Resilience, in this moment


Leadership Risk & Resilience Two Steps ForwardCan we survive and thrive amid the multiple stressors coming our way?

How to build a flood resilient future


A new book shows how we can adapt the built and natural environment to be more flood resilient in the face of climate change. Books Disaster Recovery resilience Risk & Resilience Weather GreenBiz Reads

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What COVID-19 teaches us about resilience


The unprecedented response to coronavirus, however, may provide the best argument for local grid resilience we’ve ever had. COVID-19 Electricity Grid Energy & Climate Power Points resilience

Resilient business strategies in a time of crisis and beyond


Corporate Strategy COVID-19 Resilience Risk & ResilienceA roadmap to recovery based on sustainability principles includes applying futures thinking and embracing diverse perspectives.

Cuba Is Boosting Climate Resilience In Agriculture


In a post by the Environmental Defense Fund, the organization shares that Cuba is boosting climate resilience in agriculture and explains three things that the small island country could show us.

Solar Under Storm Part II: Designing Hurricane-Resilient PV Systems


Buildings Clean Power Consumer Technology Rooftop Solar Solar Cells Solar Energy Solar Panels Caribbean Islands Clinton Climate Initiative FCX Solar Hurricane-Resilient Hurricane-Resilient PV Systems hurricanes island energy rocky mountain institute Solar Under Storm Solar Under Storm Part II

What it will take for China to rebuild global supply chain resilience after COVID-19


COVID-19 resilience Risk & Resilience Supply chain Supply ChainPeople are returning to work and their daily lives but there is a lot companies must do to resume their normal productions and respond to the economic effects of the crisis.

How to assess candidates’ decarbonization and climate resilience plans


Climate Change decarbonization Policy & Politics Policy & Politics resilienceLook for three overarching attributes, says a Nobel-winning scientist.

How indoor ag is growing a resilient food revolution


Climate Change Cities Food & Agriculture Risk & Resilience Two Steps ForwardIt's not just about growing more food and using fewer inputs. It's also about creating local, adaptive food systems that can withstand the effects of climate change.

4 conversations we should have about energy resilience


Energy & Climate Power Points resilienceThe technology is ready, but financing and overly complicated regulations are getting in the way.

NY-Funded Solar One Program Empowers Vulnerable Communities With Solar + Storage, Emergency Resilience


Solar One is an organization that I've experienced first hand. An active force in clean urban transition, in particular aiding low-income households, it deserves support.

Adapting To Fire: How Cities Can Enhance Resilience With Distributed Energy


This is likely to increase wildfire prevalence in the state in 2020, and it underscores the point that communities need to be thinking about a range of strategies to increase their resilience to wildfires.

Color coordinating: How urban green infrastructure can build resilience


Cities Gray Water Green New Deal Infrastructure Risk & Resilience Water Efficiency & ConservationWe need to promote natural “green” infrastructure such as forests, wetlands, and urban green spaces that can reduce risks from natural disasters.

The rising tide of city resilience


Members of the now-disbanded 100 Resilient Cities initiative are back, with a new network dedicated to championing urban initiatives meant to combat the effects of climate change. Cities On the VERGE resilience

This is what energy resilience could look like


all-electric Energy & Climate Equity & Inclusion Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy resilience Solar Energy StorageA microgrid pilot program run by Colorado cooperative Holy Cross Energy includes four all-electric homes in an affordable housing community.

Black farmers embrace and implement solutions for climate resiliency


Agriculture Carbon Capture Carbon Removal farmers Regenerative Agriculture resilience"Our duty as earthkeepers is to call the exiled carbon back into the land and to bring the soil life home," said Larisa Jacobson, co-director of Soul Fire Farm.

10 Puerto Rican Schools Receive Resilient Microgrids


A year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico and left millions without power, schools have equipped themselves to withstand future weather events and grid outages to continue providing education to their students.

The COVID-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy


The COVID-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy. The call for a more resilient, circular and low-carbon economic model has garnered support from a growing number of businesses and governments over the past few years, and appears today more relevant than ever. Resilience.

Electricity Resilience In Florida: Hurricane Dorian vs. Tesla Powerwall


As a researcher at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) in Cocoa, Florida, I’ve lived with hurricanes my entire professional career. Each year is like a bad lottery since Florida is a hurricane magnet. Given the paths of past hurricanes, there’s plenty of reason for concern.

Microgrids could help California improve grid resilience in face of wildfire threat


Energy & Climate Microgrids Risk & Resilience VERGE 19Installations covering municipal and rural county critical facilities, especially fire stations and water districts, are an important first step.

Collaboration on Nature-Based Solutions Is Key to Resilient City Infrastructure

The City Fix

Capital City, a (hypothetical) seaside metropolis, has a growing population. However, much of its infrastructure was built 100 years ago and is straining from deferred maintenance, unable to meet the city’s future needs. To make matters worse, Capital City has. Continue reading on

Transparency and Resilience in Fashion

CleanTech Group

Fashion Materials & Chemicals Recycling & Waste Sector Insights Supply Chain Textiles chemical recycling fashion waste resilience tracking transparencyCovid-19 has highlighted the fragility of many fashion supply chains.

