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Held annually in New York, San Francisco, London and Singapore, the Future Food-Tech Summit is an international networking event, bringing together 400+ leading food brands, entrepreneurs and investors to showcase solutions, share ideas and create new alliances to accelerate the adoption of new technology solutions.

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AFN Sustainable Protein

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NASCAR Plans To Introduce Hybrid Technology


NASCAR is on track to introduce hybrid technology at some tracks starting next year as it tries to strike a balance between the needs of manufacturers and fans. Cars Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars automotive technology hybrid powertrain NASCAR regenerative braking

Why We Need to Develop New Battery Technology

U.S. Green Technology

They’ve been around for centuries, but with the push for sustainable living, many consumers and experts are hopping on the movement to develop improved battery technology. The post Why We Need to Develop New Battery Technology appeared first on U.S. Green Technology.

Tesla’s Advantage With Its Battery Technology — Low Cost


It appears Tesla has an advantage over its rivals, such as GM and Porsche, when it comes to the new battery technology that it is developing. Tesla has long been a leader on EV batteries, for years seeming to have a significantly lower cost (cost per kWh of capacity) for batteries than others.

Elon Musk: “Alien Technology” Is Coming


Tesla's Q4 2019 earnings call sent the stock into orbit during after-hours trading and in subsequent days. For a quick overview of the company's financials, check the source — Tesla's official Q4 and FY2019 update.

Could Banana Leaf Technology Squelch Our Use Of Single-Use Plastics?


Agriculture CleanTechnica Exclusive Green Economy Banana Leaf Technology International Environmental Award International Green Technology Award plastics single-use plastics Technology for the Future Award

The Next Big Solar Technology? #Intersolar2020


Disruptive advances in solar technology are unusual, with industry-wide design improvements often taking place in very small increments. These small changes create the buzz at solar trade shows like Intersolar North America, which is wrapping up this week in San Diego.

Technology and the timely response

Envirotec Magazine

Kirk Meikle, from spills countermeasures expert Darcy Group, offers a few thoughts on how new technology is impacting the management and prevention of spill incidents on sites where such a risk exists. I s there anything technology hasn’t changed?

Lockheed Martin Testing Innovative Flow Battery Technology


Canada's TC Energy is one of the first companies to integrate a Lockheed Martin Grid Star Flow battery into its energy distribution network. The flow battery is said to be inexpensive to manufacture and uses abundant, non-toxic materials.

Sustaining Indigenous Forests With Blockchain Technology


Reducing deforestation, which is responsible for up to 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions, is crucial for the international community to achieve its goal under the Paris Climate Change Agreement to keep the global average temperature rise as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

DOE Seeking Input & Collaboration On Science & Technology Response To COVID-19


Clean Power Health Policy & Politics Research Science climate change pandemics COVID-19 Department Of Energy DOE Pandemic preparedness pandemics Science & Technology

NVIDIA Helps Transportation Industry With AI Technology


NVIDIA is helping the transportation industry by giving it access to its deep neural networks (DNNs) for autonomous vehicles. Autonomous Vehicles Clean Transport AI artificial intelligence neural networks NVIDIA NVIDIA DRIVE NVIDIA GPU Cloud robotaxis

How to Extend the Life of Renewable Technology

U.S. Green Technology

One of the most important reasons to choose renewable energy over incumbent technologies is because renewables take the long view. However, this entire well-intentioned mission can’t work if renewable technologies themselves aren’t built to last and don’t receive the upkeep they need.

Xpeng In-House Autonomous Vehicle Technology Keeps Prices Down


I recently met with Dr. Xinzhou Wu, Vice President of Autonomous Driving at Xpeng Motors, to learn more about the company’s autonomous vehicle (AV) bottom-up approach, part of its long-term strategic plan.

Energy's Future - Battery and Storage Technologies

Jim Conca

Battery technologies have to catch up with other new low-C tech, and V-flow batteries may be the breakthrough we need. They are fully containerized, nonflammable, compact, reusable over semi-infinite cycles, discharge 100% of the stored energy and do not degrade for more than 20 years

DWeb: Leveraging Technology For Environmental Protection & Disaster Relief


Consumer Technology Smartphone Apps decentralized web disaster response DWeb environmental activism Noah CroweI've just returned from the Decentralized WebCamp held this year at a regenerative mushroom farm in Santa Cruz, California.

How GPS mapping and satellite technology help reduce deforestation


Sponsored: Technology can play a critical role in identifying risk and accelerating progress to reduce cocoa-related deforestation in Africa. Cargill Cocoa Farming Data Forestry Information Technology Sponsored Supply Chain Deforestation

Africa 148

Fiat Chrysler Looks Outward For EV Technology


Legacy automakers are struggling to bring electric cars to market. EV startups are struggling to build actual automobiles. Are you seeing where this is going? Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles ev-1 Faraday Future Fiat-Chrysler Ford MEB platform Rivian Seres

Group14 Technologies Raises $18 Million

CleanTech Alliance

Group14 Technologies announced $18 million in new financing from Amperex Technologies Limited (ATL), Showa Denko (SDK), Cabot Corporation, BASF Venture Capital, and OVP Venture Partners. Group14 Technologies—a 2016 spin-off […]. Source: Green Car Congress, November 25, 2019. The new funds will be used to scale-up manufacturing of a next-generation silicon-carbon composite anode material and advance into commercial production.

