Climate Solutions Improve Health & Save Money


Climate change is a public health crisis, and we need every doctor, nurse, and other health professional to help fight it.

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Climate Change & Health: Interactive New England Journal Of Medicine Report


A report in the New England Journal of Medicine claims the effects of climate change are leading to more diseases and a decrease in human health. Climate Change Health Research Climate change human health New England Journal of Medicine

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True Darkness Is Necessary: How Artificial Light Affects Our Environment & Health


Climate Change Energy Efficiency Health Research Efficiency energy efficiency LEDs light pollution NASA retrofits starsWe are losing our dark skies due to increased artificial lighting at night, and it's not good for humans or animals.

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Geneva International Motor Show Cancelled Over Health Concerns


The Geneva auto show has been cancelled due to health concerns about the coronavirus. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles coronavirus Geneva International Motor Show

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A former McDonald's exec on planetary health, human health and brand health


Ex-CSO Bob Langert talks behind-the-scenes of the food giant's sustainability journey. Animal Welfare Food & Agriculture Marketing & Communication packaging The Sustainable MBA

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Why human health must be at the center of climate action


Corporate Strategy Health Sustainable Development Goals / SDGsCompanies can exacerbate the challenges, but the private sector also positively contribute to solving these challenges.

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“A Nationwide Fracking Ban Would Be Invaluable For Human Health” — Physicians For Social Responsibility Applauds First Proposed Nationwide Ban On Fracking


Air Quality Fossil Fuels Health Policy & Politics Research Science Water Bernie Sanders Fracking Physicians for Social ResponsibilityWashington, D.C.—Physicians

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Natural Gas Provided False Promise, Deception — Severe Health Problems From “Natural” Gas


Pleasantly called natural gas and sold to many as a better solution, a good transition fuel, natural gas has been dominating new US electricity capacity alongside renewable energy. Yet, hydraulic fracking absolutely takes the "natural" out of it.

A long weekend in nature at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Inhabitat - Innovation

Here's what it is like to immerse yourself in nature at the famous Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

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Agent of Impact: Kizzmekia Corbett, National Institutes of Health

Impact Alpha

The viral immunologist has been studying coronaviruses like SARS and MERS since she arrived at the National Institutes of Health in 2014. The post Agent of Impact: Kizzmekia Corbett, National Institutes of Health appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, Apr.

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The Rachio Thrive Nutrient System Aims To Support Plants By Restoring Soil Health


The folks at Rachio first made a name for themselves with their smart sprinkler controller that injected a healthy dose of intelligence into the world of yard care, saving millions of gallons of water along the way.

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Medinas Health – Lowering Healthcare Costs by Reducing Wasteful Spending

Green Business Bureau

According to Medinas, “the net benefits to natural resource preservation, greenhouse consumption, and reduction in human health impacts are significant.”. The post Medinas Health – Lowering Healthcare Costs by Reducing Wasteful Spending appeared first on Green Business Bureau.

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CleanTech Health Trust Benefits Relevant to COVID-19: Leave of Absence

CleanTech Alliance

Our Health Trust expert is Nathan Edmondson. During these uncertain times, it may be difficult to know how to manage your professional and personal needs. Accessing quality information about COVID 19, the resources available to you as a Washington employer, and how to successfully navigate through all of this change can be a challenge. He […]. Alliance News

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Bogotá Company Deploys 400 Free E-Bikes to Help Health Workers Respond to COVID-19

The City Fix

But to “flatten the curve” and save lives, critical frontline health workers still need to get to work. COVID-19 is shutting down urban transportation networks around the world. In Bogotá, Colombia, where the city has already experimented with providing emergency.

Monitoring the health effects of slate and tile cutting

Envirotec Magazine

With an estimated 600,000 workers in the UK exposed to silica dust each year, and an average of 600 silica-related deaths per annum, it is imperative for organisations to understand the health risks associated with slate and tile cutting and how best to protect their workers against the harmful effects of silica. What are the health risks associated with RCS exposure? Dust Monitoring & Control Health & Safety

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Our Continuous Health Future

Better Ventures

Harnessing Ubiquitous Computing and Novel Data Science for Better Health Outcomes Image credit: Vigyanix blog. This series of events just saved the health system hundreds of thousands of dollars and may possibly have saved your life. Feel : emotional and behavioral health monitoring.

Strengthening health systems to end deadly epidemics


If the world is to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria by 2030, national governments and international development institutions must work together to build stronger health systems

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Climate change is adversely affecting childrens health worldwide

Inhabitat - Innovation

Unless significant intervention takes place, global warming and climate change will negatively “shape the well-being of an entire generation

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How zip lining impacts tree health, according to experts

Inhabitat - Innovation

Outdoorsy people have long enjoyed hiking on remote trails or rafting on rivers. But aerial views have been harder to come by, until the recent popularization of zip lines

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Excessive road salt threatens public health and wildlife

Inhabitat - Innovation

Many people and municipalities turn to road salt to de-ice wintry streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, road salt poses serious environmental risks

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Doctors are prescribing gardening to improve patients' health

Inhabitat - Innovation

Some doctors are prescribing gardening as a form of ecotherapy

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Air Pollution Levels Are Falling, Falling | COVID-19 Self-Quarantines Have A Good Side


Air Quality Climate Change Green Economy Health COP26 coronavirus COVID-19 Harvard School of Public Health NASABut are the lower levels of carbon emissions here to stay.

