Artificial Intelligence Platform Detects Power Grid Flaws And Wildfire Dangers Better And Faster Than Humans

Jim Conca

Powerlines and equipment problems have been the cause of most recent wildfires. But a new AI and machine vision technology can analyze millions of images of powerlines and towers to find dangerous faults and flaws to help utilities identify problem areas and repair them before a fire starts.

China Has ‘First-Strike’ Capability To Melt U.S. Power Grid With Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Jim Conca

China now has a network of satellites, high-speed missiles, and super-EMP weapons that could melt down our electric grid, fry critical communications, and even takeout the ability of our aircraft carrier groups to respond. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Aerospace & Defense /aerospace-defense Business energy

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Hitachi ABB Power Grids launches charging system for EV fleets


Hitachi ABB Power Grids, a newly formed joint venture between the two electronics giants, has launched a new “grid-to-plug” EV charging system for public transport and commercial fleet operators. It uses DC technology and can connect to any type of power network.

How the U.S. power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind


Data Electricity Grid Energy & ClimateAs renewable energy sources move mainstream, electricity generation and distribution systems are getting an extreme makeover.

Offshore Wind Grew 19% Globally In 2019


Clean Power Grid Market Research Offshore Wind Energy Press Releases Research Science Wind Energy NREL offshore wind us offshore wind energy us offshore wind farms US Wind EnergyGlobal installed offshore wind capacity reached 27,064 MW in 2019 — a 19% increase from the previous year.

Google Buying Subsidy-Free Solar Power In Denmark


As I've been writing recently, solar power prices just keep on dropping. Well, enough that it makes financial sense for Google to buy subsidy-free solar power in extremely northerly (i.e., How much?

PG&E Outlines Path to Easing Future Power Grid Outages


Pacific Gas & Electric's top executives and members of its post-bankruptcy board of directors faced a nearly five-hour grilling from the California Public Utilities Commission on Friday over the communications, planning and execution failures of its massive fire-prevention power outage earlier this month. Still, it’s going to take years to trim trees, harden poles, shield power lines, underground select circuits, and otherwise limit its fire risk profile to reach that goal.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids commences operations


Complementary portfolios and technology strengths to ensure continuity, enhance customer value and bring growth opportunities

Hitachi Completes Acquisition of ABB Power Grids to Tackle Renewable Energy’s Rise


Japan’s Hitachi has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in ABB Power Grids worth up to $7.8 billion, creating a new business aimed at tackling the renewable and distributed energy frontiers of the power industry. Hitachi ABB Power Grids is the new company formed Wednesday by the close of Hitachi’s acquisition of an 80.1 percent stake in the venerable power grids unit of the Swiss-Swedish engineering giant.

DERConnect will enable researchers to test integration of renewable energy and EV batteries into the power grid


The National Science Foundation has awarded $39 million to a team of engineers and computer scientists at the University of California San Diego to build a test bed to better understand how to integrate distributed energy sources and EV batteries into the power grid. “We

ABB wins $100 million framework contract to strengthen South America’s power grid


ABB Power Grids partners with ISA in building a reliable and efficient power grid, improving the quality of life of millions of people in South America

USA Braces For Tsunami Of Microgrids As Defense Dept. Wades In (#CleanTechnica Exclusive Interview)


The Defense Department is taking steps to accelerate the microgrid revolution by tapping the analytic power of rural electric cooperatives. Clean Power Grid Interviews Microgrids Department of Defense Electricity NRECA

Why Utilities In Minnesota & Other States Need To Plan For More Competition


Clean Power Grid Solar Energy Institute for Local Self Reliance Minnesota utilities distributed generation

Florida Community with Virtual Power Plant & Net-Zero Homes Moves Forward


Buildings Clean Power Grid Press Releases Solar Energy Virtual Power Plants COMPASS DEVELOPMENT MARKETING GROUP EnergyStar EPA WaterSense Indoor Air PLUS LEED Zero Pearl Homes sonnen



