LG Solar and the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Provide Solar Output Data, Detailed Home Energy Usage, Costs; Embedded Advanced Metering Data Transmits Wirelessly to Smartphone

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Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips To Reduce Water Usage

Green Business Bureau

Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips to Reduce Water Usage. Employee Waste – Employees, whether they are working in person, at home, or are traveling, can generate a significant amount of a company’s water waste in areas such as bathrooms, water fountains, and kitchens.


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Home Energy Saving Tips

The Environmental Blog

Cutting back on energy consumption reduces carbon emissions, improving quality of life and air quality. Energy-saving positively impacts the environment and lowers your energy bill. Combining simple energy-saving changes can potentially reduce your energy bill.

Residential energy is becoming companies' business


Residential energy is becoming companies' business. In this crazy upside-down world, the line between residential and commercial energy is getting fuzzy. . Everything changed so quickly, it makes sense that climate and energy teams have yet to figure out how to account for the shift. And it’s not too soon for climate-forward companies to think about how to incentivize employees to make their home (office) run off clean energy. . Energy & Climate.

Smart meter network passes 20 million milestone

Envirotec Magazine

The firm behind the telecommunications infrastructure underpinning the UK’s smart meters rollout, the Data Communications Company (DCC), says the 20 millionth smart meter has been connected to its national network. Total smart meters connected to the nationwide DCC network.

A Home Buyer’s Guide to Green Homes

The Environmental Blog

If you’re in the market for a new home and conscious of being environmentally friendly, you may consider looking specifically for a green home. Green homes are designed to be sustainable through their energy usage, building materials, or both.

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Siemens solution allows EV power consumption to be metered separately


Siemens eMobility solutions is field-testing a new charging technology called the Meter Integrated Charger (MIC), which provides a way to measure the quantity of electricity used to charge an EV in order to track and manage consumption.

As Residential Solar Deployments Fell, the US Home Battery Market Powered On


economy into free fall this spring, the energy storage industry delivered its second-best quarter ever in terms of megawatts installed. Residential storage companies installed 48.7 Energy Storage Association. Even as the coronavirus pandemic sent the U.S.

Australia tests residential solar+storage as a virtual power plant

Renewable Energy World

Project Symphony will investigate the use of distributed energy resources in Western Australia’s energy market. million from the Western Australia government and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

5 Tips for Apartment Renters to Reduce Energy Usage

U.S. Green Technology

One of the benefits of apartment living is that these spaces are typically more energy-efficient than houses. However, cutting utility costs frees up more disposable income to enjoy the city you call home.

SolarView releases automated residential solar monitoring platform

Solar Power World

SolarView Technologies released SolarView Home Monitor to give residential solar owners continuous, proactive and automated system monitoring. Components Monitoring News solarviewtechnologies

DistribuTech: Itron and Landis+Gyr Take Smart Meter Energy Disaggregation Mainstream


SAN ANTONIO — Energy disaggregation is a term of art for technologies that can parse out energy usage of individual loads like air conditioning, heating, lighting and appliances, simply by analyzing single sources of data like smart meter feeds or circuit-level sensors.

Baker Electric Home Energy Launches ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member Baker Electric Home Energy, a leading solar, battery, and home energy solution provider, has announced the launch of its ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program in partnership with sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology.

Baker Electric Home Energy Launches PowerOn Battery Rewards Program

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member Baker Electric Home Energy, a leading solar, battery, and home energy solution provider, has announced the launch of its PowerOn Battery Rewards Program in partnership with sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology.

Fivefold rise in smart meter data, and what to do with it

Envirotec Magazine

A 500% increase in data traffic from smart meters is predicted over the next four years, according to the Data Communications Company (DCC), the organisation which built and maintains the UK’s smart metering network. million meters. About smart meter data.

Plugging into electricity’s energy challenge

Envirotec Magazine

How is technology helping to address the challenges faced by power grids? According to the International Energy Agency, global electricity demand rose by more than 6% in 2021, the largest increase since the recovery from the financial crisis in 2010. Energy

Electriq Power Partners with Caribbean Utilities Company to Provide Industry-Leading PowerPod 2 Systems to 10 Grand Cayman Homes Through Residential Battery Storage Project


The residential battery project calls for Electriq Power to deploy its industry-leading PowerPod platform in 10 Grand Cayman homes to showcase behind-the-meter energy storage system technologies

How Can You Help the Environment At Home?

The Environmental Blog

Seemingly small changes to make your home life more harmonious with the environment could ultimately make an appreciable difference. Here are practical innovations and forward-thinking solutions that can make it possible for you to help the environment at home.

Behind-the-Meter Battery Pioneer Stem to Take SPAC Route to Public Markets


Stem, the decade-old behind-the-meter battery startup that was seeking a buyer earlier this year to bolster its growth ambitions, is now launching a plan to go public via a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) reverse merger.

How can you save energy working from home?

The Environmental Blog

One of the most significant shifts is the work force moving from the office to working at home. Not only that, working at home has numerous advantages for employees and freelancers as well. However, working from home can still present challenges. Use a smart power strip.

Europe replaces 50% of electricity meters with smart models

Renewable Energy World

More than half of electricity meters in Europe are now smart, a new report released by Berg Insight has found. In 2020, approximately 150 million smart electricity meters were installed with the bloc recording a 49% penetration rate, according to the study.

Renovations and Improvements for Sustainable Homes

Green Business Bureau

Creating a sustainable home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase the latest green gadgets and install solar panels on your roof. Responsible maintenance and budget-friendly renovations can go a long way towards minimizing your home’s carbon footprint.

