How Hydropower Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

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Unfortunately, even some of the safer options, like hydropower, still have adverse effects. The post How Hydropower Can Be More Environmentally Friendly appeared first on U.S. Hydropower Energy Environmental technology Renewable energy

Wind Power & Hydropower Race To Crush Coal For COVID-19 Recovery


With or without solar, wind power and hydropower are racing to crush coal for electricity generation as the COVID-19 recovery takes shape. Clean Power Hydroelectric Wind Energy Avangrid Electricity Energy Maine New Mexico PNM Rocky Mountain Power united states US wyoming

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Floating solar + hydropower hybrid projects can benefit both technologies

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By Emanuele Quaranta, subject matter expert, PreScouter Hydropower and solar power plants were developed separately in the past.

Watt It Takes: Building Climate-Resilient, Restorative Hydropower


Gia Schneider and her brother Abe started Natel Energy based on a hydropower turbine their father designed. It’s designed to protect wildlife and drastically cut the ecological impact of hydropower.

Brazil to support construction of four new hydropower plants

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Brazil has included four hydropower plants among the projects that will receive support as part of the country's investment partnerships program, called Programa de Parcerias de Investimentos or PPI. Dam Design and Construction Environmental Latin America News Hydropower Finance

Gaining Indigenous Peoples’ consent for sustainable hydropower


Good practice guidance seeks Indigenous communities' free, prior and informed consent for hydropower development New sustainability guidance will give increased confidence to local communities, industry and investors that hydropower projects can be successfully developed while respecting Indigenous People's lands, rights and culture.

Operations achieved at 290-MW Nam Ngiep 1 hydropower plant between Laos and Thailand

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announces that the 290-MW Nam Ngiep 1 hydropower plant has begun commercial operations. Dam Design and Construction News Hydropower New Development AsiaOceaniaKansai Electric Power Co.

Safety, reliability key when maintaining 97-year old hydropower assets

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On Wednesday in Manchester, New Hampshire, a group of about 20 women from the NH chapter of the New England Women in Energy and the Environment toured the Amoskeag Hydropower Facility and Fishways, a 97-year old continuously functioning hydropower plant.

Why some hydropower plants are worse for the climate than coal


According to a new study published in Environmental Science Technology, hundreds of active hydropower plants are making a worse impact on the climate than fossil fuels. Traditional calculations of hydropower’s environmental impact take this destruction into account.

Too much water or too little: hydropower fights wild weather

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Energy Efficiency News HydropowerThe Kariba Dam has towered over one of Africa’s mightiest rivers for 60 years, forming the world’s largest reservoir and providing reliable electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Green hydrogen could curb one-third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050


decarbonization hydrogen Hydropower Renewable EnergyThat's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient.".

Hydro Tasmania accelerating site investigations for pumped storage hydropower

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Pumped Storage Hydro News Research and Development Hydropower AsiaOceania StorageHydro Tasmania says it is accelerating detailed investigation of three key opportunities for pumped storage hydro development in the state as part of the Battery of the Nation initiative.

Financial Trouble at an Iconic American Hydropower Giant


The Bonneville Power Administration, the government-owned “power marketing agency” that serves the Pacific Northwest, is facing a strong current of problems. As cheap renewables make hydro less competitive in the region, BPA is bleeding money.

Farmers Irrigation District hydropower facility offers sustainable solution to a growing challenge

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On Monday, July 22, about 30 HydroVision attendees visited the beautiful Hood River Valley outside of Portland, Oregon to tour in-conduit hydropower projects and learn how modernizing irrigation districts is a sustainable solution to help combat a changing climate.

Statkraft announces plans to build 51.6-MW Los Lagos hydropower plant in Chile

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Statkraft announces it has decided to start construction of the 51.6-MW Los Lagos hydropower plant in Chile. Europe Latin America News Hydropower New Development Turbines and Mechanical Components

Envisioning the future of hydropower: What do you see?

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Technology and Equipment Environmental News Hydropower Business & Finance Energy Efficiency Hydro Industry News Wind Power SolarOn Tuesday, July 23 at the HydroVision International keynote, Vice President Marla Barnes asked the audience to close their eyes and envision their next vacation.

Energy CEOs extol virtues of hydropower while bemoaning its lack of public support

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Environmental News Hydropower Grid Scale FERC Business & Finance Hydro Industry NewsLast week at the HydroVision International plenary session, a panel of three CEOs — Darrel T.

