How Are Hydrogen-Powered FCEVs Steering The Automotive Industry Towards Sustainability?

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The post How Are Hydrogen-Powered FCEVs Steering The Automotive Industry Towards Sustainability? Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are hydrogen-powered. They are more efficient than conventional engine vehicles and produce minimal carbon emissions.

REE Automotive opens Engineering Centre of Excellence in the UK


Israel-based REE Automotive has established a new development facility in the UK. MIRA Technology Park is home to some 35 global OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and other automotive technology companies. “A Newswire The Tech REE Automotive


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Karma Automotive showcases E-Flex EV platform


Karma Automotive has announced a new modular platform that features a flat floor EV architecture. Karma’s goal in creating the Everyday BEV platform was to offer an economic solution for service vehicles, ridesharing vehicles, and last-mile delivery vehicles that can benefit from low cost of ownership and sustainable transportation,” said Mike Jones, Karma Automotive’s Director of Chassis Engineering. Source: Karma Automotive. Newswire The Tech Karma Automotive

How companies — from automotive to apparel — can transform waste into resources


One key is to design out waste in the first place. Circular Economy Recycling Waste Waste Management Water Reuse

REE Automotive signs strategic collaboration agreement with Magna for modular EVs


REE Automotive has announced a strategic collaboration agreement with Magna to bring to market modular EVs (MEVs) for tech companies and new electric mobility players under the “Powered by REE” brand. Source: REE Automotive. Newswire The Tech REE Automotive

Valmet Automotive starts battery production in Finland


Valmet Automotive has started producing batteries at its plant in Salo, Finland, which the company converted from a cell phone manufacturing plant. Olaf Bongwald, Valmet CEO, said, “The Salo battery plant project is a prime example of Valmet Automotive’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. Source: Valmet Automotive. Newswire The Tech Batteries Valmet Automotive

GKN Automotive accelerates development of next-gen 800 V eDrive technologies


GKN Automotive , a maker of electric driveline technology, is accelerating its development of next-generation eDrive technologies. GKN Automotive intends to continue delivering an increasingly electrified future.”. Source: GKN Automotive.

Nexperia’s new 40 V MOSFETs for automotive and industrial applications


R DS(on) 40 V power MOSFETs in the LFPAK88 package for automotive (BUK7S0R5-40H) and industrial (PSMNR55-40SSH) applications. Nexperia has announced new 0.55 The company says the devices are the lowest R DS(on) 40 V parts it has ever produced.

Ricardo appoints Adrian Schaffer as new President of Automotive and Industrial for North America


Engineering services provider Ricardo has appointed Adrian Schaffer as its new President of Automotive and Industrial for North America.

Automotive connector strategies and solutions for space saving


Automotive manufacturers have been building more electronic content into vehicles with powertrain electrification and increasingly sophisticated driver assist systems accelerating that trend. In some cases, so-called “black-box” components have included non-automotive miniaturized connectors. Their lack of robustness for automotive harsh environments have led to quality problems in a few modules and in certain cases component failures. Sponsored by TTI and TE Connectivity.

Heraeus’s Pennsylvania plant receives certification for automotive quality


Heraeus Electronics has received IATF-16949 certification from the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) for its site in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. IATF-16949 is the International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems. “In In a highly competitive environment like the automotive industry, a high level of efficiency and quality must be guaranteed,” says Heraeus President Klemens Brunner.

Zero Automotive launches e-truck based on Toyota Landcruiser


Australian startup Zero Automotive has launched an electric pickup truck for commercial use, based on the Landcruiser 79 series. “It’s It’s available in 20 to 120 kWh battery packs, with modular battery packs and a 700 Nm electric motor,” said Zero Automotive co-founder Tim Possingham. Source: Zero Automotive. Newswire The Vehicles Electric Trucks Zero Automotive

Thermal management solutions for automotive and MIL/AERO


Sponsored by TTI. IoT technology can be a two-edged sword. On the one hand as connectivity is integrated into all forms of smart devices, increased performance is a significant benefit, bringing cloud capabilities directly to the users and devices that need them.

Overview of automotive communications technologies: Free Poster


Download a beautifully designed automotive communications poster. Sponsored By Keysight Technologies. It provides an overview of the technologies that make new cars safer and more convenient, including a comparison of dedicated short-range communications and C-V2X technologies. Get into the fast lane with the latest technical resources on autonomous driving.

