IoT Helps Humans Fight Climate Change and Live More Sustainably

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Climate change can no longer be considered a change, it’s now clearly an acute crisis. The post IoT Helps Humans Fight Climate Change and Live More Sustainably appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Green Stories Green Technology Climate change

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Climate Change Hits Asia Hardest

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McKinsey&Company's Climate risk in Asia report indicates that Asia gets hit hardest by climate change, which shouldn’t be surprising.

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COVID-19 and climate change: A healthy dose of reality


Consider the global health crisis currently upon us as a warm-up act for a climate-changing world. Climate Change Health social inclusion Supply Chain Two Steps Forward

The new language of climate change: Trillions


It’s time for trillions to seize center stage of the climate conversation. Climate Change Finance & Investing Two Steps ForwardBye-bye, billions.

Pressure is on for companies to rapidly address climate change


Experts around the world agree that there will be financial repercussions for companies that don't adequately address climate change, according to a new global study. Climate Change public opinion Proof Points

Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change?


Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change? When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s not just what you make and sell, it’s what you do, and for whom you do it. Lawyers aren’t the only service-sector firms targeted for their climate ties.

Climate change and the new language of weather


Climate Change Two Steps ForwardThe weather outside is frightful. What, exactly, do we call it?

Nuclear Power Does Slow Climate Change

Jim Conca

To save a penny to spend on renewables and say that helps climate change? As all climate scientists agree, prematurely closing nuclear plants is bad for the climate. Why are we trying to close nuclear plants that have been relicensed as safe for another 20 yrs? And it doesn’t save any money at all

This is exactly the time to be talking about climate change


Climate Change Activism COVID-19 Marketing & Communication Two Steps ForwardIf we have the chance to start anew, why would we want to rescue and lock in unsustainable systems and industries for another generation or more?

Is Climate Change Really Causing an Increase in Natural Disasters?

The Environmental Blog

last year and record rainfall in the American Midwest — have led some to wonder if climate change may be behind the increase in natural disasters. So — is climate change really making the weather more extreme? How Climate Change Causes More Extreme Weather. Scientists are reasonably sure that increased temperatures as the result of climate change have made extremes in precipitation — heavy rainfall and drought — more likely. Climate Change

How to wake people up to the risks of climate change


Climate change is a faraway perceived risk, so how can we message its urgency and the cost of inaction? Climate Change Marketing & Communication Speaking Sustainably

Why caring about climate change means caring about chemicals of concern


Climate change has risen to an unprecedented level of mainstream public discourse with the ramping up of 2020 U.S. In just five years, the number of Americans believing climate change is a threat to our country has increased by 49 percent. Climate Change Chemicals & ToxicsFinally. presidential campaigning.

NOAA report shows climate change is killing Floridas coral reefs

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The report shows that most corals are dying because of climate change and its effects

Melting Florida panther statue highlights climate change

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A sculpture of Florida panthers is melting in the sun to show the impacts of climate change

Storm Warning: How Climate Change Creates More Devastating Hurricanes

The Environmental Blog

Wait until you see how climate change is leading to more devastating hurricanes. Increasing average global temperatures and climate change could be to blame. Read on for a closer look at how climate change, ocean temperature, and hurricanes are related and how to be prepared. How Climate Change Affects Hurricane Intensity and Frequency. There are two main reasons that climate change increases our chances of devastating hurricanes.

Impacts of Climate Change in Vietnam

The Environmental Blog

As we all know that climate change is one of the most significant challenges that we are facing in this century. Vietnam, known for its beaches, rivers, and bustling cities, is considered as one of the countries which are significantly impacted by global climate change. The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) Index ranks Vietnam as the 89 th least ready to adapt to climate change. Current Status of Climate Change in Vietnam.

Fighting climate change with bamboo


Bamboo is a surprisingly effective carbon sink and is being promoted by the government as a uniquely Chinese solution to climate change

Collective performance in Italy highlights water-related climate change

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More than 30 performers gathered in Piazza Maggiore for Displacement, a public performance highlighting climate change

Climate change could lead to dramatic decline in narwhals

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Climate change is affecting everybody, even narwhals

Collaborating with the ocean is essential to addressing climate change and environmental justice


Collaborating with the ocean is essential to addressing climate change and environmental justice. trillion in annual economic value linked to ocean-based activities, the time is right to place the world’s seas at the center of a climate-centric post-pandemic recovery.

