For Shein and other fast fashion offenders, ESG-washing is not the answer


There is no pain-free ESG solution for fast fashion, only lessons for truly conscious fashion companies

How To Find Sustainable Fashion Brands In 4 Easy Steps

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As the number of green fashion brands is increasing and we start to hear more about sustainable fashion every day, there might be a few things that you will be wondering about. The post How To Find Sustainable Fashion Brands In 4 Easy Steps appeared first on U.S.


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5 seriously cool climate innovators in fashion


Circular Economy Fashion In the Loop InnovationFrom carbon-negative polyester to dissolvable thread, here's a handful of surprising startups making waves in the apparel industry.

Amsterdam blazes a trail for circular fashion


With a supportive local government and a thriving fashion startup scene, the Dutch city has taken the lead in circular textile innovation. And it wants more innovators to join

Sustainable Fashion Guide: 8 Tips to Kick-Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand Company

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Build a resilient fashion brand company using sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion has come to save the fashion industry. Today, the fashion industry is widely regarded as the second most polluting industry in the world, releasing 1.2

Childrenswear Brand FIVE OF US New Analysis Demonstrates Impact of Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment. New analysis reveals it will take less than a year for the amount of clothing in landfills, to equal the distance to the moon. Fast Facts: ? 64% of all garments produced globally each year end up in landfills. ?

How fashion professionals are re-educating for a circular economy


Circular Economy Clothing Fashion Life-Cycle ManagementEighty percent of a product’s environmental impact is decided on the design table but most apparel professionals weren't trained to design with the end-user or end-of-life of the garment in mind.

Circular Fashion Starts at the Beginning: An Eyewear Case Study


From our clothes and eyeglasses to the water bottles and handbags we carry, the choices we make about how we present ourselves to the world says a lot about who we are and what we value

How to Practice Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

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As the global warming conversation continues to reverberate throughout society, one of the industries so many people point the finger at is the fashion industry. The post How to Practice Ethical and Sustainable Fashion appeared first on Green Living Guy.

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5 Ways to Find Eco-friendly Fashion Products

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The fashion industry is one of the leading generators of toxic chemicals, excess material waste, greenhouse gases and factories in the industry often feature unsafe or unethical working conditions for laborers. A good sense of style doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet.

Will technology be the game-changer for rising transparency in the fashion supply chain?


Sponsored: Discussions on the benefit of blockchain in fashion supply chains have risen in recent years. Is blockchain technology the solution to opaqueness in the fashion industry? Blockchain Clothing Data Fashion Lenzing Sponsored Supply Chain Transparency

Slow Threads sustainable fashion fair launches in Glasgow

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Environmental charity Hubbub , Glasgow-based Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS) and environmental consultant Ecosurety have joined forces to launch Slow Threads: The Sustainable Fashion Fair during Scotland’s Climate Week.

Fashion's latest trend? Why H&M, other big brands are investing in garment recycling


Apparel Circular Economy FashionLess than 1 percent of clothing material today is refashioned to produce new clothing. This is one potential solution.

Fashion retailers need to know where their cotton comes from. Here's why


Fashion retailers often don't know where their cotton comes from, as it is shipped and processed in bulk

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Closing the loop in Kenya's fashion industry


In Kenya, garment manufacturers generate an estimated 400,000 tons of cotton waste per year

Beyond recycling: Redesigning the business of fashion with circularity


Sponsored: Why fashion brands should care about circularity — and how to avoid being seen as greenwashing. Circular Economy Advanced Materials Clothing Fashion Lenzing Recycling Sponsored

Regenerative agriculture won’t solve the fashion industry’s pollution problems


The fashion industry is focusing on crops when it should be focusing on its business model

Adidas is latest fashion company hoping to weave recycled plastic into garments


Circular Economy Fashion In the LoopThe growing demand for recycled polyester, coupled with a limited supply, signals scarcity and competition ahead.

Resale and rental models are growing rapidly in the fashion industry


Circular Economy Fashion recommerceThe models promise to do more with less, curbing ‘peak production’ while still fulfilling the needs of a growing population that loves to shop.

Ethical Fashion: 3 Things To Know About Sustainable Clothing Printing

The Environmental Blog

With consumer awareness and consciousness shifting toward sustainable fashion, businesses in the clothing industry began to focus on making brands ethical. A key goal in sustainable fashion is switching towards using natural and organic materials and fabrics when making clothing.

