Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel


Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel. Renewable natural gas sits at the intersection of two critical challenges: addressing increased emissions from organic waste and laying the foundation for zero carbon transportation across all sectors.?

Coronavirus, cheap natural gas and building electrification


Will the spectacular drop in natural gas prices throttle the movement to electrify buildings? What's driving the coming collision. Building Electrification COVID-19 Energy & Climate Power Points Renewable Energy


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The risky economics of the new natural gas infrastructure in the United States


Low natural gas prices have helped to shutter many coal plants. Watch a similar effect on natural gas generators as clean energy becomes more affordable. Natural Gas Renewable Energy

Natural Gas And Renewables Will Rule America’s Electricity Future

Jim Conca

As much as wind and solar are increasing, natural gas is increasing more. And gas will continue to grow faster than all other sources in the United States for some time. By mid-century, gas should exceed 50% of our generation, with renewables in second at over 25

Net Zero Natural Gas Plant -- The Game Changer

Jim Conca

The Allam cycle involves burning gas with oxygen instead of air to generate electricity without emitting any CO2 or NOx. An actual game changing technology is being demonstrated as we speak by Net Power. It also produces pipeline-ready CO2 and even water. At a cost below any other energy source

Where Does the Natural Gas ‘Bridge’ End?


ABU DHABI — The role of natural gas is one of the stickier points of debate related to the global energy transition, and that debate was on full display here this month. Meg Gentle, president and CEO of Houston-based gas company Tellurian, argued that natural gas is a key driver of the energy transition and is already lowering emissions by replacing dirtier fuels like coal and oil. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the U.S.

Duke Energy Pledges to Eliminate Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Business by 2030


Duke will still rely on natural gas for much its generation capacity across the six states it serves by 2030. Its 15-year integrated resource plan (IRP) states that failing to build new natural gas plants to supply future load growth could increase customer costs significantly.

Natural Gas And The New Deathprint For Energy

Jim Conca

With mounting deaths from natural gas and oil rig explosions, it is good to review the deathprint, or the number of people killed per kWh produced, of our energy sources. It is greatest for coal and least for nuclear, with natural gas having the greatest number of accidental deaths

The Stranded Asset Threat to Natural Gas


There are $70 billion worth of natural-gas-fired power plants planned in the U.S. New modeling from the Rocky Mountain Institute shows that more than 60 gigawatts of new gas plants are already economically challenged by those technologies. And by the mid-2030s, existing gas plants will be under threat. Could we eventually see tens of gigawatts of stranded gas plants? through the mid-2020s.

Puget Sound Energy wants 14% increase on natural-gas bills

CleanTech Alliance

Source: David Gutman, Seattle Times, October 24, 2019 Puget Sound Energy wants to increase natural-gas bills by 14%, about $8 a month for a typical customer and the latest in a slew of rate increases from local utilities. The utility is adjusting its rates to reflect wholesale natural-gas prices over the past year, which were […].

Green Hydrogen in Natural Gas Pipelines: Decarbonization Solution or Pipe Dream?


Can carbon-free hydrogen augment, or even replace, the fossil natural gas running through pipelines to fuel furnaces, boilers, stoves and other building applications today? Natural gas utilities around the world are seeking real-world answers to these kinds of questions.

Rethinking Future Investments in Natural Gas Infrastructure


Cities and utilities across the United States are starting to reject natural gas — and not just for environmental reasons. San Jose, the tenth largest city in the country, recently joined a string of cities banning gas utility connections for new homes and buildings. Utilities in Florida and California recently made similar decisions to move away from gas in favor of renewable energy. Nonetheless, the rush to gas continues.

Decoding the Hype Behind the Natural Gas Industry’s Hydrogen Push


Read time: 15 mins It seems like nearly every day another hopeful article touts the potential of using hydrogen as a fuel to tackle climate change. What’s known as “green hydrogen” — which relies on renewable power for production — is getting the bulk of that attention.

Four ways EPA methane rollbacks threaten American natural gas

EDF + Business

By Ben Ratner At the behest of the American Petroleum Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to eliminate nationwide limits on methane pollution, sending America’s natural gas industry backwards to the days of uncontrolled emissions. This dangerous proposal threatens the climate, the communities living near oil and gas development and the increasingly vulnerable status of American natural gas in a transition to a net-zero carbon emission economy.

