Agriculture companies are key to achieving sustainable development goals


The World Benchmarking Alliance used its first Food and Agriculture Benchmark to measure impact of food and agriculture companies

3 missing ingredients for scaling regenerative agriculture


Better messagers for technical advice, better standards and more diversification will help farmers move into more regenerative practices


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Can regenerative agriculture deliver on its promise?


Agriculture Carbon Capture Foodstuff Regenerative Agriculture SoilSkeptics are sowing doubts about the carbon sequestration potential. The questions underscore the complexities of soil science.


U.S. Green Technology

ANALYSIS OF SOIL AND FIELD: Drones can be extremely useful at the beginning of the agricultural cycle. The post HOW DRONES ARE REVOLUTIONIZING AGRICULTURE TODAY? Green Technology agriculture drone

Sustainable Agriculture Programs Driving Carbon Markets


The results are in from over 540,000-acre North American sustainable agriculture pilot programs - and the experts on the ground, from Nutrien Ag Solutions, have a message to share. Global food security and climate change are interconnected challenges.

General Mills, Danone dig deeper into regenerative agriculture with incentives, funding


Agriculture Food & Agriculture Food Systems Regenerative AgricultureFood giants cultivate new pilots, new financing programs.

Walmart digs into regenerative agriculture


The giant global retailer has a long supply chain that it needs to decarbonize

Agricultural Modernization and Its Environmental Impacts

Green Living Guy

Agriculture modernization has made incredible strides in creating a more efficient ad sustainable agricultural landscape across the globe.

Reality check: How’s the transition to regenerative agriculture going?


Our food analyst got her hands dirty on a real farm in Minnesota to see what's actually happening with the farming transition

Microgrids, indoor agriculture go together like peas and carrots


Food Systems Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy urban agricultureVertical farms can help produce food close to urban areas, but plant factories require a staggering amount of energy.

Inside Google’s regenerative agriculture play


Vice president of global workplace programs at Google, Michiel Bakker outlines how the Regen1 will help farmers move to sustainable practices on 1 million acres of farmland in Northern California

The promise of sustainable agriculture: A report from a townie


What will it take to support sustainable agriculture in the United States? Food & Agriculture GreenBiz 20 Supply Chain TechnologyA new generation, for starters.

How 16 initiatives are changing urban agriculture through tech and innovation


From high-tech indoor farms in France and Singapore to mobile apps connecting urban growers and eaters in India and the United States, here are more than a dozen initiatives using tech, entrepreneurship, and social innovation to change urban agriculture.

Electric tractors, agribots and regenerative agriculture


Electric tractors, agribots and regenerative agriculture. Without the benefit of their favorite search engine, I’m certain many readers would be hard-pressed to name the largest, pure-play agricultural equipment company in the world. Food & Agriculture.

On my 2022 wishlist: Verified regenerative agriculture outcomes


Regenerative agriculture has become a buzzword in the food sector, but two new verification schemes hope to turn buzz into results

Organic Agriculture Nightmare Tanks Sri Lanka’s Economy

Jim Conca

The latest example is organic farming, forced upon all farmers in Sri Lanka by a President wanting to lead an “agricultural revolution” for his own ego, but who shunned scientists and farmers alike. New solutions for the environment fail if not properly executed.

Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture


Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture. million toward helping Nebraska farmers cultivate regenerative agriculture practices over the next five years. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Food & Agriculture.

Visionary investments could advance climate and equity in agriculture


An agricultural bill in congress puts $5 billion into regenerative programs for farmers, $600 million into assessing soil benefits and many other investments

The robotic, hybrid-electric future of agriculture


The robotic, hybrid-electric future of agriculture. Giants of the agricultural [industry], such as John Deere, are saying that electric power gives far better controllability and opportunities for automation and precision seeding and other things like that. Food & Agriculture.

Crop modeling can scale regenerative agriculture to address climate change


Crop models simulate conditions in the soil and plants on the computer to avoid errors in the real world and hedge farmers’ risks

Could abandoned agricultural lands help save the planet?


Carbon Policy Carbon Removal Carbon Removal farmers Policy & Politics Regenerative AgricultureSome researchers contend there is an opportunity for ecological restoration that could help fight climate change and stem the loss of biodiversity.

General Mills, Danone pilots provide proof for regenerative agriculture success


General Mills, Danone pilots provide proof for regenerative agriculture success. A few years into Danone’s and General Mills’ regenerative agriculture pilots, one thing has become clear: It’s about data collection. Regenerative agriculture isn’t a light switch.

5 cool measurement tools attempting to quantify regenerative agriculture


5 cool measurement tools attempting to quantify regenerative agriculture. Many practices are associated with regenerative agriculture — anything from no-till practices to pesticide-free farming. These new tools are helping put numbers to the abstract concept of regenerative agriculture.

