Shell’s new plan to bolster sustainable aviation fuel


Sustainable aviation fuel is one potential path airline’s can travel to mitigate aviation’s impact on the climate crisis. Shell is hoping to lead the charge for cleaner business travel

Alice: A major moment in sustainable aviation


A tour of the first all-electric commuter airplane, with Gregory Davis, Eviation Aircraft’s president and CEO


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Amazon aims to clean up aviation


Amazon aims to clean up aviation. The aviation sector in a pandemic has 99 problems. And if you look at the aviation industry's historical pledges to add in bio-based jet fuels, before the pandemic, it's fallen woefully short. Aviation. Katie Fehrenbacher.

Aviation is plotting a sustainable course


Aviation is plotting a sustainable course. Modern aviation had never seen a year like 2020. And it begs the question: Can sustainable aviation finally get off the ground? In 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a U.N.

Low- and zero-carbon fuels critical to meeting aviation decarbonization needs


would have to more than double its biofuel production to meet domestic aviation energy demand, despite being the global leader in biofuel production. The U.S.

UN aviation body ditches older carbon credits from offsetting scheme


Some green groups welcome International Civil Aviation Organization's decision to exclude 'questionable' carbon credits from the industry's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation. Aviation Carbon Policy COVID-19 offsets Transportation & Mobility

Can Shell help pilot a new era of sustainable aviation?


Can Shell help pilot a new era of sustainable aviation? And it may seem unlikely that an industry as carbon-intensive as aviation — a hard-to-abate sector, in the argot of the climate policy crowd — might somehow emerge with its green credentials flying high in a climate-constrained world.

UK aviation sets sights on net zero by 2040

Envirotec Magazine

A new “Jet Zero Strategy” seemingly commits UK domestic aviation to achieving net zero emissions by 2040, and for all airports in England to be zero-emission by the same year. Aviation is currently responsible for around 2.5% Image credit: Tea N Bickie Photography /

Shell to support Europe's first sustainable aviation fuel plant


Aviation Biofuels Clean Energy Fuels Transportation & MobilityThe plant is set to produce fuel made from waste and residue streams, such as used cooking oil sourced from regional industries.

Shipping and aviation plan to go net zero. How?


It involves a mix of electrification, sustainable fuels and hydrogen power

Delta, JetBlue, United give sustainable aviation fuel a lift


Aside from their individual efforts, these airlines and others are flying in formation to support the SAF cause

eVTOL developer Joby Aviation expands partnership with Department of Defense


Source: Joby Aviation. Newswire The Vehicles eVTOL Joby Aviation

6 electric aviation companies to keep on your radar


In some ways, the unexpected halt in traveling in 2020 may have helped boost this transition

Turning food waste into aviation fuel could greatly reduce emissions

Inhabitat - Innovation

Food waste could be instrumental in producing sustainable aviation fuel, according to a recent study

Conservative Party Given £651k by Aviation Industry


The UK’s Conservative Party received £651,000 from the aviation industry between April and June this year amid doubts over the government’s commitment to cutting the sector’s emissions. The climate emergency can’t be tackled without addressing aviation emissions.

Archer Aviation receives $10 million from United Airlines for 100 eVTOL aircraft


Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR) has received a $10-million pre-delivery payment from United Airlines for 100 of the company’s initial production electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Source: Archer Aviation.

The ecoDemonstrator Advances Aviation Innovation and Discovery

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Mel Clark, the Morning Consult, August 4, 2021 The future of commercial air travel was on display in Washington, D.C., as part of a limited tour in the United States and abroad. The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program pushes the boundaries of innovation in aerospace by taking new technologies out of a lab setting and putting them to […]. Alliance News Commentary Member News boeing ecoDemonstrator op ed

What sustainable aviation fuel means for greener airplane travel

CleanTech Alliance

But while those engines were thirstily burning up aviation fuel, the net environmental impact […]. Source: Paul Sillers, CNN, Feb 19, 2020 The fresh air of the snow-covered Swiss mountains reverberated to the howl of private jet engines earlier this year as the planet’s movers and shakers descended on Davos for the annual World Economic Forum. Industry News

Ionblox raises $24 million in Series B funding for its aviation-capable battery cells


Its batteries are designed for high-performance automotive and aviation applications, which require high energy, high power, fast charging and long cycle life.

United lifts off with more corporate buyers for sustainable aviation fuel


In September, the airline pledged to buy 1.5 billion gallons of SAF over the next 20 years from Chicago-based company Alder Fuels

Stop greenwashing of aviation: 2. electric flight

Low Impact

Over five weeks we’re publishing a range of Stay Grounded factsheets about various kinds of techno-greenwashing provided by the aviation industry. The aviation industry is trying everything to legitimise its plan to jump straight back to pre-Covid growth rates.

Protected: Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance

EDF + Business

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Stop greenwashing of aviation: 5. E-fuels

Low Impact

Over five weeks we’ve published a range of Stay Grounded factsheets about various kinds of techno-greenwashing provided by the aviation industry. WHAT THE AVIATION INDUSTRY TELLS YOU WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU Happening soon E-fuels could start to be blended with kerosene in 2030.

