Failed Federal Government Has States Considering Articles Of Confederacy


Could those pacts presage a new approach to governing such a diverse country as the United States? Policy & Politics compacts between the states coronavirus Global Weirding US GovernmentIn the absence of federal leadership, 17 states have formed partnerships to manage their response to the coronavirus.

Indian Government May Put EV Chargers At 69,000 Gas Pumps


The Indian government has occasionally expressed extremely bold electric vehicle plans. While it is doing a bit to pursue those dreams, it is far away from some of the loftier goals.

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New Guide Shows Climate Actions Already Benefiting States & Regions, Provides Blueprint For Governments To Replicate


Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the Under2 Coalition of states and regions today released a handbook detailing five transformative actions, regional governments can take to limit the effects of climate change while bringing other beneficial impacts to society.

Lawyers For Good Government Climate Change Program Provides Pro-Bono Legal Resources For Municipalities To Switch To 100% Renewable Energy


Today, Lawyers for Good Government Foundation (L4GG), a non-profit network of more than 120,000 legal advocates with lawyers in all 50 states, unveiled its latest comprehensive state energy resource profiles — Ohio, Louisiana, and Oklahoma — as part of its pro-bono climate change program, which seeks to provide the legal resources desperately needed for municipalities to reach 100 percent renewable energy goals.

Indian Government Issues Tender To Buy 1,000 Electric Cars


The Indian government has issued a fresh tender to procure 1,000 electric cars. This is the first such tender in nearly two years. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars EESL Energy Efficiency Services Limited Hyundai Kona India India Electric Mobility Mahindra & Mahindra MG Motors tata motors Tata Nexon XUV 300 ZS EV

Germany Tells Elon Musk Tesla Will Get Government Support For Giga Berlin


Germany is following in China's footsteps when it comes to Elon Musk and Tesla. Reuters has noted that Elon Musk met with Germany's economy minister, Peter Altmaier, who promised him that Germany will help in whatever way is needed to help get Giga Berlin running as fast as possible.

“Getting Back To Normal” Is The Last Thing Governments Should Be Doing


Going back to the way things were before the coronavirus hit will doom the planet. We don't need normal, we need a new framework for Earth justice and social justice.

How Government deregulation has helped remove the stigma from marijuana and helped keep energy prices low

U.S. Green Technology

Three Examples Of Government Deregulation Deregulation in the public and private sectors ensures competition and low prices for the customer. There are three examples of government deregulation listed below that you can. The post How Government deregulation has helped remove the stigma from marijuana and helped keep energy prices low appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Green StartUps, Green Companies Green Stories Government Deregulation

Israeli Government’s 16 Gigawatt Solar Plan A New Policy Priority


Israel's government has shared plans for a decade-long renewable energy shift. Looking over an active few weeks for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it is reassuring to find something positive regarding clean energy. Clean Power Consumer Technology Green Economy Health Investment Policy & Politics Solar Energy Solar Panels Solar Power Plants Solar Prices algeria israel Israel Renewable Energy Israel solar Israel solar energy middle east renewable energy grid solar targets

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New US government rule allows drilling in forested land

Inhabitat - Innovation

government legalizes oil and gas drilling within forested land. A new rule published by the U.S. This action threatens forest ecosystems, reversing decades of work to protect forested areas

Should the U.S. government buy Greyhound?


The federal government should nationalize it and expand its low-carbon, affordable services. The bus company is for sale. Electric Vehicles Equity & Inclusion Green New Deal Policy & Politics railroad Transportation & Mobility

Follow The Money — Dutch Government’s Love Revealed, Big Business Over Clean Technology


The economic slowdown from the coronavirus has induced some governments to try to stimulate the economy. Two of the Dutch incentives are worth a closer look. Cars Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Green Economy Policy & Politics coronavirus COVID-19 EV subsidies Grumpy Old Man KLM netherlands Netherlands EV incentives Netherlands EV subsidies pandemics

Netherlands Supreme Court Orders Government To Cut Carbon Emissions 25%


The Supreme Court for the Netherlands in a landmark ruling has ordered the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country 25% by the end of next year. Climate Change Policy & Politics climate litigation Greenhouse Gas Emissions netherlands Supreme Court of the Netherlands Urgenda

India Directs Government Companies To Buy Renewable Energy


In order to put the growth back on track in the renewable energy sector, the Indian government has turned to public sector companies. Image: Zach Shahan | The Indian government’s Department of Public Enterprises and Economic Affairs has directed public sector companies to increase investment in renewable energy.

Can A Government Be Held Accountable If Climate Legislation Is Violated?


If you think about the goal of the Paris Agreement to halve global carbon emissions in the next 10 years to keep the world on track to limit temperature rise to 1.5C, it in itself might seem, and frankly might actually be, impossible. But you don't get points for not trying, we are all in this together, and the sooner a small country like Denmark can show concrete results from functional climate legislation, larger countries just might follow.

Over A Quarter Million EVs In India Have Received Subsidies, Reports Indian Government


The Indian government has reported the number of electric vehicles that have benefited under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India (FAME) program. The program had been launched as part of the National Electricity Mobility Mission Plan to boost adoption of EVs in the country.

uYilo South Africa: Electric Vehicles Make Power Portable


The Nissan RE-LEAF is a concept aimed at emergency response, providing power where there is none. Nissan's design shows the EV concept can simultaneously power an electric jackhammer (24 hours – 36 kWh), a pressure ventilation fan (24 hours – 21.6 kWh), a 10-liter soup kettle (24 hours – 9.6

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Renewable Energy Developers Ready To Quit Australia Over Idiotic Government Policies


Solar investment in Australia is shrinking due in large part to ridiculous federal policies that make renewable energy projects too risky. The Smart Energy Council thinks it's time to reverse those wrongheaded policies. Clean Power Solar Energy Australia australia renewable energy Australia Solar australia solar energy Australia solar power australia wind energy Downer Group Smart Energy Council

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The US Government Has Failed In Its Response TO COVID-19. Can Cleantech Lead A Different Way?


