Florida waterways demand their rights

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Last year, Orange County, Florida passed a "rights of nature" law. Now, some lakes and marshes are suing a developer for infringing on their rights

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Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? The annual demand could reach 19,120,458,891 tons by then, representing a tenfold increase from 2015 to 2050. . Combined with a push for decarbonization, these economics could drive demand, project energy experts. .

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Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


With the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted. COVID-19 Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

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Coping with a changing demand

Envirotec Magazine

So, how do water companies prepare for an unexpected surge or drop in demand? Reducing energy wastage not only offers environmental and cost saving benefits, but also allows businesses to commit more resources to meet changing demands.

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Apex Clean Energy’s Mark Goodwin on how to reach escalating renewable energy demands


Apex Clean Energy’s Mark Goodwin on how to reach escalating renewable energy demands. This video is sponsored by Apex Clean Energy.

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A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy


Only public policy can deliver the speed and scale of emissions reductions needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Climate Change GreenBiz 20 Policy & Politics Policy & Politics

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How on-demand food delivery apps could encourage low-carbon food


How on-demand food delivery apps could encourage low-carbon food. Because the COVID-19 response has restricted restaurants to pick-up and delivery orders in many areas, business for on-demand food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Seamless and Uber Eats has increased dramatically. .

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Scaling nature investments to meet investor demand

Impact Alpha

The post Scaling nature investments to meet investor demand appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, Sept. 8 – Conservation funds from Apple and L’Oréal launched in the last year will invest hundreds of millions in land and water.

Navigating network demands in the net-zero world

Renewable Energy World

Electricity grids, and the renewable energy and battery storage projects that connect to those networks, are evolving so that they can meet net-zero demands while simultaneously maintaining and delivering power supplies in a safe, secure and reliable manner.

Demand for renewable energy, supply chain pressures send PPA prices higher

Renewable Energy World

While PPA prices are trending upward, LevelTen doesn't expect demand to soften. Demand for renewable energy by public and corporate groups, coupled with global supply chain constraints, are likely causing the pricing pressure, analysts wrote. Follow @EngelsAngle.

New report demands Brexit boost for repair industry

Envirotec Magazine

As well as preventing waste, this would satisfy public demand, stimulate the economy and help to create 34,000 new jobs in the repair sector and 346,000 new jobs in remanufacturing. The post New report demands Brexit boost for repair industry first appeared on Envirotec.

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WoodMac: Coronavirus Will Undercut North American Power Demand Through 2021


Wood Mackenzie projects significant pullbacks in the larger North American economy and corresponding impacts to demand for power. Wood Mackenzie’s baseline view yields lower power demand and power prices across North American power markets. How much will peak demand fall?

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Hydropower demand is damaging Indigenous lands

Inhabitat - Innovation

As many U.S. states rush to set ambitious renewable energy goals, people don't stop to think where the hydropower is coming from and whom it may be hurting

Rich world’s demands fell poorer world’s forests


The rich world’s demands are destroying them The tropical forests maintain global climate and nurture the riches of nature.

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‘Solar Bond’ Demand Goes Through the Roof


Billy Parish, founder and CEO of Mosaic, and others discuss how investment firms are buying record amounts of solar bonds.

Coronavirus thumps palm oil demand


Supply chain disruption and shrinking profits could hinder the expansion of ethical production amid the global pandemic

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Global warming could push air conditioning demand up 59%

Inhabitat - Innovation

As the planet warms, more people are relying on AC. But AC just contributes to more warming

California Renewable Curtailments Surge as Coronavirus Cuts Demand


California grid operator CAISO has been curtailing renewable energy at record levels this year, as the state’s ever-rising share of solar power during daylight hours increasingly outpaces electricity demand.

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Interactive map shows how states can meet 50% of energy demand with solar

Renewable Energy World

A new interactive map analyzes how each state can meet 50% of its energy demand through the deployment of solar panels as part of the U.S. energy demand “firmly and affordably,” while occupying just.25% of the continental U.S.

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Oil Refineries Face Shutdowns as Demand Collapses


Read time: 6 mins A growing number of refineries around the world are either curtailing operations or shutting down entirely as the oil market collapses. .

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On-Board Charger Market Growth Driven By Growing Demand for Electric Vehicles


The On Board Charger Market growth driven by growing demand for electric vehicles across the world and increase advancement in EV and HEV charging system maximize power saving with increasing power density performance of the batteries

Xin Wei Yi Technology Park reduces energy and water demands

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new technology park, part of the Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island masterplan, will serve as an ecological destination for residents and tourists in China

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EVs to increase Britain’s electricity demand by 31 times by 2040

Renewable Energy World

As a result of an increase in electric vehicle use across Britain, electricity demand from the transport sector will increase by 31 times by 2040 from the current levels, according to a new report released by research firm Cornwall Insights.

