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The Future Food-Tech Summit returns to London and brings together over 500 leaders, senior executives, pioneering innovators and VCs from around the globe.

Whoosh! Wind Power Wins, Pipelines Implode In Fossil Fuel Week From Hell


New wind power project sails ahead while fossil fuel stakeholders come to grips with record breaking heat and a fresh round of COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Head To Head: Nikola’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks vs. The Tesla Semi


Nikola Motor burst onto the scenes in a big way last year at Nikola World 2019, and we were there to take it all in. They showed off the new Class 8 Nikola Tre aimed at Europe and a full lineup of fully electric power sport vehicles, including the WAV personal watercraft.

Audi Snubs EVs, Says Will Continue To “Massively” Invest In Combustion Engines


In what seems to be an obvious snub toward electric vehicles, Audi's new CEO, Markus Duesmann, said the company will continue to "massively" invest in combustion engines.

Portugal EV Market Share = 12%


Portugal is a somewhat surprising bright spot in the electric vehicle market. It has one of the highest EV market shares (share of its overall auto market) in the world, yet is not a very wealthy nation like Norway of the Netherlands. And it's EV market share hasn't popped all of a sudden.

Elon Musk On The Berlin Tesla Model Y: “A Revolution In Automotive Body Engineering”


The Berlin-produced Tesla Model Y is going to be a revolution in automotive body engineering, according to Elon Musk. He just noted this in response to Tesmanian’s Eva Fox, who wrote an article covering Volvo reverse engineering a Model Y in Sweden.

India’s Largest Building Integrated Vertical Solar System & The Road Ahead


In 2019, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt. installed India’s largest building integrated vertical solar PV system at a data center in Mumbai.

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Elon Musk Talks Tesla AI Chip, Autonomy Level 5, Accessing The Vector Space In Your Mind, & More


Last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at the virtual World AI Conference 2020 in Shanghai. He shared just how close Tesla is to reaching "Level 5" autonomy. He also said that Tesla China will get a chance to create original designs and engineering in the future.

69% of Autos Sold in Norway in 2020 Have a Plug


Norway continues to be a shining star in the electric vehicle world. In the first half of the year, 48% of automobiles sold in the country were fully electric, a global record for EV market share. Plug-in vehicles represented 69% of auto sales, another global record.

France’s Recent Order Liberalizing Retrofits Of Old ICE Vehicles Supercharges Phoenix Mobility’s Ambitions For Mass EV Conversions


We just love hearing about EV conversions. This is an industry that promises to play a major role in accelerating the transition to electromobility.

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Ex-Ford CEO Called It On Tesla [TSLA]: “I Think The Stock Is Heading Higher”


Former Ford CEO Mark Fields recently shared what he thought of Tesla's growth on CNBC.

Elon Musk Is Ludicrously Rich Because He’s Not Focused On Making Money


Elon Musk's tremendous success is due in fair part to the fact that he's not that focused on making money.

Tesla [TSLA] Has A Warranty Accounting Mystery


Back in January, I explored the popular short seller thesis that Tesla is unfairly cooking its books by not accruing enough money for its warranty work.

In A World First, Hyundai Fuel Cell Semis Ship To Customers


This could be big for Hyundai. Investors are always looking for "the next big thing." That new technology or "killer app" that will multiply their dollars again and again -- and it looks like that thing might be green trucking.

Tesla Model 3 Sales Surge Ahead In China


Sales of the Tesla Model 3 were up 35% month over month in China in June. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Market Research Research China China EV sales EV sales Tesla China Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 China Tesla Model 3 sales Tesla sales

Italy Throws Launch Party For Fiat’s 100% Electric “New 500”


I'll admit it — I'm a sucker for the Fiat 500. I think it's an absolutely adorable car, and also super fun to zip around in (if electric). The styling is hard to beat (though, I think comparable to a Mini Cooper).

How Electric Cars Take Over The US Market, With A Big Push From Tesla


I wrote this article before Maarten came out with an article on the same subject last week, but I came to the opposite conclusion. He sees progress faster than his expectations, I see progress slower than my expectations. I think that is because I live in the US and he lives in Europe.

Zero-Emissions Trucks Are The Future: Let’s Do This


Last Thursday, California made history by becoming the first state to mandate that truck makers move to zero-emission drivetrains.

City Of Sydney Goes 100% Renewable


Sydney, the largest city in Australia, has signed a power purchase agreement that allows it to source all of its electricity from renewables.

