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The Importance of Stormwater Management to the Environment

U.S. Green Technology

Stormwater from melting snow, ice, or rainfall is increasingly becoming a challenge in cities and urban centers. Naturally, stormwater should evaporate or infiltrate into the ground. The soil in natural habitats, such as forests, absorbs significant amounts of stormwater, minimizing runoff. Unfortunately, reduced.

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LEED Gold Columbia Building cleans stormwater runoff with green roofs

Inhabitat - Innovation

The award-winning Columbia Building successfully meets its design targets with an attractive green roof and a visible stormwater management system.


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Proactive Stormwater Management and Flood Resilience

CleanTech Group

Proactive Stormwater Management and Flood Resilience Climate change is reforming entire weather patterns and intensifying rainfall globally. These changes lead to more frequent.

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NaturChem (Opterra Solutions): Sustainable Vegetation, Pest and Stormwater Management and Repair

Green Business Bureau

NaturChem helps to maintain infrastructure, landscaping and safe work environments by providing industrial vegetation management and stormwater maintenance services as well as a full-range of vegetation and pest management products.

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Goodbye to decaying deposits and blocked pumps? Ensuring the clean operation of municipal stormwater holding tanks

Envirotec Magazine

The stormwater overflow tank. This is why we opted to fit the adjacent stormwater overflow tank with the same injector jet system in 2019 too.”. Ensuring the clean operation of municipal stormwater holding tanks first appeared on Envirotec. For more information visit ,

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How business can value every drop of water


Sponsored: With water crises everywhere, how to manage water usage, discharge and stormwater has become a critical operational and strategic question.

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This stunning park in China regulates stormwater with plants

Inhabitat - Innovation

Fish Tail Park is a combination of architectural, landscape, urban and environmental design. As a result, the park provides recreational access for the community, while simultaneously buffering it from the effects of monsoons.