6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Construction Design Software

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A construction project can be complex. This includes the building and construction industry. Luckily, construction project tools can help you streamline your processes. The post 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Construction Design Software appeared first on U.S.

5 Ways to Understanding Sustainable Construction

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5 Techniques for Sustainable Building Construction Sustainable construction covers two main facets: following protocols that will reduce the impact on the environment during the building process and creating something that will have a positive impact in the future.


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How Can You Maximize Energy Efficiency in New Home Construction?

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The post How Can You Maximize Energy Efficiency in New Home Construction? Energy Efficiency Energy Efficient Homes Featured Posts Featured Stories New Home ConstructionTo the casual observer, this might seem like the worst time to start building a new home.

Conversations, culture and constructive climate action


Make advocacy and inquiry a mantra, and you have a recipe for a culture of productive discourse that propels sustainability, climate action, and other strategic and operational imperatives

Why Modular Construction Is More Sustainable

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The construction industry is one of the most necessary sectors in the world. In comparison to the traditional method, modular construction is the more sustainable option. Modular construction entails partial building in a controlled, off-site location, like a factory.

Green Initiatives for Industrial Construction

U.S. Green Technology

Why Green Initiatives for Industrial Construction? A large part of the movement includes green building practices in which companies approach new construction with a combination of protecting the environment and our natural resources with cutting energy costs and saving clients money.

Meet Nexii, the green construction company allied with Michael Keaton


Meet Nexii, the green construction company allied with Michael Keaton. Green construction startup Nexii first caught my attention back in the spring when the Canadian company announced a partnership with actor and Pennsylvania native Michael Keaton.

How to Take Advantage of Sustainable Trends in Construction

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Sustainable Construction that Builds Competitive Advantage. With consumer demand for green products and services quickly on the rise, the construction and building products industry is looking for ways to manage cost while capitalizing on this new demand.

Sustainable Construction Materials: 5 Eco-Friendly Options Revolutionizing The Industry

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What are sustainable construction materials? Material technology continues to advance, creating new and novel possibilities for the construction industry. Today, there is a growing variety of sustainable construction materials taking the place of traditional materials.

Sustainability Guide for Builders and Construction: Getting Started

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Sustainable Construction: Builders Need to Go Green. Sustainable building practices are becoming increasingly common throughout the construction industry. The Construction Industry’s Impact on the Environment. Properly Dispose of Construction Waste.

LEED Certification Checklist for Building Design and Construction (BD+C)

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Whether it be a new building or an existing building, the LEED certification process offers a rating system for all different types of construction. This article is meant to focus on the LEED certification checklist for Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C).

The climate case for construction


But there are solutions to make construction more efficient, resilient and safer. Buildings have an outsize impact on the environment. Buildings Built Environment Clean Economy Cleantech Pollution Prevention

Proposed model shows potential for circular practices in construction steel


Proposed model shows potential for circular practices in construction steel. Contrary to popular belief, a profitable business model for reused construction steel is not nearly as impossible as one may believe. Niraja Chopade. Fri, 01/29/2021 - 01:00.

These orgs are constructing reuse infrastructure for the built environment


The circular economy offers an elegant alternative to the siloed, short-sighted and waste-ridden reputation of the building industry

Become a Leader in the Construction Industry by Incorporating These 5 Innovative Strategies

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Leadership and Innovation in the Construction Industry The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The post Become a Leader in the Construction Industry by Incorporating These 5 Innovative Strategies appeared first on U.S.

Construction Increases Environmental Remediation

The Environmental Blog

Oil spills, sewage overflow, construction runoff…whether or not it makes news headlines, our communities face new hazardous waste contamination each day. As the economy has improved and increased construction and manufacturing projects the last few years, so too has the need for remediation and environmental cleanup. Contamination occurs every single day in the form of transportation runoff, natural disaster wreckage, construction waste, and storage tank decay.

Could Green Concrete Change the Construction Industry?

U.S. Green Technology

The construction industry is undergoing a significant adjustment in recent years, with global trends leaning toward more sustainable sourcing and building practices. The post Could Green Concrete Change the Construction Industry?

Volvo CE introduces 3 new electric construction machines


Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has introduced three new electric compact construction machines, bringing its electric lineup to five models. Fleets and Infrastructure Newswire The Vehicles Volvo Construction Equipment Volvo EVs

Building a sustainable construction company from the ground up


GreenBiz Default Summary

Construction: the next normal


As construction along with other sectors emerges from varying degrees of Corona lockdown we have an opportunity, a rare opportunity and the only one we may have in our life times to shape the next normal. What then, for construction and the built environment.

The Construction Industry Meets Technology Disruption – Finally

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Construction is a $12 Trillion industry, accounting for almost 13% of the Global GDP. Construction and buildings are also responsible for 38% of global emissions, producing ~25%-30% of all waste in Europe. While construction incumbents. Cross-sector Trends Energy & Power Energy Efficiency Construction

How Renewable Energy Is Being Used by Construction Companies

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The post How Renewable Energy Is Being Used by Construction Companies appeared first on U.S. In the last decade, the U.K. has decreased their dependency on carbon energy more than any other country in the world.

