Resilience, in this moment


Leadership Risk & Resilience Two Steps ForwardCan we survive and thrive amid the multiple stressors coming our way?

How to build a flood resilient future


A new book shows how we can adapt the built and natural environment to be more flood resilient in the face of climate change. Books Disaster Recovery resilience Risk & Resilience Weather GreenBiz Reads


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What COVID-19 teaches us about resilience


The unprecedented response to coronavirus, however, may provide the best argument for local grid resilience we’ve ever had. COVID-19 Electricity Grid Energy & Climate Power Points resilience

Resilient business strategies in a time of crisis and beyond


Corporate Strategy COVID-19 Resilience Risk & ResilienceA roadmap to recovery based on sustainability principles includes applying futures thinking and embracing diverse perspectives.

What it will take for China to rebuild global supply chain resilience after COVID-19


COVID-19 resilience Risk & Resilience Supply chain Supply ChainPeople are returning to work and their daily lives but there is a lot companies must do to resume their normal productions and respond to the economic effects of the crisis.

The many faces of energy resilience


The many faces of energy resilience. Resilience" is a powerful word in 2020. Thinking about the idea of resilience as it relates to equity and energy systems merely as the ability to keep the lights on, however, is missing a powerful opportunity to right the scales of justice.

4 conversations we should have about energy resilience


Energy & Climate Power Points resilienceThe technology is ready, but financing and overly complicated regulations are getting in the way.

Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience


Orlando's journey to accelerate sustainability and resilience. I'm also a social entrepreneur, community organizer and now director of sustainability and resilience for the city of Orlando. Resilience. Chris Castro. Thu, 03/11/2021 - 01:00.

This is what energy resilience could look like


all-electric Energy & Climate Equity & Inclusion Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy resilience Solar Energy StorageA microgrid pilot program run by Colorado cooperative Holy Cross Energy includes four all-electric homes in an affordable housing community.

How to assess candidates’ decarbonization and climate resilience plans


Climate Change decarbonization Policy & Politics Policy & Politics resilienceLook for three overarching attributes, says a Nobel-winning scientist.

Black farmers embrace and implement solutions for climate resiliency


Agriculture Carbon Capture Carbon Removal farmers Regenerative Agriculture resilience"Our duty as earthkeepers is to call the exiled carbon back into the land and to bring the soil life home," said Larisa Jacobson, co-director of Soul Fire Farm.

How indoor ag is growing a resilient food revolution


Climate Change Cities Food & Agriculture Risk & Resilience Two Steps ForwardIt's not just about growing more food and using fewer inputs. It's also about creating local, adaptive food systems that can withstand the effects of climate change.

For a clean, resilient grid, look to EV infrastructure


For a clean, resilient grid, look to EV infrastructure. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure could provide a major benefit — boosting both clean energy and resiliency — for the power grid. Resilience. Katie Fehrenbacher. Wed, 03/24/2021 - 00:30.

Color coordinating: How urban green infrastructure can build resilience


Cities Gray Water Green New Deal Infrastructure Risk & Resilience Water Efficiency & ConservationWe need to promote natural “green” infrastructure such as forests, wetlands, and urban green spaces that can reduce risks from natural disasters.

3 Shifts to Advance Adaptation and Resilience in 2021

The City Fix

The COVID-19 pandemic did not break the world, but rather revealed a world already broken. COVID-19 and the climate crisis exposed the fragility of economies and societies, upending the lives of people worldwide and, in particular, harming vulnerable communities and countries already facing.

Forging a Resilient Circular Supply Chain


Forging a Resilient Circular Supply Chain. Can a circular supply chain hold more resiliency than its linear counterpart? Join this session to hear from companies forging robust, resilient, circular supply chains.

The COVID-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy


The COVID-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy. The call for a more resilient, circular and low-carbon economic model has garnered support from a growing number of businesses and governments over the past few years, and appears today more relevant than ever. Resilience.

Energy resilience, flexibility highlight utility industry event


Here's the buzz about the energy transition from DistribuTech. Energy & Climate Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy Energy Storage

How this startup uses data to facilitate resilience in the face of deep climate uncertainty


A Q&A with Geospiza cofounder Sarah Tuneberg about the innovative risk assessment platform and its commitment to driving resilience for communities, enterprises and the globe. Data Data resilience Technology Risk The Sustainable MBA

6 Keys to Turn Coastal Resilience Plans into Action

The City Fix

Cyclone Amphan slammed into countries surrounding the Sea of Bengal this May. The storm was the second most powerful the region has seen in two decades, affecting over 12 million people in four countries. In Bangladesh, the water surged up to 4. Continue reading on

Mainstreaming blue carbon to finance coastal resilience


Blue carbon' markets could be a crucial pathway for increasing private investment in coastal and marine conservation projects. Carbon Policy Oceans & Fisheries Water Efficiency & Conservation

Collaboration on Nature-Based Solutions Is Key to Resilient City Infrastructure

The City Fix

Capital City, a (hypothetical) seaside metropolis, has a growing population. However, much of its infrastructure was built 100 years ago and is straining from deferred maintenance, unable to meet the city’s future needs. To make matters worse, Capital City has. Continue reading on

Transparency and Resilience in Fashion

CleanTech Group

Fashion Materials & Chemicals Recycling & Waste Sector Insights Supply Chain Textiles chemical recycling fashion waste resilience tracking transparencyCovid-19 has highlighted the fragility of many fashion supply chains.

