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Each quarter Wood Mackenzie and the American Clean Power Association (ACP) gather data on U.S. energy storage deployments, prices, policies, regulations, and business models. We compile this information to create the most comprehensive, timely analysis of energy storage in the U.S.

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LG Solar and the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Provide Solar Output Data, Detailed Home Energy Usage, Costs; Embedded Advanced Metering Data Transmits Wirelessly to Smartphone

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Tigo Energy to Showcase Solutions for Roof Space Usage, Monitoring, and Safety at Key Energy


Italian tradeshow features the Tigo Flex MLPE product range and module-level monitoring platform

Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips To Reduce Water Usage

Green Business Bureau

Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips to Reduce Water Usage. Monitor Energy Usage. Tip #2: Monitor Indoor Water Use – Monitor your water use on all fixtures, but especially those that use a continuous flow (e.g

Monitoring electric power for extended periods of time: Whitepaper


Extended monitoring of electrical power needs to be done for power grids and inverter-driven electric machines to characterize their long-term behavior. Sponsored by HBK.

Advanced water quality monitor installed in the Serpentine

Envirotec Magazine

Looking to find ways to keep improving water quality, the managers of the Royal Parks have installed a continuous water quality monitor; an ESNET (Environmental Sensor NETwork) system from Meteor Communications, as the company writes. Water Monitoring

Monitoring for flood management

Envirotec Magazine

Monitoring NFM. Given the wide range of potential NFM benefits outlined above, the number and type of parameters to be monitored are likely to be equally diverse. Monitoring data should be used to inform the design of NFMs. Holme Fen: A monitoring lesson from the 1850s.

Soil 180

The solution for multi-agent site monitoring

Envirotec Magazine

The system allows the simultaneous monitoring and reporting of noise, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and vibration as well as wind speed and direction for an all-encompassing assessment of emitted levels. Dust Monitoring & Control Gas Monitoring & Detection Sponsored Casella

Post pandemic environmental monitoring

Envirotec Magazine

The Environment Agency’s Environmental Sensor Network (ESNET) comprises modular water quality monitoring systems that can be quickly and easily deployed at remote sites. Water quality monitoring. Real-time, high-resolution water quality monitoring systems. Water Monitoring

Battery Passport monitors battery usage to facilitate second-life applications and recycling


Battery Passport is a real-time battery monitoring service that captures information on battery usage in real time, enabling alerts, reporting and a detailed history. Electra Commercial Vehicles is the latest EV-builder to sign up to the Battery Passport service, which will roll out on all the company’s new vehicles.

A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid


A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid. How will the electrical grid handle so many vehicles charging at once? Especially when fast-charging stations gulp down prodigious amounts of power? Electric Vehicles.

How remote monitoring can contribute to operational success

Envirotec Magazine

Whether it is to minimise the impact of increasingly extreme weather events, reducing health risks or simply to streamline operational expenditure – digital monitoring and remote services can provide long term value.

6 Ways Businesses Can Save with Renewable Energy (No Electricity Bills + Tax Incentives)

The Environmental Blog

The good news is that the mass adoption of solar energy presents another opportunity to save money. A business with a solar system can utilize tax incentives and protect itself against energy price fluctuations, to name a few. Reduced or Eliminated Energy Bills. Energy

£2 million contract for final effluent monitoring in Scotland

Envirotec Magazine

Meteor Communications has been awarded a multi-year shared framework agreement by Scottish Water for the provision of multi-parameter wastewater quality final effluent monitoring. Sludge & Wastewater Water Monitoring

Trimark Operations Center now offers real-time utility-scale solar monitoring

Solar Power World

Trimark Associates, a leading provider of SCADA, metering and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announced that the Trimark Operations Center’s (TOC) advanced alerting system now can continually determine if devices are online and operating correctly.

Tigo Energy Surpasses One-Terawatt Hour of Monitored Solar PV Energy in Europe

Alternative Energy Mag

As highlighted by residential installations in one Spanish neighborhood, Tigo MLPE drives sales with module-level monitoring and optimization

Sense Delivers Insight into Home Energy Usage

Greentown Labs

If your house could talk to you about your energy usage, what would it say? The creators of Sense think it would say you could reduce your energy usage by at least 20 percent—and tell you how. Sense is a home energy monitor that gives real-time insight into your home’s energy usage. That background in speech recognition informed the way they approached home energy monitoring. Photo courtesy of Sense.

Understanding the Dangers of Poor Air Quality and How to Monitor It

Green Living Guy

Various factors contribute to air quality degradation, including industrialization, population growth, and the increased consumption of fossil fuels for energy production. The post Understanding the Dangers of Poor Air Quality and How to Monitor It appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Monitoring an important greenhouse gas (Sponsored content)

Envirotec Magazine

Pests and diseases are preferably tackled biologically, and the energy-efficient greenhouse reuses water and nutrients as much as possible; leading to cleaner cultivation and improved yields. This programme monitors and displays the effects of a grower’s dosing strategy.

Smart meter network passes 20 million milestone

Envirotec Magazine

The firm behind the telecommunications infrastructure underpinning the UK’s smart meters rollout, the Data Communications Company (DCC), says the 20 millionth smart meter has been connected to its national network. Total smart meters connected to the nationwide DCC network.

Proserv acquires stake in power system monitoring expert Synaptec

Alternative Energy Mag

Move reinforces Proserv's proactive pivot towards innovating further disruptive technology solutions for offshore wind and the wider energy segment

American Electric Power, Sempra launch sustainable finance frameworks

Renewable Energy World

American Electric Power – operator of the nation’s largest electricity transmission system – announced on Monday the launch of a Sustainable Finance Framework (SFF) to support the funding of social and environmental projects.

