LEED Gold Columbia Building cleans stormwater runoff with green roofs

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The award-winning Columbia Building successfully meets its design targets with an attractive green roof and a visible stormwater management system

LA's Magic Johnson Park now features a stormwater recycling system

Inhabitat - Innovation

Named for former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 1994 and known as the largest park in South Los Angeles, the 126-acre Magic Johnson Park has recently undergone a sustainable renovation


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Goodbye to decaying deposits and blocked pumps? Ensuring the clean operation of municipal stormwater holding tanks

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The stormwater overflow tank. This is why we opted to fit the adjacent stormwater overflow tank with the same injector jet system in 2019 too.”. Ensuring the clean operation of municipal stormwater holding tanks first appeared on Envirotec.

LEED Gold Columbia Building cleans stormwater runoff with green roofs


Not only did the architects need to design the public project to meet a minimum of LEED Gold certification, but the building would also have to serve an educational purpose by providing a working demonstration of onsite stormwater filtration.

Design Your Landscaping to Handle Stormwater Runoff


Yes, now, before the … The post Design Your Landscaping to Handle Stormwater Runoff appeared first on Earth911.com. Original post: Design Your Landscaping to Handle Stormwater Runoff. It’s time to think about Spring. Eco design design-your earth911-com- first-on-earth911 handle home & garden landscaping runoff spring

LA’s Magic Johnson Park now features a stormwater recycling system


Some of the updates include a stormwater capture and recycling system as well as a new landscaping design focused on the native plants of California. Related: This city park in Amsterdam could help purify local water At the forefront of the project is an innovative stormwater recycling system that captures and diverts rainwater runoff. Go here to see the original: LA’s Magic Johnson Park now features a stormwater recycling system.

The Brief: Prudential’s billion-dollar blueprint, sustainable alt-leather, prison education, stormwater and waste reduction bonds, Carlyle’s strategy

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The post The Brief: Prudential’s billion-dollar blueprint, sustainable alt-leather, prison education, stormwater and waste reduction bonds, Carlyle’s strategy appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Greetings, Agents of Impact!

Snazzy garden shed doubles as rainwater runoff solution

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Maryland-based practice Gardner Architects was tasked with installing a small garden shed for homeowners in the community of Bethesda, they came up with a gorgeous 100-square-foot shed that not only blends in harmoniously with the main home, but actively helps manage stormwater runoff

Are Florida manatees starving to death?


“The raw truth of the matter is due to negligence of our stormwater we’ve had continual algal blooms over the past 10 years, which blocks out sea grass and kills it,” Billy Rotne, an Indian River Lagoon guide, told the News-Press. Eco Green civic architecture columbia river leed gold news oregon portland sea stormwater management yearManatee mortality in Florida has shot up this year, with 358 recorded deaths in January and February.

This nature center proves zero-energy is possible even in wintry Minnesota


The building also captures rainwater as part of its responsive stormwater management plan. + HGA Photography by Peter J. Environmental stewardship comes alive in spectacular fashion at the new Westwood Hills Nature Center, an interpretative center in the heart of St.

LEED Platinum Sonoma Academy building takes cues from Californias landscape


Designed by architectural firm WRNS Studio and built by Silicon Valley-based XL Construction, the low-carbon building is a powerhouse of sustainable systems including solar panels , a living roof and stormwater management.

NBBJ to design Tencents futuristic Net City in Shenzhen


The abundance of greenery will also help the project meet the goals of China’s Sponge City Initiative so that stormwater runoff is collected and managed throughout the campus.

E8 portfolio company StormSensor, which helps municipalities and industrial companies monitor stormw

E8 Cleantech Angels

Stormwater is the number one cause of water pollution in urban areas. StormSensor is a stormwater management solution designed to "take the expense, fear, and frustration" out of stormwater compliance.

Climate-adaptive park in Copenhagen wins Arne of the Year Award


Completed in 2019, Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen comprises a large public space with a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of services for absorbing stormwater runoff and enhancing biodiversity.

