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Climate Change Hits Asia Hardest

Jim Conca

McKinsey&Company's Climate risk in Asia report indicates that Asia gets hit hardest by climate change, which shouldn’t be surprising. Asia has more people in coastal cities than all other cities in the world combined, so sea level rise and severe weather will be worse there than anywhere else.

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Asia's central banks must rise to the challenge of climate change


Most central banks in Asia already believe they should help to promote green bonds and other low-carbon initiatives.

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Managing Asia's climate risks


In 2022, natural disasters cost Asia around US$70 billion. Only about US$10 billion was insured. With mounting regulations mandating TCFD-aligned disclosures, how can business leaders integrate factor climate risks into their decisions?

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Environmental activists under attack: India records highest incidences in Asia


One third of attacks occurred in Asia Pacific. India is Asia's riskiest nation, but Cambodia recorded more assaults per capita. Globally, 10 people were attacked every week of 2022 for pushing back against irresponsible business practices.

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Asia's largest organic rooftop farm can grow 20 tons of food annually

Inhabitat - Innovation

Organic urban agriculture, renewable energy and beautiful landscaping come together at the Thammasat University Rooftop Farm (TURF), Asia's largest organic rooftop farm that spans 236,806 square feet.

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Will Asia take the lead in fighting the world food crisis through insects?


Asia is the ideal insect farming hub, says Nathalie Berezina, chief technology officer of insect farming start-up FlyFeed, which recently announced that it will build its first farm in Vietnam this year.

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Igloo raises $46 million to provide insurance for gig economy workers in Southeast Asia

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, November 30 — In Southeast Asia, insurance coverage as a benefit for employees is a luxury most small and even medium-sized businesses. The post Igloo raises $46 million to provide insurance for gig economy workers in Southeast Asia appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

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