US Department of Energy: $33 Million for Carbon-Neutral Hybrid Electric Aviation


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Sustainable Aviation Project Petitions FAA For Electric Aircraft Exemption


The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is slowly warming up to electric aircraft, but regulatory approval takes far too long. Aviation Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Policy & Politics Eco Aviation eCTOL electric airplanes electric aviation FAA FAA petition New Vision Aviation Pipistrel Pipistrel Alpha Electro Sabi Apia Sustainable Aviation Project US Federal Aviation Administration

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Toyota Invests In Joby Aviation Electric Air Taxi Service


Toyota has made a $394 million dollar investment in Joby Aviation, an eVTOL air taxi company based in California. Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles electric Air-Taxi electric aviation eVTOL Joby Aviation Toyota

$3.3 Million Grant For Fuel Cell/Electric Aviation Startup ZeroAvia


The aviation startup ZeroAvia has received a £2.7m (US$3.3 The funds will be used to support continued development of fuel cell/electric propulsion technology to reduce aviation CO2 emissions. Aviation Clean Transport Interviews UK ZeroAviamillion) grant from the UK government. The company was founded in 2017 by Val Miftakhov, who is also the current CEO. He answered some questions for CleanTechnica about the new grant.

Safran’s New Aviation Electric Motors — CleanTechnica Interview


I met with the Safran team at the National Business Aviation Association–Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) event two weeks ago for the introduction of their newly revealed ENGINeUS aviation electric motors. I learned a little more about what the company is doing in the electric aviation world and how it plans to develop its technology for the future of our urban air mobility (UAM) future.

Airbus & Rolls-Royce End E-Fan X Electric Demo Project, Still Working To Decarbonize Aviation


Aviation unites people, countries, society. Air Quality Aviation Batteries Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Health Lithium-Ion Batteries Airbus Airbus E-FAN co2 emissions E-Fan X electric aircraft electric airplanes electric aviation HEPA Filter rolls royce Waste ReductionAlthough I am not supporting that anyone flies at this time, I found some interesting information for those who must.

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Attracts More Aviation Startups & OEMs


A series of startups and established aviation giants are joining the Dassault Systèmes’ (DS) 3DEXPERIENCE platform family to support their digital engineering initiatives. A few more aviation startups are also using the Dassault platform, such as Joby Aviation and Solar Impulse. Adding to the Airbus, Boeing, Bell, Lockheed Martin, and BOOM Supersonic family, electric air mobility pioneer Eviation Aircraft is also coming on board.

750 Horsepower Electric Aviation Engine Tested By MagniX


MagniX has released a video showing a test of its 750-horsepower all-electric aviation engine. Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles magniXCalled the magni500, it can be used in a number of existing aircraft like the de Havilland Otter and Beaver seaplanes, and in ones designed to be all-electric.

Harbour Air Makes Aviation History With 1st Electric Seaplane Flight — CleanTechnica Interview


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, aviation is not only undergoing its third revolution, with electricity this time, but history was made on Tuesday, December 10, in Vancouver, Canada, when Harbour Air took off in a seaplane using electricity. The maiden electric seaplane flight is a sweet wink at commercial aviation history, which started with seaplanes.

Electric Aviation Company Scylax Forms Joint Venture With German Regional Airline


The Munich, Germany aviation company Scylax GmbH has entered into a joint venture with the East Frisian FLN airline to provide electric aircraft. Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Interviews electric aviation Germany ScylaxThe airline provides service between Norden, Germany and the island of Juist, along with several other islands nearby. Rosario de Luca, Scylax’s CEO, answered some questions about the aircraft for CleanTechnica.

Shell to support Europe's first sustainable aviation fuel plant


Aviation Biofuels Clean Energy Fuels Transportation & MobilityThe plant is set to produce fuel made from waste and residue streams, such as used cooking oil sourced from regional industries.

UN aviation body ditches older carbon credits from offsetting scheme


Some green groups welcome International Civil Aviation Organization's decision to exclude 'questionable' carbon credits from the industry's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation. Aviation Carbon Policy COVID-19 offsets Transportation & Mobility

Why aviation needs to address its emissions problem now


Despite myriad efforts, the aviation industry unlikely to succeed in reducing its emissions given the current hurdles. Climate Change Aviation Eco-Design Policy & Politics Pollution PreventionIn fact, the case is quite the opposite.

Airlines To Pay Just 17¢ A Ticket For Pollution Under UN Scheme


Airlines would pay at most €70 million a year for their pollution on long-haul flights from Europe — even after air traffic bounces back — under the UN’s aviation CO2 scheme, a new independent study shows.

EAG Reveals Hybrid Electric Airplane Concept


Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Green Economy 70 seat electric airplane air travel commercial aviation electric airplane green transport hybrid airplane

Electric Aircraft Pilot Training Is Arriving


Quantum Air and OSM Aviation Group just announced an electric aircraft pilot training partnership. OSM Aviation Academy will conduct the Quantum-branded pilot training program according to FAA commercial standards. Electric urban air mobility (UAM) is taking shape one step at a time.

