China Tesla Demand Is Spiking


Tesla Model 3 and Model X demand are skyrocketing in China, especially since the Chinese government gave a 10% car purchase tax exemption to Tesla last month — a sign of aggressive electric vehicle policy implementation by China.

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Utility Adds 2.5 MW Of Demand Response Capabilities With Very Unusual “Batteries”


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Induced Demand Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means


Elon Musk took a lot of crap on Twitter recently when he questioned "induced demand," a popular theory of urban planning. Cleantech News Green Economy Investment Mass Transit / Public Transit Policy & Politics induced demand

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Tesla [TSLA] FUD: Demand


I wasn't planning on writing this article originally.

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Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams — New CleanTechnica Report


CleanTechnica has a new report out today, one highlighting the results of several thousand surveys of electric vehicle drivers in the US, Canada, and Europe. This initial report covers findings from North America and the UK.

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The Vehicle Classes, Range, & Features in High Demand with EV Drivers — New Report


For years, we have asked respondents what vehicle body type they prefer for an EV. The answers may surprise you. Despite the crossover and SUV craze, our respondents in North America indicated they prefer a sedan or hatchback.

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Petition Demands Consumer Control Over Vehicle Data


A petition on demands that Congress change US law to give consumers greater control over vehicle data. While the petition is run by an industry group with an interest in the outcome of this debate, it does raise important points about consumer rights and future repair costs.

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Harvard & Yale Students Disrupt “The Game” To Demand Climate Action


Harvard and Yale students disrupted the football game between the schools on Saturday to protest the lack of leadership on global warming by both administrations. How dare they think for themselves?

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Fees Dampen Demand For Rooftop Solar In Alabama


Alabama Power, which serves two-thirds of electricity customers in the state, assesses people who have rooftop solar systems a fee of $5.00 a month for each kilowatt their systems generate. Some residential customers are challenging those fees.

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The Electrification Of Transportation Must Be Accompanied By On-Demand Access To Renewable Energy


Unprecedented growth in global electricity demand must be met with renewable sources and technologies delivering new levels of energy efficiency.

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How Weak (Or Strong) Is Tesla Model 3 Demand In The United States?


“Tesla Model 3 demand is weak” remains one of the most oft-repeated claims put forth by Tesla critics. However, contrary to this short-seller mantra, the Tesla Model 3 has plenty of global demand to tap into.

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“Tesla Demand Cliff” — Mistaken Logic? Tribal $TSLAQ Kool-Aid? Paid Trolling?


One year ago, when Tesla's 3rd quarter 2018 production and delivery data came out, many Tesla critics were stunned — absolutely stunned. They had been saying for months that Tesla absolutely could not produce the number of cars Tesla ended up producing.

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A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy


Only public policy can deliver the speed and scale of emissions reductions needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Climate Change GreenBiz 20 Policy & Politics Policy & Politics

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Extensible Energy adds demand charge elimination feature to software

Solar Power World

Extensible Energy has released new features for DemandEx, its demand charge reduction software that works without energy storage. The most notable improvement is HardCap, an intelligent algorithm that automatically blocks demand spikes over a pre-set kilowatt level.

Extreme weather spurs demand for climate action

Clean Energy Canada

Melting in Greenland and fires in the Amazon are at the top of the list of drivers of demand for action, but all of the items tested had a strong impact on public expectations for action. The post Extreme weather spurs demand for climate action appeared first on Clean Energy Canada.

Demand Response Rules Are Changing. MISO Shows How


As a result, ISOs and RTOs are appealing to FERC to change the way demand response resources play in the market. The Midcontinent ISO illustrates incremental improvements to demand response mechanisms that are underway, as noted in a new report from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

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Can PG&E Realistically Deliver on California Governor’s Demands?


In the meantime, PG&E shareholders, creditors and counterparties spent the weekend parsing Newsom’s rejection letter, trying to discern which demands can reasonably be met — and which may be dealbreakers. The biggest challenge for PG&E’s existing management and investors backing the plan, as opposed to a rival plan from bondholders seeking to take control of the company, will be Newsom’s demand that it reduce its reliance on debt financing, analysts agree.

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Freebee deploys Lightning Systems’ EVs for on-demand public transport


Freebee, a Florida-based operator of on-demand public transit vehicles, has ordered six Lightning Electric Ford Transit 350 HD passenger vans from Lightning Systems. Freebee, which offers passengers free door-to-door rides through municipal transportation contracts, has received two of the six vans and put them into service shortly after delivery.


Energy Efficiency Is A Core Target For Machine Learning


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Machine Learning Makes More Money For Renewable, Fleet, & Microgrid Operators


Commodity and energy markets have clear drivers for price, and emerging ancillary markets such as demand management are providing new and often complex ways to gain a profitable edge.

