Developing Sustainable Packaging in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Sustainable packaging is and will continue to be a pressing issue in today’s society. There are concerns regarding the packaging industry’s processes — using fossil fuel resources is unsustainable and more companies are looking into viable alternatives.

The 6 sustainable packaging trends we'll be watching in 2022


Last year was a reckoning for companies racing the clock to meet their 2025 sustainable packaging goals


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The best packaging options for sustainable companies

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In terms of industrial impacts on the environment, one of the biggest culprits is the packaging material and accessories that tag along with products. There is a constant search for the best packaging options. It is commonly used for food packaging and home care goods.

Stores are essential for the Loop reusable packaging program


Circular Economy Circular Packaging packagingGetting empty containers back to TerraCycle for processing takes weeks, if not months, in the current online commerce model.

How the right SEO package can help you enjoy high ROI?

U.S. Green Technology

The post How the right SEO package can help you enjoy high ROI? Green Business, Green Business News SEO packageA fully functional website is a must for grabbing the attention of potential customers when you have an online business.

Advantages of using add-ons in retail packaging

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There are different types of add-ons that packaging manufacturers use in the boxes according to the requirements of the businesses. The post Advantages of using add-ons in retail packaging appeared first on U.S. Green Business, Green Business News retail packaging

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The world has a packaging problem — a new tool gives companies the ability to fix it


The Understanding Packaging Scorecard is a first-of-its kind tool that measures commonly used foodware and food packaging materials with a single yardstick

How Maine and Oregon seek to make manufacturers pay for packaging waste


Less than half of consumer packaging ultimately gets recycled

Reusable packaging provides untapped payoffs for business


Reusable packaging provides untapped payoffs for business. Until the 1980s, glass or cotton bags were the go-to packaging materials for many products, such as milk and flour. In 2018, 40 percent of the 360 million tonnes of plastics produced globally were converted to packaging.

A 20/20 view of sustainable packaging


A 20/20 view of sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is a keystone issue for corporate sustainability. Then the pandemic hit, and the market changed — characterized by higher demand for single-use packages and bags, and lower availability of recycled materials.

DS Smith explores seaweed as alternative packaging material


The European seaweed industry expected to be worth around 8 billion pounds in the next 10 years, according to the packaging company

This acquisition could help make sustainable packaging the norm 


This acquisition could help make sustainable packaging the norm . Petersburg, Florida, a manufacturing giant is strategizing on design, development and packaging services for the likes of Apple, Cisco Systems and HP Inc. Design & Packaging. Circular Packaging.

Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19


Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19. Reusable packaging is faced with proving its trustworthiness alongside disposables in a world that is standing six feet apart in the grocery aisle. Disposable packages are painted as sterile, while durables are tainted with suspicion.

5 sustainable packaging developments to watch in 2021


5 sustainable packaging developments to watch in 2021. For companies with sustainable packaging goals, 2025 is fast approaching. That’s the year when many have pledged to become zero waste, or to use 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. Design & Packaging.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Packaging for Small Business Owners

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The use of eco-friendly packaging for your small business has quickly become something that you need to do. Non-sustainable products used for packaging such as single-use plastic bags are creating havoc with the ecosystem.

How small businesses can help tackle the e-commerce packaging crisis from the ground up


Sponsored: Addressing the e-commerce packaging crisis with greener alternative materials

Toxic chemicals can enter food through packaging, so we made a list


Advanced Materials Chemicals & Toxics Design & PackagingEnvironmental NGO EDF has identified toxic chemicals of concern that must be addressed to ensure health and safety.

Walgreens Boots Alliance exec talks plastic, packaging and COVID-19


Walgreens Boots Alliance exec talks plastic, packaging and COVID-19. During our conversation, we also discussed Ellis’ long-term CSR priorities, the company’s packaging goals and its partnership with Loop. Deonna Anderson. Mon, 03/01/2021 - 01:45.

Climate considerations: Aligning packaging and carbon commitments


Climate considerations: Aligning packaging and carbon commitments. How can circular packaging solutions align with and advance carbon reduction goals, and how should companies balance these commitments?

Episode 198: About those SDGs, Kashi chats up Dow's packaging design studio


Circular Economy Circular Packaging Podcast Sustainable Development Goals / SDGsPlus, how technology can be a tool for sustainability innovation.

How to Source Eco-friendly Packaging for E-commerce

Green Living Guy

As you have figured out how to create an e-commerce website, now it’s time to think about how to package your orders without destroying the environment. The post How to Source Eco-friendly Packaging for E-commerce appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Reusable Packaging: Scaling Past a Pandemic


Reusable Packaging: Scaling Past a Pandemic. How can companies shift to reusable packaging models while dissuading concerns for safety and contamination?

