BlackRock Has A New Attitude About Fossil Fuel Investing


Is this a watershed moment in the campaign to rid the world of the scourge of fossil fuels? Fossil Fuels Green Economy Investment BlackRock Sustainability sustainable investing

Will A Watershed Event Turn The Tide Against Fossil Fuels?


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Bill McKibben Organizing Protests Against Banks That Fund Fossil Fuel Industry


Fossil Fuels Bank of America Bill McKibben citibank fossil fuel funding JP Morgan Chase Lennox Yearwood wells fargo

#Sludge Report — Who Is Funding The Fossil Fuel Industry?


Banks have provided trillions of dollars in financing for fossil fuel projects in recent years. Fossil Fuels Bank of America Bank of England European Investments Bank fossil fuel investment Greenpeace Jamie Dimon JP Morgan Chase Mark Carney wells fargo

Investing In Fossil Fuels = Burying Your Money — 20th Century Fuel Is Staying In The Ground


Clean Power Clean Transport Climate Change Coal Electric Vehicles Fossil Fuels Green Economy Investment Market Research Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Research co2 emissions Divestment fossil fuels oil industry united states US

#Sludge Report: End Of Fossil Fuel Era Closer Than We Know


Clean Power BNEF fossil fuels Michael Liebreich Renewable EnergyMichael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, believes we are the verge of renewable energy transition that will drive oil companies out of business decades sooner than expected.

Top Banker For Fossil Fuel Companies Has Low Price Target On Tesla [TSLA]


According to a report in The Guardian, the top banker for fossil fuel companies is JPMorgan Chase. In fact, in the past few years it has provided $22.8 billion more in financing than #2 Citi for oil, gas, and coal companies — $75.6 billion versus $53.8 billion. On Challenging Facebook’s Fossil Fuel Advertising Profits


Despite Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing his support for the Paris Climate Agreement, Facebook continues to take money from many fossil fuel companies via advertising. Fossil Fuels Interviews Media Facebook

#EC2019 Part 1: Fossil Fuel Greenwashing Invaded A Climate Solutions Conference


And we can't let the fossil fuel industry continue to get in the way of progress, as they clearly did on Friday at the Vancouver, BC climate solutions conference. We have to do better.

Renewable Hydrogen Will Drink The Fossil Fuel Milkshake


Renewable hydrogen from water is the end game, and fossil fuel stakeholders better hold on to their milkshakes as wind and solar power rise up. Clean Power Wind Energy Denmark Electricity Energy Hydrogen Ørsted Renewable Energy

Hydrogen In, Fossil Fuel Out For Leading Steelmaker, Eventually


A new "green" hydrogen pilot plant in Austria aims at decarbonizing industrial processes, beginning with steel, with an assist from renewable. Clean Power Electricity Energy H2FUTURE Hydrogen Renewable Energy voestalpine

3 Banks Funding Fossil Fuels The Most Keep Telling You To Sell Tesla Stock [TSLA]


The update this week: despite a surprise profit in quarter 3 and much of the market swinging in the other direction, the Tesla analysts at these top 3 fossil fuel funders are holding steady on their bearish stance and recommendation to sell.

So You Think We're Reducing Fossil Fuel Use? Think Again.

Jim Conca

If you think we’re doing a good job of curbing fossil fuel use, you're mistaken. Oil production is exploding in America. Growth in coal in the developing world shows no sign of slowing, and gas has kicked into high gear most everywhere. Renewables are increasing slower.

Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land?

U.S. Green Technology

Green tech jobs happen to be more plentiful than fossil fuel jobs today. Image from [link] Question for you: Are you more likely to find a job in fossil fuels or in green technology? The post Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land?

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas

The European Investment Bank Has Quit Fossil Fuels. Now What?


So the EIB's confirmation last month that it would effectively end support for fossil fuels garnered widespread attention — as much for the signal it sends as for the additional impact the bank can make with the freed-up funds.

Decapitalizing the fossil fuel industry (podcast)

Impact Alpha

“Those kind of The post Decapitalizing the fossil fuel industry (podcast) appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, Dec.

3 Banks Funding Fossil Fuels The Most Are Tesla [TSLA] Bears


Thanks to some work by Rainforest Action Network and The Guardian, as well as a post from a member of a Tesla forum, I recently wrote an article highlighting that the #1 fossil fuel development financier happens to also be an extreme Tesla [TSLA] bear.

A Life Without Fossil Fuel Consumption, + Tesla Shuttle Trip From Lethbridge To Calgary Airport


I recently drove some Tesla Shuttle passengers, Kathryn and her parents, on a trip from Calgary to Lethbridge. She has agreed to share some of her story with us.

Here’s Another Argument For Renewable Energy: No More Wars For Oil


Critics of renewable energy claim transitioning away from fossil fuels will be too expensive. Fossil Fuels Oil fossil fuel oil Renewable EnergyBut what about the cost of continuing to base the global economy on oil?

