Renewable Energy for Combating Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

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Rising heating and cooling costs are often the first way people recognize the pace of global warming, but a few renewable. The post Renewable Energy for Combating Rising Heating and Cooling Costs appeared first on U.S.

Utilities are the new cool


Thriving in the age of climate change pivots around electricity, and that means electric utilities are at the center. Energy & Climate Innovation resilience Solar Utilities Wind Power Energy Storage


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How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool


How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool. Most drivers spend their off-duty time in the sleeper compartments of their trucks, sometimes keeping the truck idling to get power and to cool or heat their space. Idling to keep cool. Mike Roeth. Tue, 08/11/2020 - 00:01.

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5 cool measurement tools attempting to quantify regenerative agriculture


5 cool measurement tools attempting to quantify regenerative agriculture. Jesse Klein. Thu, 02/11/2021 - 00:05. Many practices are associated with regenerative agriculture — anything from no-till practices to pesticide-free farming.

5 seriously cool climate innovators in fashion


From carbon-negative polyester to dissolvable thread, here's a handful of surprising startups making waves in the apparel industry. Circular Economy Fashion In the Loop Innovation

This new cooling technology also prevents viral spread


This new cooling technology also prevents viral spread. In the face of dangerous heat waves this summer, Americans have taken shelter in air-conditioned cooling centers. The same air conditioning systems that keep us cool recirculate air around us, potentially spreading the coronavirus.

Sponsored Content: Digester temperature: To heat or to cool?

Envirotec Magazine

Maintaining the optimum digestion temperature may require additional heating or cooling. In some cases, cooling may also be required, for example where the feedstock coming into the digester comes from a higher temperature pre-treatment system such as a pasteuriser or hydrolysis tank.

Researchers test seawater air conditioning as a renewable cooling alternative

Inhabitat - Innovation

Seawater air conditioning could be a viable, renewable alternative to air conditioning, and it could save us 77% in cooling costs. Here are the pros and cons

Infinite Cooling Has the Potential to Capture 400 Billion Gallons of Lost Water Annually

Greentown Labs

Photo courtesy of Infinite Cooling. Industrial cooling towers use about as much water as all U.S. Infinite Cooling uses electric fields to capture 20 percent of water losses from those power plants, data centers, and other industrial facilities. The recovered water can be reused in the cooling tower, reducing the plant’s water consumption and cutting its costs. This is one area where you can have a huge impact,” says Maher Damak, CEO and co-founder of Infinite Cooling.

Naturally cooled funicular offers spectacular views of the French Alps

Inhabitat - Innovation

Atelier 360 has given Les Arcs - Bourg Saint Maurice funicular a green renovation that emphasizes panoramic views and passive cooling

Architects envision a lush, solar-powered oasis to cool Abu Dhabi

Inhabitat - Innovation

Oasys is a winning conceptual design to help 'Cool Abu Dhabi

This green wall uses upcycled clay tiles for natural cooling

Inhabitat - Innovation

These clay tile planters are an alternative to plastic flower pots

Cut poverty and energy use to cool the climate


To cut poverty and energy use would cool the planet, build a more just society — but end dreams of economic growth

Maven Moment: Cooling Off With Iced Tea


It seemed like she was always brewing a cup… The post Maven Moment: Cooling Off With Iced Tea appeared first on Earth911. Here is the original: Maven Moment: Cooling Off With Iced Tea. Eco always-brewing buckets cooling diy drink-tea- earth911 food / beverage grandma-loved maven moment seemed-likeMy grandma loved to drink tea.

Cool retro boats restored with electric motors

Inhabitat - Innovation

For those planning a summer day on the waterways of Lake Michigan, there's a new ecological option that will help you spend the day boating in sustainable style.

Groundfridge uses insulation, not electricity, to stay cool


The Groundfridge refrigerated cellar by Dutch designer Studio Floris Schoonderbeek cools using natural insulation and a battery-powered ventilation system

Sponsored content: Green chiller is cool choice

Envirotec Magazine

The post Sponsored content: Green chiller is cool choice first appeared on Envirotec.

This tiny home on wheels features a cool laundry chute

Inhabitat - Innovation

The tiny home features modern technologies including solar power options and keyless entry

Fish clogging in cooling tunnels threatens power station safety

Envirotec Magazine

Sprats, a breed of fish that travel in large schools, have a history of clogging up nuclear power station cooling tunnels [1] – causing expensive and dangerous shutdowns. The post Fish clogging in cooling tunnels threatens power station safety first appeared on Envirotec.

Volkswagen revamps classic 1960s microbus into a cool electric ride

Inhabitat - Innovation

VW has updated the classic T1 Samba Bus into an electric van called e-BULLI

Recycled shipping container cafe utilizes passive cooling in India

Inhabitat - Innovation

Named Cafe Infinity after its infinity loop shape, the building was created as an example of architecture that can be both economical and eco-friendly

A cool new energy-efficiency policy


A single change in our approach to energy efficiency can enable more people around the world to stay cool, benefit consumers, and flatten the curve on cooling-related energy demand and emissions

Old Polish barn transforms into a cool contemporary home

Inhabitat - Innovation

Recently transformed from a decrepit old barn into a sleek contemporary home, the Silesian House by mode:lina incorporates timber and other natural materials

This cool electric skateboard is made from recycled plastic

Inhabitat - Innovation

One designer felt inspired to clean up his town's coastline by turning plastic waste into electric skateboards

Cool collaboration? Firms showcase SIM card made from recycled refrigerators

Envirotec Magazine

” The post Cool collaboration? Electrical systems developer Thales and resource recovery firm Veolia have joined forces to create what is seemingly the first eco-designed SIM card made from recycled plastic.