The North American Natural Gas Industry Is Struggling—Here's Why


Read time: 7 mins Last year, the financial prospects for the North American natural gas market were looking grim , as nervous investors started pulling back and producers announced big spending cuts and layoffs. Today, the challenges facing the gas industry here have only worsened, even for LNG exports, its much-vaunted savior. Tags: LNG Exports natural gas Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) Tellurian Warren Buffett

Is Natural Gas the New Coal?


Read time: 7 mins At a recent natural gas industry conference in Houston, Woodside Petroleum CEO Peter Coleman warned his colleagues to avoid the fate of another fossil fuel, according to trade publication Natural Gas Intelligence. “ Oil and gas companies have been feeling mounting pressure, as signs emerge that oil is losing favor, both with the public amid climate concerns and with some investors.

Renewables Overtake Coal, Thanks To Natural Gas

R-Squared Energy

So, how does the consumption of renewables and coal compare to our consumption of petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear power? What this graphic shows that the previous graphics don’t show is that it was natural gas that took the biggest share of coal’s market. quads of natural gas. In fact, without cheap natural gas from the shale gas boom, U.S. Last week the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported something extraordinary.

California’s Shift From Natural Gas to Solar Is Playing a Role in Rolling Blackouts


But the blackouts were also a side effect of the state’s increasing shift to solar power and away from natural-gas-fired generators, according to state grid operator CAISO and Wood Mackenzie analysts.

U.S. renewable energy additions completely overwhelm those by natural gas in first months of 2020

Solar Power World

electrical generating capacity added during the first two months of 2020 — completely overwhelming that provided by natural gas. renewable energy additions completely overwhelm those by natural gas in first months of 2020 appeared first on Solar Power World. A review of FERC data by the SUN DAY Campaign has found that solar, wind and hydropower provided 85.7% of new U.S.

Dominion Energy Highlights Move from Natural Gas to Offshore Wind in Q3 Earnings Call


Dominion Energy marked two key milestones in its Thursday third-quarter earnings call — its exit from its interstate natural gas pipeline business, and its latest steps toward building the mid-Atlantic’s first gigawatt-scale offshore wind farm.

This Startup’s Building A Factory To Sustainably Turn Natural Gas Into Fertilizer

Forbes Green Tech

Monolith Materials’ technology keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere by turning natural gas into a variety of useful products.

Natural Gas Is Core To The New Energy Economy — The One Created By Joe Biden

Forbes Green Tech

Joe Biden spearheaded the New Energy Economy — the one that relies on clean energy, including natural gas. As such, the former Vice President would never ban fracking but he would closely monitor it.

U.S. Dominance In The Natural Gas Sector Is Growing

R-Squared Energy

Today, I want to cover the production and consumption of natural gas. Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Looking ahead, natural gas is projected to be the only fossil fuel that will see substantial demand growth over the next two decades. shale gas boom propelled the U.S. into the global lead among natural producers. share of global natural gas production, well ahead of Russia (17.0%) and even the entire Middle East (17.4%).

Natural Gas Microgrids Do What Solar and Batteries Alone Can?t for California Resiliency, Report Says


Earlier this year, Pacific Gas & Electric faced pushback from environmental and solar and energy storage industry groups to a plan to deploy natural gas generators to back up communities facing multi-day fire-prevention blackouts. The report is from consultancy Brattle Group and sponsored by Enchanted Rock, a Texas-based developer of microgrids centered on natural gas generators. Natural gas vs. diesel vs. solar-storage.

What businesses need to know about Berkeley’s historic natural gas ban


The current ordinance will have a very narrow impact on developers, but it is encouraging other cities to move forward. Meanwhile, companies are taking electrification into their own hands. Energy & Climate Renewable Energy VERGE 19

Massachusetts Moves to Follow California, New York in Planning for Natural Gas Phaseout


Massachusetts may become just the third state, after California and New York, to begin planning for a managed decline of its conventional natural gas industry. This month the state's attorney general, Maura Healey, asked the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to open an investigation into the future of natural gas in the state. In other words, if Massachusetts is to meet its legally binding carbon targets, there is no future for fossil gas.

Report finds consumers could save $29 billion if clean energy replaced proposed natural gas plants

Solar Power World

investments in electricity generation have reached a historic tipping point: combinations of solar, wind, storage, efficiency and demand response are now less expensive than most proposed gas power plant projects. The economics guiding U.S.

