Despite Industry Lies & Bribes, Single-Use Plastics Are On The Wane


More companies are turning away from single-use plastics as public consciousness about plastic pollution increases. Consumer Technology Green Economy Milwaukee Brewers plastic bags plastic packaging plastics SC Johnson single-use plastic Tesco waste Wegmans

Himalayan Village Successfully Bans Single-Use Plastics


A small Himalayan village had a creative solution to the Indian Prime Minister's urge for people to stop using single-use plastics across the country. Health environment India plastic single-use plastic

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Honolulu Makes History With Comprehensive Plastic Bill!


Last night in Honolulu, we made history: Bill 40, a comprehensive plastic phase-out bill, was approved 7–2 at the Honolulu City Council. Activists from across the island have been working for nearly a decade to get smart plastic legislation passed in the city and state.

Using Plastic Waste To Build Schools In The Ivory Coast


Plastic bricks made from plastic trash are building new schools in the Ivory Coast. Buildings Conceptos Plasticos Ivory Coast Plastic bricks UNICEF

Coca-Cola Will Continue With Single-Use Plastic Bottles Because That’s What People Want


Coca-Cola's head of sustainability told the World Economic Forum this week her company has no intention of reducing the number of single use plastic bottles it churns out every year.

Surprise! Ocean Could Help Solve Own Ocean Plastic Problem


The waters of the Earth are beseiged by a torrent of plastic waste, but seawater could help stem the tide with a new biodegradable solution. Research Water Algae bioplastics cyanobacteria Kobe University oceans plastics

The Single-Use Plastic Dilemma — It’s Complicated


Plastic bag bans are the subject of discussion in state and local governments across America as people struggle with how to respond to the scourge of plastic waste.

China Moves To Phase Out Single-Use Plastic Starting This Year


China is taking a big step forward in the war on single-use plastic. It is banning most plastic bags this year and cuts in plastic utensils and carry-out containers over the next 5 years. Policy & Politics China plastic bag ban plastic recycling single-use plastic

Plastic Crisis? No Problem, FLAM Is Coming With Bonus 3-D Printing


A killer combo of food waste recycling, 3-D printing, and the biobased plastic alternative FLAM spells more trouble for oil and gas stakeholders. Research bioplastic circular economy DOE FLAM plastics SUTD Waste Reduction

Adidas Leads The Way On Plastic Recycling


Adidas is an industry leader in using recycled PET plastic in its products. As more companies follow its lead, the price of plastic waste may begin to rise, making it valuable enough to stop discarding it in landfills and oceans.

Marriott Aims For 33% Reduction In Plastic Waste


Marriott is on a mission to reduce plastic waste at an epic scale. That is only possible because Marriott uses plastic at an epic scale, and it's not a goal of becoming 0% plastic, but it's an effort to be lauded nonetheless.

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Michigan Teen Turns Plastic Trash Into T-Shirts


Jackson Reigler is building a business based on making clothing using polyester yarn from recycled plastic bottles. Green Economy Jackson Reigler Oski plastics polyester T shirt recycled recycled plastic

Converting Plastic Waste Into Construction Materials


The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration (CRDC), which is based in Costa Rica, has been developing a process to convert waste plastic into building materials like bricks and concrete.

Down plastic, up morale: How a sustainability graduate school is reducing single-use plastic


Our finance department measured the “before” of our office’s single-use plastic, and implemented improvements right away. plastic Plastic Waste Standards & Certification Thinking in Systems

Why plastics are also a climate issue


We can’t tackle one successfully without tackling the other, as many of the reasons for and solutions to the growing plastic and climate problems are the same. Circular Economy Oil & Gas Plastic Waste Recycling

This year’s resolution: Fix the broken plastic material system


The momentum to stop plastic pollution continues to grow, so how do we channel it into real systems change? Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycling Waste

Rethinking food packaging can dent the plastic pollution crisis


Although the global economy is increasingly wrapped in plastic, companies of all sizes are dramatically reducing their use of it. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste Pollution Prevention

The haunting reality of ocean plastics


ocean plastic Oceans & Fisheries plastic Plastic Waste Pollution PreventionA new report highlights the lasting danger of pollution in our seas — but also the opportunity to remove and innovate with the resources that get dumped there.

Hundreds of companies crack down on plastic from fast fashion to supermarkets and beyond


The initial headline-grabbing pledges to phase out single use plastic may have become old news, but the new normal is seeing hundreds of companies quietly advance their plastic reduction strategies. Circular Economy packaging Plastic Waste

A peek into HP's investment in reducing ocean-bound plastic in Haiti


Circular Economy Corporate Social Responsibility ocean plastic Plastic Waste Waste ManagementThe partnership has created another income source for Haitians and potentially a lower carbon footprint for HP.

