Lithium Deficit Threatens EV Sales and Energy Transition


This whitepaper provides S&P Global Commodity Insights' analysis of the global lithium deficit, threatening EV sales and could put the brakes on the energy transition. Lithium prices shot up by more than 500% in the past year due to the short global supply.

InoBat and Green Lithium to establish large-scale lithium refinery in the UK


Battery supplier InoBat Auto and mineral processing firm Green Lithium have formed a strategic partnership to build and operate a large-scale lithium refinery in the UK. Newswire The Tech EV Batteries Green Lithium InoBat Auto


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Can closed loop battery recycling and geothermal lithium help solve the supply crunch?


Five- to tenfold growth is expected in the global lithium battery market over the next decade as people shift to electric vehicles, but already lithium supplies are tight

BMW i Ventures to Invest in Green Lithium Refining Technology

Green Living Guy

May 17, 2022) – BMW i Ventures announced today a lead investment in the Series A-1 financing round of Mangrove Lithium, a feedstock-flexible modular platform producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide and carbonate to improve the sustainability profile of lithium.

New geothermal plants could solve America’s lithium supply crunch


New projects in California's Salton Sea could extract the metal — needed for electric vehicle batteries — at scale

Livent to boost ownership of lithium hydroxide development project in Canada


Lithium supplier Livent has announced an agreement to boost its ownership of a lithium hydroxide development project called Nemaska Lithium to 50%. Nemaska is strategically located to serve growing lithium demand in North America and Europe.”.

Lithium mining is booming — here’s how to manage its impact


There are ways to extract lithium without damaging the environment. We just need to start doing it

Lithium: The Material Fueling The EV Revolution

CleanTech Group

Lithium and its compounds are used in numerous industrial applications, from ceramics to glass. Demand for lithium is forecast to grow strongly in. Cleantech Insights Electric Vehicles Materials & Chemicals Transportation and Logistics

Lithium battery industry presents opportunities for water treatment experts

Envirotec Magazine

Brine pools for lithium mining. The lithium battery economy, driven largely by the growing electrical vehicle market, presents opportunities for water and wastewater businesses across the value chain, according to a new report from BlueTech Research.

Snow Lake Lithium to Develop World’s First All-Electric Lithium Mine

Green Living Guy

Snow Lake Lithium shares a plan to develop the world’s first all-electric Lithium mine in Manitoba, Canada. The post Snow Lake Lithium to Develop World’s First All-Electric Lithium Mine appeared first on Green Living Guy.

This tech breakthrough could revolutionize lithium extraction


One huge potential benefit: reduced production costs for electric vehicle batteries. Electric Vehicles Energy & Climate Transportation & Mobility Energy Storage

BlackRock to make $50-million investment in Sigma Lithium


Canada-based lithium producer Sigma Lithium announced that it will receive 64.2 Sigma Lithium says the plant will reuse 100% of its water through water recirculation circuits and dry stacking tailings management. Source: Sigma Lithium.

Lithium Mining: The Environmental Cost is Toxic and Clear


The Lithium Fever: What Is the Price of Europe Going Green? Waste Environment Ethics Politics

Ecobat Acquires Leading European Lithium-Ion Recycler


-Acquisition expands Ecobat's position in Europe as the leader in recycling batteries of all chemistries -Combined capabilities position Ecobat as the only service provider across Europe to offer the full suite of lithium-ion recycling services

Liontown Resources to supply Tesla with Australian lithium


Australia-based battery materials company Liontown Resources has agreed to supply Tesla with spodumene concentrate, a source of lithium. Pricing will be determined by a formula-based mechanism linked to market prices for lithium hydroxide monohydrate.

Compass Minerals converts Great Salt Lake lithium brine to battery-grade lithium hydroxide


Compass Minerals has announced the successful third-party conversion testing of its lithium brine resource into both lithium carbonate and battery-grade lithium hydroxide, representing a significant milestone in its previously announced lithium development project.

Rice researchers find misaligned crystallites in cathodes limit lithium flow


Researchers at Rice University have found that stress between misaligned crystallites in cathodes limits the flow of lithium. The uniformity of the lithium, in turn, affects battery charging. “In

$357k funding progresses US lithium-ion battery recycling initiative

Envirotec Magazine

Team Portables, a consortium for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) recycling incentivization, has received Phase II funding from the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize. (Image credit: Parilov/

As lithium reserves dwindle, Singapore EV battery recycling startup aims to plug supply gap


Lithium shortages are straining the electric vehicle battery supply chain. Entrepreneur Bryan Oh, co-founder of a low-waste, low-emissions lithium recycling firm, wants to be the world's largest lithium company without ever owning a mine

Lyten introduces lithium-sulfur battery platform


Material supplier Lyten has introduced its new LytCell lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery platform. The new platform was developed specifically for the EV market, and is designed to deliver three times the specific energy of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium or Lead: How to Choose the Best Battery for Your Solar Power Systems

U.S. Green Technology

The post Lithium or Lead: How to Choose the Best Battery for Your Solar Power Systems appeared first on U.S. Regardless of the solar power system type, solar batteries are a worthwhile investment.

