Indian Government Issues Tender To Buy 1,000 Electric Cars


The Indian government has issued a fresh tender to procure 1,000 electric cars. This is the first such tender in nearly two years.

How Government deregulation has helped remove the stigma from marijuana and helped keep energy prices low

U.S. Green Technology

Three Examples Of Government Deregulation Deregulation in the public and private sectors ensures competition and low prices for the customer. There are three examples of government deregulation listed below that you can.

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Netherlands Supreme Court Orders Government To Cut Carbon Emissions 25%


The Supreme Court for the Netherlands in a landmark ruling has ordered the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country 25% by the end of next year.

India Directs Government Companies To Buy Renewable Energy


In order to put the growth back on track in the renewable energy sector, the Indian government has turned to public sector companies.

Planners call on government for stronger direction on climate action

Envirotec Magazine

An overwhelming majority of UK planners want the next government to give stronger direction and more resources to enable local planners to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Over A Quarter Million EVs In India Have Received Subsidies, Reports Indian Government


The Indian government has reported the number of electric vehicles that have benefited under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India (FAME) program.

Should the U.S. government buy Greyhound?


The federal government should nationalize it and expand its low-carbon, affordable services. The bus company is for sale. Electric Vehicles Equity & Inclusion Green New Deal Policy & Politics railroad Transportation & Mobility

Greenest Government (N)ever?

Business Green

Boris Johnson promises a 'clean energy revolution' and the government deserves plaudits for its track record, but credibility is undermined by a refusal to reckon with the Tories' environmental failures

Solarcentury Gets Boost from UK Government for 500MW Overseas Pipeline


government. government-owned renewables investor. is not expected to become a major exporter of solar energy-related goods and services — even with UKEF support, or any other government backing that might be forthcoming as the country redraws its trade priorities post-Brexit.

Climate leadership requires an all-of-government approach

Clean Energy Canada

For this government to deliver on its mandate, it must leave Canadians with a sense of pride. Poll | Two-thirds of Canadians want to continue or increase climate efforts under minority government. Media Releases Federal Government

How to Apply for Government Grants and Loans

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Source:, accessed September 9, 2019 Free Money from the Government The federal government does not offer grants or “free money” to individuals to start a business or cover personal expenses, contrary to what you might see online or in the media. Websites or other publications claiming to offer “free money from the government” are often scams.

Still in the dark about targets? Observers respond to the UK government’s Environment Bill

Envirotec Magazine

Following the announcement of the government’s Environment Bill on 30 January , many observers in the environmental arena reflected on the ambition and likely efficacy of the legislation, while highlighting areas of concern and suggested improvement.

Government tables 'groundbreaking' Environment Bill

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Long-awaited legislation to deliver new environmental regulator and legally binding green targets

Is governance the unexplored secret behind Patagonia’s business success?


Contrary to what you might expect, the company doesn't offer employee stock options, in part so it can continue to push boundaries of corporate behavior. Corporate Strategy Employee Engagement

Toyota’s Super Secret Plan To Rule The World With Hybrid Cars


Larry Hutchinson, head of Toyota Canada, told an audience last week that governments should stop telling car companies what to build and let them decide what cars will do the most to lower carbon emissions and appeal to consumers.

Carbon 162

How To Encourage Citizens To Speak Up & Governments To Listen In The Pursuit Of Sustainable Cities?


By Anna Siwecka “Working in silos won’t work to tackle this challenge. It’s just impossible,” says Chloé Pahud, Co-founder and CEO of Civocracy – a digital citizen engagement platform.

How National Government Inaction On Climate Crisis Has Made Cities & Architects Rise To The Occasion


In the interview for the latest episode of The Beam Podcast – How to Build Sustainable Cities of the Future, Daniel Ringelstein reflects on why cities play a crucial part in addressing climate change and why interdisciplinary collaboration in the times of the global climate crisis may bring needed results. Buildings Climate Change Interviews Policy & Politics Daniel Ringelstein podcast

Vancouver receives $22M from federal government for urban climate centre

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On Thursday, the federal government announced it will be giving $22 million to help the city create an urban climate centre […]. Source: CTV News Vancouver, Alyse Kotyk, August 29, 2019 t’s been eight years since Vancouver adopted the goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020 and that deadline is swiftly approaching. Industry News Public Policy

More than 300 local governments have received SolSmart designations

Solar Power World

From Anchorage, Alaska, to Sarasota, Florida, more than 300 local governments have now met national benchmarks for encouraging the growth of solar energy and removing barriers to solar market development.

