Investing in China’s sustainable finance boom


China-based investments are an important part of an institutional or retail investing portfolio for green and decarbonization opportunities

How Japan is becoming a responsible investment success story


Japan's big increase in sustainable investment assets from 2016 to 2020 means it accounts for 8 percent of the $35.3 trillion from the five major markets of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australasia and Japan


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Clean tech drives record-breaking energy investment, IEA report finds


A recent report predicts global energy investment will rise eight percent this year, driven by surging investment in clean energy infrastructure

Environmental Impact Investing: What You Need To Know

U.S. Green Technology

The post Environmental Impact Investing: What You Need To Know appeared first on U.S. Featured Posts Featured Stories Green Business, Green Business News Environmental Impact Investing

Community investments pay dividends


Community investments pay dividends. Corporate community investment historically has been the realm of philanthropy and volunteerism departments, but there are a growing number of examples where direct investment by businesses benefits operations as well as the communities in which they serve.

Kirk’s inconvenient truth about ESG investing


HSBC’s head of responsible investments, Stuart Kirk, simply said what most insiders know: The financial effects of climate change are mismatched with typical investor time horizons

The new normal in sustainable investing post-COVID-19


The time has passed for small commitments, hyperbole and delays in embracing sustainable investing. COVID-19 Finance & Investing GreenFin ESG

Downturn signals opportunity for climate-aligned investing


Finance & Investing ESG Rocky Mountain InstituteSeveral frameworks are emerging that sets performance thresholds identifying economic activities that align with the Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets.

Government policy spurs investment in Chinese climate tech


China’s net-zero goal has strengthened the financing landscape for the country’s climate tech sector

Policy 311

How to de-risk low-carbon investments


Espejo de Tarapaca, Climate Investor Two and Africa's energy guarantee facility are all making climate-smart investing the obvious choice

Africa 212

It’s critical, not controversial: Why we must double-down on nature investments


Sponsored: The science is clear: Companies must aggressively decarbonize their business and invest in nature to stop the worst impacts of climate change

Could you explain ESG investment to your neighbor?


How can the average retail investor best make sense of ESG products?

Retail 322

Leveraging gender for smarter infrastructure investment


It is only through diverse, actively engaged teams at every level that we will build infrastructure that meets the needs of this century

How to scale up investment in sustainable mobility


Here are six sustainable mobility investment cases

Investing in tree equity for a greener world


WestRock and the Arbor Day Foundation are investing in 10 urban tree canopies within WestRock’s global operating footprint, helping to provide access to urban trees and public green spaces Sponsored: It’s crucial for corporations to help address environmental needs.

The role of private investment in sustainable infrastructure


Investors are seeking investment-grade green infrastructure projects as opposed to one-off contracts

Liberty Mutual’s approach to ESG investing, with Vlad Barbalat


A view of ESG investing from one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the United

Bridgestone invests $42M more to turn desert shrub into rubber alternative


Bridgestone has now invested more than $100 million in guayule research, as part of its effort to deliver 100% renewable tires by 2050

Investment analysts conclude that greener businesses rule


Investment returns on firms driving the transition to a green economy are easily outstripping those of their fossil fuel competitors, new analysis suggests. Finance & Investing

What will future green investment teams spend their money on?


We asked Emerging Leaders in the space. Here are their answers

Displaced East Africans remake camps into testbeds for refugee-lens investing

Impact Alpha

The post Displaced East Africans remake camps into testbeds for refugee-lens investing appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Africa Catalytic Capital Frontier and Growth Markets Inclusive Economy Investing in Health Refugee Lens InvestingImpactAlpha, Sept.

Why IKEA is investing in sustainable mobility


Why IKEA is investing in sustainable mobility. For the company known for its delicious meatballs and DIY shelves, the investment isn't actually that surprising. For example, the company is pushing its electric fleet partners to go electric, and investing in low-carbon fuel technologies.