Demand Generation Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Demand Generation Manager | 365 Pronto | Scottsdale, AZ. 365 Pronto, a platform technology company disrupting the cleantech O&M space, is seeking a full-time Demand Generation Manager based out of their Scottsdale, Arizona office. What we are looking for: Minimum 3 years’ demonstrable experience in results-driven demand generation 1 years in enterprise account-based marketing ; previous experience in SaaS a plus.

Rising urban space demands squeeze out farmers


Their growing urban space demands devour farmland, bad news for tomorrow’s hungry world More people than ever now live in cities.

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California’s Big 2021 Grid Reliability Decision: Expand Supply or Manage Demand?


California is facing a major decision under a tight deadline — whether it should push for large-scale power plants and batteries to prevent a repeat of its August 2020 rolling blackouts this coming summer, or turn to behind-the-meter resources like batteries and demand response.

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California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility


But it can also substantially increase electricity demand at ports. In response to California's electrification push, the state's largest ports, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, are turning to microgrids for energy security and demand flexibility.

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Removing state opt-out for demand response is favorable for Renewable developers

Renewable Energy World

Removing state opt-out for demand response program participation in wholesale energy markets would benefit renewable project developers because aggregators of solar and energy storage technologies can leverage their experience with demand response products.

Scotland should follow on-demand bus schemes example of other UK regions, says charity

Envirotec Magazine

Schemes which would see passengers order on-demand bus services should be introduced in Scotland, a leading mobility charity has said. The ‘flexible bus’ initiative would allow operators to use ‘Demand Responsive Technology’ which would link local buses with the people who need them.

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24/7 Renewables: The Emerging Art of Matching Renewables With Demand


If we really want to make them an effective decarbonization tool, we need to match them to real-time demand. A lot of companies and governments are committing to 100% renewable energy.

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Global EV battery production needs significant boost to meet demand


ABB-sponsored report predicts plans for 80 new EV battery gigafactories insufficient and highlights role of automation in meeting demand as EVs predicted to overtake ICE-powered vehicles by 2036

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Solar installers can demand supply chain transparency from manufacturers

Solar Power World

A growing trend across all industries is consumers demanding greater transparency on the origin of the products they’re purchasing. Manufacturers claiming they’re producing cruelty-free or organic products can be subject to third-party audits to determine if that’s true.

Service provider network Urgently to use SparkCharge’s on-demand fast charging solution


Urgently has partnered with SparkCharge to add on-demand EV charging to the services offered by its roadside and mobility assistance programs. Urgently sees on-demand EV charging as an essential element of smart mobility assistance.

Sponsored Content: Water managers demand better, faster data

Envirotec Magazine

Amid increasing pressure from climate change and urbanisation, OTT’s UK Managing Director Nigel Grimsley explains the growing demand for monitoring technology that enables more effective water management. This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with OTT Hydrometry Ltd.

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Taylor Redman: I’m a young conservative demanding climate action

Defend Our Future

The post Taylor Redman: I’m a young conservative demanding climate action appeared first on Defend Our Future.

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Global fossil fuel demand’s ‘staggering’ fall


The world’s energy markets are in upheaval, as experts report an historic fall in global fossil fuel demand

Arcadia raises $100 million to spur U.S. demand for community solar

Impact Alpha

demand for community solar appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, September 20 – Arcadia is on a mission to accelerate community solar in the U.S. The Washington, D.C.-based based energy access company matches. The post Arcadia raises $100 million to spur U.S.

LevelTen Energy Launches Renewable Energy Asset Marketplace Amid Booming Demand for Wind and Solar Energy


LevelTen Asset Marketplace Brings More Liquidity to the Market, Aiming to Catalyze Sales of Wind and Solar Projects as Supply Struggles to Meet Demand

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Deforestation of orangutan habitat feeds global palm oil demand: Report


Palm oil giant Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) has allegedly sourced the commodity from a plantation responsible for deforesting prime orangutan habitat in Sumatra, violating the group’s no deforestation and no peatland destruction policies

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Civil society groups demand ADB rectify energy policy before crucial COP26 talks


In the run-up to a key UN climate summit in November, activists urge the Asian Development Bank to eliminate fossil fuel projects in its proposed energy policy which are feared to undermine efforts to limit global heating to 1.5C.

NY Green Bank raises $314 million to meet demand for clean energy project financing

Renewable Energy World

The transaction with Bank of America is the largest ever conducted by a green bank in the United States, according to a press release from NYSERDA, and allows the bank to meet financing demand without requiring additional public funds.

India’s new farming laws driven by WTO demands


India's farmers oppose new laws liberalising the agricultural sector, and critics say the laws will benefit big businesses rather than farmers

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As Renewables Surge, Australia Ponders Options for Demand Response Market


One of the big questions is around demand response, and who will oversee a market that has only started emerging in Australia. ESB has proposed a two-sided market, where a kilowatt of demand response has the same value as a kilowatt of generation.

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