Let’s Start Improving Water Quality In The US Everglades, Before It’s Too Late!


A combination of canals, stormwater treatment areas, and a storage reservoir may improve water quality in the US Everglades. Agriculture Policy & Politics Water Brown and Caldwell Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir Project stormwater treatment area

The Brief: Prudential’s billion-dollar blueprint, sustainable alt-leather, prison education, stormwater and waste reduction bonds, Carlyle’s strategy

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Design Your Landscaping to Handle Stormwater Runoff


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Snazzy garden shed doubles as rainwater runoff solution

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Maryland-based practice Gardner Architects was tasked with installing a small garden shed for homeowners in the community of Bethesda, they came up with a gorgeous 100-square-foot shed that not only blends in harmoniously with the main home, but actively helps manage stormwater runoff

NBBJ to design Tencents futuristic Net City in Shenzhen


The abundance of greenery will also help the project meet the goals of China’s Sponge City Initiative so that stormwater runoff is collected and managed throughout the campus.

LEED Platinum Sonoma Academy building takes cues from Californias landscape


Designed by architectural firm WRNS Studio and built by Silicon Valley-based XL Construction, the low-carbon building is a powerhouse of sustainable systems including solar panels , a living roof and stormwater management.

Climate-adaptive park in Copenhagen wins Arne of the Year Award


Completed in 2019, Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen comprises a large public space with a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of services for absorbing stormwater runoff and enhancing biodiversity.

Modular Aquatecture panels can harvest rainwater from the sides of buildings


Eco Green day zero netherlands rainwater harvesting shaakira-jassat stainless-steel stormwater management water conservation

Flywheel Development chooses Enphase microinverters for commercial solar portfolio

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Flywheel Development is a sustainable development company active in real estate, sustainable design, solar development and stormwater management infrastructure, with a focus on high-performance, net-zero buildings.

Natufia’s hydroponic garden embraces farm-to-table eating


Eco Green Recycle community food hydroponic garden innovation produce stormwater management sustainable food system vertical-garden zero-energyFarm-to-table is a practice that includes collecting food as close to the source as possible, therefore ensuring the greatest amount of nutrients and best quality. With that in mind, one company, Natufia, has taken the idea a step further with its indoor hydroponic garden systems.

Central Park to undergo $150M LEED Gold-targeted redesign


Eco Green Recycle + pool central central-park-conservancy design green renovation interior new york city park stormwater management water

Save 50% on native plants, rain barrels & more

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To encourage property owners to use best practices for stormwater management, Johnson County Stormwater Management Program offers the refunds to homeowners and businesses that make improvements on their properties.

The Environmental Effects of Natural Disasters

The Environmental Blog

This sent 150 million gallons of polluted water cascading into a stormwater ditch surrounding the plant. Within seconds, natural disasters can destroy buildings, tear up roads and upturn normal life. The damage these events cause, however, isn’t just limited to people and their property.

Water-to-Air Ratio GreenRoofs101

Green Roof Technology

An increasingly number of stormwater professionals recognize that Green Roofs are an excellent, the least expensive and most natural stormwater management tool with many added values for the environment we live in. Why is AIR-to-WATER Ratio on Green Roofs so important?

Celebration 20 years of Integrated Green Infrastructure

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greenroofs #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #optigreen #solargardenroof Integrated Green Infrastructure That Last. Celebrating two projects with 20 years of integrated Green Infrastructure. It is now 20 years after Jorg Breuning managed the Green Roof installation at the Zeppelin-Carrée (left). and 1999 Kronen-Carrée (right) in Stuttgart. Over 500,000 sf of green roofs nicely visible on Google Earth.

Government is “passing water pollution buck to the car industry”, experts warn

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Before joining the company as Market Development Manager in 2016, Jo spent a 20 year career at the Environment Agency, latterly as an expert advisor on urban stormwater and highway runoff.

Sustainability, Resilience:

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #optigreen #solargardenroofCelebrating two projects with 20 years of integrated Green Infrastructure. 20 years after managing the Green Roof installation in 1997 Zeppelin-Carrée (left). and 1999 Kronen-Carrée (right). Both buildings are covered with over 500,000 sf of multiple types of green roofs. It is likely the world's first Solar Garden Roof. It is now on Goggle Earth.

