How Antimicrobial Plastics Contribute to a Sustainable Environment

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Plastic is a magical material, but it’s far from perfect. Finding a way to prevent microbial damage can decrease the negative effects that plastic has on the environment. The post How Antimicrobial Plastics Contribute to a Sustainable Environment appeared first on U.S.

Down plastic, up morale: How a sustainability graduate school is reducing single-use plastic


Our finance department measured the “before” of our office’s single-use plastic, and implemented improvements right away. plastic Plastic Waste Standards & Certification Thinking in Systems


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Now more than ever, it seems we can't live without plastic


Companies and governments are working to minimize environmental harm of plastic packaging and products, but they face a nuanced reality. COVID-19 Plastic Plastic Waste

The case for exploring jute as an alternative to plastic


Circular Economy plasticFor starters, it's a material that is readily available, biodegradable and affordable.

Plastic to-go containers are bad, but the alternatives might not be much better


Single-use plastic bans are showing up across the nation. But compostable plates and forks may not solve the plastic crisis. Design & Packaging Life-Cycle Management plastic Plastic Waste

Domo, Covestro, BASF are testing blockchain for tracing plastics


The mission: create an open data-sharing application that chemicals and plastics producers can use to inform circular production processes. Circular Economy Blockchain plastic

Taming plastic waste with silica plastic blocks

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In a bid to curb plastic waste pollution, India-based company Rhino Machines has invented a way of using plastic to make construction blocks. The silica plastic blocks (SPBs) are strong enough to build a house and can be useful in reducing world pollution problems

Plastic-Free Alternatives to Everyday Items

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Let’s talk plastic. You must be using (or have) used plastic items. Or perhaps you have plastic items in every corner of your office, house, and many other places. Just look around where you are at the moment and see… Read More Plastic-Free Alternatives to Everyday Items.

US Plastics Pact 101


US Plastics Pact 101. Plastics Pact and how are its signatories advancing a circular economy for plastics? Pact will work collectively towards a common vision of a circular economy for plastics. Others in the plastics value chain are welcome to join the U.S.

The haunting reality of ocean plastics


ocean plastic Oceans & Fisheries plastic Plastic Waste Pollution PreventionA new report highlights the lasting danger of pollution in our seas — but also the opportunity to remove and innovate with the resources that get dumped there.

A surge of new plastic production is on the way


Major oil companies, facing the prospect of reduced demand for their fuels, are ramping up their plastics output. Circular Economy Climate Justice oil plastic Shell

To manage plastic waste, you first have to measure it — here's how we did it for one Caribbean country


Measuring the problem is often challenging for plastics, due to lack of data on where they come from and end up. plastic Plastic Waste

This year’s resolution: Fix the broken plastic material system


The momentum to stop plastic pollution continues to grow, so how do we channel it into real systems change? Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycling Waste

Are Bio-Based Plastics the Answer to the Plastic Crisis?

CleanTech Group

As our global addiction to plastic worsens, bio-based plastics offer an alternative solution. While 85% of plastics can be substituted with bio-based plastics, Cleantech Events Cleantech Insights Plastic Recycling Plastics Policy Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment

Different Uses of Recycled HDPE Plastic

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In the United States, HDPE is a commonly used plastic. This plastic is sturdy, so it can resist bursting and tearing. Also, it’s an easy-to-recycle plastic polymer in which recycling companies collect and process HDPE products. For Plastic Lumber and Furniture.

How China and the U.S. can innovate on plastic waste


Circular Economy Plastic Waste RecyclingThe world's two biggest producers and consumers of stuff stand to play a pivotal role in creating a circular economy, but they'll both have to get out of their own way.

Waste 396

Hundreds of companies crack down on plastic from fast fashion to supermarkets and beyond


The initial headline-grabbing pledges to phase out single use plastic may have become old news, but the new normal is seeing hundreds of companies quietly advance their plastic reduction strategies. Circular Economy packaging Plastic Waste

The Wild West of plastic credits and offsets


The Wild West of plastic credits and offsets. There’s a new kid on the block of sustainability claims being made by businesses: "plastic neutrality." Thanks to the rise in plastics pledges, an emerging and undefined market for plastic offsets is just beginning to take shape.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper team up for recycled plastics drive


Circular Economy ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste ManagementThe collaboration spearheaded by WWF will focus on boosting recycling infrastructure and public awareness campaigns in the U.S.

Rethinking food packaging can dent the plastic pollution crisis


Although the global economy is increasingly wrapped in plastic, companies of all sizes are dramatically reducing their use of it. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste Pollution Prevention

An idea for solving the plastics crisis


An idea for solving the plastics crisis. A major problem with behavior-change programs in the waste industry is that they rely on consumers being taught to feel the guilt of plastic in the ocean, and the harm to turtles and whales. Plastic.

The Australian government unveils plan to end plastic pollution

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With the National Plastic Plan, Australia aims to address challenges with biodegradable, recyclable and compostable plastics

The Plastics Recycling Puzzle: Can Chemistry Close the Loop?