Loop adds in-store pickup and dropoff for reusable packaging


After two years of running mostly online, the company is partnering with retail and fast food companies for an in-person experience

Biodegradable mushroom packaging makes Seedlip gifts special

Inhabitat - Innovation

In an effort to help reduce food packaging waste, non-alcoholic spirit company Seedlip is introducing a Mycelium Gift Pack wrapped in biodegradable mushroom packaging. Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, creates a durable and sustainable packaging alternative for the upcoming holiday season

Unpacking Packaging: The Nuances of Material Health


Unpacking Packaging: The Nuances of Material Health. How can businesses balance material health, regulatory compliance and public perception when selecting packaging materials? Nina Goodrich, Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

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Reasons Why More Brands Are Moving Towards Sustainable Packaging

The Environmental Blog

Many people want to do their bit for the environment, and a lot of brands are getting on board with the idea too, especially in regard to the packaging they choose to use.

Etsy takes aim at shipping and packaging in setting 2030 net-zero goal


Etsy takes aim at shipping and packaging in setting 2030 net-zero goal. Etsy also plans to address the second largest contributor to its footprint, packaging, which it started measuring in 2020, Mozen said. . She said Etsy is also interested in digging into the circular packaging space.

A People’s Transportation Package

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Last year the House and the Senate each proposed massive, multi-year packages that failed to pass and failed even harder at closing the justice deficit in our transportation system. The post A People’s Transportation Package appeared first on Front and Centered. Here we go again.

How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability


How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability. One of the goals of the platform was to convert all packaging to recyclable or compostable formats by 2025, while increasing the use of recycled content. . In 2019, Keurig Dr Pepper launched its Drink Well. Do Good.

Boost your morning with mushroom coffee in sustainable packaging

Inhabitat - Innovation

Looking for some mushroom coffee with the added bonus of sustainable packaging? The single-serve Mushroom Cups coffee is exactly what you need. Learn more

Scientists develop biodegradable, antimicrobial food packaging


Scientists have developed biodegradable food packaging material that kills microbes that contaminate foods. The waterproof packaging uses a type of corn protein called zein, plus starch and other natural compounds. A team of scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S. developed the material

PosiGen closes $100 million finance package

Renewable Energy World

PosiGen, which targets renewable energy and efficiency for low-to-moderate income (LMI) households, closed a $100 million preferred equity financing deal with Magnetar Capital’s Energy & Infrastructure group as the lead investor.

Sustainable Food and Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

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Conventional food production of the modern day, along with packaging and distribution, has been tied to environmental, societal and financial burdens in different parts of the world. Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Best Practices. Avoid packaging made from multiple materials.

Plastic, paper or glass? What companies need to know about chemicals lurking in food packaging

EDF + Business

Now, more shoppers are becoming aware of another concern: Chemicals in food packaging that are winding up in our bodies. There’s a large and growing body of evidence around the prevalence of toxic chemicals in food packaging and the impact they’re having on human health.

The pandemic is changing the dialogue about reusable packaging


Latent distrust about safety won't disappear on its own, so advocates must prepare to double down on discussing the virtues of reusable bags, cups or containers. Circular Economy COVID-19 In the Loop Plastic

Eco-friendly Boxes for Packaging and Shipping

Green Business Bureau

If you’re a committed green business looking for eco-friendly ways to package your product, then you’ll be delighted to know the market is growing with boxing and shipping options that are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and made from recycled material. Green Packaging Group.

Tetra Pak's Sasha Ilyukhin on minimizing food waste through packaging


This video is sponsored by Tetra Pak. Lauren Phipps, Vice President and Senior Analyst of Circular Economy at GreenBiz, interviewed Sasha Ilyukhin, Vice President of Services Solutions at Tetra Pak, during VERGE 21 (October 25-28, 2021). View archived videos from the conference here: [link

Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals


Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals. The initiatives are related to P&G's current sustainability goals introduced in 2018, Ambition 2030, which include a commitment to make its packaging 100 percent recyclable or reusable by 2030. . Design & Packaging. Packaging.

A pumps package for quarry dewatering

Envirotec Magazine

Pump Supplies’ control and monitoring package includes a standard shipping container/control room which securely houses the pump control panel, control and monitoring analysers, data logging equipment and flocculent storage and dosing rigs.

Not just biofuels: Algae's next wave


Applications in packaging and other products are beginning to gain momentum. Circular Economy Biomaterials Circular Packaging In the Loop Innovation packaging

Companies are jumping aboard the federal packaging and recycling policy train


Companies are jumping aboard the federal packaging and recycling policy train. With new federal bills up for review and debate, and packaging being a bull’s eye, the status of packaging and recycling policy is in flux. We do not want to see this packaging released into nature.

UK supermarket launches reusable packaging initiative

Envirotec Magazine

Tesco has launched a new system that allows its customers to buy a wide range of food, drink, household and beauty products in reusable and durable packaging.

Crunch time for plastic packaging recycling? Group comments on report

Envirotec Magazine

The 2021 Survey estimated that 584,000 tonnes of household plastic packaging was collected for recycling in 2020. With a UK target of 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted by 2025, the challenges and opportunities are evident.