Biodiversity meets the bottom line


Natural capital: We're at the early stages of corporate biodiversity commitments, but new projects are pushing forward despite challenges

Biodiversity, pandemics and the circle of life


Addressing biodiversity, like so many other things, seems to have been shunted aside by the coronavirus outbreak. Biodiversity Climate Change COVID-19 Two Steps ForwardIt would make much more sense to keep it front and center.


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Balancing the sustainable management and biodiversity of our ocean


Sponsored: Sustainable, well managed fisheries have a big role to play in protecting biodiversity and feeding a global growing population

5 biodiversity guidelines to watch in 2022


As biodiversity becomes a more integral part of corporate sustainability commitments, expect updated and new resources to help the journey

Your next corporate job: Protecting biodiversity


Jobs focusing on preserving and regenerating nature are on the rise. The focus: mitigating risk and seizing opportunity. Will "nature positive" be the next "net zero

Addressing biodiversity authentically and effectively


Addressing biodiversity authentically and effectively. Biodiversity provides humanity and our economies with the resources needed to thrive. However, the planet is experiencing a great loss of biodiversity due to overfishing, deforestation and pollution. Biodiversity.

How biodiversity loss could cause bankruptcy in some countries


Economists at the University of Cambridge have developed what they say are the world’s first biodiversity-adjusted sovereign credit ratings

Danone cultivates multinational effort to restore biodiversity


Biodiversity Climate Change Food & AgricultureWhat’s at stake: the future of farming.

Biodiversity and business: 4 things you need to know for 2020


Companies need biodiversity. Biodiversity Food SystemsMost are just recognizing that.

Can circular cities boost biodiversity?


Aside from preserving the last remaining natural places, we need to create new ones — especially in cities

4 immediate actions to better manage natural resources for global biodiversity


At the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, the opportunity to make businesses part of solutions for nature has never been greater

The Business and Ecosystem Value of Biodiversity


Date/Time: September 28, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) Protecting biodiversity is a defining issue of our time as we face the prospect of mass extinction and ecosystem collapse.

City tree biodiversity helps protect urban forests — and our health


Research shows diversity matters when it comes to urban forestation, too

Some Thoughts on Business & Biodiversity

Terra Infirma

Last week, the Corporate Sustainability Mastermind Group (CoSM) considered the topic of business and biodiversity. The post Some Thoughts on Business & Biodiversity appeared first on Terra Infirma. Uncategorised biodiversity mastermind group supply chain

3 steps to start protecting biodiversity and your business


Sponsored: By following three key steps, businesses can develop goals and follow actions to support the restoration of biodiversity, a move that has benefits for both business and nature

New study suggests retailers can protect biodiversity and profitability


Report draws on project with French retail giant Carrefour to show how overfished species deliver the lowest margins for retailers

Retail 378

Why investors are putting biodiversity on the balance sheet


Why investors are putting biodiversity on the balance sheet. Both S&P Global Ratings and Bloomberg rank biodiversity among the top ESG themes for 2021, the latter naming Fidelity International and AXA Investment Managers as examples of firms that have made it a priority. . Biodiversity.

Climate, biodiversity and the ‘other COP’


What is the 1.5-degree equivalent for nature

COP 354

Episode 337: Biodiversity jobs, teaching kids about water


Will Sarni, founder and CEO of Water Foundry and the Future of Water Fund, talks about his new book, "Water, I Wonder

New benchmark shows that biodiversity is in fashion


New benchmark shows that biodiversity is in fashion. 5 — the Textile Exchange Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark (CFMB) Program is launching a new tool to help the fashion and textile industry take urgent action on biodiversity. Luxury meets biodiversity: Kering.

Improving Biodiversity and Communities With Net-Zero Goals


Improving Biodiversity and Communities With Net-Zero Goals. Join GreenBiz and SilviaTerra co-founder and CEO Zack Parisa for a discussion about the correlation between climate change, biodiversity, and community. Date/Time: May 20, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT).

PV Plus: Amplifying the Sustainability and Biodiversity Benefits of Solar


PV Plus: Amplifying the Sustainability and Biodiversity Benefits of Solar. But bare ground or turfgrass on solar facilities can contribute to the widespread decline in biodiversity, causing new challenges to the sustainability of ecosystems and agriculture.