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There’s A Global Battery Revolution Underway, & Tesla’s Leading It


If you were looking to nominate a particular technology as the most influential of the early 21st century, batteries would be a logical choice.

1 Year Later: Police Chief Loves Their Tesla Model 3


It makes sense for police departments all across America to make the switch to electric vehicles, and Tesla, with its affordable Model 3, is a prime candidate.

Elon Musk Has Been Living On Tulsa Time


Elon Musk spent the 4th of July standing in an empty field outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, trying to make up his mind whether to build his new US factory there or in Austin, Texas.

Tesla Model 3 Is Best Selling BEV In Sweden As Market Hits 25%


The Swedish plug-in electric vehicle market share in June 2020 hit 25%, up significantly from 10% in June 2019. Overall auto sales were still recovering, down 23% year on year. .

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London Electric Vehicle Company Rolls Out New Electric Delivery Van


London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is well known for its iconic London taxis, which are now electric. Based on that experience, the company has just rolled out an electric van as well. It has similar styling, but more cargo space and certain other modifications.

Tesla’s Market Value Overtakes Exxon In Historic Paradigm Shift [TSLA > XOM]


An energy paradigm shift is underway. According to Bloomberg, "Tesla Inc.’s s market value has surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp.’s s in a sign that investors are increasingly betting on a global energy transition away from fossil fuels."

Plugin Vehicles = 16% Share of Auto Market in Netherlands, Tesla Model 3 Still #1


Tesla Model 3 Keeps #1 Position, while Plugin Vehicle Market Share Hits 16% in June.

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Tesla’s [TSLA] Q2 May Be Very Profitable


Now that we've seen Tesla's actual Q2 2020 production and delivery numbers, the next thing Tesla bears and bulls turn their attention to is trying to determine what the financial impact will look like, and will Tesla make money.

Chile Orders 150 Electric Buses From BYD!


Miami, where you at? NYC, where you at? Chicago, where you at? Los Angeles, where you at? Chile just order 150 electric buses from BYD to transport people around its capital city of Santiago. Yes, 150!

You Can Now Drive 100% Electric Across The USA Using Electrify America


This month, the big Electrify America news is that it has completed its first cross-country route — going from Washington, D.C., to Southern California. A second cross-country route will soon be completed as well, going across.

Germany Hits 8.4% EV Market Share In June, & Heading Higher!


Germany, Europe's largest auto market, saw plug-in electric passenger vehicle market share hit 8.4% in June 2020, significantly up from 3.4% in June 2019. The H1 2020 plug-in share stood at over 7.7%, and will grow further in the second half.

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Volvo Factory In China Runs On 100% Renewable Energy


Volvo Cars continues its march towards being a carbon-neutral manufacturing company by 2025 with a 100% renewable powered factory in China. Clean Power Hydroelectric Solar Energy 100 percent renewable 100 percent renewable energy Carbon Emissions Made in China renewable volvo Volvo Cars

This Is Why Electric Car Sales Are Blowing Up In The UK


Well, there are a few reasons why electric car sales are exploding in the UK, where they now account for nearly 10% of auto sales.

Why Tesla’s Financial Success Is Critical To The Future Of CleanTech — Part 3


In part one, I discussed how technological breakthroughs can be exciting, but technology itself isn't the catalyst to massive change.

Switzerland At 10% EV Market Share!


The Swiss electric vehicle market has risen to nearly 10% share of the overall Swiss auto market (9.7%), which is up from 5.5% in the same period of 2019, according to EV Volumes. The EV market's growth rate was 20% in the first 5 months of the year, while the overall auto market was down 39%.

Tesla Model Y Price Drops — New Cost of Ownership vs. Lexus RX


Tesla has dropped the price of the Model Y by a few thousand dollars, with the starting price now at $49,990*. Let's look at a couple of cost of ownership analyses between the Tesla Model Y and he Lexus.

27 Electric School Buses Headed To Quebec


Who doesn't remember the fumes, and the ensuing headache coming on, from riding on a school bus? Transdev Canada is thinking about that, thinking about our children and grandchildren, and doing something about it.

Lordstown Motors Takes The Wraps Off Its Endurance Electric Pickup Truck


The Lordstown Endurance is an American-made all-electric pickup truck with 4 in-wheel motors that use technology licensed from Elaphe, 600 horsepower, a stump-pulling maximum torque of 4,400 ft-lbs, and a range of 250 miles. If it looks pretty much like a standard pickup truck, that's by design.