New Catalyst Can Produce Hydrogen From Seawater


Clean Power Science Hydrogen hydrogen catalyst hydrogen from seawater university of houstonResearchers at the University of Houston say they have developed a new catalyst composed of inexpensive non-noble metal nitrides that makes it possible to split seawater at low voltages.

Renewable Hydrogen In The Heart Of Coal Country


Australia is the epicenter of a race between renewable hydrogen and coal to push natural gas out of the powerful global ammonia market. Clean Power Coal Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Australia Energy Hydrogen Renewable Energy renewable hydrogen

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Getting Real Serious About Renewable Hydrogen In Real America


The Midwest Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Coalition has just launched a mission to bring the renewable hydrogen revolution to a cluster of US states which, for reasons unknown, pop up whenever someone mentions America's heartland, aka Real America. Clean Power Hydrogen renewable hydrogen

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Developing Hydrogen Production Technology


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has been working on the development of hydrogen and energy storage technologies for some time. One method under investigation is the copper–chlorine cycle, a process involving several steps to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water.

Hydrogen In, Fossil Fuel Out For Leading Steelmaker, Eventually


A new "green" hydrogen pilot plant in Austria aims at decarbonizing industrial processes, beginning with steel, with an assist from renewable. Clean Power Electricity Energy H2FUTURE Hydrogen Renewable Energy voestalpine

Using Formic Acid To Store Hydrogen


If all goes according to plan, formic acid energy storage could be the key to unlocking the sparkling green hydrogen economy of the future. Energy Storage formic acid Hydrogen Rice University

Hydrogen Revolution Comes To California Railways, Eventually, Maybe


The fuel cell EV trend has been slow to catch on, but a new hydrogen train destined for California gives H2 fans something to cheer about. Clean Transport Mass Transit / Public Transit Trains / Rail California electric railway Hydrogen San Bernardino County Stadler

Hydrogen Could Replace Coke In Steelmaking & Lower Carbon Emissions Dramatically


A new report claims hydrogen could replace coke in 10 to 50% of all steelmaking my the year 2050, given the right carbon pricing. Using hydrogen instead of coke -- a process known as direct reduction -- could lower the carbon emissions from steel mills significantly.

Renewable Hydrogen Will Drink The Fossil Fuel Milkshake


Renewable hydrogen from water is the end game, and fossil fuel stakeholders better hold on to their milkshakes as wind and solar power rise up. Clean Power Wind Energy Denmark Electricity Energy Hydrogen Ørsted Renewable Energy

Renewable Hydrogen News: Power-to-Gas Mania Hits Maine


Maine is not exactly a hotspot for renewable hydrogen activity right now, but a new power-to-gas project could change that in the blink of an eye. Clean Power Energy Storage Green Economy co2 emissions Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Electricity Energy Hydrogen Maine

Renault Loses Its Marbles, Dissolved In Hydrogen


Renault is going with a hybrid strategy of both hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and 100% battery electric vehicles. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles renault

The truth about hydrogen, the latest, trendiest low-carbon solution


As misconceptions about the emerging tech abound, we can dispel common myths to encourage hydrogen's potential for decarbonization. Energy & Climate hydrogen Renewable Energy Rocky Mountain Institute

Joi Scientific’s Perpetual Hydrogen Illusion Comes Tumbling Down


Joi Scientific has been gaining millions in investment and headlines including from CleanTechnica, for its perpetual motion hydrogen claims. Clean Power Climate Change Green Economy Research Science Canada Hydrogen Joi Scientific New Brunswick Skepticism united states

5 Early Applications for Green Hydrogen


Few energy-related topics are getting as much attention at the moment as green hydrogen. Europe's biggest natural-gas infrastructure firm recently launched a new hydrogen business. A hydrogen economy in the U.S. Replacing existing hydrogen feedstocks.

Toyota Passes On EVs In Favor Of Hybrids & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles


Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Hybrid Electric Cars Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles PHEV fuel cell Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle hybrid Prius Plug-in Prius Prime Toyota toyota prius

Toyota Introduces The New 2021 Mirai, But Without A Plan For A Fueling Network


This week, Toyota pulled the wraps off the new 2021 Mirai, boasting an impressive 30% increase in range thanks to a new and improved fuel cell stack paired with slightly larger hydrogen storage tanks. liters of volume and can hold about 5 kilograms of hydrogen when full.

The Skai hydrogen-powered aircraft produces zero emissions

Inhabitat - Innovation

The most impressive feature — that it runs on hydrogen fuel cells — gives this aircraft the potential to become one of the greenest modes of air transportation

Hydrogen in China

CleanTech Group

During the summer, China’s Science and Technology Minister, Wan Gang, called for China to “look into establishing a hydrogen society.” China Energy & Power Hydrogen Energy Efficiency

More Solar Power To Drive The All-Electric Economy Of The Sparkling Green Future


Best friends forever: renewable hydrogen could help provide more bandwidth in the grid for millions of battery EVs due to hit the road in the coming years.

Grant awarded for facility to convert waste plastic to hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

Hydrogen fuel pumps at a service station in Washington DC, USA: The fuel generated by the Ellesmore Port facility will be used locally to power transport. The plan is to bring together potential counterparties for waste, power and hydrogen with a net negative CO2 contribution for each site.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: A New Path to Decarbonize Transporation

CleanTech Group

Fuel Cells & Hyrdrogen Hydrogen Transportation and Logistics Clean Transportation Hydrogen Fuel Cell VehiclesIn order to meet fuel emissions standards enacted by governments and emissions reductions targets put in place by the corporations themselves, automotive OEMs.

