Gas Stations Face Bankruptcy As Demand Plummets


With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping many people and cars at home and the looming threat of mass bankruptcy forcing consumer demand even lower, we have to ask: are gas stations making any money.

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Tesla Model 3 Changing EV Charging Demand — Study


Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Market Research Polls/Surveys Research Demand response EV surveys FleetCarma smart charging Tesla Tesla Model 3 time-of-useToday's electric cars have larger batteries that need higher power to recharge them.

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Dutch EV Demand Cliff Debunked


Cars Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive CleanTechnica Reports Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Dutch car market netherlands Netherlands EV sales Tesla Tesla demand cliffAll markets have their peculiarities.

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Kansas Supreme Court Invalidates Demand Charges For Residential Solar Customers


Solar energy advocates have won an important legal battle against demand charges imposed on rooftop solar customers in Kansas.

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7 Reasons Why Tesla Will Benefit From The Crisis — #3 Supply & Demand


Supply and demand are two sides of the same coin, and although they look different, you cannot separate the two. You can’t measure true supply without having excess demand and you can’t measure true demand without excess supply.

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China Tesla Demand Is Spiking


Tesla Model 3 and Model X demand are skyrocketing in China, especially since the Chinese government gave a 10% car purchase tax exemption to Tesla last month — a sign of aggressive electric vehicle policy implementation by China.

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Utility Adds 2.5 MW Of Demand Response Capabilities With Very Unusual “Batteries”


Buildings Clean Power Climate Change Consumer Technology Demand Response Energy Efficiency Energy Storage Grid Home Energy Management Smart Grid Solar Energy Virtual Power Plants Demand response grid services Hawaii peak demand Shifted Energy

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Tesla [TSLA] FUD: Demand


I wasn't planning on writing this article originally.

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Induced Demand Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means


Elon Musk took a lot of crap on Twitter recently when he questioned "induced demand," a popular theory of urban planning. Cleantech News Green Economy Investment Mass Transit / Public Transit Policy & Politics induced demand

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Demand For Palm Oil Is Burning Indonesia


The demand for palm oil is burning Indonesia, quite literally. These annual infernos, according to experts, have ignited a "climate bomb." And until Western consumers say stop, the fires will continue to burn.

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Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams — New CleanTechnica Report


CleanTechnica has a new report out today, one highlighting the results of several thousand surveys of electric vehicle drivers in the US, Canada, and Europe. This initial report covers findings from North America and the UK.

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Electric Car Driver Demands, Desires, & Dreams — Netherlands, Norway, Germany, & France Edition


We recently surveyed EV drivers in four major European EV markets in order to learn more about their experiences as well as desires and requirements for future EVs. Those markets are the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and France.

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The Vehicle Classes, Range, & Features in High Demand with EV Drivers — New Report


For years, we have asked respondents what vehicle body type they prefer for an EV. The answers may surprise you. Despite the crossover and SUV craze, our respondents in North America indicated they prefer a sedan or hatchback.

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2025 Supply & Demand Predictions For The Global Auto Market ? Tesla vs. Everyone Else


The 4 ways I'm going to look at the auto market is by looking at supply and demand, looking at each from a Tesla perspective and from the perspective of the rest of the industry.

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Tesla Model 3 Demand Still Strong In Australia


Demand for the Tesla Model 3 in Australia is still going strong, according to an article just published by The Driven.

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The Vehicle Classes, Range, & Features in High Demand with EV Drivers in the Netherlands, Norway, France, & Germany


EV owners we surveyed almost equally prefer a sedan/hatchback (car) or SUV/crossover for their next EV. The two options switched spots back and forth depending on the audience. Additionally, in each of these countries, respondents mostly preferred a vehicle in the D-segment.

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Lyft or Uber Electric Car Cuts 3× More Pollution than Your Electric Car


Cars Clean Power Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Research Science Smartphone Apps Solar Energy California electric taxis Lyft On demand taxis on-demand ridesharing ridesharing taxis Tesla Uber University of California University of California at Davis

Petition Demands Consumer Control Over Vehicle Data


A petition on demands that Congress change US law to give consumers greater control over vehicle data. While the petition is run by an industry group with an interest in the outcome of this debate, it does raise important points about consumer rights and future repair costs.

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Tesla Model Y Available In US Faster Than S, 3, Or X — What’s Going On?


Cars Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Tesla Tesla deliveries Tesla demand Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y deliveries Tesla Model Y demand Tesla Model Y sales

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Renewables Crushing Coal ? 100 Days Already In 2020 In USA


Clean Power Coal Market Research Policy & Politics Research Solar Energy Wind Energy co2 emissions electricity demand us coal US electricity demand US renewable Energy US Solar Energy US Wind Energy

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Fees Dampen Demand For Rooftop Solar In Alabama


Alabama Power, which serves two-thirds of electricity customers in the state, assesses people who have rooftop solar systems a fee of $5.00 a month for each kilowatt their systems generate. Some residential customers are challenging those fees.