Schneider Electric and SolarEdge Partner to Accelerate Residential Solar Market with Smart Home Energy Solution


- Partnership accelerates access to solar and alternate sources of energy for homeowners - Square D™ Energy Center provides a more resilient, efficient, and aesthetic all-in-one home energy system solution designed for smart homes - Built in energy monitoring enhances user experience, bridging the gap between home automation and digital energy management

How New Building Rules Can Revitalize Residential Solar in England


Tighter rules on the carbon footprint of new homes in England look set to trigger a fresh boom for residential solar. They are the pre-cursor to a much stricter set of regulations, the Future Homes Standard, to be implemented in 2025 that will cut permitted emissions by 80 percent.

High-tech monitoring systems ensure residential solar panels maintain maximum efficiency

Solar Power World

By Chris Kemper, chairman, founder and CEO, Palmetto Today’s residential solar panel systems are high-tech devices that can be controlled from a smartphone.

Schneider Electric Unveils the Energy Center for Distributed-Energy-Enabled Homes


Homes need a lot more digital smarts nowadays to manage rooftop solar, backup batteries and electric vehicle chargers. Then there’s the need to optimize these DERs and loads against utility time-of-use rates, net-metering tariffs and EV charging rate structures.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy and UtilityAPI Want to Free Your Meter Data


Why can’t you get an accurate, fact-based online quote for a rooftop solar system, backup battery or electric vehicle charger as easily as getting a quote on, say, a mortgage refinancing or home insurance policy? His company has built a technology platform to manage the open, transparent and secure exchange of energy data, and this week the California-based based startup announced a pilot project with Silicon Valley Clean Energy to test it out.

‘First of a Kind’ UK Project Aims to Unleash Residential Grid Flexibility


A new residential grid flexibility service available in parts of the U.K. will combine energy storage, vehicle-to-grid and smart EV charging for the first time. The project, led by energy technology firm Kaluza, will trade that flexibility in close to real-time conditions.

Green Realtor® Guide: Marketing Eco-Friendly Homes and Sustainability

Green Business Bureau

Realtors® and Home Buyers Going Green. With continued advances in energy efficiency, green technology and design, houses built today operate more sustainably than they did several decades ago. There is also a growing number of homebuyers desiring green homes. Energy efficiency.

Residential Buildings Adapting the Sustainable way


million sq meters of green building space and this statistic is from the end of 2018. The focus of these spaces is on the efficient use of natural resources including energy (sunlight), water and construction materials.

Solar backers pan California’s net metering plan, hint at a possible federal challenge

Renewable Energy World

Solar energy advocates reacted strongly to proposed changes to California’s net metering program. Increased storage is intended to help the state cut its reliance on fossil fuels during early evening hours, when the sun is down and energy demand is still high.

Dandelion Raises $30M to Scale Up Home Geothermal Energy


There’s a lot of energy underneath homes — if reasonably priced technology can be scaled up to tap its potential. Dandelion Energy hasn’t gotten nearly to that scale yet. “Our goal is to get to 10,000 homes a year,” he said.

Buyer’s Guide for Sustainable Home Products

Green Business Bureau

Upgrading to the latest resource efficient appliances and equipment is a great way to green your home, lower utility bills and minimize your environmental impact. Energy and Water Efficient Sustainable Home Products. the residential sector accounts for 21% of U.S.

Phihong’s new residential, commercial and fleet chargers


Power supply manufacturer Phihong Technology has unveiled a new portfolio of EV charging solutions for a variety of charging applications, including residential, commercial and fleet chargers.

Electriq Power Enhances PowerPod Residential Battery System With New Product Features for Homeowners and Installers


Electriq Power (“Electriq”), a developer of intelligent and integrated home energy storage, management, and monitoring solutions, announced that it has enhanced the capabilities of their industry-leading PowerPod residential battery system with upgrades that offer greater value and flexibility for homeowners and installers.

The 10 home appliances that Consume the most energy

Renewable Energy World

When it comes to residential energy consumption, people are constantly striving for ways to reduce their monthly bills and energy usage and wastage. single-family homes. By far the biggest user of energy in homes are heaters, accounting for 31.3%

Questioning Tesla’s New Record-Low Residential Solar Pricing


In 2018, it pulled out of its retail partnership with Home Depot before finally closing all Tesla retail stores in 2019 and directing potential customers to its online platform. Residential solar is moving to a new phase of market maturity.

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How You Can Save Energy at Home

The Environmental Blog

There are a number of different ways that you can make a difference, save energy and reduce your own carbon footprint. Every little bit counts, so you should take the initiative and start tweaking your home and your habits to help preserve the environment for the future. Energy

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Residential Demand Response to Play Key Role Managing US Load This Summer


Heading into summer 2020, looming uncertainty about electricity demand makes flexibility more vital than ever in the United States. In particular, residential demand response faces more pressure than usual as many people continue to work from home over the next few months.

The Top Energy-Saving Companies in Europe: Compare Prices

The Environmental Blog

If you have paid attention to the price of energy recently, you have likely seen that it has gone up drastically during the past few years. What are some of the companies you may want to rely on if you are looking for someone who can help you keep your energy bills low ? Gota Energi.

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Top Environmental-friendly Tricks To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

Green Living Guy

You may think that your energy bill is out of your control. This might be true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. This blog post will go over some practical ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on utilities each month.

Wallbox introduces home energy management solutions for the US market


Barcelona-based Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) has added its Eco-Smart and Power Boost home energy management features to its US charging products. Eco-Smart and Power Boost now come standard with Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus, a 48-amp, 11.5

US Residential Storage Shines in First Quarter, Nabs Fourth Consecutive Record


Residential batteries outperformed the rest of the energy storage sector in first quarter deployments. That’s all the more striking because home solar installations typically dip in the first quarter of a given year.