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Breaking the cycle with upcycled food


Breaking the cycle with upcycled food. Soon — just as the plastic milk gallon in the dairy aisle and the beer can in the alcohol section have the three arrows signaling the packaging is recyclable — food products at grocery stores will have a new label to indicate the product is made with upcycled ingredients. . Jesse Klein.

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Upcycling of materials should be the priority for EV batteries

Envirotec Magazine

An exploded view of an EV battery: Researchers have demonstrated a method to upcycle end-of-life battery waste into materials that can be used for ‘next generation’ battery cathodes. Professor Slater of the University of Birmingham said: “The challenge is no longer about recycling.

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Stop Food Waste: Redistribution and Upcycling Opportunities

NRDC onEarth

NRDC and our partners at Drexel Food Lab are raising awareness about expanded liability protections and upcycling opportunities for food businesses.

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Adorable goat playground raises awareness of upcycling waste

Inhabitat - Innovation

an educational pavilion and animal playground that raises awareness about the merits of upcycling. NOMAD architects and Karina Aramanda have transformed wood waste into GO[A]T WASTE?,

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Trashpresso is the first mobile plastic upcycling platform

Inhabitat - Innovation

It is the world’s first mobile industrial-grade plastic trash upcycling platform. The World Design Organization named Trashpresso, designed by Miniwiz, a World Design Impact Prize Winner for 2021.

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This outdoor furniture line uses upcycled rice hulls that outperform wood

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Bowen Collection is a classically framed table with a twist — its top surface material is made using an ultra-durable blend of upcycled rice hulls that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Papermelon makes sustainable jewelry from upcycled paper

Inhabitat - Innovation

Papermelon jewelry is constructed from upcycled paper, which is collected from friends, neighbors and well-wishers.

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