New Marine Education Center in Malm raises climate change awareness

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In Malmo, Sweden, the recently completed Marine Education Center is giving visitors a closer look at the effects of climate change and sustainable technology

Chevy’s Daring New Electric Car Sales Strategy — Educate Dealers & Consumers


Chevrolet has a bold new plan to promote electric cars -- educate consumers and dealers! How daring! Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Chevy Bolt electric car EV charging EV Range EV sales General Motors Mary Barra

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Changing The World One Seed At A Time


This is an investment into our future and gives students access to hands-on food educationeducating our children about food is truly important for coming next generations. Health Science Big Green education food food education

Babylegs the inexpensive, educational way to monitor ocean plastic pollution

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Do you have plastic in your nearby waterway? If you want to find out, you can collect a sample for testing using Babylegs, a trawl for monitoring ocean plastic

Reskilling frontline workers, Guild Education becomes a B Corp unicorn

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ImpactAlpha, November 14 – Denver-based Guild Education helps companies invest in workers who keep sales and operations rolling in storefronts and on factory floors. Guild The post Reskilling frontline workers, Guild Education becomes a B Corp unicorn appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

NABCEP continuing education credits will be offered at Intersolar 2020

Solar Power World

Next year’s first major solar-plus-storage trade show on the calendar announced a new partnership with NABCEP to increase attendee numbers.

An amazing guidebook for raising and educating our kids


A charter school founder offers her insights on what our kids need to prepare for college and a good life

E-mobility Through The Eyes Of A Child


Batteries Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging EV Charging Stations Lithium-Ion Batteries Research Science Chidren Children's education DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum education volkswagen Volkswagen Group

10 Puerto Rican Schools Receive Resilient Microgrids


A year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico and left millions without power, schools have equipped themselves to withstand future weather events and grid outages to continue providing education to their students.

Educating today’s utilities about tomorrow’s innovations

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Last week in San Antonio, Texas, about 150 DISTRIBUTECH stakeholders convened to discuss industry trends, best practices for marketing and sales in the utility industry and set the educational agenda for the 2020 event.

10 Ways Edtech Advances Are Shaking Up Education

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Edtech is challenging how, what and where students learn

Energy and climate education still missing in Southeast Asian universities


University curriculum in Southeast Asian varsities generally creates a wall between energy and climate. Imparting energy-climate knowledge to our youth is integral to transforming the present state into a low-carbon future

Help CleanTechnica Create A New Section — Key Renewable Energy Articles


CleanTechnica has posted 40,000 articles since 2008, written by hundreds of authors. In these, there are many that have covered current events, many that are instructional/timeless, and many that provide useful comparative knowledge such as renewable vs fossil fuel costs.

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New Marine Education Center in Malm raises climate change awareness


In Malmö, Sweden, the recently completed Marine Education Center is giving visitors a closer look at the effects of climate change and sustainable technology. Located next to the Öresund strait, the Marine Education Center officially opened in the fall of 2018, four years after NORD Architects won the bid for the project in a design competition. The Marine Education Center was designed to be highly flexible and can adapt over time to accommodate new technologies. “We

Car Salespeople: Get Your EV Acts Together!


Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging EV Charging Stations 2015 Nissan Leaf charging under the HOA rgulations educate the massesWhat's your experience been like at car dealerships when you've brought up the subject of EVs? Let us know.

Grade 10 Climate Change Education in Ontario

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Evidence for Climate Change offers an inquiry-based educational resource for Grade 10 students in Ontario.

Environmental Education: Park Programs Inspire New Leaders


In the fight against climate change, the creative minds of … The post Environmental Education: Park Programs Inspire New Leaders appeared first on More here: Environmental Education: Park Programs Inspire New Leaders. Eco against-climate appeared-first buying earth911-com- fight first-on-earth911 inspire the-creative A Great Site For EV Noobs


Clean Transport Cleantech News CleanTechnica Exclusive Electric Vehicles EV Charging Green Economy Media education EV Resource New OwnersOne of the hardest things about getting more people to adopt electric vehicles is the learning curve.

A 2.9-Megawatt Solar Project For 10 Schools & 24% Of Richmond Public Schools’ Electricity Needs


Buildings Clean Power Community Solar Consumer Technology Energy Efficiency Rooftop Solar Solar Energy education schools solar energy virginia solar schools Standard Solar US solar schools virginia Virginia solar energyStandard Solar, Inc.

The Trump Administration and Betsy Devos are not Education Friendly

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Educating children is important to everyone, except perhaps American President Donald Trump. His administration has sought multi-billion dollar cuts in education funding. Education secretary Betsy Devos is the brother of the owner of the infamous Blackwater security firm.

The U.S. Spends 10 Times more on Fossil Fuel Subsidies than Education

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There is something profoundly wrong with countries that spend more on fossil fuels than they do on education. Fossil fuels are the leading cause of climate change while education is essential to the health and well being of both individuals and the societies they inhabit.

