Politics Of Coronavirus, Climate, & Commercial Real Estate – Part 1/2


We foresee a softening of new commercial construction, a reduction in cosmetic renovations of existing stock, an increase in renovations focused on improving the net operating income including a strong focus on heat pumps displacing gas furnaces and existing air conditioning and an increased shift to distribution-center business models.

COVID-19 Will Reshape Politics In The USA, & Our Climate Will Benefit


Climate Change Green Economy Health Policy & Politics Policy Research Research Science coronavirus COVID-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci Republicans united statesCOVID-19 is not going to respect the rural-urban divide.

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US Climate Politics History Lesson — CleanTech Talk with Nathaniel Rich


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The Politics Of A Green New Deal (VIDEO)


Air Quality Clean Power Clean Transport Climate Change Community Solar Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Green Economy Green Jobs Policy & Politics Policy Research Research Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Solar Panels Wind Energy Freedom to Breathe green new deal

How Market Power Gives Electric Utilities Political Power


With a market monopoly, utilities have enormous political power to promote or avoid change. In the pathway to 100% renewable energy lie electric utilities.

Yikes — One Of My Favorite Political Commenters Bombs On 21st Century Energy


Ah, man. It's annoying as heck to see people who you think are idiots screw up a topic you know well, but it's an extra special kind of annoying when brilliant people screw up — massively — on that same topic.

Burning Political Questions on the California Wildfires


There was no fire, but the blackout has caused tempers to flare and political tensions to rise. ” Political Climate is recording a live show at UC San Diego on Monday, October 21st. Eventbrite : Political Climate podcast live show.

Political Freelance Writing Jobs

Impact Alpha

rnOur tutoring platform is designed to produce a really The post Political Freelance Writing Jobs appeared first on ImpactAlpha. rnAny changes in plan are at the web page developer’s discretion.

Can we stop stupid politics from ruining carbon farming?


But there’s still reason for caution: Politics has a way of distorting science. This story was originally published by Grist with the headline Can we stop stupid politics from ruining carbon farming?

Does Climate Make Good Political TV?


We’re joined by Dr. Leah Stokes , an assistant professor of political science at the University of California Santa Barbara, who watched and analyzed all seven hours closely. We’ve gone from drought to flood.

Did Climate Strikes and the UN Summit Influence American Politics?


In this week’s episode of Political Climate we discuss takeaways from the Climate Strikes and UN climate summit, and how these events influenced U.S. politics. Millions of young people took to the streets last month to demand governments take bolder action on climate.

Energy politics: Why oil giant BP wants Washington lawmakers to put a price on carbon pollution

CleanTech Alliance

This latest chapter in BP’s political […]. Source: Seattle Times, Hal Bernton and Evan Bush, Jan 19 2020 Declaring that the “findings of climate scientists are real, and the world is on an unsustainable path,” energy giant BP is launching a public relations campaign this weekend to promote putting a price on carbon pollution in Washington state. Industry News Public Policy

Inside the Koch Industrial Empire and Political Machine


It got us thinking about them too — not just their role in politics, but about the company they built. The way the Kochs have secretly built their industrial empire tells us a lot about their approach to conservative politics. Last month, industrial tycoon David Koch passed away.

Freak storm or political climate change?

Business Green

The PM has already begun spending his Christmas political capital at a rate of knots, clearly hoping he can get the controversy out of the way early (a tactic that Mr Cameron would say can have mixed results).

Political and business leaders meet to agree new action for tackling air pollution

Envirotec Magazine

The International Clean Air summit has been convened by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and UK100, a group of 95 mayors and local authorities.

Fight or switch? How the low-carbon transition is disrupting fossil fuel politics


Global fossil fuel and overall energy consumption are still rising. But the new focus on them shows that the end is near. Energy & Climate oil

Ecumenical Greens: the rise in centrist environmental politics

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When you think of Green Parties, no matter the country you're in, you instinctively associate them with left-wing politics. Similarly, in Finland the Green League consider themselves off the political spectrum, with party members' economic views ranging from left to right.

From green-minded business owners to political activists: an industry shift in the Midwest 2019 Regional Solar Policy Report

Solar Power World

Many Midwest… The post From green-minded business owners to political activists: an industry shift in the Midwest <br><span style='color:#404040;font-weight:600;font-size:15px;'>2019 Regional Solar Policy Report</span> appeared first on Solar Power World.

Coronavirus Mimics Climate Politics: The Emerging Frame Of “The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease”

Forbes Green Tech

Coronavirus politics is entering an uncharted and potentially turbulent phase. It remains to be seen whether it will follow the climate playbook of pitting regulations against the economy, disregarding scientific advice, and promoting Coronavirus skepticism

Fight or Switch? How the Low-carbon Transition Is Disrupting Fossil Fuel Politics


As a scholar who focuses on the politics of energy and the environment , I see growing anxiety among corporate elites. Read time: 6 mins By Cara Daggett , Virginia Tech.

