Harvard's decision to ditch fossil fuel investments reflects changing realities


Students had demanded for years that the university divest from fossil fuels. What happens next

On Twitter, fossil fuel companies’ climate misinformation is subtle


Here's what I saw during COP26


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2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun


2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun. In this strangest of all years, as the death toll mounts from a disease caused by human incursions into once intact ecosystems, we’re observing another death — the demise of fossil fuels.

The Guardian bans fossil fuel advertising


The media group will no longer accept advertising from oil and gas companies, despite acknowledging decision will have implications for its revenues. Corporate Strategy media oil Oil & Gas

Dow embraces circularity. and fossil fuels


Dow is looking to lead on the circular economy — not so much on moving away from fossil fuels. Circular Economy chemical recycling Dow GreenBiz 20 Natural Gas Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

Major banks still back fossil fuel industry despite climate pledges

Inhabitat - Innovation

This year's Banking on Climate Chaos report shows that despite feel-good environmental marketing, major financial institutions still back fossil fuel companies

Despite net-zero pledges, banks used $750 billion to finance fossil fuels in 2020


Despite net-zero pledges, banks used $750 billion to finance fossil fuels in 2020. The unprecedented COVID-19 dip in global financing for fossil fuels offers the world's largest banks a stark choice point going forward," she said.

Why food production is as dangerous for the planet as fossil fuels


Traditional food production is causing cataphoric losses to nature

New York state divests from fossil fuels in historic move

Inhabitat - Innovation

The retirement contributions of New York state workers will no longer be invested in fossil fuels

DNC reverses pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies

Inhabitat - Innovation

The DNC has removed a pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies from its ledger of party demands

So You Think We're Reducing Fossil Fuel Use? Think Again.

Jim Conca

If you think we’re doing a good job of curbing fossil fuel use, you're mistaken. Oil production is exploding in America. Growth in coal in the developing world shows no sign of slowing, and gas has kicked into high gear most everywhere. Renewables are increasing slower. Nuclear and hydro are flat

Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement


Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement. And energy providers the world over are rushing to slash their reliance on fossil fuels as the clean energy transition gathers pace. .

Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land?

U.S. Green Technology

Green tech jobs happen to be more plentiful than fossil fuel jobs today. Image from [link] Question for you: Are you more likely to find a job in fossil fuels or in green technology? Yes, the green tech industry is “greener” — or newer — than that for fossil fuels. The post Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land? Green Technology fossil fuels green technology YaShekia King

Biden's new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden has directed federal agencies to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. The agencies are to find new opportunities that will "spur innovation, commercialization, and deployment of clean energy technology

Strategies for reducing the fossil-fuel impact of electric vehicles

Renewable Energy World

The impact of electric transportation on pollution and reduced carbon emissions and fossil-fuel consumption is complicated. On the one hand, well-designed electric vehicles (EVs) use much less energy per mile than conventionally-fueled vehicles. Contributed by Philip T.

Request for Proposals Fossil Fuel Transition Study

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Seattle Office of Economic Development, Jan 23, 2020 The Office of Economic Development (OED) is implementing an Inclusive Economy Agenda. This mission rests on three OED competencies to serve underserved populations: building self sufficiency and improving access to employment, family-wage job and wealth creation, and capacity-building for neighborhood resilience in the face of displacement. […]. Member News Opportunities Public Policy

Fossil fuel use leads to worse and longer droughts


Human reliance on fossil fuels is resulting in worse and longer droughts. It’s a familiar message across the world

3 Lessons from Hong Kong’s Fossil Fuel Vehicle Ban

The City Fix

In densely urbanized Hong Kong, transport is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, at 18%. Vehicle traffic is also a major source of toxic air pollutants like NOx, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide, accounting for 18%, 21%. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

COP26 draft text criticised for lack of commitment to fossil fuel phase-out


Environmental activists are upset that the draft text omits any mention of the phasing out of fossil fuels After a full week of negotiations, a first draft of the Glasgow final decision text at COP26 has been published.

European energy crisis proves the lie of ‘stable’ fossil fuels

Renewable Energy World

We are hurtling towards the coldest quadrant of the year, and with that in mind, many people are beginning to think about the cost of their fuel consumption over the winter period.

Understanding the Fossil Fuel Industry's Legacy of White Supremacy


Read time: 10 mins In December, The New York Times published a story revealing how ExxonMobil and other oil companies had paid a public relations firm named FTI to build “news” and information websites falsely suggesting grassroots support for the fossil fuel industry and its initiatives.

Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

CleanTech Alliance

Source: The Guadian, October 13, 2019 Renewable energy sources provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time over the last quarter, according to new research. The renewables record was set in the third quarter of this year after its share of the electricity mix rose to 40%. It is […]. Industry News

Carbon 'rainbow': Unilever pledges $1.2B to scrub fossil fuels from cleaning products


to scrub fossil fuels from cleaning products. More than 46 percent of Unilever's cleaning and laundry products' carbon footprint is incurred by chemicals made from fossil fuel-produced carbon, most of which are used in surfactants. .

