Class Action Law Suit Alleges Brake Defects In Toyota Hybrid Vehicles


A major law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota alleging many of its hybrid models have a defect in their braking system that could cause the cars not to slow properly when needed.

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The Rule Of Climate Law — Denmark Shows How It’s Done


Green Economy Policy & Politics climate action climate law climate legislation Danish climate law Danish climate legislation DenmarkBinding climate legislation is now agreed upon among the vast majority of the Danish parliament.

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EPA suspends environmental law enforcement

Inhabitat - Innovation

Businesses will not face any repercussions for polluting American air, land or water, as long as they can claim their practices are related to COVID-19

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EV Charger Blocking Law Passed In Ontario, Canada


In Canada, a bill was recently passed that makes the blocking of EV chargers an offense that can be fined up to $125. Paul Calandra, Government House Leader and Member of Provincial Parliament for Markham-Stouffville, answered some questions about the legislation for CleanTechnica.

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Proposed UK law pushes accountability for Amazon products

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officials have proposed a law to make large companies operating within the U.K. comply with environmental laws and show where their products originate People around the world have watched with increasing horror as Amazon forest destruction has accelerated in recent years. Now, U.K.

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What If The Restrictions On Tobacco Ads Applied To Climate-Polluting Products?


Air Quality Climate Change Consumer Technology Fossil Fuels Green Economy Health Policy & Politics Research Science Canada ClientEarth climate policy co2 emissions Corporate Knights Corporate Knights Capital environmental law fossil fuel ads fossil fuel advertising greenhouse gas law lung cancer social engineering tobacco Tobacco Epidemic UKIf governments are serious about climate action, they should restrict the promotion of goods with heavy carbon footprints.

Judges to consider legal challenge to new planning laws

Envirotec Magazine

A legal bid to halt sweeping changes to planning laws in the UK will be heard in October. The post Judges to consider legal challenge to new planning laws first appeared on Envirotec.

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'Historic' labour law raises fear Indian workers will pay price


India's parliament passes three laws to connect more workers with welfare amid concerns that compromises on their legal rights

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Bill McKibben Sees “Vivid Possibilities For A Rapid Energy Transformation”


Air Quality Clean Power Climate Change Energy Efficiency Fossil Fuels Canadian Ice Service Conservation law foundation Mumbai MirrorIs Big Oil done? Bill McKibben offers us some solid hope.

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Colorado Green Lights New Air Quality Law


The new law will require oil producers to monitor their preproduction and beginning stages of production in the state much more strictly. This new law is thought to be the first of its kind for the US. Although the law is stricter, it was well received by the oil industry. Lynn Granger, executive director of the American Petroleum Institute-Colorado, praised the new laws as “feasible” while still making practical improvements.

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Dundee to host conference on climate change science and law

Envirotec Magazine

Scotland will host world-leading experts in climate change law and science in September, as they attend a major conference on global climate at the University of Dundee. The conference will examine the current legal framework after the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the Katowice Climate Package, changing litigation strategies, the role of human rights law; and how the law may have to change to reflect where severe weather events are attributed to individual emitters. “We

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Will The Forthcoming New Danish Climate Law Boost A Carbon Tax?


In the beginning of September the newly elected Danish government, comprised of the parties Socialdemokratiet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti, and Enhedslisten, started its work on a new climate law. Denmark already has a climate law in place from the former Venstre led government, but it was not overly ambitious and not legally binding.

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Will California's ingredient transparency law spur safer cleaners?


Disclosure, like many cleaning products, remains the best disinfectant. Chemicals & Toxics Consumer Products Design & Packaging Transparency

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Is The Digital Economy Green? AI, Blockchain, & Sharing Platforms


Clean Transport Consumer Technology Green Economy artificial intelligence blockchain Environmental Law Institute Project on the Energy and Environmental Implications of the Digital Economy Sloan Foundation

Denmark To Address Carbon Emissions With New Universal Fees — Final Negotiations This Fall Could Be Historic


Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax Climate Change Policy & Politics climate action climate law climate legislation Danish climate council Danish climate law Danish climate legislation Denmark GHG targetFinally something is getting real in the big plan of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark by 70% by 2030.

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The CleanTech Alliance Supports the Law Carbon Fuel Standard Bill

CleanTech Alliance

By Lindsay McCormick and Jon Okun On January 16, 2020, the CleanTech Alliance Executive Committee voted to support the low carbon fuel standard bill, Washington HB 1110, subject to review of the final language. The Alliance believes that the Low Carbon Fuel Standard issue is one of great import to the State of Washington and […]. Alliance News

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Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act is signed into law

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In a bipartisan win, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act has been signed into law, making serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians” a federal crime

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The Climate, The Queen, And The Deep Blue Sky


Her majesty the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark says she is not convinced that human activity is the primary cause of the current climate change? Nevertheless, it just might be the work on the green energy transition that most effectively will get us back on track after the corona crisis.