Enphase Energy Chosen by Flywheel Development for Commercial Solar Projects


Flywheel Development is a leading sustainable development company active in real estate, sustainable design, solar development, and stormwater management infrastructure, with a focus on high-performance, net-zero buildings

Flywheel Development chooses Enphase microinverters for commercial solar portfolio

Solar Power World

Flywheel Development is a sustainable development company active in real estate, sustainable design, solar development and stormwater management infrastructure, with a focus on high-performance, net-zero buildings.

Modular Aquatecture panels can harvest rainwater from the sides of buildings


Eco Green day zero netherlands rainwater harvesting shaakira-jassat stainless-steel stormwater management water conservation

Natufia’s hydroponic garden embraces farm-to-table eating


Eco Green Recycle community food hydroponic garden innovation produce stormwater management sustainable food system vertical-garden zero-energyFarm-to-table is a practice that includes collecting food as close to the source as possible, therefore ensuring the greatest amount of nutrients and best quality. With that in mind, one company, Natufia, has taken the idea a step further with its indoor hydroponic garden systems.

Deal renewal for modular system

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million of them scheduled to achieve “at risk” status by 2050 – water management components firm Hydro International has renewed a stormwater management deal with Rehau , a firm active in the building services sector.

Central Park to undergo $150M LEED Gold-targeted redesign


Eco Green Recycle + pool central central-park-conservancy design green renovation interior new york city park stormwater management waterTo cap the Central Park Conservancy’s 40-year renewal of Central Park, the nonprofit has unveiled designs to update the park’s north end with a LEED Gold -targeted recreational facility, a new pool, skating rink and other amenities.

Using urban forestry to fight for environmental justice


Urban trees don’t just store carbon, they reduce stormwater, they improve air, they provide energy savings in terms of heating and cooling. They reduce the costs of doing all kinds of other work, including stormwater management, air purification and water retention.

Save 50% on native plants, rain barrels & more

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To encourage property owners to use best practices for stormwater management, Johnson County Stormwater Management Program offers the refunds to homeowners and businesses that make improvements on their properties.

Green Infrastructure Project Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

This individual will develop, design, and implement green stormwater infrastructure projects that prioritize vegetative practices and community benefit while being functional, constructable and maintainable. Greenprint is an environmental consulting and project development firm exclusively dedicated to green stormwater infrastructure. Green Infrastructure Project Manager | Greenprint Partners | San Diego, CA.

The Environmental Effects of Natural Disasters

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This sent 150 million gallons of polluted water cascading into a stormwater ditch surrounding the plant. Within seconds, natural disasters can destroy buildings, tear up roads and upturn normal life. The damage these events cause, however, isn’t just limited to people and their property.

Water-to-Air Ratio GreenRoofs101

Green Roof Technology

An increasingly number of stormwater professionals recognize that Green Roofs are an excellent, the least expensive and most natural stormwater management tool with many added values for the environment we live in. Why is AIR-to-WATER Ratio on Green Roofs so important?

4 things corporations should know about urban forestry projects


But urban forests have myriad other benefits that are becoming more understood and easier to measure: They have been demonstrated to help control stormwater, lower energy costs, improve air quality and provide both physical and mental health benefits.

Celebration 20 years of Integrated Green Infrastructure

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #optigreen #solargardenroof Integrated Green Infrastructure That Last. Celebrating two projects with 20 years of integrated Green Infrastructure. It is now 20 years after Jorg Breuning managed the Green Roof installation at the Zeppelin-Carrée (left). and 1999 Kronen-Carrée (right) in Stuttgart. Over 500,000 sf of green roofs nicely visible on Google Earth.

GM’s renamed Factory ZERO to be retooled for all-EV production


Concrete waste has been repurposed to create temporary roadways, recycled stormwater will be used in cooling towers and the fire suppression system, and the site will include a 16.5-acre wildlife habitat. GM has given its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center a new role and a new name.

Sustainability, Resilience:

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #optigreen #solargardenroofCelebrating two projects with 20 years of integrated Green Infrastructure. 20 years after managing the Green Roof installation in 1997 Zeppelin-Carrée (left). and 1999 Kronen-Carrée (right). Both buildings are covered with over 500,000 sf of multiple types of green roofs. It is likely the world's first Solar Garden Roof. It is now on Goggle Earth.