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas

Fight or switch? How the low-carbon transition is disrupting fossil fuel politics


Global fossil fuel and overall energy consumption are still rising. But the new focus on them shows that the end is near. Energy & Climate oil

Fossil fuels demonstrating their unreliability


As oil markets fluctuate wildly, how can the world economy still be running on a commodity that not only wreaks havoc on the planet when extracted and burned, but is unpredictable and volatile

Fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty—a call to disarm


Campaigners hope to end the expansion of fossil fuels across the world and wind down existing production by getting countries to sign up to a new international accord

Harvard University pledges to divest from fossil fuels


Harvard University president Lawrence Bacow has announced that the institution will divest from its fossil fuel holdings. The announcement came Tuesday, stating that the institution has already been cutting its investments in fossil fuels

“The end of the fossil fuel era” may be in sight following COP pledge

Envirotec Magazine

The end of the fossil fuel era appeared to have come a significant step closer with the signing of a joint commitment to phase out coal on day four of the COP summit (4 November). A coal power station in Canock, Staffordshire (image credit: Catherine Poh Huay Tan , CC BY 2.0 license).

COP 130

Fossil fuel companies denied seismic blasting permit renewals

Inhabitat - Innovation

Once current permits expire on November 30, companies will not be allowed to renew them

A ?Just Transition? for Fossil Fuel Workers


The transition away from fossil fuels isn’t a nice-to-have. And that means disrupting entire classes of employment and communities that depend on fossil fuel extraction — in other words, helping people find work in another sector.

Green hydrogen could curb one-third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050


That's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient.". decarbonization hydrogen Hydropower Renewable Energy

NAACP Report: Fossil Fuel Industry Uses Deception to Conceal Damage to BIPOC Communities


Read time: 4 mins The fossil fuel industry continues to use a long list of deceptive tactics to conceal environmental destruction that harms Black, Indigenous, and People of Color ( BIPOC ) and low-income communities.

Just Two Countries Mention Need to Cut Fossil Fuel Production at COP26 ‘Greenwashing’ Stands


GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Only two of the 35 stalls lauding countries’ green credentials at the COP26 UN climate summit mention the need to cut fossil fuel production — the chief cause of the carbon emissions driving climate change. . No Place for Fossil Fuels’.

50 to Watch Case Studies: Transitioning Away from Fossil Fuels

CleanTech Group

OPTIMIZED HYDROGEN-AS-A-FUEL INFRASTRUCTURE Arxax is developing smart and digitally-run hydrogen refueling infrastructure at optimal locations based on a fueling and trucking optimization.

G20 stimulus plans favouring fossil fuels


A ‘remarkable departure’ from long-term rises in energy-related emissions is being undermined by government responses to the pandemic, a new assessment has found

‘Fossil Fuel Companies Knew’: Honolulu Files Lawsuit Over Climate Impacts


Read time: 4 mins Hawaii has officially joined the fight to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the climate crisis.

‘Shame On You’: Indigenous Campaigners Demand JPMorgan End Fossil Fuel Finance


JPMorgan Chase is the world’s biggest financier of fossil fuels, according to environmental organisations. In 2020 the bank pledged to end fossil fuel loans for Arctic oil drilling and phase out loans for coal mining. Fossil Finance.

Ex-COP26 President’s Role at Fossil Fuel ‘Astroturfing’ Firm Approved


Former UK Energy Minister and original COP26 President Claire O’Neill has been cleared to take up a role at a business consultancy known for running “astroturf” campaigns for fossil fuel companies, despite warnings from the body that approves such appointments.

The Rise and Fall of the Fossil Fuel Industry


2021 has shaped up to be rather a surprising year for the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuels seem so necessary for our day to day lives, and so flush with cash, that standing up to them did not seem possible. Before there were fossil fuel companies.

The European Investment Bank Has Quit Fossil Fuels. Now What?


So the EIB's confirmation last month that it would effectively end support for fossil fuels garnered widespread attention — as much for the signal it sends as for the additional impact the bank can make with the freed-up funds.

Fossil fuels: Heading down, but not yet out


Renewable energy is making rapid inroads into the market, but fossil fuels still wield enormous global influence

Fossil Fuel Jobs Will Disappear, So Now What?

Andrew Winston

Fossil fuel companies and go-slow politicians predictably chant that this perspective will “destroy the economy” and “kill jobs.” Jobs extracting fossil fuels for energy have a limited future. More people already work in wind and solar than in fossil fuel extraction. As well, asset management company Lazard (not Greenpeace), reports that, on average globally, building solar and wind plants is cheaper than building fossil fuel capacity.