Europe replaces 50% of electricity meters with smart models

Renewable Energy World

More than half of electricity meters in Europe are now smart, a new report released by Berg Insight has found. In 2020, approximately 150 million smart electricity meters were installed with the bloc recording a 49% penetration rate, according to the study.

How do you monitor a tidal river?

Envirotec Magazine

This is because water quality is heavily affected by the state of the tide, which presents a significant monitoring challenge in the lower reaches of many rivers. To overcome this, scientists at the company Meteor Communications have developed a continuous monitoring and data management system that is able to remove the effects of tide and unveil the true underlying water quality. With a tidal range of up to 7m, the River Thames presents a number of monitoring challenges.

Tigo releases solar monitoring device

Solar Power World

This add-on module-level monitoring solution brings smart PV module technology and the highest granularity of production data to Tigo’s residential, commercial & industrial and utility customers. Components Monitoring News tigoenergy

Product offers real-time digital monitoring, analysis and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment

Envirotec Magazine

“It enables the enhancement of hydraulic and biological capacity as well as optimising energy usage, chemical consumption and sludge production of the plant. As VWT explains, AQUAVISTA Plant provides remote digital monitoring, analysis and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment equipment and processes. Sludge & Wastewater Water Monitoring

Strengthen red route pollution monitoring to save lives, says London air report

Envirotec Magazine

The report makes a number of recommendations to the Mayor of London to tackle the city’s air pollution, including: Strengthen monitoring of pollution from London’s red routes and incorporate new monitoring of air quality emissions for the Silvertown Tunnel project.

Monitoring Wildfire Risk Using Space and AI

Planet Pulse

The Observatory will help the State and other stakeholders to prioritize, plan, and execute treatments of hazardous fuels, improve emergency wildfire operations, and monitor the short-term impacts and long-term benefits of improving forest resilience to wildfire, disease, and climate change.

DistribuTech: Itron and Landis+Gyr Take Smart Meter Energy Disaggregation Mainstream


SAN ANTONIO — Energy disaggregation is a term of art for technologies that can parse out energy usage of individual loads like air conditioning, heating, lighting and appliances, simply by analyzing single sources of data like smart meter feeds or circuit-level sensors.

CEM 2020 calls for papers on emissions monitoring

Envirotec Magazine

In common with past events, CEM 2020 presentations will address key monitoring themes such as the measurement of particulates and gases at low concentrations. Gas Monitoring & Detection

How Electricity Bills Are Affected by Utility Prices?

The Environmental Blog

Here we will discuss the impact of utility prices on electricity bills. The price of electricity is not just a cost to consumers, it also affects the economy in a huge way. They provide power, water, and gas. The way we use electricity and generate power also changes.

Renogy Launches Renogy One, the First All-In-One Energy Monitoring and Smart Living Center

Alternative Energy Mag

New touchscreen gateway empowers users to both monitor and manage energy systems while enabling them to configure and control their own IoT network

IoT 101

SolarView releases automated residential solar monitoring platform

Solar Power World

SolarView Technologies released SolarView Home Monitor to give residential solar owners continuous, proactive and automated system monitoring. Components Monitoring News solarviewtechnologies

Solar Energy Monitoring Systems: Thomas Neyhart Explains why Performance Matters

U.S. Green Technology

Thomas Neyhart Explains why Performance Matters The benefits of solar energy are empirical, says Thomas Neyhart. The post Solar Energy Monitoring Systems: Thomas Neyhart Explains why Performance Matters appeared first on U.S.

Sense announces energy monitoring partner program for rural cooperatives

Solar Power World

Through the program, cooperatives can offer the innovative Sense Home Energy Monitor to their members at a significant discount and take advantage of real-time insights into energy flows at the grid edge. Components Monitoring News sense

Worldwide, AI is Providing Utilities With a Powerful New Tool in the Fight Against Electricity Thieves


Utilities around the world continue to struggle with energy theft, with an estimated $80 to $100 billion lost globally to theft each year. In Jamaica, electricity theft is estimated to cost the Jamaica Public Service Company $200 million – 80 percent more than a decade ago.

Energy Toolbase Launches ETB Monitor, a Software Platform for Monitoring the Performance and Savings of Solar and Energy Storage Projects


ETB Monitor was designed to give project developers and asset owners complete transparency into their operational projects. An ETB Monitor license comes standard when a customer deploys Energy Toolbase's Acumen EMS™ controls software in the field

Mana Monitoring Named as Finalist in U.S. Department of Energy’s American-Made Solar Prize

Alternative Energy Mag

Innovative “virtual power plant” technology supports decentralized electric grid of the future

From smart meters to big batteries, co-ops emerge as clean grid laboratories

Renewable Energy World

By Frank Jossi, Energy News Network. A wave of pilot programs by Minnesota electric cooperatives is saving customers money and providing useful data for larger utilities considering new technology and pricing models to encourage grid efficiency. Credit: Great River Energy / Courtesy.

Baker Electric Home Energy Launches PowerOn Battery Rewards Program

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member Baker Electric Home Energy, a leading solar, battery, and home energy solution provider, has announced the launch of its PowerOn Battery Rewards Program in partnership with sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology.

Behind-the-Meter Battery Pioneer Stem to Take SPAC Route to Public Markets


Stem, the decade-old behind-the-meter battery startup that was seeking a buyer earlier this year to bolster its growth ambitions, is now launching a plan to go public via a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) reverse merger.

Palmetto Launches Palmetto Protect Solar Energy Monitoring Program


Offers All Solar Customers, Regardless of System, Free Monitoring Through the Palmetto App

PlanetScope Data Leveraged to Map and Monitor the Forests of the Czech Republic

Planet Pulse

Our PlanetScope product provided an affordable tool to FMI, and offered the right capabilities for forest monitoring.