PG&E Outlines Path to Easing Future Power Grid Outages


CEO Bill Johnson’s statement that PG&E will be continuing public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events for the next decade or so drew a quick public outcry, and a quick explanation from the utility that it will reduce the scope and duration of those outages over time.

How the U.S. power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind


Data Electricity Grid Energy & ClimateAs renewable energy sources move mainstream, electricity generation and distribution systems are getting an extreme makeover.

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USA Braces For Tsunami Of Microgrids As Defense Dept. Wades In (#CleanTechnica Exclusive Interview)


The Defense Department is taking steps to accelerate the microgrid revolution by tapping the analytic power of rural electric cooperatives. Clean Power Grid Interviews Microgrids Department of Defense Electricity NRECA

Western Australia Utility Removing Poles & Wires In Renewable Energy Transition


Utility companies and grid operators in Western Australia are taking down poles and wires and replacing them with standalone systems that use solar panels, inverters, and batteries to create local microgrids.

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Solar-Home Systems & Mini-Grids: Same, Same But Different!


SHS are micro-power plants with integrated energy storage that provide electricity to individual buildings or households. SHS typically provide DC power that can be used without any problems for lamps and mobile phone charging.

BoxPower Supplies Two Portable Microgrids For Use In Puerto Rico


BoxPower has supplied two of its portable microgrids to communities in Puerto Rico left without electricity after a series of earthquakes wiped out parts of the island's electrical grid.

Smart Hot Water: New project to help balance UK power grid

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USER Project to integrate AI technology with hot water cylinders to help manage grid demand. The humble immersion heater is being reinvented as an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled smart grid technology, as part of a cutting edge trial that was unveiled this week. At almost 100GWh, this capacity is equivalent to six million Tesla Powerwall units, the group said, adding that it could play a role in managing the increase in variable renewables coming onto the grid.

A deluge of batteries is about to rewire the power grid

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They stir silently into action—powering the appliances in the five-bedroom home’s twin kitchens, recharging a $100,000-plus Model X SUV, driving a filter pump for an 18-meter swimming pool sparkling in the shade of a century-old native black bean tree. News DER Off-Grid Grid Scale

How The Future Of California’s Power Grid Hangs On The Constitutionality Of ‘Inverse Condemnation’

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PG&E, in court documents filed last week in its ongoing bankruptcy case, made clear its position that until courts and lawmakers change what the utility sees as unconstitutional state laws, northern Californians will have little choice but to suffer more forced power outages when the wind gusts

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How the U.S. power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind


power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind. Business Green data electricity grid energy & climate extreme-makeover- generation-and renewable energy sources-move systems-are

Canada’s power grid is pretty clean. Here’s why it needs to be cleaner

Clean Energy Canada

The electricity that powers our country. Not only that, it’s the electricity that will power much of the transition to a carbon-free future. All of them incentivize plugging more things — from our cars to our homes — into our electricity grid. Relative to most countries, we have a head start: Canada’s electricity grid is already 81 per cent non-emitting. Strategic investments in cleaning up government operations, innovation and off-grid communities.

India x Cleantech — September 2019


Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we will pull news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article. Ongoing, this series will find a home over on CleanTechnica's “Future Trends” page.

BNEF finds that hydrogen’s plunging price could boost its role in a carbon-free future

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News Wind Power Grid Scale Solar InfrastructureThe cost of producing hydrogen gas with renewables is likely to plummet in the coming decades, making one of the most radical technologies for reducing greenhouse gases economical.

Siemens inaugurates world’s largest electrothermal energy storage system

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News Wind Power Grid Scale Storage Utility IntegrationSiemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) said that is has begun operation of its electric thermal energy storage system (ETES), a milestone in the development of energy storage solutions, according to the company.

In quest for bigger batteries, California mulls pumped hydro

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News Hydropower Wind Power Grid Scale Storage SolarAs the sun sets on California’s solar farms, a backup energy source deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains springs to life.

Australia in planning for multiple massive battery projects

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News Utility Scale Wind Power Grid ScaleFrance’s Neoen SA has outlined plans to build a giant renewables complex in South Australia, including battery storage with up to nine times more capacity than the Tesla Inc.

Bermuda Electric Light Company installs 10-MW/5.5-MWh energy storage system

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The system provides up to 10 MW power for spinning reserves and frequency response to maintain grid stability and has a storage capacity of 5.5MWh, said the company. Energy Efficiency Microgrids News Wind Power Grid Scale Solar

Smart Grids & Microgrids Asia 2020


Creating Intelligent Power Grids in Asia

LineVision Announces 5 EU-Funded Projects with 4 European Utilities


LineVision expands to fourth continent with FARCROSS project to enhance the European regional power grid with advanced monitoring technologies

Analysis of 100% Clean Bill (SB 5116) Cost Cap

Low Carbon Prosperity

We previously reported projected rate impacts of the steps leading to 100% Clean Power – the summary table of which is shown below. 100% Clean Power. The total avoided carbon potential is many times that which would result from eliminating the last 1% of power system GHGs.