Toronto Pearson Wins Environment Award for 60% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions


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This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined


This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined. Adam Aston. Thu, 08/13/2020 - 02:15. You may not know it, but you rely on industrial heat every day. It helped make the bricks that hold up your home; the cement underfoot.

Is greener aviation set for take-off?


The aviation industry is synonymous with producing high volumes of carbon emissions. Here, Matthew Stone, chairman of Renovare Fuels, a specialist in carbon-neutral liquid fuels, explores how aviation can go green

ASR Says It Has A Parachute For Every eVTOL Aircraft


Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) — a leading parachute safety company that won one of Revolution.Aero’s competitions earlier this year — says it has a parachute system that will work with eVTOL aircraft, even at low altitudes. I recently spoke with Larry Williams, CEO of ASR, on how the company’s parachute technology works, its application for eVTOL aircraft, and public perception.

ZeroAvia Completes Test Flight Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Passenger Airplane


Aviation Airbus hydrogen fuel cell power airplane zero emissions airplane ZeroAviaZeroAvia recently completed the first sustained flight of a 6 passenger aircraft powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Pipestrel Ready To Set 7 Electric Aircraft World Records


The Velis Electro got its "first type approval" from the EU aviation security authority and is ready for an adventure. Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles electric aircraft electric airplanes Germany Pipistrel Switzerland Velis Electro

Airbus Wants ZEROe To Be 1st Zero-Emission Commercial Aircraft In The World … By 2035 (Videos)


Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Airbus Airbus electric aircraft Airbus electric airplanes electric aircraft electric airplanes ZEROe

What sustainable aviation fuel means for greener airplane travel

CleanTech Alliance

But while those engines were thirstily burning up aviation fuel, the net environmental impact […]. Source: Paul Sillers, CNN, Feb 19, 2020 The fresh air of the snow-covered Swiss mountains reverberated to the howl of private jet engines earlier this year as the planet’s movers and shakers descended on Davos for the annual World Economic Forum. Industry News

Volocopter Opens World’s 1st Electric Air Taxi Flight Reservations


Aviation Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Germany VoloCity Volocopter VoloFirstVolocopter has opened up reservations for the first commercial electric air taxi rides in an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. A what?

Rolls-Royce Thinks It’s Developing The Fastest Electric Airplane In The World


Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles electric airplanes electric motors Electroflight rolls royce Rolls-Royce Accel YASARolls-Royce has decided that it wants to produce the fastest electric airplane in the sky. Furthermore, it's beyond the concept or visualization phase.

Elon Musk Raising Popularity of Space Travel Like He Raised Popularity of Electric Cars


Aviation Research Science Kennedy Space Center NASA SpaceX Starman USTesla has famously made electric cars cool. Today, NASA and space travel in general are experiencing a resurgence of cool, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been a big part of that.

CleanTechnica Electric Air Mobility Roundup


Another week, another round of electric air mobility news, urban air mobility (UAM), and more green aviation.

CleanTechnica Electric Air Mobility Roundup — December 2019


Keep your eyes on the ball because electric aviation has taken off with such a steep angle of attack (AoA) that it makes the electric car world look like a snail race.

More Green Hydrogen For The “Iron Bird” Of The Future


Aviation Clean Power Clean Transport Andy Marsh Apex Clean Energy Brookfield Renewable Electricity Energy Goldman Sachs green hydrogen Hydrogen McKinsey Mitch Davidson Plug Power Renewable Energy United Hydrogen united states Universal Hydrogen US

Can Aviation Make A Clean Comeback?

Forbes Green Tech

As the aviation industry struggles to make a comeback after the catastrophic disruption of COVID-19, greentech entrepreneurs are pressing ahead in the race to bring cleaner solutions to market.

1st 100+ Seat Aircraft To Cross Atlantic Powered By 100% Renewable Energy Will Win Freedom Flight Prize


Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Carbon Footprint Ltd electric aircraft electric airplanes Freedom Flight PrizeCarbon Footprint Ltd. has launched a competition to encourage sustainable passenger flight.

Tesla Air? Elon Musk Hints Tesla Could Mass Produce 400 Wh/kg Batteries In 3–4 Years


Aviation Batteries Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Research Science battery energy density Elon Musk EV batteries Tesla Tesla Air Tesla Airplanes Tesla batteries Tesla Battery Day

New Electric Aircraft Motor Lab Aims For 1MW Electric Airplane Motor


Now, a new lab, the Collins Electric Aircraft Lab, wants to offer urban air mobility (UAM) and the general electric aviation world a 1MW electric airplane motor. You know a new industry is born when investments pour in and results encourage more spending.

Analysis: Aviation Industry Coronavirus Bailouts Contradict Governments' Climate Commitments


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