The energy sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Decentralization, a rise in the number of electrical loads such as e-vehicles and heat pumps, and the growing share of volatile renewable energies are increasing the complexity of the energy system

Western Australia Utility Removing Poles & Wires In Renewable Energy Transition


Utility companies and grid operators in Western Australia are taking down poles and wires and replacing them with standalone systems that use solar panels, inverters, and batteries to create local microgrids. Clean Power Grid Microgrids Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Australia Battery Storage Horizon Power microgrid stand-alone power Western Australia

Energy 322

Hitachi ABB Power Grids launches open and scalable ecosystem for digitalization of transformers


The manufacturer-agnostic, TXpert™ Ecosystem to enable millions of dollars in savings through greater flexibility, efficiency and resilience in electricity networks

Experts to Assess How to Adapt the Power Grid to High-Penetration Renewables


Register Now for the Virtual 2020 ACORE Grid Forum on November 17-18

WoodMac: Wind, Solar and Storage to Dominate Europe’s Power Grid by 2030


Europe's power system will look very different in 2030, with energy storage supporting the “dominance” of wind and solar generation, according to new research from Wood Mackenzie. France, Italy and Spain — will get the majority of their power from wind, solar and other variable renewable energy sources as early as 2023, WoodMac says. Coal and nuclear power will be the biggest losers in Europe's energy system by 2040.

Solar-Home Systems & Mini-Grids: Same, Same But Different!


SHS are micro-power plants with integrated energy storage that provide electricity to individual buildings or households. SHS typically provide DC power that can be used without any problems for lamps and mobile phone charging. For newly electrified households, these are typically the main power needs. The electricity from SHS is not fully comparable to AC power that we know in developed countries.

BoxPower Supplies Two Portable Microgrids For Use In Puerto Rico


BoxPower has supplied two of its portable microgrids to communities in Puerto Rico left without electricity after a series of earthquakes wiped out parts of the island's electrical grid. Clean Power Grid Microgrids Solar Energy BoxPower container based solar microgrid portable microgrid Puerto Rico Puerto Rico earthquakes

To Attract Investors & Developers, India Announces Incentives For Solar Energy Parks


The Indian government is planning to facilitate implementation of solar power parks across the country with each project having a capacity of 2 gigawatts. The solar and wind energy parks shall be implemented under the ultra mega renewable energy power parks program. Clean Power Solar Energy Solar Power Plants India india renewable energy India Solar Power india wind energy NHPC NLC India NTPC Power Finance Corporation Power Grid of India Rural Electricity Corporation

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Hitachi ABB Power Grids joins effort to protect power utilities from cyber threats


Global leader and pioneer in power technologies will share cybersecurity information with utilities through the Fortress Asset to Vendor Network

Could the UK run a net-negative emission power grid by 2033?

Business Green

National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios analysis paints a compelling picture of the potential for an energy system replete with hydrogen, CCS and millions of EVs.

'Progress can be both quiet and spectacular': Britain's power grid emissions hit record lows

Business Green

Electricity grid smashed several records over the bank holiday weekend, with low demand and high renewables output cutting both CO2 and flexible tariff prices. Carbon emissions from Great Britain's power system achieved a number of record lows over the bank holiday weekend, thanks to a drop in energy demand and high levels of solar and wind grid penetration, according to energy firm Drax. At the time, 65 per cent of power was sourced from renewables.

A deluge of batteries is about to rewire the power grid

Renewable Energy World

They stir silently into action—powering the appliances in the five-bedroom home’s twin kitchens, recharging a $100,000-plus Model X SUV, driving a filter pump for an 18-meter swimming pool sparkling in the shade of a century-old native black bean tree. News DER Off-Grid Grid ScaleA pale orange-and-gold sunset bathes the macadamia plantations and avocado orchards that sweep down to Australia’s Byron Bay.

