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Volkswagen Plans To Start ID.4 Production In Chattanooga, And ID.Buzz In Hanover In 2022


The Volkswagen ID.4 will start production in Chattanooga in 2022, the same year the ID. Buzz goes into production in Hannover. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Chattanooga Hannover volkswagen Volkswagen ID Buzz Volkswagen ID.4

Booming secondhand clothing sales could help curb the sustainability crisis in fashion


Booming secondhand clothing sales could help curb the sustainability crisis in fashion. Hyejune Park. Fri, 11/27/2020 - 01:00. A massive force is reshaping the fashion industry: secondhand clothing. According to a new report, the U.S.

You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility


You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility. Lincoln Bleveans. Tue, 11/24/2020 - 01:30. Relics. Environmental hotspots. Or maybe reminders of a simpler time. Good or bad, no one views America’s old coal-fired power plants with indifference. .

Understanding the current dynamics of banking system with reference to personal loan apps

U.S. Green Technology

Summary: With unsecured lending becoming a top trend in the banking business, a Personal loan app is one of those tools that are creating a fascinating platform. From soaring competition in the lending market to more EVM flexibility, the personal loan business is undergoing immense digitization.

Coal Country Can Retool Itself To The New Energy Future

Jim Conca

Coal Country must redefine itself in the new energy and economic future. They must move away from a single-industry economy toward more a diversified, sustainable economy that includes things like clean energy, environmental restoration, natural resources, broadband deployment, and entrepreneurship.

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Engineering student turns food waste into renewable energy

Inhabitat - Innovation

What if those old carrots you never got around to eating could be a renewable energy source

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How Utah cities are pursuing 100% renewable energy


How Utah cities are pursuing 100% renewable energy. Emily Elizabet…. Fri, 11/20/2020 - 01:00. In the absence of federal action on climate change in the United States, local communities have taken on the responsibility of reducing their greenhouse emissions.

Top 7 Ways To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

U.S. Green Technology

According to the Energy Saving Trust of UK, you can save as much as USD 100 per year by making your house energy efficient. But what does it mean to be energy efficient? It means using household items that have the same function for half the energy consumption.

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Microbes In The Gut Are Protective Against Radiation Damage

Jim Conca

Researchers at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center have shown that mice exposed to potentially lethal levels of total body radiation were protected from radiation damage if they had specific types of bacteria in their gut, specifically Lachnospiraceae and Enterococcaceae.

NOAA report shows climate change is killing Floridas coral reefs

Inhabitat - Innovation

The report shows that most corals are dying because of climate change and its effects

Ford Mustang Mach-E — 230 to 300 Mile Range for $35,395, $39,500, or $42,300 (After Tax Credit)


The Ford Mustang Mach-E has received its official EPA driving range on a full charge.

Unilever sets $1.2B sales target for meat and dairy alternatives


Unilever sets $1.2B sales target for meat and dairy alternatives. Cecilia Keating. Mon, 11/23/2020 - 00:30.

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Ways to make dining out and entertainment more affordable

U.S. Green Technology

One of the recent studies shows that food spends costs, on average, about 10% of household earning. While there is nothing wrong with having a good meal, overspending on food can hurt, particularly if you have a debt to pay for your restaurant outings. Millions of Americans struggle with this.

What If Automakers Had Acted on Their Own Climate Science From 50 Years Ago?


In the 1960s, scientists who worked for General Motors and Ford discovered that the exhaust from their cars was very likely changing the climate. They made presentations at conferences. They briefed senior executives. And then, they were publicly contradicted and their work was suppressed.

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New eco-friendly, decomposing construction foam unveiled

Inhabitat - Innovation

Researchers have come up with a new, more eco-friendly and effective form of building insulation material. The new material was developed due to the shortcomings of the traditional polyurethane-based foam insulators

Australia’s New Tax On EVs Is Pretty Much A “Clean Air Tax” — That’s F ed Up


Australia is taxing consumers who refuse to burn fossil fuels, according to Renew Economy. First, it was the carbon price that was world-leading — then trashed to please those who think climate change is a hoax. Then there was the possibility of introducing.

Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste?


Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste? Jesse Klein. Wed, 11/25/2020 - 05:00. Thanksgiving looks different this year in America. Grandpas and grandmas, uncles and aunts, and cousins of all numbers probably aren’t gathering together for dinner, unless it’s over Zoom.

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Is Online or In-Store Shopping More Eco-Friendly?

U.S. Green Technology

The advance of online shopping The internet has offered an easy and quick solution to our love for shopping with a variety of options to select from. We can not only access products made in our locality but we can also purchase things from across borders without ever stepping out of our homes. As of.

Custom Equine Nutrition: Caring For Horses While Caring For the Planet

Green Business Bureau

Custom Equine Nutrition offers natural, no-filler horse supplements that deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a horse needs in a single scoop.

1% of global population causes 50% of all carbon pollution emitted by the aviation industry

Inhabitat - Innovation

Only 1% of people cause half of all aviation pollution globally. Super emitters pollute the environment at the expense of millions of people who do not fly

Tesla Is Worth More Than Half A Trillion Dollars


Tesla is now worth more than half a trillion dollars on the stock market. Last year, Elon Musk predicted that self-driving Teslas would boost Tesla's market cap to $500 billion. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Tesla Tesla market cap Tesla stock

IoT Helps Humans Fight Climate Change and Live More Sustainably

U.S. Green Technology

Climate change can no longer be considered a change, it’s now clearly an acute crisis. As the world’s population continues to grow, people continue to strain the planet’s resources, consume more and more goods, and contribute significantly to air and water pollution.

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Sponsored content: Cleaner air thanks to carbon filtration

Envirotec Magazine

During 2019, the UK Government set out its plans for reducing the levels of specific air pollutants, in a document called the Clean Air Strategy.

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Nwa, the design for a self-sustaining city on Mars

Inhabitat - Innovation

As part of scientific work for a competition organized by the Mars Society, an American non-profit dedicated to exploring the Red Planet, architecture firm Abiboo has unveiled design concepts for a sustainable city on Mars. The project, called Nüwa, ranked as a finalist among 175 projects submitted from around the world for the 2020 competition

US Government Puts $130 Million More Into Solar Tech


Continuing a decades-long trend, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has put a few million dollars into further research and development of solar power technologies — $130 million, to be precise.

4 tips for changing consumer behavior


4 tips for changing consumer behavior. Lauren Phipps. Mon, 11/23/2020 - 01:00.

Bain Capital raises $800 million for second Double Impact fund

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Nov. 23 – Bain Capital is doubling down on impact. The Boston-based private equity firm raised $800 million for its second Double. Dealflow Education Tech Health and Medtech United States Workforce Tech

Automating approvals: Drainage design validation system launched in Scotland

Envirotec Magazine

A new digital platform is said to substantially accelerate the speed at which housing developers gain required approvals, and “has the potential to revolutionise how drainage designs are validated in Scotland.”

New global bee map gives scientists a conservation baseline

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new, global bee map is tracking the more than 20,000 bee species on Earth to help aid in their conservation


Travis Air Force Base Partners With Tesla For Maintenance Tips — “Accelerate Change Or Lose”


Earlier this month, airmen who were assigned to the 60th Logistics Readiness Squadron from Travis Air Force Base partnered with Tesla in Berkeley to evaluate and improve existing vehicle maintenance procedures for installation.

More pieces of IKEA's sustainability puzzle come together


More pieces of IKEA's sustainability puzzle come together. Deonna Anderson. Wed, 11/25/2020 - 08:00. Black Friday is upon us. For IKEA, that marks the expanded launch of a program to buy back furniture in an effort to curb consumption. "We We don't want to encourage people to overconsume.

Why America Needs a Climate-Resilient Recovery


The coronavirus pandemic has presented an opportunity to reboot the American economy in a way that is cleaner and helps to mitigate climate change for future generations. But it’s not only that, this is also a moment to build back the U.S. economy with more resilience.

Robots use solar-powered “skin” that mimics the sense of touch

Envirotec Magazine

An early-view paper published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Robotics describes how a robotic hand wrapped in a solar-cell “skin” is capable of interacting with objects without using dedicated and expensive touch sensors.

Architects turn waste into trendy glamping shelters in Rotterdam

Inhabitat - Innovation

Sleep in a dumpster or a tiny home made of trash at Culture Campsite

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