One of the biggest climate threats is the most familiar: Rain


Other flood-prone metros are, essentially, making room for excess water: Chicago has built more than 100 “Green Alleys” — permeable pavement that allows stormwater to filter through and drain into the ground. At least it wasn’t another Katrina.

Mangrove forests protect coastlines. ‘Synthetic mangroves’ could do the same for cities.


Humans have lots of reasons to thank mangroves. These swampy, stilt-rooted trees store massive amounts of carbon on tropical shorelines, support nurseries for a wide variety of commercially important fish species, and protect coastal areas from storm damage.

Power Plant and Green Roof

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #greenwall #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #greencurtain #optigreen Green Roofs and Green Walls. Since 1991 the Waste to Energy Power Plant in Stuttgart, Germany utilizes solid "old school" living green technology that the building almost visually disappears from the street level.

Hear local experts discuss climate issues

Greenability Magazine

Land Use: MARC’s Tom Jacobs and Scott Schulte with Vireo Landscape Architects highlight green infrastructure for better soil health and stormwater retention.

Nominate neighbors for a green award

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Past winners have worked to reduce waste, air pollution, stormwater runoff, energy costs and transportation costs. Is your Kansas City neighborhood working on a community garden, recycling project, energy efficiency, repurposing vacant lots or other Earth-friendly projects?

Sustainable drainage innovation installed on the M56

Envirotec Magazine

There was no space to build SuDS ponds or other vegetative features behind the carriageway to treat the metals, or to install a manufactured stormwater filter to capture the pollutants.

Living Building Challenge-targeted Watershed improves Seattles water quality


Related: The net-zero Frick Environmental Center is officially one of the world’s greenest buildings Most impressively, Watershed features a comprehensive stormwater management plan that aims to capture and treat millions of gallons of runoff a year. Stepped bio-retention planters also help retain and treat an additional 400,000 gallons of polluted stormwater runoff from the adjacent street and the Aurora Bridge annually prior to discharge in Lake Union.

Geothermal-powered dorm minimizes its carbon footprint in Quebec


In addition to an airtight envelope, the residence taps into the campus’ central geothermal system and integrates sustainable stormwater management systems. In addition to implementing a stormwater management plan, landscape architects oversaw a “renaturalization” process to return native plantings to the site as soon as the building was completed.

Charles Library boasts one of Pennsylvania’s largest green roofs


The new library also boasts a 47,300-square-foot green roof — one of the largest in Pennsylvania — that covers over 70% of the building’s roof surface and is part of a stormwater management system designed to manage all rainwater runoff on the approximately three-acre site, plus an additional acre of off-site impervious ground. Contemporary, sustainable and welcoming, Temple University’s new Charles Library in Philadelphia raises the bar for research libraries around the world.

Event - Congress on Soil, Plant and Water Sciences

Green Market Oracle

The 3rd Annual Congress on Soil, Plant and Water Sciences will take place on November 11-12, 2019 at Madrid, Spain. The theme is “Invention of new significant tool for sustainable growth in soil, plant and natural resources on earth.”

Soil 52

California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility


For instance, if the building housing the stormwater pump station were to be knocked offline, the mobile battery system would not by itself be able to turn on the pumps.

Demand 207

Try these 5 ways to reduce water use

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Even in the heat of summer and a pandemic, there are still safe ways to reduce water use and save money. Here are five tips for reducing water use. Turn it off outside. A lawn and garden can consume up to 70 percent of a household water bill during warm summer months.

Rooftop Vineyard

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #stormwater #vineyard Rooftop Vineyard. Rooftop farming for educational and recreational purposes seems a fancy trend in North America. In 2002 Dipl.-Ing Ing Markus Wittling was planning to elevate an entire vineyard on top of the Wine Museum in Cologne, Germany. The sloped green roof spans over the entire museum building of almost 20,000 square feet. It is likely the first vineyard on a roof and the first sloped rooftop farm in the world.

