Shipping giant Maersk orders 8 'carbon-neutral' vessels


Landmark order will support next-generation technology that uses 'green' methanol and that could be delivered by early 2024

Is Carbon-Neutral Possible for Airlines?

U.S. Green Technology

For aviation, reaching carbon neutrality to be sustainable is going to be harder than with other industries. Still, experts remain hopeful that carbon-neutral airlines will become the norm in the future. The post Is Carbon-Neutral Possible for Airlines?


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FedEx pledges to be carbon neutral by 2040


FedEx pledges to be carbon neutral by 2040. Global logistics giant FedEx on Wednesday announced a goal to be carbon neutral by 2040. Carbon dioxide can be captured directly from the air through chemical and biological processes or from the flues of power plants.

Vincent Callebaut envisions a carbon-neutral district for France

Inhabitat - Innovation

Archiborescence is a proposal to turn Lille, France into a sustainable, carbon-neutral district that produces more renewable energy than it consumes

Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream


Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream. But Diageo’s new 72,000-square-foot distillery is designed to be completely carbon-neutral. Jesse Klein. Thu, 07/30/2020 - 00:30. Even whiskey is going electric.

Google becomes retroactively carbon-neutral

Inhabitat - Innovation

Google announced that it has now invested in enough high-quality carbon offsets to erase its carbon footprint

China plans to go carbon-neutral by 2060

Inhabitat - Innovation

China, the world’s biggest source of carbon dioxide, is aiming for carbon-neutrality by 2060

Apple embeds racial justice into new supply-chain carbon neutrality pledge


Apple embeds racial justice into new supply-chain carbon neutrality pledge. Its own operations have been carbon neutral for some time, thanks in large part to its extensive investments in renewable energy projects.

GM pledges carbon neutrality by 2040, expands electric fleet

Inhabitat - Innovation

General Motors has announced an ambitious plan to be carbon-neutral by 2040. The largest U.S. auto maker also aims to eliminate tailpipe emissions from light-duty vehicles by 2035

Finnish hockey team goes carbon-neutral

Inhabitat - Innovation

Lahti Pelicans, a Finnish ice hockey club, is championing for a carbon-free world

L’Oreal achieves carbon-neutrality across US operations

Renewable Energy World

French-headquartered beauty products company L’Oreal has reached carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 emissions across its facilities in the US.

New Zealand targets carbon neutrality by 2025 amidst climate emergency

Inhabitat - Innovation

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described climate change as “one of the greatest challenges of our time” and pledged that New Zealand would have a carbon-neutral government by 2025

EY's Veli Ivanova on the company's 2020 carbon neutral commitment


Just before GreenBiz 20 in February 2020, financial services company EY announced that it would become carbon neutral by the end of the year.

Carbon neutrality in China: Behind the corporate hype


Businesses are eagerly responding to China’s carbon neutrality target—but the term is being misused

Charlotte McCurdy, Phillip Lim design carbon-neutral algae sequin dress

Inhabitat - Innovation

Fashionable materials like sequins don’t have to come at a cost to the environment

Isle of Man retreat is carbon-neutral and focused on conservation

Inhabitat - Innovation

The carbon-neutral Sartfell Restorative Rural Retreat is located on the Isle of Man, a self-governing island possession of the British Crown

UPS Goes Carbon Neutral With Offset Program

Green Business Bureau

An offset program like UPS’s carbon neutral service , though, can help minimize these emissions, paving the way for a new era of sustainable shipping. What Is UPS’s Carbon Neutral Shipping Program? Carbon neutrality balances some of that.

Singapore swings for world's first carbon neutral golf club


On the resort island of Sentosa, a golf club is aiming for carbon neutrality by purchasing forest conservation offsets, as politicians debate whether golf courses should be redeveloped to build housing estates rather than clear forests

Delta lifts off with $1 billion pledge to become carbon neutral


The airline plans to invest in aircraft renewal, sustainable jet fuel, weight reduction, and CO2 offsetting and sequestration projects. Aviation Corporate Strategy decarbonization

FedEx says it will be carbon-neutral by 2040

Renewable Energy World

Company is going all-electric and funding a new Yale center for applied research focused on carbon-negative technologies. announced this week that it wants to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, it said.

PAU unveils carbon-neutral Sunnyside Yard masterplan in NYC

Inhabitat - Innovation

Global architecture firm Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU) has revealed a masterplan for transforming over 180 acres of underutilized land in Western Queens’ Sunnyside Railyard into a thriving mixed-use neighborhood with a net carbon-neutral footprint.

