Coronavirus, cheap natural gas and building electrification


Will the spectacular drop in natural gas prices throttle the movement to electrify buildings? What's driving the coming collision. Building Electrification COVID-19 Energy & Climate Power Points Renewable Energy

Roles Of Green Energy and Natural Gas Providers

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This article will look at several crucial roles that green energy and natural gas provider companies play in the world today. To ensure a reliable energy supply, it is important for businesses and homeowners to partner with green energy and natural gas providers.


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Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel


Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel. Renewable natural gas sits at the intersection of two critical challenges: addressing increased emissions from organic waste and laying the foundation for zero carbon transportation across all sectors.?

Stanford Scientists Find Climate and Health Impacts of Natural Gas Stoves

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Natural gas stoves release methane – a potent greenhouse gas – and other pollutants through leaks and incomplete combustion. The post Stanford Scientists Find Climate and Health Impacts of Natural Gas Stoves appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Demand for Renewable Natural Gas and Innovations in Biogas Upgrading

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In order to reduce global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, sectors like agriculture (11% of all global emissions), industry (24% of global.

How to Decarbonize Natural Gas


It’s too early for a postmortem on what happened, but we know that the cold affected all fuel sources, and most of all, natural gas. Wellheads and gas lines froze. Gas supplies were diverted to residential heating rather than power.

The risky economics of the new natural gas infrastructure in the United States


Low natural gas prices have helped to shutter many coal plants. Watch a similar effect on natural gas generators as clean energy becomes more affordable. Natural Gas Renewable Energy

What the Frack Is Happening With Natural Gas Prices?


But far more acute is what’s happening with natural gas, particularly in Europe and Asia. In the US, natural gas prices have doubled in the last year. And will countries double down on renewables, gas, or both to shore up their resiliency?

California Governor Gavin Newsom Proclaims Natural Gas To Be Zero-Carbon

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That’s what California Governor Gavin Newsom did with carbon emissions from natural gas by signing into law Senate Bill 423. Just declare gas zero-carbon and that’s that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could outlaw wildfires? Or legislate against Polar Vortexes?

Natural Gas And Renewables Will Rule America’s Electricity Future

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As much as wind and solar are increasing, natural gas is increasing more. And gas will continue to grow faster than all other sources in the United States for some time. By mid-century, gas should exceed 50% of our generation, with renewables in second at over 25

Net Zero Natural Gas Plant -- The Game Changer

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The Allam cycle involves burning gas with oxygen instead of air to generate electricity without emitting any CO2 or NOx. An actual game changing technology is being demonstrated as we speak by Net Power. It also produces pipeline-ready CO2 and even water. At a cost below any other energy source

Why we shouldn’t abandon natural gas: Renewable natural gas shows promise

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Many climate activists and clean energy enthusiasts warn against the continued use of, and investment in, natural gas infrastructure, insisting it isn’t a substitute for clean energy. should not plan to maintain its current fossil-based natural gas systems indefinitely.

Puget Sound Energy wants 14% increase on natural-gas bills

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Source: David Gutman, Seattle Times, October 24, 2019 Puget Sound Energy wants to increase natural-gas bills by 14%, about $8 a month for a typical customer and the latest in a slew of rate increases from local utilities. The utility is adjusting its rates to reflect wholesale natural-gas prices over the past year, which were […].

What the Frack Is Happening With Natural Gas Prices?


But far more acute is what’s happening with natural gas, particularly in Europe and Asia. In the US, natural gas prices have doubled in the last year. the President of Gas Vista and a non-resident fellow at the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy.

U.S. Natural Gas Goes Global

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As much as alternatives are increasing, gas is increasing more. And will grow faster than all other sources in the United States. But for the industry to really make a profit, we need to connect to the world market. This is opposite to oil which is harmed by being hooked up to the global market

Natural Gas And The New Deathprint For Energy

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With mounting deaths from natural gas and oil rig explosions, it is good to review the deathprint, or the number of people killed per kWh produced, of our energy sources. It is greatest for coal and least for nuclear, with natural gas having the greatest number of accidental deaths

Where Does the Natural Gas ‘Bridge’ End?


ABU DHABI — The role of natural gas is one of the stickier points of debate related to the global energy transition, and that debate was on full display here this month. Meg Gentle, president and CEO of Houston-based gas company Tellurian, argued that natural gas is a key driver of the energy transition and is already lowering emissions by replacing dirtier fuels like coal and oil. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the U.S.

Heating with hydrogen power costs 70% more than natural gas


Some green-minded folks have been betting on hydrogen energy, but a new study shows that heating your house with hydrogen power could cost 70% more than using natural gas. This could present a hiccup on the U.K.’s s road to net zero by 2050

Why Natural Gas Prices Quadrupled In Two Years

R-Squared Energy

natural gas production, I engaged in a Twitter discussion on the causes of the natural gas price surge over the past two years. The largest contributor to higher natural gas demand has been US power generation. Gas Market is Becoming Global.

Natural Gas And Wind Freeze Up When The Going Gets Tough

Jim Conca

Texas’ energy mix of mostly gas and wind did not do well with this week’s extreme cold snap. Gas used for heating increased dramatically, removing much of it from generating electricity, some pipelines froze up and couldn’t deliver, and there just isn’t enough pipeline capacity to begin with.

The Stranded Asset Threat to Natural Gas


There are $70 billion worth of natural-gas-fired power plants planned in the U.S. New modeling from the Rocky Mountain Institute shows that more than 60 gigawatts of new gas plants are already economically challenged by those technologies. And by the mid-2030s, existing gas plants will be under threat. Could we eventually see tens of gigawatts of stranded gas plants? through the mid-2020s.