How BCG helps corporations invest in climate tech


The BCG Green Ventures mandate: Partner with corporations to help them identify business opportunities related to climate tech, and then jointly incubate and invest in those ventures

Are your ESG investments ‘sustainable grade’?


As investor interest in ESG issues increases, the practice of careless labeling is growing. Here’s one proposal for mitigating that problem

Meet the CEO behind the A-list's favorite green investment firm


An interview with Steve Oyer, CEO of i(x) Net Zero, the green investment firm founded by Warren Buffet's grandson and backed by Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Where the 'radical change' in sustainable investing is going next


How to become a leader in the high-finance paradigm shift? Follow pioneer Wendy Cromwell

Anatomy of an impact investment: Comcast’s partnership with Inclusiv


Treasury resources are a largely untapped source of capital for social impact investments and can significantly expand the reach and capabilities of community finance organizations

Personalizing sustainable investments can shape the future of finance


Despite retail investors being interested in sustainability issues, few are investing money with this in mind

Retail 308

Reimagining investment: Human rights in venture capital


There's a link between startups that fail and poor performance on ESG

Timberland invests in regenerative leather ranches


Timberland invests in regenerative leather ranches. But more companies outside of the food space are figuring out how they can invest in or use regenerative practices in the supply chain for their products. . Deonna Anderson. Fri, 06/19/2020 - 02:45.

For vibrant US cities, invest in multi-modal transportation


Focusing on not just cars, buses, rail, bicycles or walking, but a coordinated system of various modes of transport can improve livability for all

Sustainable investing expert Alison Taylor on ESG misconceptions and why ethics are part of the equation


The BSR advisor, NYU professor and executive director at Ethical Systems discusses what concerning orthodoxies she’s seeing begin to ossify, and what leadership in ESG investing should really be doing right now

Ethics 397

System Change Investing: The business case


The new paradigm approach shifts the focus of investing from company change and symptoms to system change and root causes. Finance & Investing Reporting

Episode 263: Simulating transformation, investing in underserved communities


Episode 263: Simulating transformation, investing in underserved communities. Making community investments count (25:20). Catherine Berman is CEO of CNote , a woman-owned, woman-led organization focused on helping institutions invest in underserved communities.

Visionary investments could advance climate and equity in agriculture


An agricultural bill in congress puts $5 billion into regenerative programs for farmers, $600 million into assessing soil benefits and many other investments

Yes, Investing in ESG Pays Off

Andrew Winston

This is another in the realm of the “business case” for sustainability (within a corporation for its own capital and investment decisions, not as an investment thesis for investors). Solution: Redefine your tools for investment decisions.

Sound investments to decarbonize the world’s industries


Climate Change Finance & Investing manufacturingAs much as $21 trillion is needed through 2050 to fully decarbonize the ammonia, cement, ethylene and steel sectors.

System change investing: High impact, high return


System change investing: High impact, high return. The sustainable/responsible investing (SRI) market is over $30 trillion and growing faster than traditional investments. It uses investing to engage the financial and corporate sectors in the most important sustainability issue.

UPS invests in electric vehicle pioneer Arrival, as delivery giant places order for 10,000 vans


Electric Vehicles Investing Transportation Transportation & MobilityArrival has emerged as a major player in the fast expanding commercial EV fleet market.

Korea’s SK Group acquires Signet EV, invests in Polestar


Separately, SK plans to invest around $60 million in Swedish EV manufacturer Polestar, through the New Mobility Fund jointly established with Chinese automaker Geely. We will become a key player in the EV market with the Signet EV acquisition and Polestar investment.”.

Bridging the human rights gap in ESG investing


ESG assets could exceed US$50 trillion by 2025, but ESG as a framework does not sufficiently capture harms to people

Private equity stakes its claim in sustainable investing


Private equity is starting to see meaningful opportunity in climate finance

Kelp boom hinges on supply chain and carbon market investments


Kelp farming is ready to scale but getting more processing plants, increasing demand and understand the carbon impact need to come first