Benefits of Providing Biodegradable Cups

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A better option today is to provide customers with biodegradable cups , which offer a variety of benefits compared to other options. Biodegradable Products Limit Waste Accumulation. When you serve a biodegradable cup to customers, you will know that you are helping solve the problem.

Valani launches debut collection of biodegradable clothing

Inhabitat - Innovation

New fashion house Valani has launched its new debut collection of biodegradable separates and dresses inspired by light living


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Sumo wrestles sustainability into an all-natural, biodegradable diaper

Inhabitat - Innovation

This natural, biodegradable diaper that is as gentle on the planet as it is on a baby's skin

Bacardi announces new biodegradable bottles

Inhabitat - Innovation

Bacardi is bringing some good cheer to this rough year

Biodegradable mushroom packaging makes Seedlip gifts special

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In an effort to help reduce food packaging waste, non-alcoholic spirit company Seedlip is introducing a Mycelium Gift Pack wrapped in biodegradable mushroom packaging. Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, creates a durable and sustainable packaging alternative for the upcoming holiday season

Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact

Envirotec Magazine

A new range of biodegradable guards will help to reduce the environmental impact of planting new whips while improving landscape management, says the firm behind them. ENDS The post Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact first appeared on Envirotec.

Biodegradable silk is an alternative to microplastics


The product is inexpensive and easy to manufacture, yet safe for consumption and biodegradable A team of scientists at MIT and experts from other parts of the world developed a silk-based product that could replace industrial microplastics.

China cools on biodegradable plastic


With the official stance shifting from all-in to wait-and-see, the future of biodegradable plastic in China is uncertain

Biodegradable childrens shoes come with expiration date

Inhabitat - Innovation

What if you could buy clothes and shoes the same way that we buy milk? There's no doubt fashion can

Biodegradable coffee pods are now available for composting

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Roughly 20 billion non-biodegradable, one-cup coffee pods end up in landfills. But Italian espresso giant Lavazza is offering a more eco-friendly alternative — a compostable coffee pod

Banana agri-waste converted into biodegradable, recyclable plastic

CleanTech Alliance

And while that part of the plant is typically discarded during harvesting, it may soon find use in a plastic that biodegrades and is fully recyclable. Source: Ben Coxworth, New Atlas, Nov 29, 2019 The bunches of bananas that we buy in stores grow off of a central trunk-like structure, known as the pseudostem. According […]. Industry News

This biodegradable T-shirt is made from trees and algae

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Vollebak Plant and Algae T-Shirt is an example of clothing that is produced with a vision for the end of the product lifecycle, when the shirt will biodegrade within a few months

Biodegradable packaging could replace plastic food wrapping


The biodegradable coating is environmentally sustainable, but also a public health solution thanks to its antibacterial properties. Scientists have developed a new plant-based coating for food that could replace plastic. The product comes in the form of a solution that is sprayed directly onto foods, protecting them from disease-causing microbes and from damage during transportation

Meet Phade, the biodegradable, bioplastic eco-straw

Inhabitat - Innovation

Environmentalists say straws are harmful, and the argument makes a lot of sense. But as an iconic beverage accessory, many people don't know how to live without straws. Thanks to Phade, they don't have to

Scientists develop biodegradable, antimicrobial food packaging


Scientists have developed biodegradable food packaging material that kills microbes that contaminate foods. The waterproof packaging uses a type of corn protein called zein, plus starch and other natural compounds. A team of scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S. developed the material

Pela offers biodegradable phone cases and other zero-waste products

Inhabitat - Innovation

From phone cases to a new line of soaps, Pela offers products for a zero-waste lifestyle

Sustainable Packaging: Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Options For Your Business

Green Business Bureau

From post-consumer recycled paper products to unique biodegradable materials, here’s a great overview of the latest options for your business shipping needs. It is biodegradable and recyclable, and can often be used for renewable energy. Sustainable Packaging: Customers Expect It.