"Scientific understanding is not enough. There has to be someone to pick up the ball and run with it," says Noam Chomsky. Cleantech News Fossil Fuels Manufacturing coronavirus COVID-19 Noam Chomsky Ronald Reagan Tesla

Oil & Epidemics: How A Virus Makes The Case For Renewable Energy & Compassionate Government


Charles Donovan of Imperial College in London says economies built on energy from renewable sources will be better able to deal with severe disruptions like the coronavirus. Clean Power Center for Climate Finance And Investment Charles Donovan coronavirus fossil fuel imperial college Renewable Energy

The Unpleasant Marriage Of Germany’s Top Auto Executives With Government Politicians


A secret and never written codex has been defined in the last 100 years that describes the relationship between the German auto industry and the government. Everybody follows the codex and its rules, but no one talks about it.

UK Government appoints Arup as sustainability consultant for COP26

Envirotec Magazine

The UK Government, as hosts of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), has selected engineering, design and consultancy firm Arup to help it achieve its ambition of delivering a sustainable summit. COP26 is to be held at the SEC, Glasgow, in November 2021.

Is governance the unexplored secret behind Patagonia’s business success?


Contrary to what you might expect, the company doesn't offer employee stock options, in part so it can continue to push boundaries of corporate behavior. Corporate Strategy Employee Engagement

Africa’s Low Motorization Levels Present An Opportunity For Another Leapfrog Event


Even counting used vehicles, the majority of African countries still have very low levels of motorization compared to countries in the developed world. Only a handful of countries have motorization rates above 100 vehicles per 1,000 people.

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Japan’s Disappointing EV Sales Are Bad For Africa, & Here’s Why


A potential bottleneck could come quite soon on the used EV supply side. Thanks to Japanese OEM’s love of mild hybrids and their quest to prolong the ICE age as long as possible, sales of EVs in Japan have been very disappointing.

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Governments and businesses seek resilience in a changing climate


Entities are looking more closely at microgrids and other technologies as a solution. Energy & Climate Microgrids Renewable Energy Weather

Planners call on government for stronger direction on climate action

Envirotec Magazine

An overwhelming majority of UK planners want the next government to give stronger direction and more resources to enable local planners to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Nearly 90% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that there needed to be stronger direction from central government and greater resourcing, training and capacity for local authority planning departments to enable more effective local planning for net zero carbon.

Nissan Leaf Rebuilding Project In Zimbabwe


As the number of EVs on the road grows, there is now an urgent need to train automotive technicians to be ready to work on all these EVs. Taurayi Raymond Sewera wants to help address this gap starting in Zimbabwe. He is setting up the International Institute of Automotive Technology Training (IIATT) with a major focus on PHEV and BEVs.

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Government says beavers can stay in their Devon home

Envirotec Magazine

Peter Burgess, Director of Conservation at Devon Wildlife Trust, says: “This is the most ground-breaking government decision for England’s wildlife for a generation. In 2014, with local community support, Devon Wildlife Trust and a partnership including the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy, successfully secured a license from government which would allow the beavers to stay and be studied over a five-year period.

Electric SUVs Could Be The Most Important Segment In Africa


It’s very common for small African countries to have governments with at least 30 ministers and an equal number of deputy ministers. Quite fascinating really, considering much bigger economies have fewer than 15 ministers.

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UK?s Largest Solar Project Approved, Will Snub Government Subsidies


's largest-ever solar project, received its government planning approvals this week. The developers say they will not seek any government subsidy and will not participate in the contracts for difference (CFD) auction next year. ” Government auction? To many, the most obvious path for moving forward with a big solar project like Cleve Hill looked like the government's CFD program. Cleve Hill, the U.K.'s

West Coast Wildfires Reveal Massive Governance Failures

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Political polarization and short-termism impede the development of a rational wildfire policy response. State-level zero emissions policies alone will not address wildfires in the short-run. Along with forest management, communities need to enact policies to better prepare for wildfires.

Toyota’s Super Secret Plan To Rule The World With Hybrid Cars


Larry Hutchinson, head of Toyota Canada, told an audience last week that governments should stop telling car companies what to build and let them decide what cars will do the most to lower carbon emissions and appeal to consumers. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars exhaust emissions government EV incentives Larry Hutchinson Toyota Toyota hybrid technology

How to Apply for Government Grants and Loans

CleanTech Alliance

Source:, accessed September 9, 2019 Free Money from the Government The federal government does not offer grants or “free money” to individuals to start a business or cover personal expenses, contrary to what you might see online or in the media. Websites or other publications claiming to offer “free money from the government” are often scams.

How National Government Inaction On Climate Crisis Has Made Cities & Architects Rise To The Occasion


In the interview for the latest episode of The Beam Podcast – How to Build Sustainable Cities of the Future, Daniel Ringelstein reflects on why cities play a crucial part in addressing climate change and why interdisciplinary collaboration in the times of the global climate crisis may bring needed results. Buildings Climate Change Interviews Policy & Politics Daniel Ringelstein podcast