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Each quarter Wood Mackenzie and the American Clean Power Association (ACP) gather data on U.S. energy storage deployments, prices, policies, regulations, and business models. We compile this information to create the most comprehensive, timely analysis of energy storage in the U.S.

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LG Solar and the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Provide Solar Output Data, Detailed Home Energy Usage, Costs; Embedded Advanced Metering Data Transmits Wirelessly to Smartphone

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New openings at Sun Light & Power

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Various positions | Sun Light & Power. Sun Light & Power drives the total adoption of clean energy by designing, building, maintaining, and advocating for clean energy solutions so future generations inherit a healthy planet. The mission of our System Performance team is to maximize the uptime of our customers’ Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems. We prefer leaders with solar industry experience including: .

Solar backers pan California’s net metering plan, hint at a possible federal challenge

Renewable Energy World

Solar energy advocates reacted strongly to proposed changes to California’s net metering program. Increased storage is intended to help the state cut its reliance on fossil fuels during early evening hours, when the sun is down and energy demand is still high.

Who benefits from Solar Net Metering?

U.S. Green Technology

Solar energy is a reliable source of renewable energy. The benefits of solar power cannot be understated. It is clean and provides independence from power utility companies. In some cases, solar-powered buildings do not pay any electric.

6 Ways Businesses Can Save with Renewable Energy (No Electricity Bills + Tax Incentives)

The Environmental Blog

The good news is that the mass adoption of solar energy presents another opportunity to save money. Installing and maintaining commercial solar panels requires minimal effort and is an effective way for businesses to free up monthly cash flow. Reduced or Eliminated Energy Bills.

Who really benefits from solar net metering?

Renewable Energy World

Most people know solar power benefits the people who use it because it reduces their utility costs. In fact, some solar-powered homeowners don’t pay anything for electricity. What exactly is Net Metering? Customers are only billed for their “net” energy use.

California regulators issue their solar NEM-3 plan

Renewable Energy World

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued its much-anticipated plan to revise the state’s current Net Energy Metering (NEM) rules and create a Net Billing Tariff that it said would balance the needs of the “electric grid, the environment, and consumers.”

Elon Musk and Bill Walton voice their opposition to proposed California solar rule changes

Renewable Energy World

Tesla’s Elon Musk and solar evangelist Bill Walton called on California officials to reject proposed changes to the state’s residential solar rooftop rules. That effort failed as the proposed solar reform measure never made it to a vote.

American Electric Power, Sempra launch sustainable finance frameworks

Renewable Energy World

American Electric Power – operator of the nation’s largest electricity transmission system – announced on Monday the launch of a Sustainable Finance Framework (SFF) to support the funding of social and environmental projects.

From smart meters to big batteries, co-ops emerge as clean grid laboratories

Renewable Energy World

By Frank Jossi, Energy News Network. A wave of pilot programs by Minnesota electric cooperatives is saving customers money and providing useful data for larger utilities considering new technology and pricing models to encourage grid efficiency. Credit: Great River Energy / Courtesy.

The sun-to-car connection: SolarEdge provides the missing link from solar panels to EV charging


An EV is a fine thing on its own—but it becomes truly transformative as part of a local system that also includes solar panels, battery storage and smart charging. SolarEdge’s power optimizer is an intelligent electronic chip that connects to each PV module in an array.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy and UtilityAPI Want to Free Your Meter Data


Why can’t you get an accurate, fact-based online quote for a rooftop solar system, backup battery or electric vehicle charger as easily as getting a quote on, say, a mortgage refinancing or home insurance policy? His company has built a technology platform to manage the open, transparent and secure exchange of energy data, and this week the California-based based startup announced a pilot project with Silicon Valley Clean Energy to test it out.