Four New Energy Storage Technologies To Power The EV Revolution


More bad news for oil (and gas) stakeholders: US Energy Department charts the path to low-cost electric vehicles with new energy storage technology.

Waymo Unveils Its 5th Generation Autonomous Driving Technology


In its latest blog post, Waymo says it has cut the cost of its autonomous driving sensors by half while doubling how far they can see under all conditions. Autonomous Vehicles Clean Transport infrared camera Jaguar I-Pace LIDAR radar Waymo Waymo autonomous sensor suite

Latest European Onshore Wind Auctions Prove Technologies’ Importance


A suite of recent onshore wind energy auctions in the European Union have highlighted the increasing importance of the technology as a contributor to the energy transition towards the EU 2030 Climate & Energy objectives. .

StorEn Technologies Has Created A New Grid-Scale Flow Battery Application


With TITANstack™, StorEn Technologies is further supporting the transition to renewable generation and a green economy by developing efficient, durable, and cost-effective energy storage!

Enphase launches online training for Ensemble technology

Solar Power World

Enphase Energy unveiled a comprehensive portfolio of training options to ensure that installers are trained and ready for Enphase Ensemble technology.

Tesla Alien Technology … Cheap Chevy Bolts … Copenhagen Wheel Reviews — CleanTechnica Top 20


The three most popular CleanTechnica stories of the last week included a fresh Chevy Bolt review focused on just how much you get from a Bolt at such a low price (hint: prices at dealers are far below MSRP in many places), a thorough look at the Copenhagen Wheel, and solar tech innovation at Intersolar North America.

What Are the Key Technologies for Cleaning Our Water

U.S. Green Technology

The post What Are the Key Technologies for Cleaning Our Water appeared first on U.S. Green Technology. Green Technology Drinking water Water conservation Water filter Water supply Water treatment

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Says Company May Purchase Technology From Tesla


Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Green Economy Investment Citroen ds FCA FCA PSA merger Fiat Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Mike Manley Opel Peugeot PSA Group Tesla Vauxhall

How technology can help transform the fishing industry


Fisheries Oceans & Fisheries TechnologyFrom increasing fish survival rates and helping consumers make decisions about what they eat, there's room for improvement.

Why climate-saving investments in cold chain technologies are hot


As demand for safe food and vaccines explodes in emerging economies, growth in the market for environmentally safe refrigeration technologies is reaching the boiling point.

5 hot technologies for cold trucking


Refrigerated trucks use a quarter more fuel (usually diesel) than non-refrigerated trucks do. These solutions could help reduce that impact. Driving Change Food Systems Transportation & Mobility Trucking

Vehicle-to-grid technology is revving up


Utilities expand the grid without building power plants. Consumers get backup power and a virtually free electric car. Such are the promises of V2G tech, even if the infrastructure isn't quite here yet. Microgrids Renewable Energy Transportation & Mobility

Array Technologies Selected For One Of The Largest Bifacial Solar Projects In Australia


Array Technologies boosts that technology even further with solar tracking technology, capturing much more sunlight than a normal solar array. Bifacial solar cells and panels are moving more seriously into play now thanks to cost drops and efficiency improvements.

The 5 Most Promising Long-Duration Storage Technologies Left Standing


Wind and solar only produce at certain times, so they need a complementary technology to help fill the gaps. Criteria for selection include: plausible technology; recent investment; market traction (graded on a generous long-duration curve); and, for companies, not being bankrupt.

Volkswagen Bets On Vehicle-To-Grid Technology, UL Approves First V2G Certification


Vehicle to grid systems are far from mainstream today, but that may be changing. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Fermata Energy Green Bonds Underwriters vehicle to grid charging volkswagen Volkswagen V2G VW

Why technology could make animals obsolete

AFN Sustainable Protein

Wherever we look, humans have consistently built technologies that surpass their animal predecessors. The post Why technology could make animals obsolete appeared first on AgFunderNews.

NY Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of $2.5 Million Competition Seeking Israeli Companies to Collaborate on New Clean Energy Technologies


New York Power Authority–Israel Smart Energy Challenge Winners to Bring Solutions to Scale through Demonstration Projects with New York State's Public Utility.

Low-energy desalination technology starts field tests in Palestine

Envirotec Magazine

The technology uses a solar-powered desalination system, made of a novel combination of existing off-the-shelf products which can be deployed easily and relatively cheaply in locations that are ‘off-grid’.

Airstream unveils new 2020 camper with smart technology

Inhabitat - Innovation

Airstream is a long-standing American legend beloved by many roaming road warriors, but now the iconic campers have been given a sleek modern makeover

Don't ban new technologies — experiment with them carefully


Silicon Valley's many disruptive effects on society and business are no reason to ban some of its more promising products, such as shared city scooters. Health Transportation & Mobility