From sustainable to regenerative: bold business moves to transform the agriculture system


Food Systems GreenBiz 20 Regenerative AgricultureRegenerative practices could bring huge win-wins for farmers, food companies and the environment, implementing them will involve overcoming wide-ranging barrier.

After a rough 2019, farmers and congress discuss agriculture's role as a climate solution


The Midwest floods revealed another benefit of sustainable agriculture: fields that had been farmed with conservation practices recovered faster. Agriculture Carbon Capture farmers Food & Agriculture Policy & Politics Policy & Politics resilience

Black farmers are rebuilding agriculture in coal country


Jason Tartt saw opportunity in the terraced hillsides of his native West Virginia, both for restoring the land and for other Black farmers

Improving Sustainability in Agriculture Through Rendering Technology

U.S. Green Technology

Across the United States, a transformation in the agricultural industry is taking place. The agricultural industry has taken on that demand and is innovating technology and sustainable methods to be more.

From the farm to the restaurant, how people are investing in regenerative agriculture


farmers Food & Agriculture Public-Private Partnerships Regenerative AgricultureFarming itself could regenerate the land — but it might take both public and private sectors to achieve success.

Technology Making Agriculture Green

U.S. Green Technology

The agricultural industry is critical to consumers and businesses around the world. However, agriculture can cause significant harm to the environment through toxins and emissions. The post Technology Making Agriculture Green appeared first on U.S.

Automating Agriculture: Innovations in Farm Robots

CleanTech Group

Agriculture & Food Cleantech Insights Robotics electric tractorsRecent COVID experience has heightened concerns about food security and its supply chains. This is largely due to workforce-related issues, particularly worker availability.

What does never-ending drought mean for California agriculture?


As water levels dip to historic lows, Blue Diamond Growers and Driscolls hope their small changes and big reaches will have immense impact

6 questions on the future of indoor agriculture


Q & A with Plenty’s co-founder and chief science officer Nate Storey about the companies take on indoor ag profitability, industry collaboration and promising markets in Asia

Regenerative Agriculture Technology & Innovation – Part 2

CleanTech Group

Ready For More Insight On The Agriculture & Food Sector? We are seeing a technological convergence in agriculture. Agriculture & Food Cleantech Insights Regenerative AgricultureFarm management and decision support.

How banks can move toward net zero agriculture portfolios

EDF + Business

By 2024, participating banks with substantial loan portfolios in agriculture will need to set net zero targets for the sector and rapidly embark on reducing emissions. For this to be possible, banks must accurately measure the emissions they finance in agriculture.

The history of cellular agriculture (and the future of food, too)


Animal Welfare Biomaterials Books Food & Agriculture GreenBiz ReadsCowless meat, chickenless eggs and ?shless shless seafood — oh my.

Sustainable agriculture cleans up rivers in Cuba

Inhabitat - Innovation

Cuba's efforts in conservation agriculture has led to cleaner rivers and improved soil conditions

Keurig Dr Pepper's Whitney Kakos on advancing regenerative agriculture


This video is sponsored by Keurig Dr Pepper. John Davies, Sr VP & Analyst at GreenBiz, interviewed Whitney Kakos, Director of Supply Chain Sustainability at Keurig Dr Pepper, during GreenBiz 22 (2/15/22-2/17/22). View archived videos from the conference here: [link

Guinness embarks on regenerative agriculture pilot

Envirotec Magazine

Guinness says it is undertaking one of the most ambitious regenerative agriculture pilots ever conducted in Ireland. Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that aims to work in harmony with the natural environment to put back more than it takes out.

Soil Mapping Technologies: Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Carbon Sequestration and Ecosystem Service Payments

CleanTech Group

A key takeaway from our work on Soil Carbon, a part of the Cleantech for Europe project we are developing alongside Breakthrough Energy, Agriculture & Food Carbon Offsets Cleantech Insights Regenerative Agriculture agriculture Agtech soil

Soil 90

How technology can help address challenges in agriculture


billion by 2050, agriculture needs to become more productive and sustainable With the world's population expected to hit 9.7

Breakthrough agricultural loan rewards farmers for environmental stewardship

EDF + Business

Now, Gradable’s sustainability expertise is combined with FBN’s fast-growing agricultural lending business to offer low-interest operating loans to farmers who implement nitrogen management and soil conservation. agricultural financing programs to reward farmers for environmental performance.

Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry


Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry. Food & Agriculture. Heather Clancy. Thu, 02/25/2021 - 00:05.

What is Regenerative Agriculture? A Comprehensive Guide


Why Regenerative Agriculture Can Benefit The Soil, Ecosystems & The Atmosphere. Ecology Agriculture Environment Organic farming

Soil 56