Accelerating energy transition by forming virtual power plants on blockchain

Renewable Energy World

Influenced by the increasing penetration of “behind-the-meter” distributed energy resources (DER), power systems are experiencing a paradigm shift from a centralized structure to a decentralized one. DER News Opinion & Commentary Solar

A 21st-century reinvention of the electric grid is crucial for solving the climate change crisis

Renewable Energy World

Then, beginning around 2009, first wind turbines and then solar photovoltaic panels decreased enough in cost to become competitive in electricity markets. will need to nearly triple its 2020 growth rate for the grid to be 80% powered by clean energy by 2030. (As

A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid


A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid. How will the electrical grid handle so many vehicles charging at once? Especially when fast-charging stations gulp down prodigious amounts of power? Electric Vehicles.

Solar advocates, Duke Energy reach net metering agreement in North Carolina

Renewable Energy World

Duke Energy and solar industry stakeholders have reached an agreement on net metering policy in North Carolina that will help expand distributed solar generation and benefit utility customers, the parties announced Tuesday. Follow @EngelsAngle.

New Jersey Approves PSE&G’s $778M Smart Meter Rollout


million smart meters — but with regulator insistence that it share the benefits of the data they will collect with its customers. That’s approaching two-thirds of the 159 million meters in the country. Building customer and distributed energy values into AMI.

Manage Energy Consumption with a Fronius Smart Meter

Solar Power World

The appliances in your home all contribute to your energy usage and ultimately your electrical bills. How do you know which ones are the biggest drains on energy? The Fronius Smart Meter can help you determine how to optimize your energy production and make the most of your solar investment. The post Manage Energy Consumption with a Fronius Smart Meter appeared first on Solar Power World.

Keep trackers following the sun with proper O&M

Solar Power World

Mounting solar panels on tracking systems instead of fixed-tilt racking increases the energy yield of a project. Monitoring single-axis trackers Distributed and centralized trackers come with different requirements for O&M operators. Distributed… The post Keep trackers following the sun with proper O&M appeared first on Solar Power World.

Trimark Operations Center now offers real-time utility-scale solar monitoring

Solar Power World

Trimark Associates, a leading provider of SCADA, metering and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announced that the Trimark Operations Center’s (TOC) advanced alerting system now can continually determine if devices are online and operating correctly.

Smart Meters Set for $30B Gusher of Investment Over Next 5 Years


Utilities around the world will invest around $30 billion over the next five years to install more than 300 million smart meters, bringing many of the world’s most populous countries to full deployment but leaving other parts of the globe with relatively low penetration.

Top Environmental-friendly Tricks To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

Green Living Guy

You may think that your energy bill is out of your control. This might be true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. This blog post will go over some practical ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on utilities each month.

These solar panels are harvesting the sun twice in Kenya


Solar panels could be used to improve crop production, according to new research. The project showed increased agricultural production on land where solar panels were used to provide cover for the crops. While solar panels being used to generate electricity is not new to Kenya , the idea of using solar panels for agricultural production is. The agrivoltaics technique allows users to harvest solar energy twice.

Australia tests residential solar+storage as a virtual power plant

Renewable Energy World

Project Symphony will investigate the use of distributed energy resources in Western Australia’s energy market. million from the Western Australia government and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). New rooftop solar PV rules. DER News Solar

Massachusetts finds early success with behind-the-meter energy storage program

Renewable Energy World

Massachusetts has found early success with its behind-the-meter energy storage incentive program. ConnectedSolutions tripled the 2020 goal of Massachusetts' Clean Peak Energy Standard but fell 27 MW short of the energy efficiency program administrators' 2019-2021 three-year plan.

Sense Solar adds more home solar monitoring capabilities to app

Solar Power World

Sense has updated the Sense app to track how much of a solar home’s energy is powered by the sun right now and how much is coming from the utility or going back to the grid. Components Monitoring News Software sense

Top 2022 Trends in Solar Energy Systems


Consumer interest in solar energy continues to rise. Whether it’s a commitment to reduce carbon emissions or a desire for greater energy resilience, homeowners are seeking to learn how to incorporate solar energy systems into their homes.

