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Uber goes full-throttle on electric vehicles


Sponsored: With electric vehicle driver incentives and a number of car-free options for riders, Uber is paving the road for sustainable transportation.

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Cheaper and Cleaner: Electric Vehicle Owners Save Thousands

NRDC onEarth

A new study conducted by Atlas Public Policy shows that electric vehicles will save owners thousands when compared to gasoline internal combustion engine counterparts.


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Scottish seaweed sparks idea to boost electric vehicle batteries

Envirotec Magazine

Materials from Scottish-grown seaweed could help to improve the life-span and charge time of lithium-ion batteries used for the likes of electric vehicles, with a new first-of-its-kind prototype already being tested by expert researchers. million per year by 2040, using a combination of both wild and cultivated seaweed.

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Electric Vehicle Battery Rise for a Greener Future

Green Living Guy

Introduction to the electric vehicle battery Let’s talk about the electric vehicle battery. Now electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a key solution to transition towards a greener future. Because, we have a growing concern about climate change. Moreover, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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AutoGreenCharge app to decarbonise electric vehicle charging

Smart Energy International

AutoGreenCharge has been introduced by Energy Web as a decentralised application for auto and charging companies and electric vehicle (EV) drivers to decarbonise e-mobility.

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Electric Vehicles: A Win-Win for Illinois Drivers & Utility Customers

NRDC onEarth

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Illinois will benefit all utility customers as we transition towards a cleaner transportation system.

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Northvolt hails sodium-ion battery breakthrough for storage and electric vehicles

Renew Economy

Northvolt hails breakthrough in sodium ion batteries, providing big advances for battery storage and ultimately for electric vehicles. The post Northvolt hails sodium-ion battery breakthrough for storage and electric vehicles appeared first on RenewEconomy.