New Harvard Study Links COVID Deaths & Air Pollution — Interview With Dr. Francesca Dominici


A new study was made public this week that sheds light on the connection between COVID-19 health impacts and air pollution. Chan School of Public Health, to learn more about the study’s findings, which focused on fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

Investing in frontline health workers


The power of frontline health workers to improve global health has been proven time and again. Yet the world continues to underestimate their capabilities and contributions, with severe consequences for them and the communities they serve

Organic food health benefits have been hard to assess, but that could change


Organic growing is proven to be better for biodiversity and chemical exposure, but is the food actually more nutritious? Food & Agriculture Organics

Episode 214: What CSOs should do now, agtech and animal health


Two sustainable business leaders, JLL's Cynthia Curtis and PwC's Jeff Senne, join us for a frank chat. Agriculture agtech Corporate Strategy COVID-19 Food Systems Podcast GreenBiz 350 Podcast

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CleanTech Alliance expands Health Trust membership with new agreement with RCAW

CleanTech Alliance

The agreement calls for a reciprocal relationship between the two organizations allowing RCAW members access to CleanTech Alliance Health Trust, […]. “The bottom line is the bottom line,” stated Tom Ranken, President and CEO of CleanTech Alliance.

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27 Electric School Buses Headed To Quebec


Air Quality Clean Transport Electric Vehicles EV Charging Health Manufacturing Policy & Politics Subsidies electric buses electric school buses eLion Electric School Bus Lion Electric LionC public health crisis

Climate change and the bleak prognosis for human health


The benefits to global health of slashing carbon emissions would be vast, finds Lancet report

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“Pneumonia Deaths” & “Flu Deaths” Jump Enormously In USA


I'm going to keep this piece short, but it seems to be an important data-focused followup to a previous story I wrote regarding an important public health matter. Health Policy & Politics Research Science COVID-19 pandemics public health

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Facing A Health Crisis, Cities Implore Courts To Limit Pollution


Local leaders weigh in on a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration from weakening regulations on power plants.

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The road to sustainable health

Business Green

It is reported that the health and care system in England is responsible for approximately five per cent of the country's carbon footprint. This will be vital for the health of the country and provide economic savings to the government long-term.

Coronavirus Is Here To Stay — Panicking Is Futile


Health Policy & Politics Research Science coronavirus health care health insuranceThe coronavirus, in my opinion, is here to stay, and panicking is futile. It's pretty much everywhere, and honestly, I am worried, but I'm not out there panic buying pallets of toilet paper.

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Dandelion Energy Launches New Health & Safety Procedures for Reopening


A Virtual Sales and Geothermal System Design Process, Social Distancing During Installations, and New Hygiene Guidelines Highlight New Health & Safety Procedures Put in Place by Dandelion Energy, New York’s # 1 Home Geothermal Company

Beyond going green, the built environment seeks to improve health


Developers are increasingly aware of the link between buildings and occupants’ health, and they’re designing places where workers are more productive, less stressed and less likely to fall sick

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Coronavirus has finally made us recognise the illegal wildlife trade is a public health issue


Once a purely conservation issue, it is now also considered a threat to biosecurity, public health and the economy

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Cost-effective response to COVID-19: Light every health clinic in Africa and south Asia

Impact Alpha

Europe and the United States face the challenge of providing tens of thousands of people to access intensive health care services. The post Cost-effective response to COVID-19: Light every health clinic in Africa and south Asia appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

The Brain, Air Pollution, & CO2 — The Years Project Connects The Dots (Videos)


Air Quality Fossil Fuels Health Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Research Science air pollution air pollution Alzheimers air pollution brain health Alzheimers brain Brain health enviromental research Medical research The YEARS Project

6 Lessons From Previous Pandemics


Health Research Science COVID-19 National Health Emergency Pandemic preparedness pandemics who World Health Organization

Air pollution returns to ?normal,? as new study shows EVs save $10,000 each in health costs


Local air pollution within urban environments is highly detrimental to human health,” said Professor Marianne Hatzopoulou of the University of Toronto, and the lead researcher on the new study, “ Clearing the Air ,” which was published by Environmental Defence and the Ontario Public Health Association. Health Canada estimates that 3,000 premature deaths per year can be attributed to air pollution in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area. “If

Autonomous Shuttles At Mayo Clinic Move COVID-19 Tests


Medical facilities around the globe struggle with health worker safety during the novel coronavirus crisis. Autonomous Vehicles Clean Transport Green Economy Health Beep coronavirus COVID-19 Mayo Clinic Nayva

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Coal exit will benefit health, wealth and nature


But there are ways to achieve a coal exit, cut emissions and protect health Human economies still depend on hydrocarbon fuels.

COVID pandemic gives Africa’s health tech startups a chance to shine 

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, April 20 – Africa’s health systems may have an advantage in the fight against COVID: experience mobilizing around outbreaks of infectious diseases. Watching the public health calamities that unfolded in China, Europe and the U.S.,