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Catalytic Converter Theft: Explained

Hydrogen Fuel News

Unlike other vehicular components that might bear serial numbers or unique identifiers, catalytic converters are generally anonymous once detached, making them difficult for law enforcement to trace back to a specific crime. This step increases the chances of recovery and helps law enforcement trace the part back to a specific crime.

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Top Human Rights Court Urged to Tackle Corporate Climate Crimes


Nikki Reisch, climate and energy director at the Center for International Environmental Law, argued that businesses have legal obligations to stop causing climate-related harms, whether or not governments are fulfilling their own obligations. “It’s Legal experts dominated the three-day hearing, held from April 23 to 25.


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How to get HOA solar approval: Tips for success

Solar Power World

Before Texas enacted protective solar access laws that limited what restrictions HOAs could place on solar installations in their neighborhoods, HOAs meant a lot of frustration. In some areas, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can present significant barriers to homeowners’ ability to install solar.

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Vauxhall faces mass action lawsuit over alleged emissions test 'cheating'

Business Green

Up to 600,000 cars sold to UK drivers over a 10-year period may have been installed with defeat devices, according to law firm fronting mass claim. A Vauxhall spokesperson rejected Vauxhall Pay Up's allegations and insisted its vehicles complied with the law. Our vehicles meet the applicable regulations.".

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Tory Lord’s Firm Awarded New North Sea Oil and Gas Licences


He currently serves as a director of the Conservative Party Foundation – the party’s multi-million pound endowment fund, created under his watch in 2009 to manage “legacy funds to support the long-term finance” of the party.

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Scotland’s climate targets are in danger of becoming meaningless, warns advisory group

Envirotec Magazine

Since the Scottish Climate Change Act became law in 2009, the Scottish Government has failed to achieve 7 of the 11 legal targets. Evidence from across the UK is that Scottish emissions will rebound in 2021. Underlying progress in reducing emissions in Scotland has largely stalled in recent years.

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Will New York City’s largest buildings meet emissions reduction limits by 2024?

Renewable Energy World

States and cities that adopt the IECC will effectively require new buildings to cut energy use an average of more than 10 percent compared to the previous code, and by more than a third compared to the 2009 version, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. percent from the 2009 baseline of 50.8