Climate change aggravates PM2.5

Envirotec Magazine

The changing state of particulate pollution (PM2.5) The new dataset highlights elevated air pollution levels as a result of climate change events, such as sandstorms and wildfires, and pollution gains from the rapid urbanization of cities, in regions such as Southeast Asia. around the world is revealed by IQ Air’s latest World Air Quality Report, and its most polluted cities ranking.

Eos Bioreactor uses AI and algae to combat climate change

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new AI invention could prove to be an effective solution to mitigating climate change

Study: Climate change is pushing hurricanes inland


And with Eta and Theta menacing coastlines, any climate-concerned citizen should be wondering: Is climate change the culprit? Well, it’s complicated, but a new study suggests that climate change makes some elements of destructive hurricanes even worse.

How Does Everyone Feel About Climate Change?

Jim Conca

agree climate change is happening, but don’t really believe it will dramatically impact their lives. Of course, these latter countries are the least able to deal with those changes Countries in Europe and the U.S. The rest of the world feels the opposite, especially in the East and Middle East.

80% of oil workers considering career impacts of climate change

Envirotec Magazine

Eight in ten Scots oil workers have considered that their careers could be impacted by actions being taken to tackle climate change, new research suggests. The post 80% of oil workers considering career impacts of climate change first appeared on Envirotec.

Climate change doubles natural disaster costs in the US

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The U.S. spent $95 billion on fixing damage caused by natural disasters last year, which was almost twice the 2019 costs

Climate Change is Impacting You in Ways You Haven’t Even Noticed

The Environmental Blog

Many of us are aware that climate change has massive implications, many of which have already transformed our planet. But if that’s not enough to turn you into an activist, here’s this – climate change directly harms people around the world. The effects of climate change reveal themselves in several ways. These aren’t random situations – climate change has threatened the existence of many locations around the world.

Rainn Wilson launches climate change web series featuring Greta Thunberg

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"An Idiot's Guide to Climate Change" follows Rainn Wilson on a global trip to learn about this serious issue

Presidential debate gives 10 minutes to climate change

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With 10 minutes to go of the first debate, the moderator said, "I'd like to talk about climate change." The results were revealing

Egyptian pavilion proposal for 2020 Venice Biennale targets climate change

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The pavilion concept addresses climate change and biodiversity risks

Ocasio-Cortez and Kerry co-chair climate change task force

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Presidential hopeful Joe Biden aims to unify the Democratic Party through six policy-setting progressive task forces, including climate change

How climate change has altered cocoa farming in Ivory Coast


Severe droughts have caused soil fertility to decline and therefore, yields hampered. Agriculture Books farmers Food & Agriculture Deforestation GreenBiz Reads

Climate Change Driving Forests To Smaller And Younger Trees

Jim Conca

A new study by scientists at PNNL shows that ongoing environmental changes are transforming forests worldwide, resulting in shorter and younger trees with broad impacts on global ecosystems. Stunted growth from rising temperatures more than offset any growth gains by increased CO2 fertilization. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Business energy

Climate change is adversely affecting childrens health worldwide

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Unless significant intervention takes place, global warming and climate change will negatively “shape the well-being of an entire generation

Health 219

Can fintech startups combat climate change?

Impact Alpha

The post Can fintech startups combat climate change? Blockchain/AI/IoT Climate and Clean Tech Impact Tech Signals UncategorizedImpactAlpha, Dec. 8 – Financial technology has transformed how we pay for things, invest, raise money, and assess risk. A new focus: making.

Climate Change is Humanity’s Greatest Challenge…But it Should Not Be Biden’s Top Priority.

Andrew Winston

This reality of what has happened to America has to change our priorities. Before the last four years, I would’ve said, without hesitation, climate change. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life working on sustainability and climate issues. And it’s not just climate.

Finnish stamps shine a harsh light on climate change

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The Finnish Post wanted to get the memo out about the climate crisis, but instead of using the internet, it went old school with snail mail. A series of new postage stamps designed by Finnish studio Berry Creative sends the message using a ubiquitous product coupled with basic science

Will the private sector be held liable for climate change?


National governments have been sued in climate change lawsuits. Companies could be next. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Strategy Corporate Strategy Environmental Responsibility

HSBC: Companies focused on climate change 'outperformed' as virus spread


Research note suggests businesses with strong ESG credentials are proving more resilient than peers to coronavirus turmoil. But there are regional differences. COVID-19 Finance & Investing ESG

Climate change is leading to increased winter drownings

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Skating, ice fishing, and other survival and recreational activities are becoming more dangerous as rising temperatures lead to weaker ice