The Most Promising Cleantech Innovations May Come From Fossil Fuel Regions


At the Climate Launchpad Global Grand Final, you'll see the best and brightest cleantech innovations and green entrepreneurs. Join us November 14–15 in Amsterdam for this exciting event.

#Sludge Report: Wells Fargo & Other Climate Destroying Banks


The Sierra Club has created the #Divest Fossil Fuels campaign designed to convince people to stop doing business with banks that fund the fossil fuel industry.

Fight or switch? How the low-carbon transition is disrupting fossil fuel politics


Global fossil fuel and overall energy consumption are still rising. But the new focus on them shows that the end is near. Energy & Climate oil

In Hawaii, Oahu & Maui Mayors Are Suing The Oil Companies


The Mayors of Maui County and Honolulu County have announced lawsuits against the fossil fuel companies. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Health Policy & Politics Big Oil fossil fuel companies Hawaii honolulu Honolulu Office of Climate Change Josh Stanbro Kirk Caldwell oahu

Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

CleanTech Alliance

Source: The Guadian, October 13, 2019 Renewable energy sources provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time over the last quarter, according to new research. The renewables record was set in the third quarter of this year after its share of the electricity mix rose to 40%. It is […]. Industry News

UC to shed “risky” fossil fuels from $83 billion of funds

Impact Alpha

billion endowment from fossil fuels. In an op-ed in the LA Times, UC chief investment officer and treasurer Jagdeep Singh Bachher and UC Board of The post UC to shed “risky” fossil fuels from $83 billion of funds appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

No-Gold Perovskite Solar Cells Aim A Dagger At The Heart Of Fossil Fuels


The research activity around perovskite solar cells tells a story with quite an unhappy ending for coal, oil, and natural gas. Clean Power Solar Energy Energy perovskite research perovskite solar cells

Mayors and physicians latest to join fossil fuel divestment drive

Business Green

The Royal College of Physicians is joining a growing number of UK health organisations that are divesting from fossil fuel companies

4th Circuit Rules Suit By Baltimore Against Oil Companies Can Go Forward In State Court


The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled discovery may proceed in their suit against several fossil fuel companies. Fossil Fuels 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Baltimore Baltimore vs BP BP climate litigation fossil fuels

Norway Asserts Lexus “Self-Charging Hybrid” Is A Lie


Lexus was basically claiming that the fuel or power for the vehicle was free.

A Formula For Catastrophe In The Arctic


Unless humanity converts to alternative fuels, the Arctic may become the world’s primary source of fossil fuels, warns Michael T. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Oil Policy & Politics arctic Climate change co2 emissions Donald Trump climate change fossil fuels oil

Scottish investment call to support move away from fossil fuel heating

Envirotec Magazine

A new report makes the case that if Scotland is to successfully end its contribution to climate change by 2045, there has to be a significant increase in public spending to help move homes and other buildings away from a reliance on fossil fuel heating.

Researchers Say Nanomaterials Are Key To Energy Storage


Researchers at Drexel University say the key to eliminating fossil fuels is smaller, lighter, cheaper energy storage batteries made with nanomaterials. Batteries Energy Storage Research Science Battery Storage Drexel University fossil fuels nanomaterials

Oil Company Agrees To Pay Up To $100 Million To Restore Louisiana Coastline


Fossil Fuels climate litigation coastline destruction fossil fuels louisiana Mississippi River Delta.orgThe first oil company in a group of 96 defendants has agreed to a proposed settlement to pay $100 million to help restore the coastline of Louisiana. Who's next?

Q&A with Jeremy Grantham: Hold fossil fuel companies to account and make them ‘pariahs’

Impact Alpha

At this week’s Conservation Finance conference at Credit Suisse in New York, The post Q&A with Jeremy Grantham: Hold fossil fuel companies to account and make them ‘pariahs’ appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha, Jan.

Fossil Fuel Powered Politics Driving Trump's War with Nature

Green Market Oracle

We live in an era of fossil fuel powered politics where a corrupt cabal of politicians and industry steal from the public till in plain sight. It is criminal that the fossil fuel industry buys politicians and political outcomes.

Taxpayers Give $400 Billion To Oil Companies Each Year, Enough For 91 Tesla Gigafactories


Coal Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Policy Research Research Science Subsidies Fossil Fuel Subsidies oil subsidies subsidies

Using Solar to Displace Fossil Fuels for Process Heat in Industrial Facilities


At many of these facilities, fossil fuels, and especially natural gas, are the energy feedstock used for process heating applications. But what if the sun’s energy could take over the job much of the time and displace fossil fuels?

Renewable Power Topped Fossil Fuels in UK During Q3


Renewable energy sources generated more electricity than fossil fuels in the U.K. Fossil fuels’ share of the electricity mix was 10 times larger than renewables’ a decade ago, Carbon Brief's data shows.

2019 Divestment Year In Review


That's the grand total movement away from fossil fuels as of end-of-year. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Green Economy Investment Amundi Bill McKibben BlackRock Divestment European Investment Bank Fossil Free$11 trillion in divestments!