December, 2020

Why Do We Need Green Technology?

U.S. Green Technology

The main purpose of green technology is to slow down global warming and reduce the green house effect. The main idea is the creation of new technologies. The post Why Do We Need Green Technology? appeared first on U.S. Green Technology.

A Home Buyer’s Guide to Green Homes

The Environmental Blog

If you’re in the market for a new home and conscious of being environmentally friendly, you may consider looking specifically for a green home. Green homes are designed to be sustainable through their energy usage, building materials, or both.

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Superheroes Need To Be Environmentally Conscious, Too

Jim Conca

SaveOnEnergy came out with their list of which Marvel Comics superheros are the most eco-friendly. They used a ranking system based on several eco-factors for 30 of the top superheroes, to rank Spider-Man at the top and Iron Man at the bottom.

U.S. Renewable Energy Consumption Surpasses Coal For 1st Time In Over 130 Years


In 2019, U.S. annual energy consumption from renewable sources exceeded coal consumption for the first time since before 1885, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Monthly Energy Review.

The top 2020 trends in sustainability, according to GreenBiz readers


The top 2020 trends in sustainability, according to GreenBiz readers. Holly Secon. Mon, 12/28/2020 - 01:30. At GreenBiz, we’ve been reporting on the world of sustainable business for over two decades, but this year has been unlike any other.

D prefab glass cabin immerses you in nature while you work

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, modular design studio ÖÖD is offering a sustainable solution to those who want to feel surrounded by nature without the distractions of a traditional home office

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Choosing a Temperature Controller – The Steps You Need to Follow

The Environmental Blog

Accurate and reliable temperature control is essential across multiple industries and various applications. For operations to run smoothly and safely, it’s necessary to monitor and measure temperatures, adhering to industry requirements and environmental factors.

Why Japan’s Response To Fukushima Radiation Failed, While Utah’s Response To Nuke Test Fallout Succeeded

Jim Conca

Japan used LNT-generated fear of radiation to force harmful actions on its people after Fukushima, while Utah took scientifically-based actions after numerous above-ground nuclear tests dropped three times the amount of radioactive materials as Fukushima on the people of Utah.

PG&E’s Latest Energy Storage Procurement Includes Fleet of Behind-the-Meter Batteries


Pacific Gas & Electric is asking state regulators to approve another massive round of energy storage procurements, including its first large-scale contract for behind-the-meter batteries to serve grid needs.

3 circular economy trends that defined 2020


3 circular economy trends that defined 2020. Lauren Phipps. Mon, 12/21/2020 - 00:15. As the year comes to a (welcome) close, it’s worth taking a moment to consider how the circular economy concept has emerged and evolved during this very particular year.

Japan to develop wooden satellite in bid to curb space junk

Inhabitat - Innovation

Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry is collaborating with Kyoto University to develop the world's first wooden satellite


5 Ways to Understanding Sustainable Construction

U.S. Green Technology

5 Techniques for Sustainable Building Construction Sustainable construction covers two main facets: following protocols that will reduce the impact on the environment during the building process and creating something that will have a positive impact in the future.

Virtual CleanTech Day in Olympia

CleanTech Alliance

January 20, 2021, learn about the policy outlook in Olympia and meet with legislators

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Premature Nuclear Reactor Retirements Could Effect Nuclear Waste Disposal

Jim Conca

Since 2012, 12 commercial reactors have shut down in the U.S., with 27 more planned by 2026, a loss of at least 37,000 MW of capacity and about 5 trillion kWhs from their expected life. The effects may be profound, from a loss of $8 billion in NWFund revenues to the orphaning of their nuclear waste.

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Why Offshore Wind and Energy Giants are Chasing Off-Grid Green Hydrogen


The European Union wants to build 40 gigawatts of green hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030, and estimates that 80 to 120 gigawatts of solar and wind will be needed to power them. That’s a fresh headache for Europe’s grid operators.

A new Swedish iron processing project could disrupt the global steel industry


A new Swedish iron processing project could disrupt the global steel industry. Thomas Koch Blank. Thu, 12/17/2020 - 00:20. A recent announcement by Europe’s largest iron ore producer, LKAB, may seem like a technical detail only relevant for metallurgists and steel nerds.