Are UK hydrogen trains moving out of the siding?

Business Green

Arup appointed to assess feasibility of hydrogen train projects for the UK rail network

Nikola Pushes Deeper Into Battery Electric Vehicles With Next Generation Battery Tech


Batteries Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Lithium-Ion Batteries Shipping acquisition anode BYD cathode Hydrogen Fuel Cell lithium ion Nel Nikola Nikola Motor Company Tesla Tesla Semi Trevor Milton volvo

10 Countries Moving Toward a Green Hydrogen Economy


on the little-known National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day this month: The French industrial giant announced plans to make renewably produced liquid hydrogen at an upcoming plant near Las Vegas. Australia has had an almost negligible presence in green hydrogen markets to date.

Hydrogen: Hype, hope or horror?

Business Green

The ADE's Tim Rotheray sounds a note of caution on the rush to embrace hydrogen for home heating

Meet The New Toyota Mirai: Same As The Old Mirai, Only Different


It features a next generation fuel cell and larger hydrogen storage tanks for a 30% increase in range. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles electric car fuel cell car Toyota Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen fuel cell sector enjoys record 2019 as demand soars

Business Green

Strong growth anticipated for both the hydrogen fuel cell sector and conventional electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next decade, as EV uptake continues to accelerate

Shell New Energies EVP: Hydrogen Subsidies Will Pay Off, Like They Did for Solar


So it is with hydrogen, says Mark Gainsborough, executive vice president at Shell who heads up the New Energies unit. In addition to the power sector, Shell New Energies is responsible for the company's activities in new fuels, namely hydrogen and biofuels.

Europe’s Biggest Gas Grid Ramps Up Hydrogen Efforts


The largest natural gas infrastructure firm in Europe has launched a new hydrogen business and increased its financing for low carbon projects. The company's recent strategic documents lean heavily on renewable gas, power-to-gas, and hydrogen. Over the long term, Snam expects hydrogen and biomethan to offset reductions in the company's natural gas business, Alverà told analysts. The company is also looking at the potential for geological hydrogen storage.

The Reality Behind Green Hydrogen’s Soaring Hype


Green hydrogen produced using renewable energy is increasingly seen as a key asset for grid and transport decarbonization. Shell believes the hydrogen sector deserves the same levels of support that went to solar energy over the years. But at least in the medium term, the decarbonization potential of hydrogen is limited. Green hydrogen remains inefficient and expensive today, with an end-to-end efficiency of only around 30 percent, said Gallagher.

China to Eliminate Subsidies for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars: Report


China will reportedly eliminate hydrogen fuel-cell car subsidies at the end of 2020, raising questions about Beijing's goal to have a million of the vehicles on the road by 2030. China has one big advantage in that it is already the world’s leading hydrogen producer.

Hydrogen injected into gas grid as part of 'groundbreaking' UK trial

Business Green

Green energy pilot at Keele University marks first time zero carbon hydrogen has been injected into UK gas grid

Hydrogen Could Become A $130 Billion U.S. Industry By 2050. Could It Also Cut Emissions?

Forbes Green Tech

Hydrogen is a key emerging decarbonization technology, and could become a $130 billion U.S. industry while cutting emissions by 2050

Heavy-Duty Hydrogen: Fuel Cell Trains And Trucks Power Up For The 2020s

Forbes Green Tech

in Southern California in 2024 when a hydrogen-powered FLIRT train from Stadler begins operation. By that time startup Nikola aims to be building thousands of hydrogen semi-trucks Zero-emission “hydrail” projects kick off in the U.S.

HyFlyer zero emission aviation project lines up mobile hydrogen fuelling support

Business Green

Mobile refuelling truck will be used to power test flights of hydrogen plane

The Hydrogen Economy Is Within Grasp And Progressive Energy Companies Know It

Forbes Green Tech

The hydrogen economy is within grasp — the type of progress that can rollback the effects of climate change. The goal is to produce hydrogen from a carbon-free source and in doing so, displaces fossil fuels

120 Gigawatts Of Energy Storage By 2050: We Got This!


Batteries Energy Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Pumped Hydro Storage Hydrogen NRELThe next generation of energy storage is set to go far and beyond the capabilities of today's Li-ion technology, as federal energy experts eyeball a goal of 120 gigawatts in storage by.

Energy 207

Russia Signs Climate Accords & Putin Responds To Climate Change, But There’s A Catch


Climate Change Fossil Fuels Policy & Politics Hydrogen Paris climate accords permafrost Putin RussiaWhen even Russia starts to believe in climate change, the world really is coming to an end. Yet to everyone’s surprise, that is exactly what happened.

Hydrogen is expected to account for 10% of China’s energy network by 2050

Renewable Energy World

The Chinese government recently issued a whitepaper on the status and prospects of the hydrogen fuel and fuel cell sectors, indicating that energy derived from hydrogen will become an important part of the Chinese energy network.

California Is Investing $95 Million Into Clean Transportation


Air Quality Autonomous Vehicles Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging EV Charging Stations Green Economy Hybrid Electric Cars Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Investment Policy & Politics Subsidies California California EV incentives