Massachusetts Locals Accuse Town Mayor Of ‘Colluding’ With Enbridge Over Controversial Natural Gas Project


Protesters during a demonstration outside the town hall on November 6 accused the mayor of “colluding” with Enbridge by signing a $10 million settlement agreement dropping the town's official opposition and legal fights against a newly constructed natural gas compressor station in town.

Trend: Commercial buildings go all-electric


Buildings Electrification Natural Gas Oil & Gas Renewable Energy State of Green Business 2020All signs point to the next generation of commercial buildings becoming all-electric.

Renewables Set to Overtake Natural Gas in US Power Mix, the EIA Says (Finally)


Energy Information Administration (EIA) has finally come around to the view that renewables will overtake natural gas in the country’s electricity mix. As recently as last year, the EIA forecast that natural gas would remain the country’s top source of electricity out to 2050. Last year in its Annual Energy Outlook, the EIA put natural gas at 39 percent of the power mix in 2050 under its base case scenario, far outpacing renewables at 31 percent.

Report: Push for Renewable Natural Gas Is More Gas Industry 'Greenwashing'


Read time: 9 mins “Renewable natural gas,” or RNG , is an alternative gas fuel that comes from landfills, manure, or synthetic processes. That's opposed to the fossil gas that drillers traditionally pump out of underground reserves in oil and gas fields. With “renewable” in the name, it may sound like a promising alternative to the fossil-based “naturalgas commonly used for heating and cooking in buildings.

Orsted Sells LNG Unit, But Says Its Natural Gas Business Isn’t Going Anywhere


Danish energy company Ørsted has sold off its LNG unit but will hang on to its gas trading business. The firm, previously known as Danish Oil and Natural Gas, sold its upstream fossil fuels business to Ineos in 2017 and is phasing coal out of its generation mix by 2023. A spokesperson for the company told GTM the rest of its gas business was unlikely to be divested. The firm has a series of legacy gas contracts and no existing plans to sell them.

Developer Nixes New York Pipeline, Raising Questions About The Future Of Natural Gas

Forbes Green Tech

has decided to pull the plug on its Constitution Pipeline -- a natural gas pipeline that feeds into New York State. In light of other legal battles, it is raising questions about the future of natural gas Williams Co.

Defying Climate Goals, New York Approves Rate Hike to Pay for New Natural Gas Infrastructure


billion over the next three years to help Consolidated Edison, or Con Ed, pay for new natural gas pipelines and infrastructure. To meet those goals, any new gas infrastructure constructed now and in the future would have to be retired well before the end of its useful life, becoming stranded assets. Tags: new york stranded assets Con Ed natural gas methane

Report Attacks Industry Campaign to Fix Natural Gas’s Climate PR Problem


Read time: 10 mins A new report from advocacy group Food and Water Watch argues that fracking and continued reliance on natural gas is detrimental to addressing climate change. Tags: American Petroleum Institute American Gas Association Natural Gas Bridge Fuel green new deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Palo Alto Paying Over $20,000 Annually to Natural Gas Trade Group Fighting Climate Action


City leaders touted the new law , which is intended to tightly restrict future use of natural gas-powered heating and cooling in new construction, as an important part of the city’s plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2030.

What You Need To Know About Natural Gas Power


This is the final article in a six-part series that explores … The post What You Need To Know About Natural Gas Power appeared first on Originally posted here: What You Need To Know About Natural Gas Power. Eco about about-natural about-natural-gas-power appeared-first business & policy earth911-com- eco-watch electricity energy final first-on-earth911 power six-part-series the-final

9 Worries That Keep The Natural-Gas Magnates Awake At Night

Forbes Green Tech

The boom times in America’s natural-gas industry are not without their anxieties

Natural Gas beat coal in the US. Will renewables and storage beat gas?

Renewable Energy World

In April 2019, in the heart of coal country, Indiana regulators rejected a proposal by its electric and gas utility, Vectren, to replace baseload coal plants with a new $900 million, 850 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired power plant. Regulators were concerned that with the dramatic decline in the cost of renewable energy, maturation of energy storage and rapidly changing customer demand, such a major gas plant investment could become a stranded, uneconomic asset in the future.

Another California City Commits to Banning Natural Gas in New Construction

Forbes Green Tech

Berkeley made history July 2019, becoming the first US city to ban natural gas from new buildings starting in 2020. Menlo Park, CA, is now following in its footsteps