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Insider sizes up fashion's fair labor problems


Former Fair Wear Foundation partnership lead Christian Smith talks post-COVID priorities in global apparel, shaping change via an NGO and his advice to those dreaming of a job in sustainability

How startup ReCircled is designing for circular fashion


The 2-year-old company aims to keep apparel and footwear out of landfills by keeping them in rotation longer

Scaling circular fashion in North America: Part 1


Scaling circular fashion in North America: Part 1. What could a circular fashion industry look like in 2050? Part one of this two-part session explores what the circular fashion industry of 2050 has in store.

New benchmark shows that biodiversity is in fashion


New benchmark shows that biodiversity is in fashion. 5 — the Textile Exchange Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark (CFMB) Program is launching a new tool to help the fashion and textile industry take urgent action on biodiversity. Collaborative leadership: Fashion Pact.

Designing a circular fashion system that works for all


There's an opportunity to proactively address the industry’s long-standing labor concerns by designing new business models

ASOS launches first circular fashion collection

Inhabitat - Innovation

This fall, online retailer ASOS is launching its first collection of circular fashions

Booming secondhand clothing sales could help curb the sustainability crisis in fashion


Booming secondhand clothing sales could help curb the sustainability crisis in fashion. A massive force is reshaping the fashion industry: secondhand clothing. While fast fashion is expected to continue to grow 20% in the next 10 years, secondhand fashion is poised to grow 185%.

Inside the world’s first VR circular fashion summit: 4 key takeaways


Inside the world’s first VR circular fashion summit: 4 key takeaways. COVID-19 has radically accelerated the need for the fashion industry to innovate. The second edition of the Circular Fashion Summit bears fruit of this new socially distanced reality. Fashion.

What Is Toxic Fast Fashion and How Does It Impact the Environment?

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Sustainable Fashion Starts With Eliminating Toxic Fast Fashion. The use of toxic chemicals threatens the progress of creating a truly sustainable fashion industry. The Story of Fast Fashion. History of Fast Fashion. Toxic Fashion. Fashion

How to ensure circular fashion is good for people and the environment


How to ensure circular fashion is good for people and the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the fashion industry into disarray, leaving supply chain workers without wages and causing major global brands to file for bankruptcy. Fashion.

The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems


The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems. Winner of the 2018 Global Change Award , the company aims to unlock value for the textile and fashion industry, for farmers and for the planet. Fashion.

Scaling Circular Fashion in North America: Part 2


Scaling Circular Fashion in North America: Part 2. What will it take to transition the fashion industry toward circularity at scale?

Bio-recycling gets fashionable with enzymes that will eat your shoes


French startup Carbios recently signed an agreement with On, Patagonia, Puma and Salomon meant to accelerate the commercialization of its bio-recycling technology for textiles

Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers


Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers. Finally, sustainable fashion platform Fashion for Good has been tasked with leading stakeholder co-operation and communications efforts, with branding support from Finland's Aalto University and Infinited Fiber Company.

Energy dispatches from Climate Week


Energy news from climate’s Fashion Week

Fashion for Good looks to increase investment in Asia


The respected Dutch nonprofit is behind two initiatives to create a less exploitative and more sustainable model for Asia’s textile and garment industries

A closed loop fashion system requires scaling solutions now, not later


A closed loop fashion system requires scaling solutions now, not later. The fashion industry is damaging to the planet — it's responsible for 10 percent of the world's carbon emissions. The fashion industry must contend with its long history of operating unsustainably. Fashion.

Humble Activewear: Sustainable Women’s Activewear Combats Fashion Waste

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Humble Activewear strives to promote slow fashion and encourage customers to “Buy less, choose well, and make it last”, as renowned fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, puts it. “Connection with Nature and Environmental Stewardship”.

Digital technology, green finance in vogue among fashion’s sustainability trendsetters


Digital technology, green finance in vogue among fashion’s sustainability trendsetters. The key to long-term success in the fashion industry is to start trends and continually push the envelope — a philosophy that also applies to its ESG priorities. Fashion.

Transparency and Resilience in Fashion

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Covid-19 has highlighted the fragility of many fashion supply chains. Fashion Materials & Chemicals Recycling & Waste Sector Insights Supply Chain Textiles chemical recycling fashion waste resilience tracking transparency

Sambar: Proving Luxury Fashion Can Be Both Vegan and Sustainable

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Their line of handbags proves that it’s possible to achieve high fashion aesthetics without compromising ethics and values. To start, Sambar only works with vegan and sustainable materials, showing that the fashion industry can have the best of both worlds.

Heads are turning to sustainable fashion in India


A post-pandemic consumer desire for ethically-produced clothing brands has spawned a raft of eco-conscious fashion labels in India. But can a niche market stand out amid a fast fashion boom

This fashion boutique in India is crafted from recycled materials

Inhabitat - Innovation

This fashion boutique is made with clay tiles, upcycled metal, recycled beer bottles and more