Considerations for selecting automotive-grade multilayer ceramic capacitors in EVs


The worldwide electric vehicle (EV) market is exploding in demand and mainstream adoption as governments push for fuel economy improvements and automotive companies look for new market opportunities. In order to help you choose the right automotive-grade capacitors for your EV project, this whitepaper discusses the key considerations and certifications for EV components, common use cases in EV subsystems, and capacitor requirements for specific applications.

Ford and HP collaborate to turn 3d waste into automotive parts

Envirotec Magazine

The post Ford and HP collaborate to turn 3d waste into automotive parts first appeared on Envirotec. The recycled materials are being used initially on Super Duty F-250 trucks.

Use of aluminum growing faster than any other automotive material


A new survey reports that the use of aluminum is growing faster than that of any other automotive material, and is expected to grow to content levels of 514 pounds per vehicle (PPV) by 2026, up 12% from 2020 levels. The survey, conducted by DuckerFrontier, analyzes the latest information on material content for North American light vehicles from the full automotive value chain, including automakers and their suppliers.

Power Integrations new automotive-qualified silicon diodes for high-switching-speed designs


This is particularly important for automotive on-board charger applications that require higher switching frequency to reduce volume and weight, and enables the Qspeed diodes to replace SiC devices.”.

GNK Automotive launches new electric drive systems


GNK Automotive, a maker of electric driveline technology, has launched three families of electric drive systems, each of which integrates an electric motor and inverter with a single-speed transmission module. GKN Automotive’s Family 2 eDrive offers peak torque of 1,800 to 2,700 Nm, and is suitable for A-, B-, and C-segment applications. Source: GNK Automotive.

Electric vehicle manufacturers invited to apply to Automotive Transformation Fund

Business Green

The latest phase of the government's £500m push to support the development of a zero emission automotive manufacturing in the industry kicked off today, with the launch of the latest funding round through the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF).

Fujitsu introduces compact PCB relay for medium-to-heavy automotive loads


Fujitsu has expanded its automotive relay offering with a new 12 VDC PCB relay featuring a switching capacity of 50 A at 14 VDC. The FBR53-HC offers a higher contact rating than its 40-amp FBR53-HW counterpart, yet occupies the same 12.1 x 15.5 x 13.7 mm footprint, and weighs the same 6 grams.

U.K. Backs Automotive Innovation With £54 Million

Forbes Green Tech

As part of the U.K.’s s plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, it has announced a £54 million commitment across three projects for cars, buses, heavy goods vehicles and vans across the U.K., co-ordinated by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC).

ROHM’s new Nano Cap automotive power supply technology


Japanese electronic parts manufacturer Rohm Semiconductor has announced the development of its new Nano Cap technology, designed for power supply circuits in the automotive and industrial fields.

The Automotive Industry's Moment Of Truth HasArrived

Forbes Green Tech

Making electric vehicles is not as simple as some people thought, and now, after delaying the development of the technologies involved, the moment of truth has arrived. As Herbert Diess, Volkswagen's CEO says, "the storm is just beginning, and the time of classic car manufacturers is over

Automotive cable firm Delfingen expands its reach with acquisition


Automotive cable specialist Delfingen plans to acquire the European and African operations of Schlemmer, a German industrial group that specializes in cable protection and injection-molded parts for the automotive industry. The current difficult context has made it possible to bring together two historical players in the protection of automotive wiring at the global level.”

Overview of automotive radar technologies: Free poster


Download or order a beautifully designed automotive radar poster. Sponsored By Keysight Technologies. It provides an overview of the technologies that make new cars safer and more convenient, including a snapshot of radar technology from 24 to 81 GHz. Get into the fast lane with the latest technical resources on autonomous driving. Learn about the design and testing of complex sensor and communication technologies being built into autonomous vehicles.

Karma Automotive reveals new Level 4 autonomous van platform


Karma Automotive has been introducing a series of E-Flex Platforms, which can be configured up to 22 different ways, and can support both EVs and PHEVs. Source: Karma Automotive. The company recently debuted its first product in the series, an extended-range EV based on its 2020 Revero GT. Additional demonstration platforms in the pipeline for the coming months include autonomously driven vehicles and high-performance supercars.

