How Have Lobbyists Worked To Influence Air Pollution Policy?


Air Quality Climate Change Fossil Fuels Health Policy & Politics DeSmog National Environmental Policy Act UN Sustainable Development GoalsHow is behind-the-scenes lobbying affecting our air quality.

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Sierra Club Updates Nationwide EV Model Policy Toolkit


The Sierra Club has updated its nationwide EV model policy toolkit and reminds us just what is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the US: the transportation sector, which is 92% dependent on oil.

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Stop Treating Oil Drilling As A Climate Policy Afterthought


There’s no doubt about it: Governor Newsom’s climate policy executive order issued last week was groundbreaking in many respects. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Policy Research Research Science Big Oil California California Environmental Quality Act California Geologic Energy Management Division California natural gas California oil CEQA co2 emissions fracking bans Gavin Newsom oil drilling oil drilling bans PG&E US

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Bad Policy, Not Renewables, To Blame For California Blackouts


Renewable energy opponents are gleefully blaming wind and solar for the rolling blackouts affecting California this week. The problem is, they are 100% wrong. Clean Power California electrical grid energy storage smart grid solar virtual power plant Wind

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Renewable Energy-Rich States In India Draw Up Power Export Policies


Clean Power Policy & Politics Solar Energy Wind Energy Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Andhra Pradesh Wind Power india renewable energy Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Solar Power Tamil Nadu Wind Power

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Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 1


Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 1. policy landscape around plastics, recycling and solid waste management? The steady growth of public attention around plastics and packaging has led to a revitalized policy focus in the U.S. packaging policy landscape.

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Student Movement Leads To 100% Renewable Energy Policy For Salt Lake City Schools


Students in Salt Lake City began advocating for clean energy policies last fall. Clean Power 100% renewable energy commitment Salt Lake City school board zero emissions policyThis week, the school board approved their plan.

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Climate Action in the Time of COVID-19 — 4 Policy Solutions


Clean Power Climate Change Policy & Politics Solar Energy Wind Energy COVID-19 pandemics Paris agreement2020 was supposed to be a decisive year for climate action. Countries were expected to put forward new, more ambitious climate plans (NDCs) in accordance with the Paris Agreement on climate change, kicking off a “decade of ambition.” Then COVID-19 happened.

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Survey Says Clean Energy Policy Is Important Across Party Lines


Clean energy policy is emerging as an issue that appeals to Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters in the. Clean Power Policy & Politics Solar Energy Wind Energy Conservative Energy Network energy security Public Opinion Strategies

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Israeli Government’s 16 Gigawatt Solar Plan A New Policy Priority


Clean Power Consumer Technology Green Economy Health Investment Policy & Politics Solar Energy Solar Panels Solar Power Plants Solar Prices algeria israel Israel Renewable Energy Israel solar Israel solar energy middle east renewable energy grid solar targetsLooking over an active few weeks for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it is reassuring to find something positive regarding clean energy. Israel's government has shared plans for a decade-long renewable energy shift.

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Florida’s Solar Net Metering Policies to be discussed at Florida Public Service Commission, Tomorrow


Clean Power Consumer Technology Policy & Politics Press Releases Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Florida Florida net metering Florida rooftop solar Florida solar energy Net Metering

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How City Policy Can Reduce Gas Use


Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Policy & Politics California California natural gas Institute for Local Self Reliance John FarrellIn this webinar, Institute for Local Self-Reliance Energy Democracy Initiative director John Farrell is joined by Karl Rábago of the Pace Energy and Climate Center to discuss city-level strategies to reduce gas use.

Policy 196

California's epic electric truck policy is coming


California Policy & Politics Pollution Prevention Transportation & MobilityThis is leadership for the climate and for mobility.

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A new decade demands new leadership in climate policy advocacy


Only public policy can deliver the speed and scale of emissions reductions needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Climate Change GreenBiz 20 Policy & Politics Policy & Politics

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Policy & Global Supply Chain Innovation Are Making Solar Cheap, Not New Solar Chemistries


Clean Power Climate Change Green Economy Investment Manufacturing Market Research Policy & Politics Policy Research Renewable Energy Standards Research Solar Energy Subsidies Clickbait globalism hype MITNext time you see an article with a blaring headline about solar panel chemical breakthroughs or hydrogen, consider giving them a pass and reading about actually useful advances that are making a difference to the world.

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What You Should Know About New Google Privacy Policies


Policy & Politics Facebook Google Google privacy tools online privacyGoogle has introduced new controls that allow uses to manage their online privacy better. Here's what you need to know.

