The Rule Of Climate Law — Denmark Shows How It’s Done


Green Economy Policy & Politics climate action climate law climate legislation Danish climate law Danish climate legislation DenmarkBinding climate legislation is now agreed upon among the vast majority of the Danish parliament.

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National Task Force On Rule Of Law And Democracy Report Slams Trump For War On Science


Policy & Politics Science Climate change national task force on rule of law and democracyA new report suggests the war on science will end badly for the United States. Can we turn things around?

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EV Charger Blocking Law Passed In Ontario, Canada


In Canada, a bill was recently passed that makes the blocking of EV chargers an offense that can be fined up to $125. Paul Calandra, Government House Leader and Member of Provincial Parliament for Markham-Stouffville, answered some questions about the legislation for CleanTechnica.

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Dundee to host conference on climate change science and law

Envirotec Magazine

Scotland will host world-leading experts in climate change law and science in September, as they attend a major conference on global climate at the University of Dundee.

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Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act is signed into law

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a bipartisan win, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act has been signed into law, making serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians” a federal crime

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Will The Forthcoming New Danish Climate Law Boost A Carbon Tax?


In the beginning of September the newly elected Danish government, comprised of the parties Socialdemokratiet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti, and Enhedslisten, started its work on a new climate law.

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California passes law that prevents cities from taxing energy generated by solar rooftop projects

Solar Power World

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law last week financial protections for consumer investments in rooftop solar energy.

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Trump Takes His War On “The Swamp” To New Levels With NEPA Roll Back


Policy & Politics environmental law National Environmental Policy ActTrump is gloating about gutting environmental regulations, a decision that has business leaders cheering.

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Will California's ingredient transparency law spur safer cleaners?


Disclosure, like many cleaning products, remains the best disinfectant. Chemicals & Toxics Consumer Products Design & Packaging Transparency

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New law will hold B.C. government accountable for climate action

Clean Energy Canada

These changes will put government transparency and accountability into law and will ensure a diverse group of independent voices continue to contribute to future decisions that help meet B.C.’s The post New law will hold B.C.

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25 Climate Activists Occupy Chase Bank & Launch A Major New Campaign Targeting The Financial Industry


The “Stop the Money Pipeline” Mobilization aims to end the financing of fossil fuels and deforestation. .

Denmark Passes Magic 50% In Renewable Electricity Generation Milestone


Clean Power Offshore Wind Energy Offshore Wind Farms Solar Energy Wind Energy Wind Turbines Danish climate law Denmark Denmark CO2 emissions denmark energy denmark renewable energy denmark solar energy denmark wind energy siemens Vestas

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Fees Dampen Demand For Rooftop Solar In Alabama


Clean Power Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Alabama alabama power rooftop solar fees Southern Environmental Law CenterAlabama Power, which serves two-thirds of electricity customers in the state, assesses people who have rooftop solar systems a fee of $5.00

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Law to end "toxic colonialism" comes into force

Business Green

Governments ratify treaty amendment banning export of hazardous waste from EU and OECD countries

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Neither law nor accident stops coal mining in Meghalaya


Activists trying to record illegal mining come under attack and are critically injured

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Ensuring equity in Washington’s 100% clean electricity law implementation

Front And Centered

Washington passed 100% clean electricity into law earlier this year, and with public input government agencies are currently drafting rules to guide utilities on how to comply with the law by phasing out fossil fuel emissions and integrating equity in their service models.

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Africa’s Oil Curse, the Example of Nigeria


Air Quality Fossil Fuels Grid Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Research Shipping Water Africa Africa oil Agip Chevron co2 emissions Elf ExxonMobil Kenya Mobil Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) Niger Delta Nigeria Nigerian law shell Waste Reduction

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'We have to move faster': Chile to present climate law targeting net zero by 2050

Business Green

COP25 host unveils plans to table climate change law next week that would put country on path to carbon neutrality by 2050

Environmental Masters Degrees from Vermont Law School

Green Market Oracle

Vermont Law School (VLS) offers three environmental masters degrees. A master's degree from VLS is different from other law degrees. Instead of studying theories about how policies work, VLS master's candidates learn the law and how to use it to effect change. Environmental VSL Master's degrees in law cover a wide range of policy issues including energy, food and agriculture. MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND POLICY (MELP) Climate change.

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Fossil Fuel Interests Applaud Trump Admin's Weakening of Major Environmental Law


Read time: 7 mins Industry groups including oil and gas trade associations were quick to pile on the praise following President Trump’s announcement Thursday, January 9 of major overhauls to the National Environmental Policy Act ( NEPA ).