15 things biodiversity protectors are watching out for in 2022


In some cases the conservation horizon looks like it came out of SciFi novel but they could be the key to saving out planet

Episode 285: Chatting about diversity and biodiversity


Plus, what a coming wave of IPOs means for the ESG movement

Why financial markets should care about Biodiversity COP15


Three main takeaways that financial players should take into account

Forensics used to reverse the decline of biodiversity in Europe

Envirotec Magazine

Funded by Horizon Europe, NATURE FIRST brings together 12 global partners to improve biodiversity and protect the habitats of many species which are being threatened by human activity. Image credit: Barnaby_S , CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

Episode 217: Checking in with CSOs, biodiversity talk, the 'fragility' of auto-centric cities


Biodiversity COVID-19 Podcast GreenBiz 350 PodcastPlus, McKinsey Partner Dickon Pinner offers advice on how corporate sustainability professions can apply lessons from the COVID-19 crisis to long-term climate strategy.

Global biodiversity framework falls short on chemicals

Envirotec Magazine

Their recommendations arrive ahead of Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework negotiations taking place from June 21 to 26, 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Global biodiversity ‘on the brink’


A precipitous decline in ecosystems is a threat to biodiversity and climate change targets, according to WWF’s global state of nature report

A new biodiversity baseline for the textile industry


Understanding where the industry is currently at, and what the barriers and enablers are to the uptake of best practices, is an important first step

Can the gene editing technology CRISPR help reduce biodiversity loss worldwide?


Biodiversity Advanced Materials Biomaterials CleantechThough scientists are optimistic that CRISPR could help, they also emphasize caution and community engagement in order to get it right.

Strategic City Planning with Nature? Assessing Urban Biodiversity in San José, Costa Rica

The City Fix

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its biodiversity, and eco-tourism is a large contributor to the national economy and local livelihoods. Many visitors may catch only a glimpse of Costa Rica’s cities through a car window while being whisked between the. Continue reading on

Technoversal Leadership for Biodiversity and Climate


If we wish to change the destiny of our planet, we must change businesses. And if we want to transform businesses into this course, we must change leaders.

Energy-neutral school in Utrecht enhances biodiversity

Inhabitat - Innovation

At the Winkerlaan in Utrecht, Dutch architecture firm EVA architecten has completed SO Fier, an energy-neutral primary school for Special Education Cluster 2 students that emphasizes sustainability, flexibility and connections with nature

How using biodiversity indicators can improve conservation effectiveness


Data can help companies make decisions about their conservation initiatives — and improve outcomes. Conservation

Revisiting Biodiversity Research and Action

Ideas 4 Sustainability

Verge-cutting mower head “gives biodiversity a winning edge”

Envirotec Magazine

Green areas from which cut grass has been removed become increasingly nutrient-poor, which in the longer term leads to an uplift in biodiversity among plants and insects.

What is 'nature positive'? Biodiversity's answer to net zero


Conservationists at COP27 climate summit say biodiversity talks must learn from the Paris Agreement

Episode 190: Ambition, angst and action at Climate Week, Danone CEO prioritizes biodiversity


Biodiversity Climate Change Climate Conferences farmers Food & Agriculture Podcast GreenBiz 350 PodcastTune in for a recap of news and conversations during more than 300 events linked to the UN General Assembly. Plus inside PepsiCo's Sustainable Farming Program and a peek into Engie Impact.

Episode 221: Mapping biodiversity, repair and the circular economy


Episode 221: Mapping biodiversity, repair and the circular economy. Esri and the science of corporate biodiversity (20:45). Heather Clancy. Fri, 05/22/2020 - 01:21. Week in Review. Commentary on this week's news highlights begins at 4:35.

World gets F on Aichi biodiversity report card

Inhabitat - Innovation

In 2010, representatives from 194 countries met in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and agreed on 20 biodiversity targets to reach in the next decade. Ten years later, the signatories have fallen far short

The UN’s Global Biodiversity Framework could be ‘Paris Agreement for nature’


Set to be finalized in early 2022, the GBF’s draft sets out targets for protecting marine and land habitats, reducing pesticides and plastic waste, and increasing investments

Los Angeles is the largest US city to be certified as a biodiversity haven

Inhabitat - Innovation

The city of Los Angeles has been certified as biodiversity haven by the National Wildlife Federation