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California Greenlights Electric Vehicle Charging Program For 38,000 New Charging Stations


Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging EV Charging Stations Grid Policy & Politics Press Releases California California ev charging environmental law Sierra Club

New Virginia law prevents HOAs from blocking solar installations

Solar Power World

It strikes a fair balance between… The post New Virginia law prevents HOAs from blocking solar installations appeared first on Solar Power World. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signed HB 414/SB 504. The bill protects homeowners who want to install solar from burdensome homeowners association (HOA) restrictions. The legislation protects the rights of homeowners who want to go solar but live in HOA communities,” said Aaron Sutch, program director for Solar United Neighbors.“It

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Fires, Floods, And The Coming Of Zoltan


Buildings Policy & Politics Research building design capitalism geometry patent law patents researchThis morning, the first story I saw was one of Steve Hanley’s latest articles on CleanTechnica, “Should People Be Prevented From Living In Fire And Flood Prone Areas?”

Gigantic Atlantic Coast Gas Pipeline Done In By Humble Household Heat Pump


Buildings Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Policy & Politics Appalachian Mountain Advocates Atlantic Coast Pipeline Dominion Energy Duke Energy Mountain Valley Pipeline north carolina Southern Environmental Law Center virginia west virginia

Coronavirus, EVs Put Pressure On Dealer Sales Model


Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles direct sales electric car FRANCHISE DEALER LAWS lucid Rivian Tesla volkswagenA combination of the coronavirus and the EV revolution is putting pressure on the traditional franchise dealer model, especially in the US. Are its days finally numbered.

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Lawyers For Good Government Climate Change Program Provides Pro-Bono Legal Resources For Municipalities To Switch To 100% Renewable Energy


Clean Power Climate Change Consumer Technology Policy & Politics Policy Research Press Releases Research Solar Energy Wind Energy 100% renewable electricity 100% renewable energy cities Environmental Law and Policy law Lawyers for Good Government Foundation Ready for 100 rocky mountain institute Sierra Club Sierra Club Ready for 100 states

Courted By Texas, Colorado, & Florida, Tesla Celebrates Opening Of 1st Service Center In Michigan


Tesla has a golden opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of franchise dealer laws. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Green Economy Manufacturing auto dealers auto dealerships Colorado Elon Musk Florida FRANCHISE DEALER LAWS Michigan Tesla Tesla auto dealership battle Tesla Michigan Tesla versus auto dealers TexasSeveral states would like Tesla to make them their new home.

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Tesla Withdraws Appeal To Connecticut Supreme Court Regarding Direct Sales Ban


It has quietly dropped its appeal of the state's franchise dealer law and begun leasing cars at its service facility in Milford. Tesla has adjusted its strategy in Connecticut.

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Climate Law Institute

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Job Description: The Center for Biological Diversity seeks a full-time Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney in our Climate Law Institute to join our bold and progressive campaign to advance the urgently needed transition away from fossil fuel vehicles to zero emissions transportation in California and around the country. The post Climate Law Institute appeared first on Women in Cleantech & Sustainability. Position: Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney.

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Climate Law Institute

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Job Description: The Center for Biological Diversity seeks a full-time Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney in our Climate Law Institute to join our bold and progressive campaign to advance the urgently needed transition away from fossil fuel vehicles to zero emissions transportation in California and around the country. Position: Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney. Location: Sacramento, Oakland, or Los Angeles California. .

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Rivian Says It Will Not Use Franchise Dealers To Sell Its Vehicles


Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Colorado FRANCHISE DEALER LAWS Rivian TeslaRivian has joined the campaign to sell directly to customers without using franchise dealers. Another paradign is about to get shifted.

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Here’s How One Teenager is Taking A Stand Against Car Idling


Air Quality Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Policy & Politics Activism anti-idling anti-idling laws California car idling schools students VenturaEvery day after school for the past three years, I have walked past the same line of cars, smelled the same stench of exhaust, and felt the same need for action.

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Governor Northam signs Virginia Clean Economy Act The new law sets 100% renewable goals and expands solar net metering.

Solar Power World

Governor Ralph Northam is accelerating Virginia’s transition to clean energy by signing the Virginia Clean Economy Act and by amending the Clean Energy and Community Flood Preparedness Act that requires Virginia to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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California passes law that prevents cities from taxing energy generated by solar rooftop projects

Solar Power World

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law last week financial protections for consumer investments in rooftop solar energy. The law, AB 1208 authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), extends a prohibition on cities and counties taxing the energy generated by rooftop solar panels for use by homeowners and businesses. “We

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Neither law nor accident stops coal mining in Meghalaya


Activists trying to record illegal mining come under attack and are critically injured

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Can A Government Be Held Accountable If Climate Legislation Is Violated?


Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax Policy & Politics carbon tax Danish climate law DenmarkIf you think about the goal of the Paris Agreement to halve global carbon emissions in the next 10 years to keep the world on track to limit temperature rise to 1.5C, it in itself might seem, and frankly might actually be, impossible.

Green Lantern Solar Welcomes Energy Law Intern Zach Berger


Green Lantern Solar, a leading renewable energy development and construction company focusing on commercial-scale solar PV and energy storage systems, announced that Vermont Law School (VLS) rising 3L Zach Berger has joined their legal team for the summer Thursday, June 11, 2020 Waterbury, VT -.

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