How the Produce Industry Built Resilience During Changing Times


How the Produce Industry Built Resilience During Changing Times. The produce industry has long been building resiliency through sustainability strategies.

7 Proven Ways City Leaders Can Work Better Together to Create Resilient Cities

The City Fix

In cities around the world, local officials face multi-dimensional sustainability and resilience challenges and are often responsible for achieving many overlapping mandates.

Dockless Bike Sharing Can Create Healthy, Resilient Urban Mobility

The City Fix

City dwellers worldwide are shifting lifestyles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in terms of transport. As cities begin to re-open, urban planners and designers are rethinking urban and transport infrastructure to adapt to a post-pandemic world. Continue reading on

Microgrids could help California improve grid resilience in face of wildfire threat


Energy & Climate Microgrids Risk & Resilience VERGE 19Installations covering municipal and rural county critical facilities, especially fire stations and water districts, are an important first step.

How Stockton and California are building resilience from the ground up


How Stockton and California are building resilience from the ground up. So, how is California building resilience in both its rural and urban communities? Community Resilience. Deonna Anderson. Mon, 11/02/2020 - 00:05.

Episode 239: Wildfires and resilience, California's car ban


Episode 239: Wildfires and resilience, California's car ban. GreenBiz analyst Sarah Golden speaks with state senator Jeff Golden (her father) about the climate change influence and what's next for improving resilience. . Resilience.

5 Keys to a Climate-resilient Recovery After COVID-19

The City Fix

The climate change crisis continues to create unprecedented risk for humanity. Extreme weather threatens food security, increases poverty and inequality and contributes to the spread of disease. Now, also faced with the economic fallout from COVID-19, billions of people are struggling to.

Sustainable Recovery: ESG Values and our Resilient Future


Sustainable Recovery: ESG Values and our Resilient Future. The essential role of ESG principles in business model resilience.

From the boardroom to Wall Street, ESG is crucial for financial resilience


From the boardroom to Wall Street, ESG is crucial for financial resilience. Julia Travers. Thu, 02/18/2021 - 00:45. The ongoing shift to center ESG is driven by multiple forces.

February 2021 Breakfast Recap- Energy Resiliency with Kelsey Moldenke

CleanTech Alliance

On Wednesday, February 10, Senior Planner for the Quinault Indian Nation Kelsey Moldenke spoke at the CleanTech Alliance Breakfast Series, sponsored by Perkins Coie. Kelsey spoke about the need to relocate the oceanside town of Taholah due to the risk of inundation from tsunamis or from rising sea levels due to climate change. In addition […]. Alliance News breakfast recap breakfast series CleanTech Breakfast kelsey moldenke quinault nation virtual breakfast

Resilience is the New ROI

Impact Alpha

The post Resilience is the New ROI appeared first on Impact Alpha. Redavia Solar created a concessionary solar power program to continue attracting customers. Impact Voices Uncategorized

Our COVID-19 response can make our cities more resilient to heat waves


Our COVID-19 response can make our cities more resilient to heat waves. There is an urgent, global need for building urban resilience to heat and, as usual, business has a key role to play. We need to build resilience into both physical and social structures of our cities.

Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty

Clean Energy Trust

Wild Lupine at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin Resiliency is a familiar word for those working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. What does resiliency mean to you ?

CleanTech Breakfast: Resilience & Energy Independence with Kelsey Moldenke

CleanTech Alliance

February 10th, register now! Featured

Disruption and resilience:

Impact Alpha

The post Disruption and resilience: appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Greetings, Agents of Impacts. Here’s an elbow bump from across the social distance. Like many of you, we spent the weekend hunkering down and getting oriented to the new virtual reality.

An autism-friendly hospital emphasizes nature for resiliency and healing

Inhabitat - Innovation

Charleston, South Carolina has raised the bar for inclusive healthcare design with the opening of the new Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion

Rethinking resilience in business


Instead of trying to strengthen their ability to resist change, companies must adapt and adjust if they are to continue to exist as employers, value creators for shareholders, and trusted members of communities around the world

Why America Needs a Climate-Resilient Recovery


economy with more resilience. And how should leaders be factoring resilience into their recovery efforts? The coronavirus pandemic has presented an opportunity to reboot the American economy in a way that is cleaner and helps to mitigate climate change for future generations.

CEBN Webinar: Boosting Energy Resilience with New FEMA Program

CleanTech Alliance

We hope you can join us for the first installment in this series, which is produced in partnership with NASEO: FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Program Friday, April […]. Source: The Clean Energy Business Network, April 21, 2020 BCSE & CEBN are proud to present Powering Forward, a new webinar series examining developments across the clean energy economy.

NeighborWorks America: Sustainability Improvements Help Build Larger Community Resilience

Green Business Bureau

Leaders in Housing Development Training and Community Resilience. and Puerto Rico, NeighborWorks America is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to achieve housing affordability and community resilience across the nation. Building Community Resilience for a Secure Future.