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Harvard & Yale Students Disrupt “The Game” To Demand Climate Action


Harvard and Yale students disrupted the football game between the schools on Saturday to protest the lack of leadership on global warming by both administrations. How dare they think for themselves?

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Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


With the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted. COVID-19 Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

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How Weak (Or Strong) Is Tesla Model 3 Demand In The United States?


“Tesla Model 3 demand is weak” remains one of the most oft-repeated claims put forth by Tesla critics. However, contrary to this short-seller mantra, the Tesla Model 3 has plenty of global demand to tap into.

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Hydropower demand is damaging Indigenous lands

Inhabitat - Innovation

As many U.S. states rush to set ambitious renewable energy goals, people don't stop to think where the hydropower is coming from and whom it may be hurting

The Electrification Of Transportation Must Be Accompanied By On-Demand Access To Renewable Energy


Unprecedented growth in global electricity demand must be met with renewable sources and technologies delivering new levels of energy efficiency.

We Should Drive EVs To Use Extra Electricity Capacity


The need to decarbonize our economy presents new opportunities to increase electricity demand beneficially. And doing that — particularly by electrifying transportation — has never been cheaper or easier to do than it is now.

“Tesla Demand Cliff” — Mistaken Logic? Tribal $TSLAQ Kool-Aid? Paid Trolling?


One year ago, when Tesla's 3rd quarter 2018 production and delivery data came out, many Tesla critics were stunned — absolutely stunned. They had been saying for months that Tesla absolutely could not produce the number of cars Tesla ended up producing.

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Hyundai Gets Serious On Electric Cars — Still Does Not Understand Demand


Hyundai is a case of a company listening well to its customers, and not understanding what it is hearing. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Green Economy Manufacturing Europe Hyundai Hyundai Europe Hyundai IONIQ EV Hyundai Kona EV

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WoodMac: Coronavirus Will Undercut North American Power Demand Through 2021


Wood Mackenzie projects significant pullbacks in the larger North American economy and corresponding impacts to demand for power. Wood Mackenzie’s baseline view yields lower power demand and power prices across North American power markets. How much will peak demand fall?

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A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy


Only public policy can deliver the speed and scale of emissions reductions needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Climate Change GreenBiz 20 Policy & Politics Policy & Politics

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City Of Sydney Goes 100% Renewable


Clean Power Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Wind Energy 100% renewable energy Australia Demand response Flow Power LED street lights load matching Power Purchase Agreement Sydney

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How on-demand food delivery apps could encourage low-carbon food


How on-demand food delivery apps could encourage low-carbon food. Because the COVID-19 response has restricted restaurants to pick-up and delivery orders in many areas, business for on-demand food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Seamless and Uber Eats has increased dramatically. .

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Coronavirus thumps palm oil demand


Supply chain disruption and shrinking profits could hinder the expansion of ethical production amid the global pandemic

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California Renewable Curtailments Surge as Coronavirus Cuts Demand


California grid operator CAISO has been curtailing renewable energy at record levels this year, as the state’s ever-rising share of solar power during daylight hours increasingly outpaces electricity demand.

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Electric Trucks, Buses, & Fast Chargers Need Innovative Electricity Rates From Utilities


Charging an electric truck or bus at a fleet depot — or an electric car at an apartment, workplace, or a public fast-charging station — should be far cheaper than filling up on gasoline or diesel.

Electric Vehicles Cheaper Than Diesels For Uber Drivers In Many European Capitals


Transport & Environment has a new report out that shows electric cars can be cheaper for Uber drivers to use than diesel cars in many European capital cities, including Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, and Berlin.

California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility


But it can also substantially increase electricity demand at ports. In response to California's electrification push, the state's largest ports, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, are turning to microgrids for energy security and demand flexibility.

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Lyft: 100% Electric Vehicles By 2030. CleanTechnica: Ya Think?


Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Policy & Politics Smartphone Apps California edf electric rental cars electric taxis Fred Krupp Helen Clarkson Lyft Lyft EVs Lyft Express Drive On demand taxis ridesharing taxis the Climate Group

World’s Best Performing Large Hedge Fund, TCI Fund Management, Is Demanding Better Sustainability Metrics


TCI Fund Management is the world’s best-performing large hedge fund, and it just made a big commitment to go green. Under Sir Christopher Hohn's 'radical' move for the climate, things might be changing for the better.

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California May Soon Mandate Uber & Lyft Shift To Electric Vehicles


Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Policy & Politics Smartphone Apps California electric taxis Lyft on-demand ridesharing ridesharing taxis UberCalifornia wants more EVs for Uber and Lyft, and may have a plan to make that happen.

24/7 Renewables: The Emerging Art of Matching Renewables With Demand


If we really want to make them an effective decarbonization tool, we need to match them to real-time demand. A lot of companies and governments are committing to 100% renewable energy.

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Tesla To Let Owners Be Utility Peaker Plants & Make Money, Speculates Gali


Batteries Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Demand Response Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging Grid Lithium-Ion Batteries Smart Grid Vehicle To Grid Galileo Russell Hyperchange HyperChange TV Tesla Tesla batteries

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