The North American Natural Gas Industry Is Struggling—Here's Why


Read time: 7 mins Last year, the financial prospects for the North American natural gas market were looking grim , as nervous investors started pulling back and producers announced big spending cuts and layoffs.

U.S. Natural Gas Production Set A New Record In 2021

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Today, I want to cover the production and consumption of natural gas. In 2021, global natural gas consumption reached a new all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in 2019 by 3.3%. Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels.

Duke Energy Pledges to Eliminate Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Business by 2030


Duke will still rely on natural gas for much its generation capacity across the six states it serves by 2030. Its 15-year integrated resource plan (IRP) states that failing to build new natural gas plants to supply future load growth could increase customer costs significantly.

Natural Gas Performed Heroically In Texas, Until It Didn’t

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This first graphic shows how one can conclude that freezing wind turbines were the problem, while natural gas was called upon to fill a huge demand surge. If you only look at this graphic, then natural gas is the hero of the story.

Anaerobic digestion trade body calls for ban on Russian natural gas imports in open letter to the UK Prime Minister

Envirotec Magazine

However, we would further implore that this ban is extended to include Russian gas. As part of its response to the Ukraine crisis, the EU has already announced it will double its ambition for biomethane production to 354TWh by 2030 to end its reliance on natural gas imports.

The U.S. Maintains Its Natural Gas Dominance

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Today I delve into the data on natural gas production and consumption. had dominated global natural gas production until the 1980s, at which time it ceded the lead to Russia. Natural gas production had been in decline in the U.S. Natural Gas Consumption.

Is Natural Gas the New Coal?


Read time: 7 mins At a recent natural gas industry conference in Houston, Woodside Petroleum CEO Peter Coleman warned his colleagues to avoid the fate of another fossil fuel, according to trade publication Natural Gas Intelligence. “ Oil and gas companies have been feeling mounting pressure, as signs emerge that oil is losing favor, both with the public amid climate concerns and with some investors.

California grant money going to diesel and natural gas vehicles, not EVs


However, many may be surprised to learn that a substantial amount of this grant money has been used to subsidize fossil fuel-burning vehicles, in preference to EVs, and to promote the consumption of natural gas.

Drax Cancels Plan to Build Europe’s Largest Natural Gas Power Plant


Plans for a new 3.6-gigawatt natural gas power plant in the U.K. It would have been the largest gas plant in Europe and, unsurprisingly, drew the attention of environmental groups. GW of new gas peaker plants split across four sites in the U.K.

K&L Gates Debate: The Role of Natural Gas in the Clean Energy Economy

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May 19 - register now! Alliance News

New Study: Thailand’s Natural Gas Reserve is Declining and More Renewable Energy is Key

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Renewable energy development is key for Thailand to cut its dependency on fossil fuel imports, as gas-based thermal power generation accounted for nearly 61.3%

Analysis: The Natural Gas Industry Is Trying To Deny How Affordable Renewable Energy Is


Read time: 10 mins Fossil fuel industry supporters and climate deniers are pushing a new climate falsehood when it comes to renewable energy: that natural gas offers a more affordable future.

Xcel unveils plan for net-zero natural gas by 2050

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Xcel Energy, provider of electricity and natural gas services to nearly 6 million customers in eight Western and Midwestern states, has committed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from its natural gas business by 2050. Follow @EngelsAngle.

Innovation can help ensure hydrogen becomes B.C.’s new natural gas

Clean Energy Canada

isn’t the only jurisdiction to see clean hydrogen as the new natural gas. A number of European Union nations, Western Australia, Oman and Saudi Arabia have together committed tens of billions of dollars to produce clean hydrogen to replace natural gas for domestic use and export.

Protected: Flaring Flatline: Commitments on Natural Gas Flaring Outpace Progress

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BP acquires U.S. renewable natural gas producer Archaea Energy in a deal valued at $4.1 billion.

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renewable natural gas producer Archaea Energy in a deal valued at $4.1 ImpactAlpha, October 19 — BP became one of the first oil majors to embrace the low-carbon transition when CEO Bernard Looney took over. The post BP acquires U.S.

Fossil Freeze: Deadly Texas Catastrophe Shows How Natural Gas Systems Can Fail when Demand Spikes


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Can we future-proof natural gas plants with hydrogen?


Gas turbines are getting an upgrade. Turbine makers want to make them more compatible with hydrogen fuel, which is being touted as cleaner than natural gas

Rethinking Future Investments in Natural Gas Infrastructure


Cities and utilities across the United States are starting to reject natural gas — and not just for environmental reasons. San Jose, the tenth largest city in the country, recently joined a string of cities banning gas utility connections for new homes and buildings. Utilities in Florida and California recently made similar decisions to move away from gas in favor of renewable energy. Nonetheless, the rush to gas continues.

Russian firm to offer natural gas-powered EV charging in London


L-Charge has tested a mobile gas-powered charging station in Moscow, and plans to use this to offer on-demand charging in London. The mobile station is “a truck with a set of equipment installed onboard operating on the principle of the gas power plant.”

EU wants to allow natural gas, nuclear in green investment

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BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on February 2 proposed including nuclear energy and natural gas in its plans for building a climate-friendly future, dividing member countries and drawing outcry from environmentalists as “greenwashing.” Killed by Gas and Nuclear.”.

Report: Push for Renewable Natural Gas Is More Gas Industry 'Greenwashing'


Read time: 9 mins “Renewable natural gas,” or RNG , is an alternative gas fuel that comes from landfills, manure, or synthetic processes. That's opposed to the fossil gas that drillers traditionally pump out of underground reserves in oil and gas fields.