UPDATED: Effect on GHG Emissions and Rates from 100% Clean Power

Low Carbon Prosperity

This updated Low Carbon Prosperity Institute (LCPI) analysis examines the rate impacts of eliminating coal power, achieving an 80% clean energy standard by the year 2030, and a 100% clean energy standard by the year 2045.

Real-Time Innovations to Showcase Electric Vehicle and Plug-and-Play DER Solutions at DistribuTECH International


RTI In-Booth Demos to Address Urgent Issues Facing the Electrical Power Grid

Natural gas to be ‘substantial part’ of Singapore's energy mix for next 50 years


Besides use of the fossil fuel, the city-state plans to boost solar adoption, tap regional power grids and other low-carbon alternatives, and manage energy consumption

ABB strengthens grid stability and operational efficiency with Asset Performance Management solutions for power transformers


ABB’s Power Grids business has launched its APM Edge solution for transformers to accommodate the growing complexity of grid operations to safeguard energy reliability and resilience – all whilst reducing capital investment and operational expense

Daimler launches charging infrastructure program for electric trucks


The initiative will bring together e-truck customers, power grid operators, energy suppliers, charging hardware manufacturers and charging software providers, says Daimler.



Off-grid Definition: When we talk about a power grid we’re referring to the network that delivers electricity to our homes. An off-grid system is designed to help people function without the support of this network

Grundfos launches Distributed Pumping System to meet Asia’s sustainable cooling needs


Rising temperatures across the world has cast a spotlight on the need to provide cooling in cities without overburdening urban power grids and in turn further contributing to climate change.

Fermata receives UL certification for vehicle-to-grid EV charging system


The standard covers bidirectional equipment that charges EVs from an electric power system (EPS) and also allows the vehicle to export power to an EPS, potentially enabling EV owners to earn money by helping to stabilize the electric power grid when the vehicles are parked. “By We believe bidirectional energy solutions such as Fermata Energy’s V2G system will play an important role in reducing energy costs, improving grid resilience and combating climate change.”.



Smart charging is resulting in e-mobility becoming increasingly intelligent by, for example, charging electric cars when it makes economic sense to do so or by allowing car batteries to temporarily store electricity for use in the car owner’s home or the power grid The expansion of charging infrastructure is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of the transportation transition.

New York’s Coronavirus Threat Pushes Grid Operators to Work and Live in Isolation


Last week, 37 employees of state grid operator NYISO — 33 grid operators and managers, plus two facilities workers and two food service staff — volunteered to sequester themselves at the state’s two grid control centers near the state capitol, Albany.

Massive Senate Energy Bill Falters


A massive energy bill that could direct billions of dollars to renewable energy, energy storage and smart grid R&D and deployments faces an unclear future in the U.S. Grid modernization.

The Case for Utility Business Model Reform and Radical Climate Policy


electricity grid? What’s the role of nuclear power in the U.S. As a leading voice in the space, he has helped tens of thousands of readers better understand wonky topics like performance-based utility regulation and how batteries can benefit the power grid.

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Sweeping Senate Energy Bill Could Come to a Vote This Week


Senate will consider a bipartisan energy package this week that could be this year’s best legislative hope to increase federal funding for a number of energy technologies, from solar, wind and batteries, to more efficient fossil fuel-fired power and carbon capture. Grid modernization.

Canada to award $2 million to Mogile for EV infrastructure projects in Quebec


The first project includes an investment of $1.136 million to test a technology designed to reduce demand on the power grid during peak charging periods. The goal is to allow utilities to adjust power output and pricing based on predicted load use. Natural Resource Canada will award nearly $2 million to Mogile Technologies to develop two EV infrastructure projects in Quebec.

BMW launches Bidirectional Charging Management research project


A consortium of companies led by the BMW Group has launched the Bidirectional Charging Management (BCM) research project to develop backfeeding power technology, which will allow vehicles to transfer energy back into the power grid or customers’ homes when plugged into a compatible charging station or wallbox.

B.C. and Canada take key step forward to electrify industry

Clean Energy Canada

Powering our cars, our homes, and our industries with clean electricity is the only sustainable path forward. s power grid is already almost entirely renewable, electrification is a particularly effective way to avoid future emissions.

This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 1 February


Which country’s power grid could absorb 40 per cent of the EV market share? How can businesses get their suppliers to act on climate? And, can money really ‘grow on trees’? This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories. On finance, ‘Think Sustainability First’ ‘Think Sustainability First’ must be a principle […]. The post This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 1 February appeared first on Climate-KIC

Burning Political Questions on the California Wildfires


Last week, Pacific Gas & Electric, intentionally cut the power off to 800,000 electricity customers in Northern California — affecting roughly 2 million people — in an attempt to avoid sparking another potentially deadly wildfire.

GRIDSERVE breaks ground on first ultra-fast EV charging station

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Drivers will be able to get a full charge in 20 to 30 minutes, powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, as part of a retail forecourt that will include a coffee shop, supermarket, and airport-style lounge with high-speed internet and meeting rooms.

Startups Use Renewables-Rich UK to Test Power Electronics Technologies at Scale


Over the past decade, a new class of digital power electronics has emerged that can shape, shift and control the flow of electricity on the power grid in ways never before seen. Perhaps the UK, which has set far more ambitious green goals for its island grid, may be a better fit?