accurate, credible data to drive their EV charging investments.

Trimark Operations Center now offers real-time utility-scale solar monitoring

Solar Power World

Trimark Associates, a leading provider of SCADA, metering and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announced that the Trimark Operations Center’s (TOC) advanced alerting system now can continually determine if devices are online and operating correctly.

Healthy Buildings Challenge Startups Announce Pilot Projects, Demonstration, and More with Saint-Gobain

Greentown Labs

This spring, we wrapped up the Greentown Go Healthy Buildings Challenge —a startup-corporate partnerships accelerator with Saint-Gobain and supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)—which advanced building technologies that promote the health of both people and the planet. .

How remote monitoring can contribute to operational success

Envirotec Magazine

Whether it is to minimise the impact of increasingly extreme weather events, reducing health risks or simply to streamline operational expenditure – digital monitoring and remote services can provide long term value.

Tinytag data loggers used to inform innovative energy solutions

Envirotec Magazine

With increasing pressure for electrical and heating appliances to meet energy efficiency ratings , it can be a challenge to find a solution that both works and is profitable for small businesses and enterprises. Energy Sponsored Gemini Data Loggers

Engineer I – Electric Metering Engineering

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Engineer I – Electric Metering Engineering | San Diego Gas & Electric | San Diego, CA. SDG&E is an innovative San Diego-based energy company that provides clean, safe and reliable energy to better the lives of the people it serves in San Diego and southern Orange counties. SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE). They are also the reason why we have been recognized with the industry’s most coveted awards.

bp pulse to build and maintain charging network for Hertz


In 2021, the company acquired fleet charging and energy management company Amply Power , and rebranded it as bp pulse. bp will customize Hertz’s Omega software to ensure that its growing fleet of electric rental cars are recharged quickly and efficiently between rentals.

Energy Efficiency: 18 Easy To Implement Tips For Your Business

Green Business Bureau

Energy Efficiency: 18 Easy to Implement Tips for Your Business. Most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels which emit greenhouse gasses and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Business Benefits of Reducing Energy Consumption. Company Energy Usage Questions.