Earth Day goes big & virtual again

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Stormwater Sunday Earth Day Celebration , The Little Red Hen’s Community Garden puppet show, 2400 E. This Earth Day will be bigger than ever, offering the public the opportunity to join events around the world as it will be mostly virtual again in response to COVID-19.

Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience


We’ve even been researching creative applications to achieve this goal, such as floating solar farms on stormwater ponds at the Orlando International Airport and other locations throughout the region. Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience. Chris Castro.

Mangrove forests protect coastlines. ‘Synthetic mangroves’ could do the same for cities.


Humans have lots of reasons to thank mangroves. These swampy, stilt-rooted trees store massive amounts of carbon on tropical shorelines, support nurseries for a wide variety of commercially important fish species, and protect coastal areas from storm damage.

Prefab Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre boasts energy- and water-saving design


Built with prefabricated construction and energy-efficient technologies, the building will adhere to Zhuhai’s “sponge city” initiative for responsible stormwater management and is expected to achieve two stars within China’s Green Building Evaluation Standard.

Power Plant and Green Roof

Green Roof Technology

greenroofs #greenwall #biophylilla #stormwater #greenrooftechnology #greeninfrastructure #greencurtain #optigreen Green Roofs and Green Walls. Since 1991 the Waste to Energy Power Plant in Stuttgart, Germany utilizes solid "old school" living green technology that the building almost visually disappears from the street level.

Plan It Native landscape conference goes virtual

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Their extensive root systems retain more water than traditional lawns, which reduces stormwater run-off, mitigates flooding and traps significant amounts of carbon.

Bradley Plaza Green Alley: a new park for an old LA neighborhood


What was once an alley surrounded by factories in Pacoima is now a vibrant space that features shade trees, ADA-accessible amenities and a stormwater management system. In addition to once being an unsightly industrial alley, the site has had a problem with dirty stormwater, which often flooded the neighborhood.

Government is “passing water pollution buck to the car industry”, experts warn

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Before joining the company as Market Development Manager in 2016, Jo spent a 20 year career at the Environment Agency, latterly as an expert advisor on urban stormwater and highway runoff. Poisonous particle pollution from brake and tyre wear is carried in runoff then enters rivers and streams.

One of the biggest climate threats is the most familiar: Rain


Other flood-prone metros are, essentially, making room for excess water: Chicago has built more than 100 “Green Alleys” — permeable pavement that allows stormwater to filter through and drain into the ground. After Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken, New Jersey, rebuilt with future storms in mind — replacing concrete with spongy surfaces and installing a 200,000-gallon stormwater tank under one of the city’s big parks. At least it wasn’t another Katrina.

Nominate neighbors for a green award

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Past winners have worked to reduce waste, air pollution, stormwater runoff, energy costs and transportation costs. Is your Kansas City neighborhood working on a community garden, recycling project, energy efficiency, repurposing vacant lots or other Earth-friendly projects?

What we’re looking to fund in Cohort 10

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Stormwater management and flood resiliency solutions. While the climate crisis reveals new challenges with each passing day, our optimism has never been greater.

Hear local experts discuss climate issues

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Land Use: MARC’s Tom Jacobs and Scott Schulte with Vireo Landscape Architects highlight green infrastructure for better soil health and stormwater retention.

Miami Beach Aquatic Center and Park will include 3 acres of native landscaping


Additionally, the building’s green roof planters will harvest and treat stormwater, and all water runoff from the site will be directed to a system that will allow it to be reused for irrigation.

Sustainable drainage innovation installed on the M56

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There was no space to build SuDS ponds or other vegetative features behind the carriageway to treat the metals, or to install a manufactured stormwater filter to capture the pollutants. THE FIRST installation of SDS Aqua-XchangeTM, the sustainable drainage innovation which turns roadside filter drains into treatment devices that protect the water environment from toxic metals pollution, has been successfully completed on a busy stretch of the M56 motorway.