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The Future Food-Tech Summit returns to London and brings together over 500 leaders, senior executives, pioneering innovators and VCs from around the globe.

Coca-Cola Launches Paperboard Packaging Solution


Coca-Cola has announced the introduction of CanCollar, a paperboard packaging solution, for multipack cans that is sustainable, recyclable, and set to keep more than 18 "tonnes" (about 20 tons) of plastic from ending up in the world's oceans each year.

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DHL Inaugurates Package Delivery Using Water Transportation In London


Shipping cargo bicycle cargo boat on Thames River DHL zero emissions package deliveryDHL has begun shipping parcels from Heathrow airport to London on board a boat that travels on the Thames River.

Travis County Approves Tesla Gigafactory Incentive Package


The Travis County Commission has approved the incentive package for "Tesla Giga Texas" or "Tesla Giga Austin" that was seemingly all that was really needed to clinch the deal and get Tesla started on a gigafactory on its lands. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Green Economy Manufacturing Policy & Politics Subsidies Austin Austin Texas Tesla Tesla Giga Texas Tesla Gigafactories Tesla Gigafactory 5 Tesla Texas Texas Travis County

From Bio Waste To SCOBY Packaging


Agriculture Green Economy Manufacturing biodegradable plastics bioplastics food MakeGrowLab packaging plasticsThe MakeGrowLab is in the process of patenting the SCOBY material.

Stores are essential for the Loop reusable packaging program


Circular Economy Circular Packaging packagingGetting empty containers back to TerraCycle for processing takes weeks, if not months, in the current online commerce model.

Reusable packaging provides untapped payoffs for business


Reusable packaging provides untapped payoffs for business. Until the 1980s, glass or cotton bags were the go-to packaging materials for many products, such as milk and flour. In 2018, 40 percent of the 360 million tonnes of plastics produced globally were converted to packaging. Alternative materials and models such as bio-based packaging and reuse offer a prime opportunity to extend the lifetime of valuable materials and deliver financial savings to businesses.

Unpacking Packaging: The Nuances of Material Health


Unpacking Packaging: The Nuances of Material Health. How can businesses balance material health, regulatory compliance and public perception when selecting packaging materials? Nina Goodrich, Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Health 226

Reusable Packaging: Scaling Past a Pandemic


Reusable Packaging: Scaling Past a Pandemic. How can companies shift to reusable packaging models while dissuading concerns for safety and contamination?

A 20/20 view of sustainable packaging


A 20/20 view of sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is a keystone issue for corporate sustainability. Then the pandemic hit, and the market changed — characterized by higher demand for single-use packages and bags, and lower availability of recycled materials. When we look ahead, are we on the path to a circular and sustainable system for packaging? Food service and consumer goods companies also were exploring this shift to durable packages for reuse.

Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19


Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19. Even in states that previously had instituted bans on single-use items such as plastic bags ( temporarily lifted with new bans on their reusable counterparts ), there has been a swap to disposables, thought to be more sanitary than durable products and packaging intended to be used many times, sometimes by many people. Disposable packages are painted as sterile, while durables are tainted with suspicion. Design & Packaging.

How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability


How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability. One of the goals of the platform was to convert all packaging to recyclable or compostable formats by 2025, while increasing the use of recycled content. . In 2019, Keurig Dr Pepper launched its Drink Well. Do Good.

Toxic chemicals can enter food through packaging, so we made a list


Advanced Materials Chemicals & Toxics Design & PackagingEnvironmental NGO EDF has identified toxic chemicals of concern that must be addressed to ensure health and safety.

Episode 198: About those SDGs, Kashi chats up Dow's packaging design studio


Circular Economy Circular Packaging Podcast Sustainable Development Goals / SDGsPlus, how technology can be a tool for sustainability innovation.

The pandemic is changing the dialogue about reusable packaging


Latent distrust about safety won't disappear on its own, so advocates must prepare to double down on discussing the virtues of reusable bags, cups or containers. Circular Economy COVID-19 In the Loop Plastic

Student Holly Grounds creates edible instant noodle packaging

Inhabitat - Innovation

One college student is rethinking instant noodle packaging Ramen is a college staple, but oodles of noodles can leave behind a trail of waste.

Google Commits $2 Billion To Global Renewable Energy Package


Google has announced a $2 billion commitment that will add more renewable energy to the company's portfolio. But some employees have concerns about what all that electricity is being used for. Clean Power Solar Energy Wind Energy Google Renewable Energy

Here's how Tetra Pak plans to improve circularity of its packaging


Here's how Tetra Pak plans to improve circularity of its packaging. If you’ve ever drank juice from a carton package, it may have been supplied by Tetra Pak, a multinational food processing and packaging company. One of its ambitions is to deliver “packages made entirely from renewable and/or recycled materials that are fully recyclable,” according to the company site. Our packages offer a lower carbon footprint when compared to other alternatives.”.

Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals


Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals. Procter & Gamble's Tide laundry detergent brand first introduced in January 2019 its "Eco-Box," which has been compared to a wine box because of its design made from paperboard with a tap for dispensing, in an effort to reduce the plastic in its packaging. Each business unit within P&G has its own approach, and the Eco-Box was one way P&G’s Fabric Care division set out to meet its packaging goal. . Design & Packaging.

Supporting Business in the Race to Create the World’s Most Sustainable Package


Supporting Business in the Race to Create the World’s Most Sustainable Package. We’ve watched as retailers have made public commitments to remove products packaged in non-recyclable materials from their shelves and have seen governments implement policies to support the circular economy.

Not just biofuels: Algae's next wave


Applications in packaging and other products are beginning to gain momentum. Circular Economy Biomaterials Circular Packaging In the Loop Innovation packaging

Electric package trucks are (almost) ready for delivery


Local delivery fleets are ideal for electrification given their predictable routes and significant dwell times at the depot. electric trucks Shipping & Logistics Transportation & Mobility

Tesla Van With Camping & SpaceX Packages Brings It All Together — Could It Replace Your Home?


After Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla was working on a couple more vehicles, a compact car and "high capacity" vehicle, my mind started to race about how this van-like vehicle could use all of the technologies that Elon has mentioned in various interviews. . Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles HVAC Octovalve SpaceX Starlink Tesla Tesla Cybervan Tesla Vans

Not pulp fiction: Absolut, Coca-Cola and the paper bottle project


Circular Economy Circular Packaging packaging PaperThe two brands are part of a ‘pioneer community’ that also includes Carlsberg and L’Oreal.

Rethinking food packaging can dent the plastic pollution crisis


Although the global economy is increasingly wrapped in plastic, companies of all sizes are dramatically reducing their use of it. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste Pollution Prevention

Episode 235: The value of informal waste collectors, reusable packaging prevails


Episode 235: The value of informal waste collectors, reusable packaging prevails. 7 tips for companies developing reusable packaging. Heather Clancy. Fri, 09/04/2020 - 02:00. Week in Review. Stories discussed this week (4:08).

Sustainable Takeout Packaging: A Smart Choice for Your Business

Green Business Bureau

In response, many restaurants need to look at new eco-friendly packaging options that instruct the consumer on how to properly dispose of it. Sustainable packaging is not only better for the environment, but it’s better for your brand image and might even save you some money. Why should restaurant owners look into sustainable packaging in the first place? Reduce waste – Did you know that 30% of municipal solid waste is made up of packaging waste ?

Managing packaging perceptions vs. realities for a truly circular future


A coffee company's wake-up call from the circular economy. Circular Economy Marketing & Communication Recycling Speaking Sustainably

Fungi-inspired companies could play a new role in sustainability


From packaging to ecosystem rehabilitation, mycelium — the root structure of mushrooms — has a lot to offer. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Food Systems Innovation packaging Technology

How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste


How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste. Food companies have a dual responsibility when it comes to waste reduction aspirations: optimizing their operations to minimize food waste while reducing the amount of other materials — especially the waste associated with packaging — sent to landfill. The packaging conundrum. Packaging. Heather Clancy. Wed, 06/17/2020 - 02:00.

Tetra Pak's Mustan Lalani on the company's low-carbon circular economy ambitions


Circular Economy Circular Packaging Design & Packaging GreenBiz 20 packaging SidebarMustan Lalani, Global Director, Public Affairs - Environment Policy at Tetra Pak, joins GreenBiz Sidebar cohosts Heather Clancy and Sarah Golden. They talk about the need to discuss addressing climate change and expanding circular economy together, instead of in isolation.

TemperPack closes $31 million for eco-packaging

Impact Alpha

The post TemperPack closes $31 million for eco-packaging appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, August 12 – TemperPack makes thermal insulation for delivery of perishable goods and medicine. The Richmond, Va.-based based company raised its Series C round amid “significant growth,” accelerated by COVID and the rising demand for home delivery. The pandemic is likely to spur “lasting changes in e-commerce behavior as well as increased interest in sustainability.

Greatest Benefits of Using Compostable Packaging

Green Living Guy

The post Greatest Benefits of Using Compostable Packaging appeared first on Green Living Guy. With the threat of climate change, many countries around the world have been taking strong measures to contain its expansion and prevent it from becoming the real threat that many scientists are predicting, by replacing some common products with a more eco-friendly version of it. One of the greatest examples Continue Reading.

"FORGO" plastic packaging with powder to liquid hand wash

Inhabitat - Innovation

Plastic containers line nearly every shelf of any health and beauty aisle. To tackle this earth-endangering practice, Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love set out to make personal care more sustainable with their first product in this endeavor, FORGO powdered hand soap

The Pedego Stretch Brings Impressive Utility In A Compact Electric Cargo Bike Package


The Pedego Stretch is an electric cargo bike that packs some serious potential on paper with a starting price point of $3,995. From there, options galore allow you to customize the bike including my favorite, a battery upgrade to a 17Ah battery built with 18650 cells that lets riders motor on for miles and miles without a worry. Bicycles Clean Transport Electric Bikes cargo bikes Delivery Bike E-bikes Kid Haulers Pedego Pedego Stretch