Plumen Hive shade is 3D-printed and biodegradable

Inhabitat - Innovation

Light bulbs and lamp shades go together like peanut butter and jelly so when Plumen had an idea for a natural looking shade, they turned to designer Luke Deering with very specific goals in mind: make it elegant and make it sustainable. The Hive shade is the result of a vision to use biomorphic design to make a shade look like a natural honeycomb. Shadowing the design after well-sculpted art of the hive not only brings natural elements inside the living space, but also gives a nod to some

This LA startup turns spoiled milk into biodegradable T-shirts

Inhabitat - Innovation

Did you know that 128 million tons of milk are wasted every year

Discover Bruvi, a single-serve coffee machine with biodegradable pods

Inhabitat - Innovation

Bruvi looks like many other single-serve coffee pod systems; however, the pod that goes into the machine is very different

Graphene-based packaging presented as first truly biodegradeable and compostable alternative to plastic

Envirotec Magazine

UK biotech company Toraphene says it is preparing to unveil the world’s first truly biodegradable, compostable and commercially viable alternative to plastic packaging.

How Proteins Can Be Used to Create Biodegradable Materials

Green Living Guy

The post How Proteins Can Be Used to Create Biodegradable Materials appeared first on Green Living Guy. According to the Earth Day Foundation, nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic find their way into the Earth’s oceans each year, sinking to depths of as many as 11 km deep.

Barcelona cemetery has a new 100% biodegradable burial area


Now, the Roques Blanques Cemetery is offering a new ecological burial area that is 100% biodegradable to protect the environment The Roques Blanques Metropolitan Cemetery is contained with Collserola’s Natural Park at El Papiol, Barcelona. The cemetery expanded over the last 30 years since its founding in 1981. The changes allowed the cemetery to create new burial options that follow the needs of modern community members.

PANGAIA presents FLWRDWN, a down alternative made from biodegradable wildflowers

Inhabitat - Innovation

These puffer coats are filled with a fluffy down alternative — wildflowers

How Big a Difference Can Biodegradable Straws Make to the Environment?

Green Business Bureau

Biodegradable straws are one of the alternatives available that fit these criteria. Biodegradable materials such as paper, on the other hand, can break down in a matter of months – or even weeks. In this article, we want to share some of the real environmental benefits that biodegradable straws promise. As part of a larger strategy to reduce the use of disposable plastics, a switch to biodegradable straws can make a huge difference. What are Biodegradable Straws?

Artist 3D-prints biodegradable agar floral lamps


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although most people would agree there is beauty in nature. Artist and textile designer Yi Hsuan Sung has taken that common view of natural beauty and used it to create a varied line of products for the home

Finally, fully biodegradable toothpaste tubes are here


How many tubes of toothpaste do you think you've used and tossed in your life

GBB Member, Chlorophyll Water, Launches Landfill Biodegradable Bottles

Green Business Bureau

According to the press release , “Chlorophyll Water has integrated a proprietary organic additive into the bottle mold of their 100% recyclable, BPA-free and non-toxic 20 fluid ounce bottle that accelerates the natural biodegradation of their bottle in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters. This process allow Chlorophyll Water’s bottle to be 100% recyclable, BPA-free, non-toxic, and now, landfill biodegradable.”.

Firms target hard to recycle plastic packaging reduction with biodegradable alternative

Envirotec Magazine

Packaging firm DS Smithand and Aquapak, a developer of biodegradable polymer, are teaming up to develop sustainable fibre based packaging solutions that they say will replace hard to recycle packaging made from combined materials such as cardboard and plastic. Hydropol resin pellets.