Election-Year Politics Fires Up Mega-Energy Bill. Its Chances?

Forbes Green Tech

A comprehensive energy bill is now pending the U.S. Senate -- one that tackles everything from oil and gas drilling to green energy to energy efficiency. Its chances in a presidential election year

Judges Point Dismissed Youth Climate Plaintiffs to Political System Corrupted by Fossil Fuel Cash


Rather, the plaintiffs’ impressive case for redress must be presented to the political branches of government,” Judge Andrew Hurwitz wrote in a split 2-1 decision dismissing Juliana v.

Fossil Fuel Powered Politics Driving Trump's War with Nature

Green Market Oracle

We live in an era of fossil fuel powered politics where a corrupt cabal of politicians and industry steal from the public till in plain sight. It is criminal that the fossil fuel industry buys politicians and political outcomes.

Australia’s Hellish Start to 2020: The Impact of Bushfires on the Grid and Politics of Oz


This week on The Energy Gang , a look at the bushfires in Australia — their impact to the country, to the grid, and to politics of climate. Are the proposed changes to PURPA a thoughtful response to market conditions and cheap renewables, or a political play?

Party politics is putting net zero at risk

Business Green

Net zero means separating climate action from traditional Left / Right priorities, writes Ed Birkett

Rachel Maddow’s New Book on Russia, Oil, and Politics Accidentally Had Perfect Timing With Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Read time: 4 mins As public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry headed into their second week, one of the nation’s top political cable news hosts was connecting the dots between the rise of authoritarianism, challenges to democracy, and the corrupting power of the oil and gas industry. “

Youth Activism & the Shifting of Climate Change Politics Around the World

Defend Our Future

In August 2018, Thunberg, fifteen at the time and frustrated by the Swedish government’s lack of political willingness to tackle climate change, stationed herself outside the Swedish parliament with her homemade sign that read “School Strike for Climate.”

We need to end the cozy political consensus around new nuclear

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Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley argues the latest cost upgrades for Hinkley Point should trigger a serious re-think about the UK's new nuclear plans

Why the Climate Movement Needs Women in Positions of Political Power

Green Market Oracle

Countries with female political leaderships adopt more stringent climate change policies, so if we had more women heads of state we could expect to see more ambitious actions. We are seeing an increasing number of women assuming positions of political leadership all around the world.

Japan Touts Its Environmental Policies And Political Stability In Its Hunt To Attract 21st Century Companies

Forbes Green Tech

Tokyo is on the hunt for 21st Century businesses using environmental, social and governance principles as a means to get them there. First up: FinTech companies

What Is A Conservative? The Answer May Surprise You


Policy & Politics conservatism conservative George Will US Constitution us politicsWhat does it mean to be a conservative? George Will has some insights on that question.

February Cleantech Roundup: Corporate Carbon Neutrality | New Mobility Modes | Climate Politics

Clean Energy Trust

Link February Cleantech Roundup: Corporate Carbon Neutrality | New Mobility Modes | Climate Politics was originally published in Clean Energy Trust on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Political uncertainty poses obstacle to UN's global goals, businesses say


Only one in five chief executives thinks business is playing a critical role in the wide-ranging development goals

Business and political leaders demand action on air pollution at London summit

Business Green

Joint declaration calls for more state support to catalyse the switch to active travel, public transport, and zero emission vehicles

Political heat is on for 2020 climate deadline after lukewarm Madrid talks


Britain faces political heavy-lifting to make a success of next year's make-or-break summit in Scotland, analysts warn

Facebook Gives Congress The Finger, & Will Continue To Publish Lies


Facebook has announced that it will continue to publish political ads, even if they contain obvious lies. Media Policy & Politics elizabeth warren Facebook Google Joe Biden Mark Zuckerberg political ads Ron Leathern twitter

Law 200

How the Political Right Uses Fossil Fuels to Galvanize Opposition to Climate Action

Green Market Oracle

It is widely understood that in the main, conservative far-right political movements support fossil fuels and oppose the veracity of climate change and climate action. French right wing political leaders have seized on Macron's climate leadership to galvanize opposition to climate action.

Mount Sinai Hospital Receives Ventilators From Tesla


Health Policy & Politics coronavirus Elon Musk Mount Sinai Hospital New York new york city pandemics Tesla Tesla ventilators ventilators

Health 285

Elon Musk’s Long-Standing Support of Basic Income (& Thus Support of Andrew Yang)


Green Economy Policy & Politics 2020 Election 2020 Presidential Election Andrew Yang Canada Democratic Primaries Democrats Elon Musk Finland Freedom Dividend Ontario Tesla united states universal basic income us politics

How to assess candidates’ decarbonization and climate resilience plans


Climate Change decarbonization Policy & Politics Policy & Politics resilienceLook for three overarching attributes, says a Nobel-winning scientist.