Are Bio-Based Plastics the Answer to the Plastic Crisis?

CleanTech Group

As our global addiction to plastic worsens, bio-based plastics offer an alternative solution. While 85% of plastics can be substituted with bio-based plastics, Cleantech Events Cleantech Insights Plastic Recycling Plastics Policy Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment

Plastic to-go containers are bad, but the alternatives might not be much better


Single-use plastic bans are showing up across the nation. But compostable plates and forks may not solve the plastic crisis. Design & Packaging Life-Cycle Management plastic Plastic Waste

Lilly Is On A Mission To End Thailand’s Plastic Addiction


Climate Change Health Climate change people making a difference plastic waste ThailandMeet Lilly, a young student in Thailand who often skips school for an hour to clean up her canals and streams.

Which plastics recycling tech will dominate?

Envirotec Magazine

Titled “ The Future of Plastic Recycling ,” the report looks at four of the main plastic waste recycling processes – mechanical recycling, depolymerization, pyrolysis, and solvent-based recycling – and analyzes the factors impacting the economic viability of each.

Innovative Alternatives to Plastic For a Plastic-Free Planet

The Environmental Blog

Plastic production has considerably increased since the early 1950s, researchers estimate that 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since then which is the equivalent to the weight of more than 800,000 Eiffel Towers.

To manage plastic waste, you first have to measure it — here's how we did it for one Caribbean country


Measuring the problem is often challenging for plastics, due to lack of data on where they come from and end up. plastic Plastic Waste

In Honolulu, An Ambitious Plastics Reduction Bill Is Moving Through City Council


Bill 40, an ambitious plastics reduction bill, is moving swiftly through Honolulu City Council, with wide bi-partisan support. Cleantech News Fossil Fuels Green Economy Health Media Policy & Politics Hawaii honolulu microplastics ocean pollution plastic waste zero-waste

COVID-19 pandemic leads to plastic ban reversals

Inhabitat - Innovation

states and cities reverse single-use plastic bans Health concerns are trumping environmental worries as U.S.

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A surge of new plastic production is on the way


Major oil companies, facing the prospect of reduced demand for their fuels, are ramping up their plastics output. Circular Economy Climate Justice oil plastic Shell

Where does your waste plastic go? This guide can help businesses develop the details


The Plastic Leak Project, created by Quantis in partnership with 35 organizations, takes a science-based approach to understanding plastic pollution in order to help companies reduce their waste flows. Circular Economy Plastic Waste

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Unilever sets goals to reduce its plastic use and support a 'waste-free world'


The consumer goods giant pledges to halve its use of virgin plastic. Circular Economy Corporate Social Responsibility Plastic Waste

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Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper team up for recycled plastics drive


Circular Economy ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste ManagementThe collaboration spearheaded by WWF will focus on boosting recycling infrastructure and public awareness campaigns in the U.S.

Israeli Startup UBQ Says It Has The Answer To Recycling & The Circular Economy


A start-up in a small town in Israel says it has developed a way to recycle plastic and ordinary refuse that could form the basis of a truly circular economy. Green Economy Science circular economy plastic recycling plastic waste plastics UBQ Materials

How China and the U.S. can innovate on plastic waste


Circular Economy Plastic Waste RecyclingThe world's two biggest producers and consumers of stuff stand to play a pivotal role in creating a circular economy, but they'll both have to get out of their own way.

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Halloween generates frightening amounts of plastic waste each year

Inhabitat - Innovation

Two eco-minded British charities, Hubbub and the Fairyland Trust, have revealed that Halloween generates mounds of plastic waste equal in weight to millions of plastic bottles

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Ireland plans to ban single-use plastics

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a move that has environmentalists cheering, Ireland recently overhauled its waste sector by announcing a ban on single-use plastics

How to have a plastic-free Halloween

Inhabitat - Innovation

When planning for a plastic-free Halloween, remember to encompass all aspects of the event to eliminate the greatest amount of waste

We Earthlings: Recycling Plastic #1


Did you know that recycling just one pound of plastic … The post We Earthlings: Recycling Plastic #1 appeared first on Read more here: We Earthlings: Recycling Plastic #1.

How Dow seeks to turn plastic waste into a circular resource


Circular Economy Corporate Strategy Plastic Waste Purpose and PeopleThe company's global sustainability director addresses her passion for social innovation, her philosophy for investments and what makes for successful collaboration.

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Museum of Plastic pops up at Art Basel Miami

Inhabitat - Innovation

Inhabitat speaks with Lonely Whale executive directory Dune Ives about the Museum of Plastic