'Incompatible with climate policy': Scottish government rules out fracking

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Scottish government confirms opposition to shale gas extraction, promising no licences will be issued for the activity

Policy 114

UK Government Implements Fracking Ban – For Now


The UK government has issued an immediate moratorium in England because of the risk of earth tremors. Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already issued measures that amount to moratoriums on fracking. Read time: 7 mins By Ruth Hayhurst for Drill or Drop.

Environment directors urge Dutch government to rethink RDF import tax

Envirotec Magazine

One of the UK’s most respected Local Government Associations is calling on the Netherlands Government to think twice before levying a €32 per tonne tax on the import of Refuse Derived Fuel RDF from 1st January 2020.

Can Private Industry Solve Our Climate Crisis Where Governments Fail?

Jim Conca

Since governments haven’t done a great deal in addressing global warming - emissions are still increasing - perhaps private industry can facilitate people stepping in themselves The global nature of climate change requires everyone getting on board in order to make substantive efforts.

Small Towns Across The US Are Trading The Environment For Revenue


In the largest such study to date, Governing Magazine took a hard look at revenues from traffic fines. The authors found that an alarming number of local governments are "dangerously dependent on punitive fines and fees."

Government is “passing water pollution buck to the car industry”, experts warn

Envirotec Magazine

The Government’s announcement warned that particles are entering the airstream and having a detrimental impact on human health for drivers, passengers and bystanders. This shocking Government response to the AQEG has – quite literally – kicked the contamination further down the road.”.

$649 Million Fine For Uber In New Jersey As Gig Economy Faces Pushback From State & Local Governments


The State of New Jersey says Uber drivers are employees and the company owes it $649 in unpaid unemployment taxes and interest. Uber disagrees. Policy & Politics gig economy independent contractor New Jersey unemployment tax Uber

Switch2 Energy welcomes government support for heat networks


Switch2 Energy has welcomed the government's multi-million funding commitment to UK heat networks, along with its proposals to increase customer protection and accelerate decarbonisation across the sector

Governments and businesses seek resilience in a changing climate


Entities are looking more closely at microgrids and other technologies as a solution. Energy & Climate Microgrids Renewable Energy Weather

Reports: COP26 'fallback option' sees government scope out London venue

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The Financial Times reports the government is in talks with ExCel London about potentially moving the COP26 Summit to the capital. Yesterday, both the Scottish and the Westminster governments sought to downplay the row and stress their commitment to delivering a successful Summit.

COP 73

Governments should prepare for 3m sea-level rise by 2100, says IMechE

Envirotec Magazine

Governments around the world must step up their preparations for a minimum sea level rise of 1 metre this century and be planning for up to 3 metres, according to a report released by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in November.

Government reveals plans for 'green number plates'

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Government unveils plans for coloured number plates to make it easier to spot zero emission cars and help drivers access benefits such as free parking

Scottish Government unveils plans for £1.8bn net zero spending blitz

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Scottish Government says tackling climate emergency is 'at the heart' of its tax and spending plans for year ahead.

State and regional governments lead on renewable electricity generation – new report

Envirotec Magazine

State and regional governments around the world are advancing the global transition to renewable electricity, according to a new report released on 21 November by international non-profits The Climate Group and CDP, ahead of the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in December (COP25).

Virginia Inks Largest-Ever State Government Renewable Contract


state government agencies and institutions. The state government itself is aiming to source 30 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2022. Virginia has inked a 420-megawatt solar and wind power contract, the largest single procurement of renewable energy to power U.S.

New Government Report On Climate Change -- Will It Matter?

Jim Conca

Produced by 13 federal agencies and reluctantly released by the Trump administration on Black Friday, the Fourth National Climate Assessment reiterates that the effects of global warming are here already, and it poses a profound threat to Americans’ well-being. What can we do