Sculptural aluminum roof keeps Cal Poly building cool


This plan features drought-tolerant plantings and an on-site capture system for stormwater and roof runoff, which is used to irrigate the new landscape. + California State Polytechnic University’s (Cal Poly) Pomona campus recently welcomed a new gateway building that not only consolidates academic services, but also serves as a sustainable campus landmark.

Solar-powered luxury home celebrates contemporary style at Lake Huron


In addition to an Ecoflo septic system, an underground stormwater system capable of handling a 100-year storm was installed onsite as well. + SAOTA Images via SAOTA. On the banks of Lake Huron in a remote Canadian town, South African architecture firm SAOTA completed a contemporary summer house that’s strikingly different from the region’s “cabin country” vernacular.

Wellesleys Global Flora greenhouse can generate all of its own energy


The greenhouse also includes stormwater retention tanks. Boston-based architecture firm Kennedy & Violich Architecture has flipped the script for energy-intensive greenhouses with the net-zero energy Global Flora, a sustainable botanical facility for Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Engineered to exceed the Net Zero Water & Energy requirements of the Living Building Challenge, Global Flora will follow passive solar principles and draw on geothermal energy.

Solar-powered home embraces tree canopy views in all directions


Three 5,000-liter water tanks were installed beneath the north deck to store rainwater for garden use and toilet-flushing, while other stormwater runoff is retained in bioswales.

Net-Zero Townhomes Benefit From Solar Garden Roof

Green Roof Technology

Their problem was stormwater management: Rules in Prince George's County, Maryland, required them to detain the runoff from heavy rainstorms on-site, rather than divert it into municipal storm drains. The poorly draining site soils and the tight site precluded traditional ground-based stormwater best management practices, so they looked to a vegetated rain-detaining roof for a solution. The roof is also effective as a stormwater management system.

LEED-Platinum learning lab is a beacon of sustainability


Examples of such systems include the rooftop solar array that offsets 13% of annual electric costs; a gray water reclamation system; high-efficiency mechanical systems for reduced energy usage; an experimental, research-based green roof; and stormwater swales at grade.

San Francisco library boasts a green roof and LEED Gold status


The vegetation, mostly native grasses and perennials, on the roof helps filter stormwater runoff, while the onsite electricity is generated through solar panels.

BREEAM-certified renovation for 70s modernist icon in Amsterdam


The addition of green roofs and terraces help absorb stormwater runoff to make the building “Amsterdam Rainproof.”

California winery innovates with sustainable recycling creation


Covered with a photovoltaic roof, the Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn is not only self-sufficient, but also champions environmentally friendly design principles that include material reuse , rainwater collection and responsible stormwater management practices.

Fluent Transition from Green Roof to Green Wall

Green Roof Technology

greeninfrastructure #green roofs #greenwalls #svarovski #stormwater #oldschoolgreening #sustainable #museeumFluent Transition from Green Roof to Green Wall for 23 Years. Multimedia artist André Heller created a world of wonder to celebrate Swarovski’s hundredth anniversary in 1995. Heller’s thematic centerpiece for Swarovski Crystal Worlds was the shape of the Giant.

LEED Platinum Sitka captures the Pacific Northwest spirit with a lush, fog-enabled courtyard


A sloping green roof and rooftop community garden help capture stormwater runoff as well.

Solar-powered innovation center targets LEED Gold in Toronto


CITE also features a building integrated solar array, stormwater management cisterns, a biodiverse landscape design, locally sourced, recycled materials wherever possible and increased use of FSC-certified wood finishes for lowered embodied carbon. Sustainability, indigenous culture and contemporary design come together in Perkins and Will’s design for the new $85 million Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) at Seneca College’s Newnham Campus.

The Nature Conservancys Oregon HQ gets a green renovation


All stormwater is captured and managed on-site. Portland-based LEVER Architecture has breathed new life into The Nature Conservancy’s Oregon headquarters with a LEED Gold-targeted renovation. Completed in 2019, the refreshed headquarters has received a much-needed facelift constructed from sustainably harvested materials as well as a new addition topped with a roof garden.