Insurer QBE backs Save the Children’s impact fund

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SDGs Human Rights Smarter Money paywall Dealflow Oceania/AustraliaImpactAlpha, September 29 – Save the Children, best known for its humanitarian aid work, has reached a $6 million first close for an impact fund to invest in social enterprises addressing humanitarian challenges.

Climate scientist in Australia: dangerous climate change is here now

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Climate Finance Signals Oceania/Australia climate-changeAfter years studying the climate, my work has brought me to Sydney where I’m studying the linkages between climate change and extreme weather events.


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New Zealand impact investments set to grow six-fold over five years

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Smarter Money paywall Signals Oceania/Australia impact indigenousImpactAlpha, Oct. 16 – Just 1% of New Zealand’s private assets under management, or $889 million, is in impact investments, according to the first in-depth study of the country’s impact investing market. Last year, an Impact Enterprise Fund in the country fell short of its fundraising target.

Scientists concerned by ‘record high’ global methane emissions


China, and South Asia and Oceania were some of the regions that saw the largest increase in methane emissions, jumping to as much as 15 million tonnes between the 2000-06 average and 2017, a new report has found

New Zealand’s Enterprise Angels locks down $13 million for impact fund

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SDGs Smarter Money paywall Industry News Urban Tech Dealflow Inclusive Economy Regeneration Oceania/AustraliaImpactAlpha, November 6 – New Zealand isn’t the easiest market for impact investing and fundraising. It’s small, and investors note a slim deal pipeline as a challenge. But there’s investor appetite, which startup investment network Enterprise Angels is capitalizing on with a dedicated impact fund.

Australia’s IIG scores $20 million for place-based impact fund

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Smarter Money Investing in place paywall Industry News Dealflow Locavesting Inclusive Economy Oceania/AustraliaImpactAlpha, October 31 – Sydney-based Impact Investment Group (IIG) has been making thematic impact investments in Australia since 2013, focusing on real estate, clean energy and venture capital. Now the firm is taking a targeted place-based approach, with a new impact fund that will focus on Western Australia.

Australia’s Tenacious Ventures raises A$16 million for sustainable ag fund

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Smarter Money paywall Industry News Dealflow Food Tech Oceania/Australia agriculture IMPACT INVESTINGAustralia claimed only $29 million of the $16.9 billion in global agtech deal activity in 2018. The founders of agtech startup consulting firm AgThentic want to fill Australia’s agtech capital gap with a new venture fund, Tenacious Ventures.

Macquarie Group fills its coffers for ‘pragmatic’ green infrastructure

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paywall Smarter Money Industry News Clean Energy Dealflow 2030 Finance Oceania/Australia renewable-energyImpactAlpha, September 5 – The Australian investment bank Macquarie already has A$20 billion ($13.6 billion) in renewable energy deals under its belt. But that’s chump change compared to the opportunity. Macquarie expects $8.8 trillion will be invested in new zero-carbon energy capacity by 2040.

Europe, Asian Nations Leading The World In Hydrogen Development

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Of the 228 large-scale industrial, transport and infrastructure hydrogen projects across the world more than half, 126, are projected to be located in Europe, while 46 are planned to be built in Asia, 24 in Oceania and only 19 in North America.

IKEA deploys electric delivery truck from SEA Electric


Australian e-truck builder SEA Electric has delivered an electric delivery truck to fleet service provider All Purpose Transport. The new truck will be making deliveries for IKEA in Queensland. SEA offers a range of 5 drivetrains for commercial vehicles from 3.5 tons to 27 tons GVM.

FEV supports automakers with charging compatibility analysis


Supported standards include ISO 15118, IEC 61851, DIN 70121, SAE J1772 for testing in Europe, Oceania and North America. FEV’s Mobile Charging Analyzer provides in-depth charging communication and power evaluation as part of vehicle-level benchmark capabilities.

World adds record new renewable energy capacity in 2020

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GW, slightly more than in 2019, while Oceania remained the fastest growing region (+18.4%), although its share of global capacity is small and almost all expansion occurred in Australia.

Global e-waste has risen 21% in five years, says UN

Envirotec Magazine

Mt) and Europe (12 Mt), while Africa and Oceania generated 2.9 Oceania came second (16.1 A record 53.6

What Other Countries Can Learn From Australia’s Roaring Rooftop Solar Market


In terms of overall capacity, Oceania still only accounts for a tiny share of global renewables.

Why Build a Power Plant if You Can Make a Virtual One?


Jeff Renaud, Enel X’s head of the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions, told GTM in a written response that in Taiwan the company sees "an opportunity to continue building a significant VPP in the coming years as more competitive opportunities are introduced into Taiwan's electricity system.”

Building the Digital Energy Retailer: Lessons From IDC’s Worldwide Utilities 2020 Predictions


For IDC Energy Insights, this effort rests on an analyst team that stretches from Europe to Asia, Oceania and North America.

WoodMac: Bifacial Solar Market Set to Grow Tenfold by 2024


Finally, Australia leads the pack in Oceania, thanks to its bifacial-friendly desert terrain in the middle of the country and the high electricity tariffs that originally spurred solar’s growth. Bifacial solar modules have attracted a lot of market attention in recent years. Installed capacity grew from only 97 megawatts globally in 2016 to over 2,600 megawatts in 2018.