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Challenges associated with plastics across their lifecycle have become increasingly apparent in recent years. Materials & Chemicals Materials and Chemicals Plastic Recycling Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment chemical recycling circular plastics plastic waste Plastics

The U.S. Plastics Pact launches new initiative to redesign the plastics value chain at Circularity 20


Plastics Pact launches new initiative to redesign the plastics value chain at Circularity 20. recycling system had been a mess for far longer — seeing as the country never fully developed the infrastructure to recycle anywhere near the amount of plastic waste it produces.

Where does your waste plastic go? This guide can help businesses develop the details


The Plastic Leak Project, created by Quantis in partnership with 35 organizations, takes a science-based approach to understanding plastic pollution in order to help companies reduce their waste flows. Circular Economy Plastic Waste

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Innovative Alternatives to Plastic For a Plastic-Free Planet

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Plastic production has considerably increased since the early 1950s, researchers estimate that 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since then which is the equivalent to the weight of more than 800,000 Eiffel Towers.

A peek into HP's investment in reducing ocean-bound plastic in Haiti


Circular Economy Corporate Social Responsibility ocean plastic Plastic Waste Waste ManagementThe partnership has created another income source for Haitians and potentially a lower carbon footprint for HP.

Unilever sets goals to reduce its plastic use and support a 'waste-free world'


The consumer goods giant pledges to halve its use of virgin plastic. Circular Economy Corporate Social Responsibility Plastic Waste

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Going plastic neutral: Footprints, credits and offsets


Going plastic neutral: Footprints, credits and offsets. What does it mean for companies to go "plastic neutral" and what will it take to scale, track and standardize effective plastic-offsetting infrastructure? But what about going “plastic neutral”?

How to have a plastic-free Easter

Inhabitat - Innovation

Hop into the season with a plan for plastic-free meals, egg hunts and baskets

6 Practical Ways We Can Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution

The Environmental Blog

Plastic pollution is one of the most visible environmental issues of our generation. Australia produces around 2-3 million tons of plastic every single year, with a frightening 130,000 tons on average typically finding its way into our oceans. Reduce Single-Use Plastic.

Plastics Crisis: Quantifying Data for Transparency

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By 2050, the weight of all the plastic in our oceans could exceed the weight of all its fish, according to estimates made. Cleantech Insights Plastic Recycling Plastics reycling

Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics


Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics. As companies and consumer brands incorporate recycled plastic content into their products and as part of their circularity goals, product integrity becomes an important consideration.

VMWare's Pratima Rao Gluckman on using blockchain to rescue ocean-bound plastics


Pratima Rao Gluckman shares how VMWare and Dell are working together to collect ocean-bound plastics and using blockchain to track packaging materials. Circular Economy Blockchain GreenBiz Studio ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Supply ChainAs companies continue to innovate technological solutions, there's always challenges. VMWare and Dell have had to figure out how to eliminate fraud and authenticate source materials.

Plastic Recycling – What’s Next for Takeback Schemes?

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Plastic has been a revolutionary substance. Plastic Recycling Plastics Recycling & WasteBut since its invention over 100 years ago, our appetite for it continues to grow at an.

Where there's hope for speeding up business action on plastics


Where there's hope for speeding up business action on plastics. Its landmark report, "The New Plastics Economy," sounded the alarm in 2016 that if "business as usual" continues, by 2025 the ocean may hold more plastic than fish by weight.

Plastic choices and their carbon impacts: Setting a strategy and sticking to it


Circular Economy GreenBiz 20 Plastic WasteIt’s not enough to recognize the risk of trade-offs and unintended consequences.

Research continues to unravel plastic industry recycling lies

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A new study has proven once more that plastic recycling is a lie. According to American Chemistry Council data, only 14% of all plastic is recycled. The data further shows that 16% is incinerated and 70% ends up dumped into landfills

Plastic: Are we good ancestors?


Plastic is the substance that has served as our most perfect container – and that now overwhelms our systems of containment. Along with friends from the Longridge Environment Group I had the opportunity to co-view the Story of Plastic film recently courtesy of Chester and District FoE.

Disposable plastics make up this conceptual hydrogen-powered car

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Would you drive a car made of plastic

Inside Eastman’s moonshot goal for endlessly circular plastics


Inside Eastman’s moonshot goal for endlessly circular plastics. But something extraordinary is going on at this Eastman chemical plant: two breakthrough processes to turn waste plastics of all kinds back into new plastics, continuously, with no loss of quality. Plastic Waste.

Which plastics recycling tech will dominate?

Envirotec Magazine

Titled “ The Future of Plastic Recycling ,” the report looks at four of the main plastic waste recycling processes – mechanical recycling, depolymerization, pyrolysis, and solvent-based recycling – and analyzes the factors impacting the economic viability of each.

Seagrass purges 900M plastic bits from the Mediterranean yearly

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A new study has found "Neptune Balls" full of plastic that wash ashore are the product of seagrass, which collects and purges plastic pollution from the water