Technology uses banana leaves as a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic

Inhabitat - Innovation

Find out how banana leaves can be transformed into a sturdy, durable alternative to single-use plastic

Tooth: the eco-friendly toothbrush made from recycled and biodegradable materials

Inhabitat - Innovation

As ubiquitous as morning coffee is the practice of brushing your teeth. We know you’re conscientious about water consumption by turning off the faucet while you brush, but there’s that seldom discussed issue of toothbrush waste, mostly plastic, that equates to around 1,000,000,000 toothbrushes heading to the landfill annually, and that’s just in the United States. Luckily, some passionate designers from London have decided to develop a sustainable option to divert waste from landfills

Biodegradable art sold as NFT for one winery


Bordeaux Chateau Cantenac Brown commissioned Finnish Artist David Popa to produce a raw earth fresco titled The Power of the Earth. It is made from the property's soil on the grounds of the estate to auction as an NFT

How Biodegradable Is Your Green Mattress?

Green Living Guy

The post How Biodegradable Is Your Green Mattress? Green mattress labels can range. That’s from “all-natural” and “organic” to “eco-friendly” and “green.” ” In an industry, like the mattress industry is one that lacks established standards. As well as definitions of these terms. These labels may apply to only one part and not the entire mattress. That begs questioning Continue Reading.

Biodegradable sparks of light make up this organic firework


Celebrations and fireworks mark holidays, cultural achievements, historical events and other landmark occasions. Notably, however, parties often come with copious amounts of waste that’s both unnecessary and harmful to the planet

Tarform’s electric motorcycle is built from recyclable and biodegradable materials


A Brooklyn-based startup is building electric motorcycles that are made from recyclable and natural biodegradable materials. The idea was to create the motorcycle of tomorrow,” Tarform founder Taras Kravtchouk told the New York Times. “If

Biodegradable childrens shoes come with expiration date


Recent industrial design graduate Shahar Asor is knitting biodegradable children’s shoes out of a sustainable composite material. See the original post: Biodegradable childrens shoes come with expiration date. Eco Green Recycle a-dark-patch a-giant-wave a-strong-sole- biodegradable case contradiction environment fabric shoes shopping sustainable fashion voice

Richard Horne moves from Borouge to biodegradable plastics firm Polymateria


Horne leaves Borouge after three years and will be based in Singapore

Is biodegradable clothing the future of fashion?


The innovative fabric—called Amni Soul Eco—is the world’s first biodegradable polyamide 6.6 The post Is biodegradable clothing the future of fashion? Philadelphia-based brand Aqua Vida sells workout wear that’s 100 per cent recyclable, and will take under three years to decompose in an anaerobic landfill or compost heap. It also offers UV protection (SPF 50+), antibacterial benefits, comfort, breathability, durability, and is easy […].

Can We Make Plastic More Sustainable?

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Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green living plastic pollution Protect Oceans biodegradable compostable eco-friendly materials oceans sustainable plastic

U of M startup to manufacture biodegradable shopping bags

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Four students from the University of Arkansas have launched a startup company around technology developed by U of M biochemist Simo Sarkanen, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, that would manufacture biodegradable plastic shopping bags. He found the technology, a lignin-based biodegradable plastic, on the Office for Technology Commercialization’s website. The post U of M startup to manufacture biodegradable shopping bags appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Packaging developer Choose toasts 'world's first' biodegradable paper bottle

Business Green

The fully biodegradable and compostable packaging innovation has been developed in Edinburgh with support from Innovate UK and Sky Ocean Ventures. Eco-friendly packaging firm Choose claims to have developed the "world's first" biodegradable bottle made from paper, in a move aimed at fighting the scourge of plastic pollution and cutting down CO2, it announced yesterday.

Top Ways To Significantly Reduce Harmful Waste On Your Daily Life

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Climate Resiliency Eco Friendly Products Environment global warming going green pollution sustainability biodegradable Compost plastic reduce waste single-use itemsHuman activity greatly impacts the environment in several ways.

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The case for exploring jute as an alternative to plastic


For starters, it's a material that is readily available, biodegradable and affordable. Circular Economy plastic