Climate Cruelty and Local Governments

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Local governments are uniquely impacted by climate change. But climate change’s cruelty extends to American governance, too. The level of government least able to mitigate and adapt is the level of government most affected. Climate Change Local Governments

3 Ways Municipal Software Helps Governments

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Local governments have to fight to keep up with the constant demand for current services and availability as technology progresses at a breakneck speed. Unfortunately, The post 3 Ways Municipal Software Helps Governments appeared first on U.S.


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Should the U.S. government buy Greyhound?


The federal government should nationalize it and expand its low-carbon, affordable services. The bus company is for sale. Electric Vehicles Equity & Inclusion Green New Deal Policy & Politics railroad Transportation & Mobility

How U.S. government procurement can lead the clean economy


government procurement can lead the clean economy. After 50 years of incremental progress in making its purchasing more sustainable, the federal government still faces tremendous challenges to making acquisitions value sustainability, reduce carbon and halt climate changes to our environment. Every decision the government makes with its $600 billion of annual purchasing power has an impact — it could and should be a positive one. How U.S.

How Digital Transformation will Bend the Curve of the Linear Economy Toward the Circular

Speaker: Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director of SmartNations Foundation, Jimmy Jia, Venture Partner at Pi Labs, Fabienne Durand, Senior Advisor to the SmartNations Foundation, & Roger Strukhoff, Executive Director of the Tau Institute

The Carbon Zero, Circular Economy, is easily the most profoundly important result of digital transformation. Industry 4.0 has a massively cumulative impact on dematerialization (in all forms) and resultant decarbonization (both emissions and embodied) throughout the economy. Join panelists Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Jimmy Jia, Fabienne Durand, and their moderator Roger Strukhoff as they discuss how bending the carbon/GHG heavy linear economy to the circular is one of the hidden benefits of digital disruption.

How Government deregulation has helped remove the stigma from marijuana and helped keep energy prices low

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Three Examples Of Government Deregulation Deregulation in the public and private sectors ensures competition and low prices for the customer. There are three examples of government deregulation listed below that you can. The post How Government deregulation has helped remove the stigma from marijuana and helped keep energy prices low appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Green StartUps, Green Companies Green Stories Government Deregulation

Stranded at sea: 2000 cattle face culling by Spanish government

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Stranded at sea with roughly 2000 cattle, two ships face are "crying out for help" from the Spanish government

Government has failed to tackle fast fashion, despite the problem worsening, says report

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In comparison, research published by the University of Cambridge earlier this year showed that there have been 14 government strategies containing 689 policies to tackle obesity. This stark difference in government policy and attention demonstrates that,?despite

Government of Canada launches Hydrogen Strategy


Be that as it may, governments in Europe and Japan have big plans to subsidize hydrogen technology. The Strategy is the result of three years of research and analysis, with input from 1,500 experts and stakeholders from industry, government and academia. Source: Government of Canada.

Australian government stumbles in climate crisis response

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The Australian government appears conflicted in its efforts to adopt environmentally progressive policies following the country's recent bushfires and record temperatures

New US government rule allows drilling in forested land

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government legalizes oil and gas drilling within forested land. A new rule published by the U.S. This action threatens forest ecosystems, reversing decades of work to protect forested areas

The Australian government unveils plan to end plastic pollution

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With the National Plastic Plan, Australia aims to address challenges with biodegradable, recyclable and compostable plastics

Federal government’s new climate plan is brave, honest, and historic

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VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s climate plan update : “When it comes to climate action, honesty is the best policy. Media Releases Federal Government

Planners call on government for stronger direction on climate action

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An overwhelming majority of UK planners want the next government to give stronger direction and more resources to enable local planners to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Is governance the unexplored secret behind Patagonia’s business success?


Contrary to what you might expect, the company doesn't offer employee stock options, in part so it can continue to push boundaries of corporate behavior. Corporate Strategy Employee Engagement

How to Apply for Government Grants and Loans

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Source:, accessed September 9, 2019 Free Money from the Government The federal government does not offer grants or “free money” to individuals to start a business or cover personal expenses, contrary to what you might see online or in the media. Websites or other publications claiming to offer “free money from the government” are often scams.

Industry organizations respond to new ‘buy clean’ approach to government procurement

Clean Energy Canada

and Canada’s new “ Greening Government Initiative :”. “We Canada initiative to collaborate on ‘greening’ government operations. A focus on procurement—or as it’s sometimes called, buying clean—requires governments to spend public dollars on materials that are low-carbon.

Rapid action needed from governments to drive hydrogen economy – IEA

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Governments need to move faster and more decisively on policy measures to enable low-carbon hydrogen to help the world reach net-zero while boosting energy security.

Turning action into law: government’s accountability legislation a critical step

Clean Energy Canada

We particularly welcome the new requirement that the federal government report on its own climate-related financial risks and opportunities, under the purview of the finance minister. Media Releases Climate Policy Federal Government

Law 78

French government to ban short domestic flights in favor of trains

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The French government is planning to end all short flights for routes that could be traveled in 2.5 hours or less by train in order to reduce carbon emissions

‘Lukewarmist’ Peer Set for Role Scrutinising Government Climate Policy


A Conservative peer who was until last year a trustee of the UK’s most prominent climate science denial group is set to be appointed to a parliamentary committee tasked with overseeing the UK government’s climate policy.