The manifestation Industrial Knowledge incorporates useful education inside commerce’s discipline.


The post The manifestation Industrial Knowledge incorporates useful education inside commerce’s discipline. An expert academic or technical author needs just a few conventional sentence styles to produce easy -to- comprehend creating. A well composed expository composition employs the mix of informative data, info and examples about the topic. Casual creating can have brief phrases. You should practice creating composition strategies.

New Cementex YouTube Channel Features Demonstrations and Educational Videos


Learn how to use tools and equipment safely and productively

Better Ventures Invests in BookNook to Personalize Literacy Education

Better Ventures

BookNook is addressing the educational divide in our country by building a robust solution to improve literacy skills, a fundamental building block upon which all other learning is dependent.

Solar Energy International, SolarReviews and Launch Educational Partnership for Consumers


The new partnership will combine best quality assurance practices from a technical training and consumer protection standpoint

UC to shed “risky” fossil fuels from $83 billion of funds

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paywall Smarter Money Signals Long-termism climate-finance fossil-fuels divestment higher-education cleantechUniversity of California students have waged a long-running campaign to divest the school’s $13.4 billion endowment from fossil fuels. In July, its faculty voted to support such a move.

Intentional Endowments Network: Working Toward A Sustainable & Regenerative Tomorrow


Isn't it time that your higher education institution directed its endowments toward a sustainable future. Clean Power Green Economy Investment Divestment Harvard University Yale University

Old bus is converted into a mobile greenhouse to teach students about sustainable eating habits

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Parents in New Jersey are rejoicing thanks to a refurbished bus that is on a mission to educate young students on a variety of food education issues, from better eating habits to urban gardening

Learn about polar bears during a free virtual field trip to the Arctic Tundra this November


Discovery Education and Polar Bears International have once again partnered to host an exciting, immersive and free virtual field trip to the Arctic tundra. Registration is now open for this engaging, educational webcast, where audience members will be transported beyond classroom walls to the site of the annual Canadian polar bear migration. Now in its sixth year, this virtual event has been a wonderful collaboration between Discovery Education and Polar Bears International.

Trailhead Ambassador Program enhances hiking in Oregon

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Instead of simply griping about miscreants, some parks and wilderness areas have developed constructive ways to educate the public and make recreation safer and more fun for everybody

California Utilities: $54 Million For EV Chargers At Schools, Parks, & Beaches — CleanTechnica Interview


A barrier to EV adoption is lack of education about the convenience and affordability of electric cars. Visuals educate immediately. Spotting EV chargers at schools, parks, and beaches is a significant way many people are alerted to EVs becoming affordable, reliable, and mainstream.

Maddy Goes Electric — Great Series For EV Newbies


I have followed Robert Llewellyn and his YouTube channel Fully Charged since it launched almost a decade ago, and it has been very educational and so much fun.

Ford Survey Finds Most People Have No Idea What An Electric Car Is Or What It Can Do


As it prepares to launch its first electric SUV next year, Ford is starting a new campaign to educate the public about the benefits of electric cars.

Why Teachers are not Teaching Kids about Climate Change

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Almost two thirds of educators who are not teaching it say they see global warming as outside of their subject area. Almost a third of educators are worried that parents may complain if they teach their kids about climate change.

LAVA designs carbon-neutral LIFE Hamburg with an edible green roof


LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) has teamed up with urban agricultural collective Cityplot to design LIFE Hamburg, a new energy self-sufficient educational campus that will “reinvent learning” for 1,600 students.

New architecture learning center in London is built with bamboo and recycled yogurt pots


In addition to its creative educational program, the space is also a beacon for sustainable design and incorporates eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled yogurt containers. Eco Green Recycle a-tasty-meal- children education hayhurst london south australia space

Ski atop the worlds cleanest waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen


The building includes an environmental education hub as well as a landscaped roof for urban recreation including skiing, hiking and climbing. Eco Green a-new-tab akt biodiversity bjarke ingel group bjarke-ingels copenhill environment environmental education ski urban-recreation

Skeletons Prefer To Drive Tesla Model 3s (Video)


CleanTechnica appreciates Evolve and all such enterprising groups prompting better education and information. Evolve KY sent us a note to check out a ghostly Tesla a video. Plus, the video is fun. So, sure, we are posting it!

Costa Rica hopes to end selfies with wild animals


” Costa Rica’s move to halt cruel or inappropriate selfies with animals is a step in the right direction to educate people on wildlife encounters that place animals through stress or suffering and to promote animal rights and wildlife safety.

New York allows students to miss class for the climate strike


In support of Thunberg’s efforts, the New York City Department of Education recently announced via Twitter that it will excuse any of the city’s 1.1 Green car carbon-neutral climate strike devices-as-well education global-climate into-the-entire kids mayor modern kids new york