How this startup uses data to facilitate resilience in the face of deep climate uncertainty


A Q&A with Geospiza cofounder Sarah Tuneberg about the innovative risk assessment platform and its commitment to driving resilience for communities, enterprises and the globe. Data Data resilience Technology Risk The Sustainable MBA

Disruption and resilience:

Impact Alpha

The post Disruption and resilience: appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Greetings, Agents of Impacts. Here’s an elbow bump from across the social distance. Like many of you, we spent the weekend hunkering down and getting oriented to the new virtual reality.

Energy resilience, flexibility highlight utility industry event


Here's the buzz about the energy transition from DistribuTech. Energy & Climate Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy Energy Storage

Mainstreaming blue carbon to finance coastal resilience


Blue carbon' markets could be a crucial pathway for increasing private investment in coastal and marine conservation projects. Carbon Policy Oceans & Fisheries Water Efficiency & Conservation

The Moving Forward Act: 10 Ways House Infrastructure Proposal Can Increase Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy, & Resilient Transportation


This massive infrastructure bill is the result of the work of many committees in the House. The centerpiece is the surface transportation bill (sometimes known as the highway bill) that gets passed about every 5 years.

Building Resiliency With Renewable Energy: A Look At ZOLA Electric’s Efforts To Combat COVID-19 Through Expanded Energy Access


ZOLA Electric is one of many distributed solar companies thinking about what COVID-19 means for their business and how solar can be deployed to help combat the pandemic.

This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic


This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic. The past 15 years have tested the resilience of everyone living along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, including the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band and the four other state-recognized tribes that live nearby.

Governments need to find better ways to finance a resilient tomorrow


Energy & Climate resilience Weather GreenBiz ReadsIn order to prepare for more climate disruption, the United States and others will have to "raise unprecedented amounts of money to cope with the impacts of climate change.".

3 Ways U.S. Cities Are Investing in Clean Energy for Resilience

The City Fix

Energy + Climate Change Alexander Dane California climate resilient electricity grid energy energy efficiency green infrastructure Katie Pastor renewable energy resilience smart grid United States

Governments and businesses seek resilience in a changing climate


Entities are looking more closely at microgrids and other technologies as a solution. Energy & Climate Microgrids Renewable Energy Weather

Resilience after recession: 4 ways to reboot the U.S. economy


It's important to choose wisely. COVID-19 Policy & Politics

These key investments can build resilience to pandemics and climate change


Here's what will help beyond immediate disaster response. Health

Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty

Clean Energy Trust

Wild Lupine at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin Resiliency is a familiar word for those working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. What does resiliency mean to you ?

The guidebook for resilient animal agriculture

EDF + Business

Coupled with the challenge of recovering from the devastating global pandemic, the need for companies that source and sell beef, dairy, pork and poultry to build resilience into their supply chains is urgent. Animal agriculture companies are feeling the impacts of climate change.

NYSERDA CEO Alicia Barton on Resilience in the Cleantech Industry

Greentown Labs

We have to figure out how to be resilient and try to pivot our approaches. The post NYSERDA CEO Alicia Barton on Resilience in the Cleantech Industry appeared first on Greentown Labs. NYSERDA CEO Alicia Barton spoke with Greentown Labs CEO Emily Reichert on May 15.

Adapting to fire: How cities can enhance resilience with distributed energy


Solar-plus-storage and microgrids are among the powerful tools to help cities withstand nature disasters. Renewable Energy Water Conservation

NuScale's Small Modular Nuclear Reactor -- Reliable, Resilient and Flexible

Jim Conca

NuScale’s SMR is the most resilient and reliable of any energy source, with Black-Start Capability, Island Mode and First Responder Power, not needing external grid connections, capable of withstanding earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, cyberattacks, EMP threats and geomagnetic disturbances

Climate Resilience – Sector Watch 20 September 2019

CleanTech Group

Cleantech Insurance Climate Change Cross-sector Trends Geospatial Analytics Climate ResilienceAttractiveness The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report lists extreme weather, climate-change mitigation/adaption failure, and natural disasters as the three most likely and impactful global risks. In 2017, overall losses from world-wide natural catastrophes totaled $350 billion, with $24 billion in losses due to the California wildfires alone in 2018.

As COVID-19 Reveals Our Food System’s Flaws, Congress Can Boost Protection Now — And Resilience For The Future


If we didn’t know it before — or had forgotten — the escalating pandemic and its widening economic ripple effects are hammering home the reality that our world is full of risk and uncertainty. Preparedness is paramount.

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

Envirotec Magazine

Nature-based urban resilience infrastructure in Milan, Italy. A new peer-to-peer platform is helping municipalities and water utilities find reliable innovative solutions to their infrastructure resilience challenges, according to the firm behind it, Isle Utilities.

Local: A glimmer of hope for a post-pandemic world


Local food, manufacturing and retail could see a revival as we strive for community resilience in the new normal. Cities COVID-19 Risk & Resilience Two Steps Forward

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