Tree-planting drones aim to cool a hot planet

Inhabitat - Innovation

Professional tree planters typically plant upward of 12,000 trees per week. Flash Forest has a plan to plant 100,000 trees a day — with drones

Why should the Asian Development Bank care about sustainable cooling?


ADB should play a more active role in stimulating green cooling innovation, writes Sindra Sharma-Khushal of climate change think tank E3G As the world warms, heat stress will harm economic productivity and worsen inequality across Asia.

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Why compatible components are a must for liquid cooling systems


As EV charging liquid cooling system designers look for areas to optimize thermal management efficiency, sustainability and reliability, they have started to explore innovative system components. Sponsored by CPC.

Playing it cool on climate: Cooling tech firms are not innovating or promoting energy-efficient products, report finds


Demand for cooling tech is soaring in Asia, but the biggest makers of air-conditioners and refrigerators are failing to respond to climate concerns, a new report has found

Climate-friendly cooling can slow global warming


As global temperatures rise and demand for air conditioning and refrigeration soars, all countries must adopt common-sense initiatives to make cooling more efficient, less emissions-intensive, and more affordable for consumers

Commentary: Scientists assert only breaching can cool Northwest waterways

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Eric Barker, Lewsiton Tribune, October 23, 2019 In a letter to Northwest policymakers Tuesday, more than 50 scientists said breaching the four lower Snake River dams is the only action that can counteract warm summertime water in the lower Snake and Columbia rivers that often reaches temperatures that can be lethal to salmon and […]. Commentary

'Hovering' gardens passively cool this energy-efficient home

Inhabitat - Innovation

This contemporary home is defined by its hanging gardens

Greentech Media Chronicled Clean Energy Before It Was Cool


Follow Julian on Twitter @JulianSpector and subscribe to Bright Ideas , his free weekly newsletter on the rise of clean energy. When your job involves occasionally illustrating the collapse of companies with a stock image of a skull , there’s a risk that, one day, the skull comes for you.

Oil companies use cooling technology to continue Arctic drilling

Inhabitat - Innovation

Big oil companies are now turning to technology to protect their business from the effects of climate change

3D-printed modular oasis stays naturally cool in Abu Dhabi

Inhabitat - Innovation

Urban Dunes, a conceptual project, would be 3D-printed with sand

A green roof naturally cools a bioclimatic mosque in Indonesia

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Bioclimatic Community Mosque of Pamulang follows passive solar principles and boasts and active green roof to reduce the urban heat island effect

AeroShield Materials Targets Heating and Cooling Emissions by ‘Super-insulating’ Windows

Greentown Labs

These advantages are significant—according to the Department of Energy, energy transfer through windows is responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling use. “It’s MEMBER SPOTLIGHT AeroShield Materials buildings cooling efficiency heating windows

To tackle global warming, countries must make cooling a part of post-pandemic recovery


Amid rising temperatures, cooling technologies will be needed to protect people from heatwaves and keep vaccines and food fresh. Climate-friendly cooling could help humanity avoid 0.4°C

Sculptural aluminum roof keeps Cal Poly building cool

Inhabitat - Innovation

California State Polytechnic University's (Cal Poly) Pomona campus recently welcomed a new gateway building that not only consolidates academic services, but also serves as a sustainable campus landmark. Los Angeles-based firm CO Architects designed the 140,000-square-foot building, a two-wing structure topped with an eye-catching aluminum roof that spans two acres

Sunlight-Reflecting ‘Cool Walls’ Can Save Building Owners Big Money, Study Says


sunlight-reflecting “cool walls” could save as much or more energy than reflective cool roofs. There's no formal universal definition of what constitutes a “cool wall," said Ronnen Levinson, study co-author and staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. cool walls could lead to annual HVAC energy costs savings of up to 11 percent for standalone retail stores, 8.3 This will help you find a cool paint, stucco or cladding for your building.”

Passively cooled Californian beach house channels Australian vibes

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Seaside Reef House celebrates indoor-outdoor living and sustainable design

Cooling a hidden threat for climate change and sustainable goals, says Oxford study

Envirotec Magazine

Past research suggests that growing international demand for cooling has the potential to drive one of the most substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions in recent history. A new study, led by the University of Oxford and published on 19 October in Nature Sustainability , sets out a framework for delivering sustainable cooling. It also examines cooling needs in the context of sustainable development, and finds that this is a global blind spot.

Will Southeast Asia warm to climate-friendly cooling?


Eco-Business asked Professor James Trevelyan how the region can stay cool without cooking the planet [PODCAST] Air-conditioning is in hot demand in Southeast Asia, but the energy-guzzling technology exacerbates climate change.