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March solar policy snapshots

Solar Power World

Study finds Vermont won’t reach solar goal at current trajectory Montpelier, Vermont A recent report by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation found solar progress in the state has declined steadily over the last three years due to unfavorable solar policy. Vermont will not meet its goal of 20% solar by 2025 at the current installation… The post March solar policy snapshots appeared first on Solar Power World. News Policy

Pandemic policy must be climate policy


Lockdowns cannot lead to healthy, equitable decarbonisation, but can spur changes that will

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Echo Chambers Warp Policy Debate — CleanTech Talk Podcast


Air Quality Cap And Trade Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax Climate Change Coal Fossil Fuels Green Economy Green Jobs Interviews Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Christians Cleantech Talk climate change denial conservatives Daniel Kahneman Ed Dolan evangelical Christians global warming denial green new deal Greenland greenland ice sheet Niskanen Center podcasts science denial

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Renewable Energy Developers Ready To Quit Australia Over Idiotic Government Policies


Solar investment in Australia is shrinking due in large part to ridiculous federal policies that make renewable energy projects too risky. The Smart Energy Council thinks it's time to reverse those wrongheaded policies. Clean Power Solar Energy Australia australia renewable energy Australia Solar australia solar energy Australia solar power australia wind energy Downer Group Smart Energy Council

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October solar policy snapshots

Solar Power World

Vote Solar says Massachusetts must triple SMART program to reach climate goals Boston, Massachusetts Vote Solar released a report that found the policy environment in Massachusetts is slowing the growth of the state’s solar industry and may make it impossible to accomplish its renewable energy goals. The advocacy organization says the state should triple the… The post October solar policy snapshots appeared first on Solar Power World. News Policy votesolar

Policy Analyst


Policy Analyst Asia Investor Group on Climate Change

Asia 60

Lyft's 100% EV strategy requires a policy blitz


Lyft's 100% EV strategy requires a policy blitz. So essentially Lyft has to act as a catalyst — using policy, economic and industry tools — to spur the broader transportation ecosystem to more rapidly adopt zero-emission vehicles. In particular, the unprecedented move will require an unprecedented leap forward in policies that can make electric vehicles affordable and beneficial for Lyft drivers within the next 10 years. Policy & Politics.

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Ranking Democratic Presidential Contenders’ Climate Policies — CleanTech Talk with Mike Barnard


and CleanTechnica contributor, about the role of climate change plans and policies in the 2020 presidential election. In the second half of this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zach Shahan continues his conversation with Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. You can listen to the full conversation in the embedded player below.

Policy 225

Forth: Policy Manager — Equitable Transportation Electrification

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Forth, April 14, 2020 DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Policy Development, Coalition Building and Education (~50%). The Policy Manager assists the Senior Director in convening advocacy organizations across the U.S. The focus will be on building the capacity of organizations to develop equitable policy approaches for transportation electrification […]. to build an equitable, electric mobility community of practice.).

Market-based policies work to fight climate change, from India to Jamaica


Carbon Policy Policy & Politics Policy & PoliticsConservatives in more right-leaning countries are fighting climate change, too.

Policy 197

Second Annual Future of Carbon Policy Conference

CleanTech Alliance

December 12 | Mercer Island, WA Sponsored by the Washington Business Alliance and the Low Carbon Prosperity Institute, the Second Annual Future of Carbon Policy will take place on December 12 from 4-6 p.m. Public PolicyJoin other leaders for a high level perspective on Washington State’s progress towards effective climate change management. We’ll review what’s working, what’s not, and […].

Policy 150

Policy leaders offer gutsy talk on climate hope and progress


Policy & Politics Policy & Politics Transportation & Mobility VERGE 19 Video VaultOutspoken policymakers, present and past, urged for more aggressive action on climate at VERGE 19 in Oakland, California.

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Here are the winners and losers on climate policy in 2019


Energy & Climate Policy & PoliticsState lawmakers this year made it easier to get renewables in some parts of the country, but others gutted clean energy expansion.

Policy 281

Wanted: Senior Energy Policy Specialist (Utilities) [10076]

CleanTech Alliance

Source: State of Washington Careers The Energy Policy Office within the Energy Division is seeking a Senior Energy Policy Specialist. The Senior Energy Policy Specialist is the lead policy expert on resource planning and implementation by energy utilities, including electricity and natural gas, in Washington. This position serves as a policy expert on verification and compliance […].

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Carbon policy conundrum: Why politicians must show leadership in their own jurisdictions now


Books Carbon Policy Carbon Pricing Emissions Reduction Policy & Politics GreenBiz ReadsDeep decarbonization only happens if every polluter pays, not just the environmentally conscious.

Policy 184

FERC Carbon Pricing Conference Highlights State-Federal Divide on Clean Power Policy


But pricing carbon in markets could neatly avoid this problem by aligning market incentives with state policies, van Welie said. “FERC is not in the driver’s seat when it comes to environmental policy.”

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The Link Between China’s 1 Child Policy & The Tesla Model 3’s Rise


It has been well documented that China's 1 child policy (from 1979 to 2015) caused the sex ratio in China to skew heavily male. It's going to take me a little while to explain the headline, but I'll get there. The preference for Chinese parents was to have sons, since sons in Chinese society have been traditionally responsible for taking care of their parents in old age.

Policy 235

How the pandemic can revolutionise climate policy


Policymakers should look beyond mainstream economics and engage with people who understand complex systems, in the same way that they listen to epidemiologists and doctors during a pandemic, argues Roland Kupers

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EDF's Victoria Mills: 'It's time to raise the bar for leadership to include climate policy advocacy'


Victoria Mills, managing director at EDF, works at the intersection of sustainability, public policy and business. What we've realized — EDF and other NGOs — together is that it's time to raise the bar for leadership to include climate policy advocacy," says Mills. Carbon Policy Corporate Strategy GreenBiz 20 GreenBiz Studio Policy & Politics Policy & Politics

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