New paper examines environmental impact of brine-based lithium extraction


A new paper from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) analyzes the process of extracting lithium from brine. The lithium is naturally dried in large ponds to evaporate the water, concentrate the lithium and remove impurities.

GM invests in California geothermal lithium project


General Motors is investing in a US lithium extraction project that could become the country’s largest by 2024. There’s a great window of opportunity here to develop more lithium in the United States,” Colwell said.

EVs from Everest? Chinese lithium find in Himalayas raises alarm over water


Chinese scientists claim to have found a “super large” deposit of lithium near Mount Everest

Sion Power’s experimental lithium metal cells deliver 2,500 cycles


Sion Power says one of its multilayer lithium metal pouch cells has performed for over 2,500 cycles, retaining 70% of its initial capacity. Licerion batteries have lithium metal anodes and are compatible with LFP and NMC cathodes.

A connected, integrated approach for lithium-ion battery manufacturing (Whitepaper)


It is critical for lithium-ion Battery Manufactures to develop and implement cost-effective, efficient and safe manufacturing processes while ensuring the highest level of product quality. Sponsored by Honeywell.

KMX and CleanTech Lithium Team Up to Enhance CleanTech's Lithium Production


Leading global lithium project developer employs KMX's technology for two projects in Chile

Drexel research points to commercial potential of lithium-sulfur batteries


According to DrexelNow, their lithium-sulfur battery has three times the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Researchers at Drexel University say they have developed a sulfur cathode that offers long-term stability and performance.

48V Lithium Battery: An Important Component of Off-grid System


With the development of battery technology and the rapid decline in cost, 48V lithium batteries have become the mainstream choice in home energy storage systems, and the market share of new chemical batteries has reached more than 95%.

University of Michigan researchers predict 1,000 real-world cycles for their lithium-sulfur battery


Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a lithium-sulfur battery which they estimate will be able to achieve 1,000 real-world cycles with fast charging.

Koch Strategic Platforms invests $100 million in Standard Lithium’s extraction and processing projects in Arkansas


Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP), a subsidiary of Koch Industries (yes, that Koch Industries) plans to make a $100-million investment in Standard Lithium (NYSE: SLI). Standard Lithium is testing the commercial viability of lithium extraction from over 150,000 acres of permitted brine operations.

Lithium batteries: a lot of fake news


Whether it is to equip electric vehicles, or to store electricity generated by solar energy installations or wind farms, lithium-ion batteries have become an important part of the energy transition. But in some media and social networks, their ecological footprints are often listed separately. So, is the battery so "dirty

Villara Energy Systems Launches Lithium Titanate 20-Year Home Battery


Highest Power and Safest Lithium Chemistry Establishes New Market Leader

Is A Lithium Cartel Inevitable?

R-Squared Energy

The more people I speak with about lithium, the bigger this story gets. Is Losing The Lithium Industry To China — several readers told me that this battle is already lost. Also, this week I have engaged with multiple American companies that are working to address the domestic lithium supply chain. These threats will apply to any country that is electrifying transportation without a domestic lithium supply chain. ally — is also a major lithium producer.

Thinner anode strips could lead to longer lithium metal battery life


Researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have increased the lifetime of a lithium metal battery to a record 600 cycles. The PNNL team found a way to increase the battery’s lifetime using 20-micron-wide strips of lithium.

Tesla develops new cost-slashing lithium extraction process


One of these was a new lithium extraction process that Senior VP of Engineering Drew Baglino predicted could deliver as much as a 33% reduction in lithium costs. What is the best way to take the ore and extract the lithium and do so in an environmentally-friendly way?”

DuPont and Vulcan Energy Collaborate Toward Zero Carbon Lithium Extraction


Project to Minimize the Water and Carbon Footprint of Lithium Extraction and Production to More Sustainably Power E-Mobility

Lithium isn’t needed for trains and buses

Renewable Energy World

If the 19th century was the age of coal and the 20th the age of oil, the 21st century is starting to look like the age of lithium. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are now in everything, but have become indispensable to efforts to fight climate change.

Mullen and NexTech to partner on lithium-sulfur battery tech


Newswire The Tech Lithium Sulfur Mullen NexTechEV manufacturer Mullen Technologies has announced a strategic partnership making NexTech Batteries an EV battery supplier and partner for battery development and technologies.

Nippon Shokubai and Arkema partner to produce ultrapure lithium salt in France


Global chemical supplier Nippon Shokubai and materials science specialist Arkema plan to establish a joint venture to build an industrial plant for the production of LiFSI, aka lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide, an ultrapure electrolyte salt.

Sakuú develops lithium metal solid-state battery


Additive manufacturing specialist Sakuú has developed a 3 Ah lithium metal solid-state battery (SSB) that it says equals or betters the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.

EU faces green paradox over EVs and lithium mining


The EU wants electric cars to drive it to net zero, powered by batteries produced in the bloc, but at what cost to people living near new lithium mines

'World first': British Lithium extracts battery-grade lithium from Cornwall's bedrock

Business Green

Achievement marks major step forward in ongoing push to build a homegrown supply of lithium for burgeoning electric vehicle market. In the UK, there has been a rush of prospecting activity in Cornwall from companies and investors looking to take advantage of the county's rich lithium reserves.