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GFI India: Demand for “prestige foods” will drive alt meat industry in emerging markets

AFN Sustainable Protein

Asia and Africa are home to 80% of the world’s population and with rising incomes, they are craving and demanding more animal-sourced foods, GFI India's head Varun Deshpande told AFN on the sidelines of the Good Food Conference in San Francisco today.

Hydrogen fuel cell sector enjoys record 2019 as demand soars

Business Green

Strong growth anticipated for both the hydrogen fuel cell sector and conventional electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next decade, as EV uptake continues to accelerate

Electric Vehicle Models That EV Owners Considered But Didn’t Buy


Perhaps the most fascinating new question in this year's "Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams" report concerned the electric vehicles people considered but didn’t buy.

The Truth Around Oil


There is probably more upside to production, as well as downside on the demand side, meaning we will likely see low oil prices for the foreseeable future. There is a pretty simple truth about oil, and that is that there is lots out there, a fact that is not going to change going forward.

The supply of catalytic capital is bigger than expected. Demand is even bigger

Impact Alpha

Demand is even bigger appeared first on ImpactAlpha. The MacArthur Foundation turned up a bumper crop of proposals with its call last spring for funds and other investment intermediaries that demonstrate the value of “catalytic capital.”

California Demands 3.3GW of New Resources by 2023 to Meet Looming Grid Shortfall


California regulators have approved a 3.3-gigawatt "all-source" procurement that will pit new renewables, energy storage, demand response and other clean resources against natural gas-fired power plants in a race to meet what could be a major shortfall in grid capacity in the next four years.

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Companies Continue To Drive Demand For Clean Energy

Forbes Green Tech

The corporate market for renewable energy is set to break new records, thanks to falling prices, new financial instruments and the spread of the energy transition to transportation and HVAC. Markets such as China and Japan are set to see policy changes that will help markets there take off

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The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work


The following are the climate change solutions or approaches that I see from my investigations and discussions as gaining consensus and consilience on their viabiilty. It's not the how, but the what.

Generac Pivots From Generators Into Residential Energy Storage & Solar At #SPI2019


Batteries Clean Power Demand Response Energy Storage Grid Grid Parity Grid Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Microgrids Off The Grid Rooftop Solar Smart Grid Solar Energy Generac Massachusetts Neurio Technology Pika PWRcell PWRview Russ Minick Salt Lake City SPI2019 utah Vancouver

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Urban Air Mobility Investment To Top $318 Billion By 2020


A little while back, the Vertical Flight Society announced a partnership with Nexa Advisors to determine urban air mobility (UAM) investments by 2020. The report shows that industry revenue is projected to top $318 billion by then.

Demand from first-time, repeat buyers powers new era of large-scale renewables growth


The fall gathering of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance brings fresh faces and fresh ideas. Energy & Climate Renewable Energy VERGE 19

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Thousands Of Electric Vehicle Owners Told Us This …


For our newest report, Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams (2019), we surveyed thousands of plug-in vehicle drivers to find out more about their electric vehicle buying decisions, what they want from their next EVs, how EV life is going, and more.

A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy


Original post: A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy. Only public policy can deliver the speed and scale of emissions reductions needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Business Green circular economy climate change deliver-the-speed emissions-reductions greenbiz 20 has-social limit-the-worst managing-risk- speed supply-chain worst worst-impacts

100% WWS Part 2: Jacobson’s Latest Study Covers Storage, Transmission, & More


Jacobson's latest study carefully uses with current technologies and currently available resources for storage and transmission. The latest evidence is that there are much cheaper alternatives than his team models, underselling the potential.

Solar, Storage, & EV Charging: The Holy Trinity Of Home Energy Management At #SPI2019


Solar Power International landed in Salt Lake City, Utah this year and CleanTechnica was on the ground meeting with the change makers, the disruptors, the doers, the movers, and the shakers.

Electric Vehicle Ownership: Purchasing vs. Leasing


For our new report, Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams (2019), we investigated whether EV drivers bought their cars new, bought them used, or leased them.

Enphase: Demand for Solar-Battery Systems Could Soar After California Blackouts


The demand for solar-battery backup systems could skyrocket, Kothandaraman said, with millions of Californians undergoing days-long blackouts this month under the expanded fire-prevention power outage regime of bankrupt utility Pacific Gas & Electric.

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Bernie Was Right: Climate Change Demands Family Planning

Forbes Green Tech

Population control' is a violently racist, oppressive part of US history, but global support for parents' health and agency must be our future

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EV Ownership + Rooftop Solar Ownership — New Report & Charts


We were curious whether EV ownership/leasing correlated with rooftop solar panel ownership, and also whether driving an EV encouraged people to drive more efficiently or even conserve energy more at home, so we surveyed thousands of EV owners. Guess what the results were.

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Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y Most Likely To Be Next EVs Of Current EV Owners In USA, Canada, & UK — CleanTechnica Report


From a brand new CleanTechnica report (published today), we have some insight into which electric vehicles (EVs) current EV owners are most likely to buy next*.

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