Microsoft's Elizabeth Willmott on the company's carbon neutrality commitment


Microsoft has been committed to reaching carbon neutrality in its operations since 2012. Elizabeth Willmott manages the company's carbon program, which partners with other internal teams and external supply chain companies to expand how it is reducing its climate impacts. Carbon Removal Carbon Removal Corporate Social Responsibility decarbonization Energy & Climate GreenBiz Studio VERGE Renewable Energy Procurement

Princeton study shows possibility for a carbon-neutral US

Inhabitat - Innovation

To hit net-zero carbon by 2050, the U.S. needs $2.5 trillion and committed leadership. Oh, and we need to start implementing massive changes now

Researchers unveil roadmap for a carbon neutral China by 2060


Three weeks after China told the world it is aiming for carbon neutrality, an important study outlines a roadmap to that goal, and challenges along the way

Japan aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050

Inhabitat - Innovation

Japan hopes to rely solely on renewable energy in the next 30 years

Sunderlands riverfront to house UKs first carbon-neutral community

Inhabitat - Innovation

Northern England’s post-industrial port city of Sunderland will soon welcome a major riverside regeneration as part of an eco-friendly masterplan designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects and Proctor & Matthews Architects

Japan vows to become carbon neutral by 2050


Japan has pledged to go carbon neutral by mid-century, bringing it in line with the European Union and a handful of other nations. Achieving this goal will require a major overhaul of the world's third-biggest economy

What’s the difference between net-zero and carbon-neutral policies?

Renewable Energy World

As understanding of the climate crisis increases and the harm to ourselves, the environment, business, industry, and the economy that will follow, so a desire to not only reduce carbon but to be seen reducing carbon increases. This requires an initial carbon footprint measurement.

Green Mountain's Svein Atle Hagaseth on carbon neutral data centers


As companies' data center use continues to grow, there's an expanding need for the facilities to be energy efficient. Data Data Centers Energy & Climate GreenBiz Studio VERGE 19 Energy Efficiency

Green and tonic: Fever-Tree UK mixers go carbon neutral

Business Green

Leading mixer brand has invested in a range of carbon offsetting projects to secure 'carbon neutral' status for its high profile drinks.

Using LIDAR data to help accelerate the move to carbon-neutral farming

Envirotec Magazine

The LIDAR data is being used to calculate above-ground carbon storage. The ARCZero (Accelerating Ruminant Carbon Zero) project has commissioned aerial mapping specialist Bluesky to record LiDAR measurements for seven commercial farms across Northern Ireland.

Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States


Fewer than 10 colleges and universities have achieved carbon neutrality … The post Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States appeared first on Earth 911. Originally posted here: Carbon Neutral Universities in the United States.

Kaiser Permanente's Rame Hemstreet on reaching carbon neutrality by mid-2020


The Oakland-based company working to wean itself off of natural gas as it has done with carbon-intensive electricity. Clean Energy decarbonization Energy & Climate GreenBiz Studio Renewable Energy VERGE Energy

Heineken toasts new 'carbon neutral' target

Business Green

Brewing giant pledges to deliver carbon neutral production by 2030 and full value chain by 2040. The company said the targets would make Heineken the "first global brewer to aim for carbon neutrality in its full value chain". "In

Louisiana governor pledges to turn the oil and gas state carbon-neutral

Inhabitat - Innovation

For a state that has been so reliant on fossil fuels, the announcement has come as a surprise to many

China’s new carbon neutrality pledge: What next?


Experts react to President Xi’s statement that China will up its climate ambition by striving for carbon neutrality by 2060

Is South Korea on the right path to carbon neutrality?


Grass roots momentum has pushed the central government to pledge carbon neutrality by 2050, but it could count for little if the country fails to stop coal investment and set an enhanced 2030 target

How will China’s internet giants become carbon neutral?


China’s big internet firms are lagging their overseas counterparts on reducing emissions in their operations, supply chains and the many businesses they facilitate

China considers going ‘Carbon Neutral’, peaking Emissions

Mr. Sustainability

Summary - China considers going carbon neutral. China is considering carbon neutrality as part of its long term climate plan, the country’s foreign ministry announced following a summit with EU leaders. What else did you expect with this title?

Will China’s carbon-neutrality pledge green BRI investments?


The news that China will move to low-carbon energy investments domestically is a wake-up call for policymakers in countries that receive Belt and Road finance for infrastructure development

How will China's carbon neutrality pledge affect the nation's energy transition?


China aims to become carbon neutral by 2060. The announcement will have major ramifications on the country's energy transition, with the upcoming five-year blueprint potentially the most important document in global energy market history

The new labeling scheme designed to help companies go carbon neutral


Goods deemed “Climate Neutral” are coming to stores soon thanks to a user-friendly approach to carbon accounting. Carbon Removal Marketing & Communication

Singapore state investor Temasek to be carbon neutral by 2020


The investment firm also aims to halve the greenhouse gas emissions of its portfolio by 2030 and is looking to make it carbon neutral 'sooner than later', said chief executive Ho Ching