Policy 107

UK?s Largest Solar Project Approved, Will Snub Government Subsidies


's largest-ever solar project, received its government planning approvals this week. The developers say they will not seek any government subsidy and will not participate in the contracts for difference (CFD) auction next year. ” Government auction?

Governments and businesses seek resilience in a changing climate


Entities are looking more closely at microgrids and other technologies as a solution. Energy & Climate Microgrids Renewable Energy Weather

Vancouver receives $22M from federal government for urban climate centre

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On Thursday, the federal government announced it will be giving $22 million to help the city create an urban climate centre […]. Source: CTV News Vancouver, Alyse Kotyk, August 29, 2019 t’s been eight years since Vancouver adopted the goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020 and that deadline is swiftly approaching. Industry News Public Policy

Scottish Government unleashes £1.8bn zero carbon heating plan

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The Scottish Government has set out plans to invest £1.8bn over the next five years towards decarbonising heating, with a target to convert more than one million homes and 50,000 non-domestic buildings in Scotland to zero emissions heating systems by the end of the decade.

In danger of becoming a missed opportunity: ADEPT’s response to government’s planning White Paper

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The Government’s White Paper, Planning for the Future, has caused a furore amongst local authorities. And the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) is calling on the Government to think again.

Singapore government unveils 2021 budget with sustainability focus


Previously criticised for not channelling enough stimulus spending to green initiatives, Singapore has announced myriad sustainability measures under this year’s government budget.

UK Government appoints Arup as sustainability consultant for COP26

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The UK Government, as hosts of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), has selected engineering, design and consultancy firm Arup to help it achieve its ambition of delivering a sustainable summit. COP26 is to be held at the SEC, Glasgow, in November 2021.

Reports: Government eyeing £400m boiler scrappage scheme

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According to The Times , however, Boris Johnson now wants to quadruple its budget, run the scheme over three years, and increase the starting grant to £7,000 each, as the government grapples with the challenge of decarbonising the heating supplies of the UK's estimated 29 million homes.

New publication asks: Is the UK government’s clean air approach good enough?

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On Air Quality , published by Policy@Manchester, The University of Manchester’s policy engagement unit, is released ahead of the UK Government’s next-stage consideration of the Environment Bill which is due to be discussed at Committee Stage in the House of Lords on June 21.

Why are governments failing to act on climate change?


1 A more in-depth survey poll conducted by ABC news, Stanford, and the RFF found that 68% of Americans think the government should be doing a lot to stop climate change. We have never seen more unity on climate change, so why are governments failing to act on climate change?

Ford CEO: US government needs to support domestic battery production


Ford CEO Jim Farley says the US government needs to support domestic battery production and the rollout of public charging infrastructure. “We European governments are moving to break this stranglehold—the European Commission’s recent announcement of €2.9

Solarcentury Gets Boost from UK Government for 500MW Overseas Pipeline


government. government-owned renewables investor. is not expected to become a major exporter of solar energy-related goods and services — even with UKEF support, or any other government backing that might be forthcoming as the country redraws its trade priorities post-Brexit.

Government must recognise the key role of local authorities in tackling climate crisis, says coalition

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Ahead of the publication of the government’s Net Zero Strategy, which sets out where carbon emissions savings will be made, a coalition of local government, environmental and research organisations have called for urgent powers and resources for local authorities.

Canadian AI firm selected by UK government to demonstrate emissions-reduction commercial building technology

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A Canadian firm with a technology that enables “grid-interactive buildings” has been selected by the UK government to participate in the Tech For Our Planet challenge program, an initiative taking place in the run-up to COP26.

HVAC 130

French government moves to abolish shortest flights

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The French government has moved forward with pioneering plans to effectively ban a number of short haul aviation routes as part of the country's sweeping new climate bill.

Toxic algae blooms are multiplying. The government has no plan to help.


But despite the dangers of algae-related poisoning and the harmful and costly impacts of blooms on ecosystems, the federal government doesn’t have a cohesive strategy for dealing with freshwater harmful algal blooms, or HABs. The government has no plan to help.

President Tsai reiterates government commitment to promoting farmers’ welfare


President Tsai said on 4 Jan that advancing the welfare of Taiwan’s farmers lies at the heart of the country’s agricultural policy, with a raft of related legislation passed in recent years demonstrating the depth of government commitment

Government flicks switch on halogen bulb ban

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million tonnes a year, as government beefs up energy efficiency rules. The new labels will raise the bar for each class, meaning very few bulbs will now be classified as A, helping consumers choose the most environmentally friendly bulbs, the government said.

Government says beavers can stay in their Devon home

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Peter Burgess, Director of Conservation at Devon Wildlife Trust, says: “This is the most ground-breaking government decision for England’s wildlife for a generation. In 2014, with local community support, Devon Wildlife Trust and a partnership including the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy, successfully secured a license from government which would allow the beavers to stay and be studied over a five-year period.

Still in the dark about targets? Observers respond to the UK government’s Environment Bill

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Following the announcement of the government’s Environment Bill on 30 January , many observers in the environmental arena reflected on the ambition and likely efficacy of the legislation, while highlighting areas of concern and suggested improvement.

On climate action, private investors urge governments to jump in (the water is warming)

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21 – Many government leaders are being coy about their climate ambitions. The post On climate action, private investors urge governments to jump in (the water is warming) appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha.

Scottish Greens poised to join government in Holyrood

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Expected power sharing deal with SNP would take Green Party into government for the first time anywhere in the UK.