World’s tallest timber tower could be the future of sustainable construction


Timber construction uses less resources, produces fewer emissions, and is more durable than steel and concrete

The Surprising Effects of Construction on the Environment

The Environmental Blog

The construction industry is one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions , playing a huge role in climate change. The effects of construction on the environment are immense from mining precious resources, extracting materials, and destroying habitat.

Construction of Europes largest vertical farm is underway

Inhabitat - Innovation

The first phase of construction on the new Nordic Harvest vertical farm has been completed after just 6 months of work

KOGAA upcycles construction waste into a plant-filled coffee hub

Inhabitat - Innovation

GROUNDS, a coffee hub in Karlín, Prague, is made from 80% upcycled construction waste

How to Boost Your Career in Construction

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The construction industry is a popular, ever-growing field, and with more young people than ever before opting to learn a trade in favor of attending college and earning a degree, the competition is getting fiercer. If you’ve decided to make your career in the construction industry, then you’ll be glad to hear that it’s a sector where employees tend to be happier compared to various others.

U.S. onshore wind construction costs continue to decline

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Construction costs for U.S. The average construction cost per kilowatt fell from $1,895 in 2013 to $1,391 in 2019. The report acknowledges that wind capacity and construction costs vary significantly by region.

South Fork offshore wind project is cleared for construction

Renewable Energy World

South Fork Wind received approval of the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (COP) from the U.S. Construction is expected to start this summer. With the BOEM approvals for South Fork Wind, Ørsted and Eversource enter the project’s construction phase.

New ACME Pavilion employs sustainable CLT construction


Design house ACME's director Friedrich Ludewig drew on the inspiration of Alpine architecture and nearby Olympic Park to guide the design of The Pavilion at Stratford Square in east London, a gently undulating pavilion made using cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction

New eco-friendly, decomposing construction foam unveiled

Inhabitat - Innovation

Researchers have come up with a new, more eco-friendly and effective form of building insulation material. The new material was developed due to the shortcomings of the traditional polyurethane-based foam insulators

A Carbon Hierarchy for (Net) Zero Carbon Construction


Construction projects are carbon-positive: Strict carbon planning and management is key. Carbon and Construction carbons are not understood. Therefore, the most responsible thing we can do is to design and construct buildings that are carbon sinks.

3D Printing Helps Streamline the Construction Industry

CleanTech Group

New Demands in Construction Drive Innovation Demand for new structures, buildings and housing continues unabated. This inevitably places pressure on the workforce and. Cleantech Insurance Materials and Chemicals

Green technology is essential for Future Construction


Homeowners are also showing interest in projects that deploy raw material and construction techniques with a lower carbon footprint and that are not detrimental to the environment. These techniques are being extensively used in modern construction right from the Continue reading.

AES Launches First-of-its-Kind Robot to Accelerate Solar Construction


Company unveils Atlas, cutting-edge AI-enabled solar installation technology complementing existing construction programs and bolstering high-tech jobs in the US

BLM approves solar farm construction in California desert

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Bureau of Land Management has approved the Crimson Solar Project, a massive solar farm in California that will power over 80,000 homes

Construction begins on the largest solar plant in the US

Inhabitat - Innovation

Once completed, the farm will generate 1,013 megawatts of energy

All American to finish construction of hydrogen fuel cell vessel

CleanTech Alliance

has been awarded a contract by Switch Maritime (SW/TCH) to complete the construction and outfitting of an aluminum 70?, Source: Workboat Staff, WorkBoat, March 26 All American Marine (AAM), Bellingham, Wash., 84-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered, electric drive e-ferry. The ferry (referred to as the ‘Water-Go-Round’ project) will operate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to its transfer to […]. Industry News

Top 10 Building Material used in Construction in India


There are many different types of building materials used in the construction industry including Concrete, Steel, Wood and Masonry. The choice of materials for construction is based on cost and effectiveness to resisting Continue reading.

50 to Watch Case Studies: Minimizing Construction Waste

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A SOLUTION:CATALOG AND REUSE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Concular provides a digitized circular materials procurement system How it Works Materials in buildings scheduled for.

Director of Construction

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Director of Construction | Borrego | San Diego. Borrego is seeking a Director of Construction, Utility-Scale EPC to join our growing team! The Director of Construction is responsible for the safety, quality, and financial results of all field activity. Coordinate project implementation with Pre-Construction, Engineering, and Field Operations. Support Sales and Pre-Construction in bid analysis, constructibility, scheduling and cost review.

Sustainable and Green Construction Trends


More homeowners are becoming aware of how their home construction … The post Sustainable and Green Construction Trends appeared first on Earth911.com. See the original post here: Sustainable and Green Construction Trends.

A PQQ for Regenerative Construction


From COST Restore publication : Regenerative Construction and Operation Bridging the gap between design and construction, following a Life Cycle Approach consisting of practical approaches for procurement, construction, operation and future life.