Canada’s power grid is pretty clean. Here’s why it needs to be cleaner

Clean Energy Canada

The electricity that powers our country. Not only that, it’s the electricity that will power much of the transition to a carbon-free future. All of them incentivize plugging more things — from our cars to our homes — into our electricity grid. Relative to most countries, we have a head start: Canada’s electricity grid is already 81 per cent non-emitting. Strategic investments in cleaning up government operations, innovation and off-grid communities.

India x Cleantech — September 2019


Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we will pull news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article. Ongoing, this series will find a home over on CleanTechnica's “Future Trends” page. Without further ado, here are this month's highlights from India x Cleantech.

How The Future Of California’s Power Grid Hangs On The Constitutionality Of ‘Inverse Condemnation’

Forbes Green Tech

PG&E, in court documents filed last week in its ongoing bankruptcy case, made clear its position that until courts and lawmakers change what the utility sees as unconstitutional state laws, northern Californians will have little choice but to suffer more forced power outages when the wind gusts

Law 64

Smart Hot Water: New project to help balance UK power grid

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USER Project to integrate AI technology with hot water cylinders to help manage grid demand. The humble immersion heater is being reinvented as an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled smart grid technology, as part of a cutting edge trial that was unveiled this week. At almost 100GWh, this capacity is equivalent to six million Tesla Powerwall units, the group said, adding that it could play a role in managing the increase in variable renewables coming onto the grid.

How the U.S. power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind


power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind. Business Green data electricity grid energy & climate extreme-makeover- generation-and renewable energy sources-move systems-areAs renewable energy sources move mainstream, electricity generation and distribution systems are getting an extreme makeover. See the original post here: How the U.S.

BNEF finds that hydrogen’s plunging price could boost its role in a carbon-free future

Renewable Energy World

News Wind Power Grid Scale Solar InfrastructureThe cost of producing hydrogen gas with renewables is likely to plummet in the coming decades, making one of the most radical technologies for reducing greenhouse gases economical.

Siemens inaugurates world’s largest electrothermal energy storage system

Renewable Energy World

News Wind Power Grid Scale Storage Utility IntegrationSiemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) said that is has begun operation of its electric thermal energy storage system (ETES), a milestone in the development of energy storage solutions, according to the company.

In quest for bigger batteries, California mulls pumped hydro

Renewable Energy World

News Hydropower Wind Power Grid Scale Storage SolarAs the sun sets on California’s solar farms, a backup energy source deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains springs to life.

Australia in planning for multiple massive battery projects

Renewable Energy World

News Utility Scale Wind Power Grid ScaleFrance’s Neoen SA has outlined plans to build a giant renewables complex in South Australia, including battery storage with up to nine times more capacity than the Tesla Inc. design at its nearby Hornsdale plant, which is billed as the world’s largest lithium-ion battery.

Bermuda Electric Light Company installs 10-MW/5.5-MWh energy storage system

Renewable Energy World

The system provides up to 10 MW power for spinning reserves and frequency response to maintain grid stability and has a storage capacity of 5.5MWh, said the company. Energy Efficiency Microgrids News Wind Power Grid Scale SolarYesterday, energy storage company Saft said it delivered and installed a turnkey Energy Storage System to Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO).

Smart Grids & Microgrids Asia 2020


Creating Intelligent Power Grids in Asia

Real-Time Innovations to Showcase Electric Vehicle and Plug-and-Play DER Solutions at DistribuTECH International


RTI In-Booth Demos to Address Urgent Issues Facing the Electrical Power Grid

ABB partners with China’s State Grid to integrate large-scale renewables


ABB Power Grid’s HVDC transformer and high-voltage technology an essential part of integrating large-scale renewables in China

LineVision Announces 5 EU-Funded Projects with 4 European Utilities


LineVision expands to fourth continent with FARCROSS project to enhance the European regional power grid with advanced monitoring technologies