Advantages of using add-ons in retail packaging

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Add-ons have a special place when we talk about the custom boxes for retailers. The post Advantages of using add-ons in retail packaging appeared first on U.S. Green Business, Green Business News retail packaging

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Here’s how retail can be profitable and sustainable


But retailers could also optimize back-end operations to reduce their environmental impact by using data to match customer purchasing habits with merchandise and inventory. e-commerce RetailThere are obvious steps to reduce environmental impact such as getting rid of single-use plastics or curtailing excess packaging.

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IKEA, Nordstrom, Walgreens on the many opportunities for circularity in retail


From recipes for recommerce to changing packaging ingredients, the retail sector is integral to adoption of the circular economy. Circular Economy Corporate Strategy Corporate Sustainability Logisitics RetailDon't expect a cookie-cutter approach.

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Energy Retail Innovation: Opportunities to Improve Consumer Engagement

CleanTech Group

Energy Retail Innovation: Opportunities for Better Consumer Engagement Electricity retailing, the fourth and final stage in the electricity delivering process. Energy & Power Energy Costs Energy Efficiency Sector Insights Retail Energy

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Why e-commerce retailers should increase transparency about their products


Why e-commerce retailers should increase transparency about their products. As the COVID-19 crisis rages on in the United States, some people are relying on e-commerce retailers for their needs — from household goods to food. Retail.

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SEC rule change stifles key risk signal, disenfranchises retail investors


SEC rule change stifles key risk signal, disenfranchises retail investors. 23 to amend its shareholder proposal rule , effectively depriving most retail investors of the ability to use the process to protect and advance their interests.

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World’s First Electric Forecourt Opens Up A New Channel For Convenience Retailers

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Retail /retail Business /business Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-techShopping while charging your electric car could become a reality before long.

Sustainability Guide for Retail: Plastic Bag Alternatives

Green Business Bureau

Retailers need to make the switch from plastic shopping bags to eco-friendly alternatives. Sustainability Guide for Retail Businesses: Getting Started Learn about the key first-steps your retail business can take on its greening journey in the first installment of GBBs new Sustainability Guide for Retail Businesses. The post Sustainability Guide for Retail: Plastic Bag Alternatives appeared first on Green Business Bureau.

Retailers drop coconut milk brand over animal exploitation allegations

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Coconut has been touted as a superfood the last few years. But now something even more alarming than its sky-high saturated fat content has come to light

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Retailers Need To Get Back To Saving The Earth

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Retail /retail Business /business Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech business retailThe worldwide pandemic lockdowns have resulted in less pollution, cleaner skies and a drop in CO2 emissions, stirring hope that nations and business concerns will see the potential and make deeper climate change commitments.

How retailers and shoppers can make the most of Independence Day?

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The post How retailers and shoppers can make the most of Independence Day? How to Maximize Independence Day Sales For Americans, the 4th of July holds a lot of importance. It is when America came into being. It is one of the most awaited dates for adults and children alike. From decorations to costumes, everyone wants to celebrate this day to the fullest. However, Independence Day celebrations can. appeared first on U.S. Green Technology. Green Entertainment Green News, U.S.

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Retailers to collect waste electricals and lamps

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Defra has confirmed that from the end of 2020, most retailers will be required to provide in-store WEEE takeback. The new requirement will apply to all retailers and wholesalers with annual sales of electrical items above £100,000. Online retailers without physical retail premises, and retailers with sales below the cut off can avoid the need to provide in-store WEEE takeback, by joining the Distributor Takeback Scheme (DTS). A lamp recycling point.

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UK food retailers call for stronger legislation on global deforestation

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The post UK food retailers call for stronger legislation on global deforestation first appeared on Envirotec. A number of major food and consumer goods firms in the UK have signed an open letter calling for tougher new rules to tackle deforestation in UK supply chains.

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Triodos Bank develops impact bond fund for U.K. retail investors

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, September 3 – Nearly half of retail investors in the U.K. retail investors appeared first on ImpactAlpha. want impact investment options. Triodos Bank U.K. is responding with an impact bond fund that starts at £20 per share.

