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Almost nowhere on Earth safe from PM2.5, says Melbourne study

Envirotec Magazine

μg/m³), other regions in Oceania (12.6 The highest PM 2.5 concentrations were distributed in the regions of Eastern Asia (50.0 µg/m 3 ) and Southern Asia (37.2 µg/m 3 ), followed by northern Africa (30.1 Australia and New Zealand (8.5 μg/m³), and southern America (15.6 μg/m³) had the lowest annual PM 2.5 concentrations.

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Biogas trade bodies and companies call for an urgent rethink on GHG Protocol guidance for corporate biomethane use reporting

Envirotec Magazine

In their letter to Pankaj Bhatia, Global Director of the GHG Protocol at WRI, the World Biogas Association is joined by national trade bodies from across Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Oceania, as well as stakeholders including major operators such as TotalEnergies, Nature Energy, Clarke Energy and Engie to express their concern about (..)

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Global e-waste has risen 21% in five years, says UN

Envirotec Magazine

Mt) and Europe (12 Mt), while Africa and Oceania generated 2.9 Oceania came second (16.1 According to the report, Asia generated the greatest volume of e-waste in 2019, some 24.9 Mt, followed by the Americas (13.1 Mt and 0.7 Mt respectively. In per capita terms, last year’s discarded e-waste averaged 7.3 kg per capita.

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Europe, Asian Nations Leading The World In Hydrogen Development

Forbes Green Tech

Of the 228 large-scale industrial, transport and infrastructure hydrogen projects across the world more than half, 126, are projected to be located in Europe, while 46 are planned to be built in Asia, 24 in Oceania and only 19 in North America.

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Fluence to acquire energy SaaS provider Nispersa

Smart Energy International

With its conclusion, it will increase Fluence’s digital portfolio to a total of 15GW of renewable energy and energy storage facilities contracted or under management and expand its presence in North America, Africa and Oceania. Nispera will maintain its leadership team operating under the Fluence brand name from its Zurich headquarters.

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Mercedes-Benz launches electric bus chassis for Brazilian market


The eO500U chassis will be launched in 2022 for Brazil and Latin America, and will also be commercialized in Europe and Oceania. Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new electric bus chassis developed for the Brazilian market. The new chassis was developed by Mercedes’s Brazilian engineering team, and has been extensively tested in Germany.

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What Other Countries Can Learn From Australia’s Roaring Rooftop Solar Market


In terms of overall capacity, Oceania still only accounts for a tiny share of global renewables. Its 40 gigawatts of renewables amounted to just 2 percent of clean energy worldwide in 2019, IRENA figures show. But it added 6.2 gigawatts of capacity last year, growing more than 18 percent.

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