France Passes Green Rooftop Law

Alternative Energy News

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Asia's ticking solar time bomb: Without recycling laws, the region could drown in hazardous waste by 2030


The region's solar market is the world’s fastest-growing. But recycling policies are urgently needed to deal with a flood of decommissioned panels in the coming years

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Green Party eyes extensive 'Right to Repair' law to fight "throwaway society"

Business Green

Co-leader Sian Berry claims 'none of the other parties are even talking about' circular economy issues during General Election campaign

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Will California’s ingredient transparency law spur safer cleaners?


Here is the original: Will California’s ingredient transparency law spur safer cleaners? Disclosure, like many cleaning products, remains the best disinfectant. Business Green best best-disinfectant- cleaning products consumer products remains-the remains-the-best transparency

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New Zealand passes 2050 net zero target into law

Business Green

Landmark climate change legislation was passed almost unanimously by New Zealand parliament

New law makes it easier for British Columbians to buy electric cars

Clean Energy Canada

government passing a new law that will require automakers to sell a growing percentage of electric vehicles in the province: “British Columbians are excited about electric cars and the chance to cut both their fuel costs and pollution.

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Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act is signed into law


In a bipartisan win, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act has been signed into law, making serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians” a federal crime. The law also includes a ban on the creation, sale and distribution of any electronic image or digital recording that depicts acts of animal cruelty. For decades, a national anti-cruelty law was a dream for animal protectionists.

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Laura Malinasky on Becoming Planet’s Head of Legal and People

Planet Pulse

Laura Malinasky, Planet’s Chief Legal and People Officer, has had quite a career—having spent more than 20 years working in software and technology law while juggling multiple roles in human resources.

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7 ways Trump's EPA is breaking our bipartisan chemical safety law

EDF Voices

Since taking office, the Trump administration has implemented the Lautenberg Act in a way that threatens the bipartisan achievement along with public health

How Even Libertarians Can Tackle The Climate Crisis

Forbes Green Tech

The Environmental Law Institute compiled more than 1,500 adjustments to law that could reduce the nation’s collective carbon footprint, many of which call for repealing laws entirely

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Puerto Rico’s electricity system is at a crossroads


The territory’s new energy policy became law earlier this year — and regulators are deciding what mix of renewables it has. Business Green energy & climate hawkeye law-earlier making natural disasters new-energy policy-became renewables-it-has risk & resilience use-technology yearThe rest is here: Puerto Rico’s electricity system is at a crossroads.

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The innovation buzz from Stockholm World Water Week


It’s not just about technology, it’s about laws, public policy and social engagement. Business Green about technology about-laws and-social liquid assets public-policyHere is the original post: The innovation buzz from Stockholm World Water Week.

Renewable Energy At Risk In Rural Electric Cooperative Tax Snafu


Provision in 2017 tax law could zing red states by stalling renewable energy projects and broadband improvements for rural electric cooperatives. Oopsies!

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'Ecocide': Green Party vows to make 'severe environmental damage' a criminal offence

Business Green

Party wants to see companies prosecuted for crimes against natural environment under a new 'ecocide' law

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A locally led move toward microgrids in Puerto Rico


Business Green about technology about-laws and-polluting and-social avoid-expensive energy & climate fossil fuels foster-local liquid assets microgrids public-policy risk & resilience rocky mountain institute

CDP: Greening corporate supply chains could deliver a gigaton of carbon savings


Business Green deliver-cost-effective hawkeye law-earlier making natural disasters new-energy policy-became push-suppliers research-group risk & resilience use-technologyInvestor research group urges more corporates to push suppliers to deliver cost-effective emissions reduction. Original post: CDP: Greening corporate supply chains could deliver a gigaton of carbon savings.

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Facebook Gives Congress The Finger, & Will Continue To Publish Lies


It says Congress is supposed to make laws, not private companies. Facebook has announced that it will continue to publish political ads, even if they contain obvious lies. Media Policy & Politics elizabeth warren Facebook Google Joe Biden Mark Zuckerberg political ads Ron Leathern twitte

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The innovation buzz from Stockholm World Water Week


It’s not just about technology, it’s about laws, public policy and social engagement. Liquid Assets Water Efficiency & Conservation

Law 191

The Koch Brothers & Protest In America


Laws criminalizing peaceful protest are proliferating across the United States, helped by large amounts of money from the Koch brothers. Most people are unaware of how their freedoms are being restricted.

Law 286

Japanese Prison About Its Most Famous Inmate — “Carlos Ghosn? Never Heard Of Him”


The Japanese justice system is not functioning on the "presumed innocent until proven guilty" principle that is the foundation of western law. Nor does it know the principle that punishment should be administered after the conviction, not before.

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