How roasters and retailers can support farmers and make coffee more sustainable


Collective action is needed. Corporate Social Responsibility Food & Agriculture Food Systems

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Dollar General, Sephora, Lowe's among 7 most improved retailers addressing toxic chemicals


Sales of products marketed as sustainable are growing 5.6 times faster than conventionally marketed products. Chemicals & Toxics The Right Chemistry

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thredUP partnerships open the door to secondhand shopping at major retailers

Inhabitat - Innovation

The consignment retailer and secondhand shop recently kicked off RAAS, or Resale-As-A-Service, a project to attract traditional department stores to get on board with more sustainable fashion

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What's your energy strategy for an empty office or retail space?


Asking these five questions during the COVID-19 shutdown could help your organization reset its power consumption habits to more energy-efficient levels for the future. Energy & Climate Real Estate Energy Efficiency

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Preserve Retail Competition

Energy and Cleantech Council

Proposals to eliminate competition in retail electric supply to consumers are in the air. A consultant to the Massachusetts attorney general has just published an update to a report of last year asserting that retail competition has led to nothing but losses. It should therefore be no surprise that, as the report notes, lower-income consumers choose to participate in retail electric supply at a much higher rate than those with higher incomes.

The role of retail in renewables

Renewable Energy World

Regulators in a number of states are ratcheting up investigations into competitive retailer behavior and proposing new consumer protection rules. Some states with aggressive carbon emission reduction goals implemented through regulated utility contracts are wondering whether retail competition has a place where a growing portion of energy supply is locked and loaded.

Top retailers rally behind net zero goals

Business Green

British Retail Consortium reveals over 60 chains have now signed up to roadmap that aims to deliver net zero emissions across the sector by 2040. Climate change is a threat that none of us can afford to ignore," said Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium.

Fighting Climate Change: How One Big Retailer Stacks Up

Sustainability Consulting

Our concerns about plastic and packaging usually point to online retailers, especially one of the world’s biggest: Amazon. Online retail is a leading contributor to the problem. As the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon has a responsibility to tackle its carbon footprint.

Selfridges unveils ambitious initiative incorporating new retail models and an attempt to shift shopping mindsets

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” The retailer says it aims to help customers change the way they shop in three ways: by addressing the materials used in products, launching and exploring new retail models such as repair and resell, and engaging with teams, partners and customers to inspire a shift in mindsets. Models – Pioneer new retail models and experiences, making Selfridges synonymous with circularity, including repair, resell, refill and rental.

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'Zero plastic' organic foods retailer introduces disposable gloves for customers as Covid-19 prevention measure


Plastic-free shopping' retailer Scoop insists customers wear disposable plastic gloves before entering its stores in Singapore to protect against Covid-19. The firm says the measure is to reduce the threat of its business closing

The Coronavirus Accelerates Online’s Destruction Of Brick & Mortar Shopping

Jim Conca

Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Retail /retail Business energyOver 12,000 stores will be closing this year in the United States, mostly as a result of the coronavirus forcing online shopping. 73.5% of those surveyed reported they are shopping online more now than before the pandemic and 88% said they will continue even after a cure or vaccine is discovered.

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Episode 213: The pandemic's impact on the clean economy, geoengineering geek out


Plus, highlights from this week's webcast on how retailers can embrace the circular economy. Circular Economy climate tech COVID-19 Podcast Retail GreenBiz 350 Podcast

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Value of Demand Response Participation to the Retail Customer


Value of Demand Response Participation to the Retail Customer. The reduction in retail demand is a valuable tool in the portfolio, whose value has been greatly enhanced in today’s market due to better integration of decision-making and controls.

Shell Acquires Renewables-Only Power Retailer in UK


retail energy business, this deal will take the number of Shell Energy Retail’s U.K. residential customers to just under 1 million and adds to Shell’s presence in the B2B market,” said Colin Crooks, CEO, Shell Energy Retail. Oil major Shell acquired another customer-facing electricity and gas provider in the U.K., potentially bolstering its green credentials and renewables procurement expertise in the country.

