Wed.Sep 30, 2020

Hours Before Presidential Debate, Coal Sinks & Floating Solar Panels Soar


The killer combo of floating solar panels and seven more coal power plant retirements seems to have messed with the President's mind.



Salesforce. taylor flores. Wed, 09/30/2020 - 08:03. Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. At Salesforce, we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder and we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to improve the state of the world.

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What Happened To Coal Is Happening To Oil. Shell To Cut 9,000 Jobs


Shell says it will eliminate up to 9,000 workers in the next two years as it seeks to transform itself into a renewable energy company. Fossil Fuels Ben van Beurden Carbon Tracker job cuts in oil industry Royal Dutch Shell

Drones Can Reforest The Planet Faster Than Humans Can

Jim Conca

There is more than one reason that we need to reforest Planet Earth, even if you don’t care about climate change. But doing it by hand is too slow. So Flash Forest out of Canada developed drone technology and aerial mapping software, led by ecological science, to reforest areas at 100 times the pace.

Tesla Will Begin Selling Chinese Model 3 With LFP Batteries This Week


Reuters reports that Tesla will begin selling Chinese made Model 3 sedans with LFP batteries on Thursday of this week. Electric Cars CATL China LFP battery Model 3 Tesla

Join Us and Help Build the CleanTech Community!

CleanTech Alliance

CleanTech Alliance represents over 1100 member organizations spanning ten U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. The Alliance facilitates the generation and growth of cleantech companies and jobs through a variety of educational programs, research, products and services.

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Wellow is the eco-friendly deodorant you've been looking for

Inhabitat - Innovation

Every time you go through another tube of deodorant, you add to the plastic waste problem that experts predict will soon overwhelm the world. But now you have a new, eco-friendly option: Wellow deodorant

Drinks Cubed Is 1st Company To Order Volta Zero Electric Truck


The first Volta Trucks customer is Drinks Cubed. Volta Trucks recently unveiled the Volta Zero, a fully battery electric delivery vehicle or bus for urban areas. Out of the many good electric delivery vehicles out there, this one looks like one of the absolute coolest.

Scientists create super-enzyme to degrade plastic bottles 6 times faster

Inhabitat - Innovation

New research reveals a super-enzyme that breaks down plastic six times faster than previously engineered plastic-eating enzymes

New York State Announces EV Charging Stations At New York State Thruway Park & Ride Commuter Lots


Thruway Authority and New York Power Authority to Install Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers at 9 Thruway-Owned Commuter Lots Spanning from Ulster to Erie Counties.

Midcentury warehouse becomes a community-building asset in Mexico City

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a bid to sustainably create more inclusive and connective space in Mexico City, local architecture practice BAAQ’ has rehabilitated Dr. Atl 285, an industrial building from the 1960s

US Farmers & Ranchers In Action Group Commits To UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals


What changes are needed for the US agricultural sector to evolve sustainably. Agriculture Green Economy Research Honor the Harvest Forum The Aspen Institute United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Duke Plans Largest Floating PV Project in the Southeast


Duke Energy will build its first floating solar array at Fort Bragg, a U.S. Army base in North Carolina, the company said on Wednesday. It’s the largest such project ever announced in the Southeast, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Mazda Brings £25,545 Electric Crossover To Market


Mazda has finally entered the electric vehicle market — in the UK, at least. And its market entry is surprisingly appealing. It's an electric crossover with some pros and cons, but I could see its attractive styling and vehicle class appealing to many buyers.

California’s Interconnection Rules Open Doors to Flexible Solar-Storage, Vehicle-to-Grid Charging


California has more distributed energy resources than any other state, pressuring it to find ways to integrate them into the grid.

Trina Solar Expands 15 GW New Module Capacity


Trina Solar, the China leading solar PV module manufacturer announced this week that the company is going to build 15 GW module capacity in future three years. Clean Power Green Economy Investment Manufacturing Solar Energy Solar Panels China trina solar

WoodMac: Global Energy Storage Capacity to Hit 741 GWh by 2030


Global energy storage capacity is now expected grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31 percent through 2030, according to Wood Mackenzie's new global storage outlook. The market will hit 741 gigawatt-hours of cumulative capacity by 2030.

Asia 130

Electrify America Needs Some Big Improvements In US Southeast


I drive a short-range EV long distances. It takes more time, more days and nights, but it works. I drive what might have been a one day trip in a Tesla or a gasoline car in two or three days. I have done one particular route 5 times, relying on Electrify America stations and a few EVgo stations.

Building Industry Gets Serious About Its Embodied Carbon Problem


In the not-too-distant past, a small group of architects and people in the building industry, saddened and motivated by the urgent arc of climate change, set out to discover just how much their own profession was to blame.

Carbon 130

Green Business Bliss Happening Now At The ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final!


ClimateLaunchpad is a global green business ideas competition and part of the entrepreneurship offerings by EIT Climate-KIC (the EU’s main climate innovation initiative). Its mission is to unlock global cleantech potential and to accelerate innovations that address climate change.

How a Single UK Turbine Could Prove a New Use Case for Wind Power


A trial to test the concept of using a wind turbine to help smooth peaks and troughs in electricity supply and demand on the grid began earlier this month. Located in Cornwall in the southwest of England, the 2.3-megawatt turbine will generate enough electricity for around 1,500 homes each year.

Wallbox Brings V2G To The UK With The Launch Of The Bidirectional DC Quasar EVSE


The brilliant minds at Barcelona-based Wallbox launched their bidirectional home EV charger in the UK this week in partnership with Octopus Electric Vehicles. The launch will see UK homeowners getting their first taste of the world’s smallest residential bidirectional EV charger.

SAF optimisation data shared at wastewater conference

Envirotec Magazine

Portsmouth University PhD student Ash Lawrence conducting sample preparation. Data from a study to improve optimisation of SAF wastewater treatment systems is the focus of a presentation from WPL taking place at the 2020 European Water & Wastewater Management conference on 13-14 October.

Porsche Pushes Bioeconomy Into High Gear With Sustainable Fiber


Porsche tricks out a gasmobile with sustainable carbon fiber bodywork today, and the benefits could ripple over to electric vehicles.

Dutch city goes smart with energy management IoT solution

Envirotec Magazine

The City of Arnhem has selected an open-source IoT solution from OpenRemote to develop an intelligent energy management system using advanced IoT technology.

IoT 130

Electric Magic Bus Brings Learning To Vail Preschoolers


A state-licensed rolling electric pre-school vehicle brings education to families with young children. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Mass Transit / Public Transit Eagle County Public Health Winnebago Industries Specialty Vehicle YouthPower365

The best DIY baby food recipes approved by experts

Inhabitat - Innovation

If you've decided to learn how to make baby food at home, you may feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, with some information and helpful hints, you can begin creating homemade, healthy meals for your little tike


The Gocycle GX Is The Ultimate Lightweight Folding eBike


Gocycle has been making folding ebikes for years and reached out to us about their latest creation, the Gocycle GX. They brought one over for us to run through the paces and after spending a few weeks with it, we’re back to unpack everything we’ve learned.

Some dual-flush toilets are actually wasting water

Inhabitat - Innovation

Waterwise estimates that between 5% and 8% of U.K. toilets are leaking a total of 88 million gallons per day

Waste 125

Smoke from California Wildfires Decreases Solar Generation in CAISO


In the first two weeks of September 2020, average solar-powered electricity generation in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which covers 90% of utility-scale solar capacity in California, declined nearly 30% from the July 2020 average as wildfires burned across the state.