Ford, Google Teaming Up On Cloud, Next-Gen Automotive Infotainment

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Ford and Google have announced a partnership to use Android Automotive for infotainment sysetms and use Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider. Transportation /transportation Business /business Transportation /transportation Innovation /innovation Enterprise Tech /enterprise-tech AI /ai Green Tech /green-tech Cloud /cloud Big Data /big-data Lifestyle /lifestyle Cars & Bikes /cars-bikes Editors' Pick editors-pick Business Autos

Technology Landscape, Trends and Opportunities in the Automotive Fuel Cell Market


Automotive fuel cell market is growing rapidly due to increase in vehicle production as it controls the emission of toxic gases from vehicles

Webinar: Thermal and EMI shielding materials for automotive electronics


Protecting automotive electronics from high temperatures and electromagnetic interference to improve the performance of xEVs and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). The webinar is presented by Dr. Karen Wilken, Application Development Engineer, and Matthias Grossmann, Global Market Segment Leader Automotive & Power Electronics at Momentive Performance Materials.

Nexperia releases 80 V resistor-equipped transistor for 48 V automotive circuits


The company says the new RETs, or “digital transistors,” provide enough headroom for use in 48 V automotive circuits. Nexperia has introduced its 80 V RET (resistor-equipped transistor) family.

Increasing demand from stationary and automotive applications widening the scope for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market


A Hydrogen fuel cell is a device that generates electrical power by a chemical reaction via conversion of fuel (hydrogen) into electricity.

Tesla Walks Tall Through The Ruins Of The Automotive Industry

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While traditional motor manufacturers continue to suffer, Tesla runs like clockwork, sitting on $8 billion in cash reserves, lowering its manufacturing costs and increasing its margins, while strengthening its solar roof and battery manufacturing and installation business.

Henkel introduces liquid gap filler for automotive and power conversion electronics


For next-generation automotive designs where form and function are inherently linked, smaller, high-power components are enabling lighter, sleeker and more sophisticated vehicles,” says Schuh. Henkel has announced the debut of its latest thermal interface material (TIM), Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 7000. The liquid TIM combines high thermal conductivity of 7.0 W/mK with a dispensing speed of 18 grams per second.

Here’s One Automotive Segment Electric Cars Finally Outsell

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Granted, it’s a vanishing breed

More Money for Electric Trucks: Rivian Raises $350M From Cox Automotive


This investment came from Cox Automotive, a 34,000-person company that facilitates the sale of cars through brands like Kelley Blue Book and online marketplace Autotrader. Cox adds a new set of strategic capabilities, centered around the logistics of automotive sales. Rivian raised another $350 million to support its electric truck and SUV commercialization.

Power Integrations’ SCALE-iDriver for SiC MOSFETs achieves AEC-Q100 automotive qualification


Power Integrations has announced that its SIC118xKQ SCALE-iDriver, a single-channel gate driver for silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, is now certified to AEC-Q100 for automotive use. Michael Hornkamp, Power Integrations’ Director of Marketing, said, “Silicon carbide MOSFET technology opens the door for smaller, lighter automotive inverter systems.

Nexperia and UAES partner on gallium nitride power systems


Semiconductor manufacturer Nexperia has announced a partnership with United Automotive Electronic Systems (UAES), a provider of automotive powertrain and body control systems. Newswire The Tech Nexperia United Automotive Electronic Systems

Low Carbon Aluminum Boosted By Audi’s Use In Automotive First

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In a transport industry first. Alcoa is to supply sustainable low carbon aluminum for wheels on Audi’s first electric sports car, the e-tron GT. Green Tech /green-tech Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy

Three Major Technological Changes That Are Going To Redefine The Automotive Sector And Change OurLives

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A major change in its propulsion technology, a shift in the property model, and another change in the usage pattern: three major technological changes that are going to redefine the automotive sector and change ourlives

Nexeon to Lead New £1.5 Million SABRE Battery Project


Target is Automotive Batteries with Longer Range




Hitachi establishes new EV motor company


Hitachi Automotive Systems recently established a spinoff—Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems America—for the development, manufacture and sale of EV motors. Newswire The Tech Electric Motors Hitachi Automotive SystemsThe new company, led by President Shingo Nakamura, will utilize the existing 260,000 square-meter Hitachi office and manufacturing facilities in Berea City, Kentucky. Full production is expected to start in 2022, depending on the effects ofrCOVID-19.