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Amazon just committed to reduce toxics from its food packaging. Which retailer will be next?

EDF + Business

Fortunately, retailers and grocers are starting to take notice and to make commitments. Last week, Amazon became the latest retailer – joining Trader Joe’s and Albertsons – to take action to address high priority toxic chemicals in its food packaging.

AI energy management system nominated for Retail Energy Forum’s annual awards

Envirotec Magazine

Optimal Monitoring, a firm describing itself as “a thought-leader in energy management software”, has been nominated as one of three short listed finalists for the Wright Commission Award – an annual competition run by the Retail Energy Forum (REF) – with its EMMA AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution. It is seemingly proven to deliver substantial savings in many sectors including retail, logistics, manufacturing and the public sector.

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Responsible fund retail flows reach record £7.1bn in 2020

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Responsible investment funds have seen record retail net inflows of £7.1bn in 2020, with investors adding £975m in the third quarter of the year, figures from the Investment Association (IA) show.

Beauty products can be more toxic for women of color — it's time to change that


We should applaud the growing number of safer product commitments from retailers. Chemicals & Toxics Health Healthy Materials RetailBut we need to ensure improvements happen across the entire beauty aisle.

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Predictions For 2021: Auto Sales Improve, Tesla Meets Its Match

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Transportation /transportation Business /business Transportation /transportation Manufacturing /manufacturing Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Lifestyle /lifestyle Cars & Bikes /cars-bikes Editors' Pick editors-pick Business

Electrify America installs nine ultra-fast charging stations at Illinois and Michigan retail sites


Electrify America is collaborating with Midwestern retailer Meijer to install charging stations at nine of Meijer’s stores across Illinois and Michigan. The stations will offer a total of 36 ultra-fast public EV chargers. One station in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is already operational, and by early 2021, the network plans to open sites in: Oswego, Aurora and Evergreen Park in Illinois; and Roseville, Allen Park, Bay City, Cadillac and Gaylord, Michigan.

Let's reinvent retail and change the way we shop

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Building a greener future for retail requires brave conversations, big risks and hardwiring sustainability into the fabric of the business, explains Selfridges' Daniella Vega. And further, we will experiment at scale with both emerging and established sustainable retail ideas and models.

Impossible Foods makes retail debut as Tim Hortons pulls Beyond Meat

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The post Impossible Foods makes retail debut as Tim Hortons pulls Beyond Meat appeared first on AgFunderNews. The plant-based meat maker is launching at 27 Gelson’s locations in Southern California while Tim Hortons is backpedaling its Beyond Meat offerings. Company Profiles FoodTech Industry alternative protein consumers impossible foods meat plant-based sustainable protein

Online parts retailer releases survey on consumer e-waste negligence, and launches appliance repair initiative

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The research, undertaken by online spare parts retailer eSpares, appears to confirm that consumers prefer to simply throw away their broken appliances, replacing them with new models and often ignoring the environmental implications. A survey of 5,000 UK householders has found that the majority of Brits don’t attempt to fix perfectly repairable appliances – creating thousands of tonnes of unnecessary waste every year. Of the 1.4

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Social media: the new capital markets activism


Retail Social Responsibility Thinking in SystemsIncreasingly, consumers and social media users are voicing their concerns — and companies are listening.

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The Brief: Preventable deforestation, retail impact bond fund, insurance tech in Indonesia, Latin American social enterprises, Novartis vs. Sanofi

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Brazil’s research agency, INPE, The post The Brief: Preventable deforestation, retail impact bond fund, insurance tech in Indonesia, Latin American social enterprises, Novartis vs. Sanofi appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Greetings, Agents of Impact!

Why online retailers should increase transparency about their products

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What would change if e-commerce retailers shared information about a product's climate footprint? As the Covid-19 crisis rages on in the United States, some people are relying on e-commerce retailers for their needs - from household goods to food.