Baker Electric Home Energy Launches PowerOn Battery Rewards Program

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member Baker Electric Home Energy, a leading solar, battery, and home energy solution provider, has announced the launch of its PowerOn Battery Rewards Program in partnership with sonnen, a global market leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology.

Albania’s first floating solar plant starts commercial operations

Renewable Energy World

European renewable energy generator Statkraft, in collaboration with Norwegian supplier Ocean Sun, has started commercial operations at the first unit of its floating solar project in Albania. The first unit, comprising 1536 solar panels, has an installed capacity of 0.5

5 Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

The Environmental Blog

Solar energy in the forest. That is why today, we will be looking at how solar companies like EVOLVsolar are working towards a happier future; a future that relies on renewable energy for our power. So how does solar energy benefit the environment?

The Carmaker Putting Solar Panels on Its Electric Vehicles


A German startup aims to sell a self-charging electric car covered in solar panels from 2022 after raising nearly $60 million in a recent 50-day crowdfunding campaign. But the most innovative feature is the presence of 248 solar cells spread across the outside of the car.

Minneapolis battery pilot will test vision for sharing solar power with neighbors

Renewable Energy World

Contributed by Frank Jossi, Energy News Network. Four batteries are being installed at a North Minneapolis green jobs training center in one of the country’s first “virtual power plant” pilot projects. Each battery will simulate a household buying and selling power with neighbors.

A Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meter for Clean Power Trading?


Blockchain’s energy sector uses range from the highly speculative—think peer-to-peer energy trading using cryptocurrency raised in initial coin offerings (ICOs)—to more incremental efforts, grounded in real-world challenges of operating an increasingly decentralized power grid.

How Effective is Water for Electricity?

Green Living Guy

Next month’s electricity bill will increase — and your water payment will jump, too. Not many people realize the link between water and electricity. The post How Effective is Water for Electricity? What happens when you don’t turn the lights off when you leave a room?

How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels? A Helpful Guide

The Environmental Blog

Many people around the world are having solar panels installed in their homes. There are already two million homes in the US that have solar panels installed, and many more currently weighing up the benefits of making the switch. How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels? Energy

Advanced water quality monitor installed in the Serpentine

Envirotec Magazine

Looking to find ways to keep improving water quality, the managers of the Royal Parks have installed a continuous water quality monitor; an ESNET (Environmental Sensor NETwork) system from Meteor Communications, as the company writes. Water Monitoring

Tigo Energy Powers Solar Monitoring and Energy Showcases for SCE Energy Solutions in Australia


Award-winning commercial installer capitalizes on Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) software to reduce site visits and provide unparalleled service for large and small solar sites

Tinytag data loggers used to inform innovative energy solutions

Envirotec Magazine

With increasing pressure for electrical and heating appliances to meet energy efficiency ratings , it can be a challenge to find a solution that both works and is profitable for small businesses and enterprises. Energy Sponsored Gemini Data Loggers

What’s next for ‘NEM 3.0’ net metering solar policy in California

Renewable Energy World

Analysis by Sage Energy Consulting estimates the value of California solar could drop 40-80% under the proposed policy change. CPUC is expected to release the 'Net Energy Metering 3.0' The debate over net metering policy is not new, and it extends beyond California.

Utilities must educate customers about their power to curb climate change

Renewable Energy World

The renewable energy industry and utilities have a unique opportunity to educate consumers about how that buying power can turn into climate action. Read more: The automated vessel designed to transport electricity from offshore wind farms to shore. Make the move to clean energy.

AEP OnSite Partners signs LOI to develop solar field to power cryptocurrency mining

Renewable Energy World

Sangha Systems, through its subsidiary 82 River North, said it will generate additional value by using sensor technology to track and trace every kilowatt-hour flowing between the solar panels, its mining rigs, and the grid. ” C&I News Solar

Solar-powered remote grid will help California utility customers stay powered up during fire season

Renewable Energy World

The first operational remote grid for California’s largest investor-owned utility will be made up of an integrated solar, battery, and generator system. Since then, PG&E has provided temporary diesel generation to meet Briceburg’s power needs.