Sat.Apr 04, 2020

Elon’s Home HVAC — Is It Time For “The Building Company”?


Hey Elon, I saw you again mentioned the idea to release a next generation home HVAC system. That sounds totally awesome. I know that I’d buy one and tons of people would buy one, too, but I know you like to dream big. Considering the huge housing issue in Reno, a surplus of bricks from [&hellip.

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Guide to complying with updated heat network regulations


Switch2 Energy has published a free downloadable eguide to help district and community heating scheme operators to comply with the updated Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations

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Fuel Cell Engineer Develops Fix For Hundreds of Ventilators


Last week, California finally received a shipment of life-saving ventilators that the state desperately needed to help in the fight against COVID-19. When the boxes arrived, however, hopes were quickly dashed, as 170 of the ventilators were broken and useless.

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Oil-by-Rail Volumes Decreasing While Risks Remain


Read time: 7 mins There are only two things that have made any real difference in protecting the public from the dangers of oil trains: activism that has stopped new infrastructure , and low oil prices. While activism is currently on hold during the pandemic, impacts on oil prices abound.

Haaks Is A Dutch Tiny House You Can Have Delivered, Or Take Out


With so many of us sheltering in place or locked down in our homes altogether, the tiny house thing may have lost some of its appeal in recent days.

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The Kia e-Niro Is As Tough As A Viking, Even In Frigid Nordic Winters


KIA e-Niro — Cold Review Of A Sleek South Korean That Turns Out To Be Tough As A Viking The Danish Electric Car Owner Association (FDEL) recently posted a great story about the e-Niro.

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New Volkswagen ID.3 Videos Focus On Innovative HUD & Lighting Protocols


Volkswagen has released several videos that show some of the features of its ID.3 electric car that goes on sale this summer. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles heads-up displays Volkswagen head-up display Volkswagen ID Volkswagen ID.3 Volkswagen ID.4

The CDC Wants Americans To Wear Cloth Face Masks In Public, + Louisiana Lockdown Maybe Imminent (Exclusive)


The CDC now recommends Americans wear cloth face masks or some other face covering out in public. A video shared by Lex Fridman demonstrates just how vital it is to wear something over our faces -- not to protect the wearer but those the wearer interacts with.

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A Guide To Disaster Preparedness — Coronavirus Edition: Final Thoughts


A few months back, I wrote two guides to disaster preparedness. They were meant as general references, assuming you may someday face a natural disaster or acute emergency. To many readers, they probably seemed abstract since there was no imminent danger at the time.

Restoring Marine Life Can Happen Quickly & Will Pay Enormous Dividends


Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have published a report in the journal Nature that claims the ability of the oceans to support an abundance of plant and animal life could be greatly increased in as little as 30 years.