Pandemic-inspired Dwelling on Wheels offers off-grid living anywhere

Inhabitat - Innovation

A pilot project inspired by the pandemic, Dwelling on Wheels is the newest tiny home on wheels designed by Seattle-based firm, Modern Shed. The home features 220 square feet of space, solar power and has off-grid capabilities, all starting at $129,000

The Role of Living Walls in Sustainable Building

U.S. Green Technology

Sustainability has become a focal point in residential and commercial buildings, and so have ways of integrating green innovations. Living walls are a unique statement piece for structures of all kinds. They have the power to greatly improve the air and peoples’ quality of life.

VW board backs CEO Diess’s ambitious electrification plans


Within the executive suites at every legacy automaker, there are pro-EV and anti-EV factions, which continually strive for mastery, like Zoroastrianism’s Asha and Druj.

The Energy To Light Christmas

Jim Conca

Lighting our Christmas Spirit in the month of December takes 3.5 billion kWh emitting 3 billion pounds of CO2 and costing $645 million, a pretty good price for some happiness at the end of a very long year. But we could decrease that by 75% if we used only LED lights.

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Key 2020 US Solar PV Cost Trends and a Look Ahead


solar PV system costs fell across all market segments from 2019 to 2020 as module prices continued to drive down system costs. While shortages of glass and ethylene-vinyl acetate laminate caused solar module prices to increase at the end of 2020, they still fell on an overall year-on-year basis.

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How to talk about racial justice in sustainability


How to talk about racial justice in sustainability. Victoria Gilchrist. Wed, 12/16/2020 - 00:30. Editor's note: The opinions and conclusions that appear in this piece do not necessarily represent the position of Intel.

The Cyril tiny home has space for everything including the cats

Inhabitat - Innovation

For clients Summer and Jason, their tiny house wasn't a home without space for their cats to roam


How to Improve Workplace Productivity with LED Lighting

U.S. Green Technology

LED Lighting and Workplace Productivity There are numerous reasons to leverage LED lighting in your business. Switching from fluorescent bulbs can bring down energy consumption and reduce your power bill.

Buenos Aires Expands Bike Network to Major Avenues as Part of COVID-19 Response

The City Fix

Bike infrastructure in Latin American cities has been growing fast over the last decade. Cities like Bogotá and Santiago have more than doubled the size of their cycling networks. This is good news, as studies have shown that cities that. Continue reading on

A Christmas Light

Jim Conca

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house No electrons were flowing, through even my mouse; All devices were plugged by the chimney with care, With the hope that St. Nikola Tesla would share. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Business energy

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Shell, Volvo and Daimler Back Hydrogen as Europe Turns Sights on Truck Emissions


A flurry of new vehicle releases, increased grants and tax benefits and plain old economics have helped electric vehicle sales boom in 2020. sales figures show battery vehicles tripled their market share among new vehicle sales from 3 percent to 9 percent.

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Is your environmentalism intersectional? It should be


Is your environmentalism intersectional? It should be. Deonna Anderson. Fri, 12/04/2020 - 01:30.

Predators can easily spot mountain hares in Scotland thanks to climate change

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new study shows that Scottish mountain hares are left vulnerable to predators as they fail to acclimate while Scotland experiences less snow cover each year

6 Energy Myths And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

U.S. Green Technology

From heating to lighting, to power vehicles and our devices, energy affects every aspect of our lives. However, as environmental concerns grow, so too does the need to switch over to renewable sources of energy.

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MAN Truck & Bus starts series production of the all-electric Lion’s City E


MAN Truck & Bus began series production of battery-powered city buses in October at its plant in Starachowice, Poland. The first customer vehicles to come off the line are 12-meter solo versions of the Lion’s City E: 17 of these will be heading for Hamburg-Holstein’s public transit agency.

The 5 most unusual U.S. solar installations of 2020

Solar Power World

Announcements about new rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations come across our desks at Solar Power World daily, but some unique designs manage to stick out in our minds long after we report about them. Here are five of the most unusual solar installations we covered in 2020.

MIT Study Lays Bare Why Nuclear Costs Keep Rising


A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team has shed light on a key challenge for the nuclear industry: the rising cost of new plants. And the answer provides support to those who believe small modular reactors ultimately may be the best route to cost reduction.

Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers


Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers. Michael Holder. Fri, 12/11/2020 - 00:05.