Rolls-Royce to develop aviation energy storage


Rolls-Royce will develop energy storage systems (ESS) meant to enable zero-emissions flights of over 100 miles. The company plans an £80 million investment in ESS over the next decade.

1% of global population causes 50% of all carbon pollution emitted by the aviation industry

Inhabitat - Innovation

Only 1% of people cause half of all aviation pollution globally. Super emitters pollute the environment at the expense of millions of people who do not fly

Stop greenwashing of aviation: 4. biofuels

Low Impact

Over five weeks we’re publishing a range of Stay Grounded factsheets about various kinds of techno-greenwashing provided by the aviation industry. Aviation biofuels could significantly reduce emissions vs. fossil jet fuel. The post Stop greenwashing of aviation: 4.

Portugal power-to-liquid project makes sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) from municipal waste-derived CO2

Envirotec Magazine

Deploying a seemingly innovative technology configuration and design, the group behind it, LIPOR, suggests it is set to revolutionize the waste-to-energy industry while simultaneously decarbonizing the aviation sector.

Stop greenwashing of aviation: 3. hydrogen flight

Low Impact

Over five weeks we’re publishing a range of Stay Grounded factsheets about various kinds of techno-greenwashing provided by the aviation industry. WHAT THE AVIATION INDUSTRY TELLS YOU WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU Happening soon New aircraft propelled by hydrogen could enter into service by 2035.

United completes world’s first passenger flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel

Renewable Energy World

s Reagan National Airport on Wednesday, a United 737 Max 8 passenger flight operated with 100% sustainable aviation fuel -- a first, and monumental, step for the aviation industry. Aviation history is cleared for takeoff. Follow @EngelsAngle.

This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined


This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined. Adam Aston. Thu, 08/13/2020 - 02:15. You may not know it, but you rely on industrial heat every day. It helped make the bricks that hold up your home; the cement underfoot.

Sustainable aviation fuel in the quest for clean air travel


The aviation industry has been credited with contributing around 10% of the country’s travel emissions, according to the EPA. Thankfully, industry leaders and fuel producers are looking for cleaner options with a vision for a more environmentally-friendly future for air travel

Ampaire Takes Flight for a World First in Sustainable Aviation

Elemental Excelerator

On November 22, Ampaire took to the skies over Maui in a world first for electric aviation. Currently, the aviation industry is responsible for nearly 3% of global emissions, and that share could easily swell as more and more people take to the skies in the future.

Electroflight’s new modular energy storage unit is designed for electric aviation prototypes


Aviation energy storage specialist Electroflight has launched a new energy storage unit that’s designed to facilitate the development of electric aviation prototypes.

Analysis: Aviation Industry Coronavirus Bailouts Contradict Governments' Climate Commitments


Tags: easyJet British Airways International Air Transport Association (IATA) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO

Zenlabs reveals test results for its new pouch cells for e-aviation


Designed for the electric aviation market, the new large-format cells have a 32 Ah capacity. Accordingly, we believe that our proprietary pre-lithiated silicon anode and high-performance battery cells will be a real game changer for the electric aviation market.”

A vision for sustainability in aviation

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Here’s one of our favorites: As air travel continues to revive after the pandemic lull, we found this talk from Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss about sustainability in aviation timely. We all love a TED Talk.

Is greener aviation set for take-off?


The aviation industry is synonymous with producing high volumes of carbon emissions. Here, Matthew Stone, chairman of Renovare Fuels, a specialist in carbon-neutral liquid fuels, explores how aviation can go green

Former YASA CEO Chris Harris appointed as electric aviation developer Evolito CEO


Evolito, a privately-owned company that is developing and manufacturing electric motors and powertrains for aerospace applications, has announced that former YASA CEO Dr. Chris Harris will join the company as CEO. Evolito was spun out from YASA in July 2021.

Greener aviation: will they help save the planet or are they just pretty concepts?

Green Living Guy

The post Greener aviation: will they help save the planet or are they just pretty concepts? Putting aside the effect of the pandemic and the decrease in flights, air travel has been one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries.

Is aviation the best application yet for hydrogen fuel cells?


However, aviation remains a new frontier for zero emissions. Charged recently chatted with Mr. Miftakhov to learn about the technical and business aspects of hydrogen-electric aviation and his company’s ambitious plans for the future. And they’ve just extended it to aviation.

Promising results claimed for in-flight use of pure sustainable aviation fuel in a passenger jet

Envirotec Magazine

Initial findings from a world-first study of the impact of 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on both engines of a commercial jet have provided promising early results, according to the firms participating in it.

Aviation Tycoon Paid for Anti-Net Zero MP’s Tory Gala Ticket


A leading opponent of climate action in parliament accepted a £2,000 gift from a businessman in the aviation industry, highlighting concerns over the influence of high-carbon interests on British politics. Aviation’s Climate Impacts.

Aviation milestone as first commercial flight takes off using fuel derived from wood chips

Envirotec Magazine

Flight from Tokyo to Sapporo uses sustainable aviation fuel derived from gasified wood-chips. The flight is the first commercial flight in the world to use SAF derived from gasified wood-chips synthesised into aviation fuel. Image credit: Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0 license.