Energy Department Announces $24.9 Million Funding Selections to Advance Hydropower Technologies

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million in funding to drive innovative, industry-led technology solutions to advance the marine and hydrokinetics industry and increase hydropower’s ability to serve as a flexible grid resource. Source: U.S. of Energy, October 31, 2019 Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced selections for up to $24.9

GE Renewable Energy announces two hydropower services contracts in the US

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GE Renewable Energy announced at HydroVision that it has signed two hydropower contracts in the U.S. one for FirstLight’s Northfield Mountain project and one for PG&E’s Caribou One hydropower station. News Hydropower General Electric Turbines and Mechanical Components Pumped Storage Hydro Energy Efficiency Rehabilitation and Repair

Commentary: Snake River Dams’ Hydropower Is No Longer Particularly Cheap

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Source: Dan Malarkey, Sightline Institute, September 17, 2019 The first article in this series made the case for removing the dams on the Snake River because of the importance we place on wild salmon, drawing on analysis from a recent report by ECONorthwest (ECONW). A second reason to remove the dams, beyond boosting the odds of salmon survival, is […]. Commentary

Hydropower Market Projected to Install 1300 GW by 2024


Hydropower Market is set to grow from its current market was valued at over USD 1000 GW in 2017 to USD 1300 GW by 2024, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc

Clean energy investment set to hit $2.6 trillion this decade

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News Hydropower Wind Power SolarThe global energy supply is turning greener.

California Takes a New Look at an Old Idea for Tapping the Pacific Northwest’s Hydropower [GTM Squared]


What You Need to Know About Hydropower


This article is the third in a six-part series that explores … The post What You Need to Know About Hydropower appeared first on View original here: What You Need to Know About Hydropower. Eco Eco Tech about appeared-first article business & policy earth911-com- earth911-podast Green six-part-series third

Hydropower and its effect on climate compared to other energy sources


Hydropower, as many of you already know, has the very long history of use. In fact, hydropower currently accounts for two thirds of the electricity generated from renewable energy sources worldwide, and is therefore touted by many as the most important renewable energy source. The general opinion is that the hydropower is environmentally friendly source of energy and therefore much "cleaner" option than using fossil fuels.

LIHI certifies two low-impact hydroelectric facilities

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The Low Impact Hydropower Institute recently announced it had awarded low-impact certification status to two hydroelectric facilities: Environmental North America News Hydropower Generators and Electrical Components

Renewable Energy Gives Farmers Another Reason To Love It


Renewable energy is a win-win for farmers seeking to cut energy costs and gain new sources of revenue, but there's a hydropower catch. Clean Power Solar Energy Wind Energy California Electricity Energy

Ontario Power Generation to buy U.S.-based Cube Hydro

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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has entered into an agreement to acquire Cube Hydro, an operator of small and medium-sized hydropower facilities in the northeast and southeast U.S. North America Government and Policy News News Hydropower Business Canada

Google spending billions on data centers in renewable energy rich regions

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Energy Efficiency News Hydropower Wind PowerAlphabet Inc.’s s Google said it would invest 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to expand its data center infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Finding 20% IRR Hydropower Sites With a 5-Cent Tariff - Part 3


This is part 3 of 3 in finding high IRR hydropower sites with an aggressive tariff using HydroDesk. This concludes our three part series on designing a hydropower project based on a somewhat aggressive tariff. Other Parts of This Article.

Driven by China, global investment in clean energy falls

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News Hydropower Storage Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power SolarWorldwide investments in clean energy projects have hit a six-year low.

Finding 20% IRR Hydropower Sites With a 5-Cent Tariff - Part 2


This is part 2 of 3 in finding high IRR hydropower sites with an aggressive tariff using HydroDesk. we are now going to design a hydropower plant around the pink and yellow segments we found. Other Parts of This Article.

FERC's data shows US renewable generating capacity has surpassed coal

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biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) has now - for the first time - surpassed that of coal. News Hydropower Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power Solar Geothermal

Finding 20% IRR Hydropower Sites With a 5-Cent Tariff - Part 1


Today we are going to find a greenfield hydropower site using HydroDesk. It must fulfill an aggressive criterion: can it hit 20% equity IRR on a flat US$0.05 tariff ? Project Criteria.

The energy transition is underway: 10 charts tell the story

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalThe renewable energy transition promises to reduce carbon emissions, but it’s happening at different speeds around the world.

Carbon 108

Brazil plans to add more solar to its hydro-dominated electricity generation mix

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Brazil is the second-largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world, after only China, and hydropower accounted for more than 70% of the country’s electricity generation in 2018. DER News Hydropower Off-Grid Solar

FERC revises three-year forecast to reflect rapid growth of renewable energy

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biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) than earlier projected. News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar Geothermal

Renewable energy market employs 11 million in 2018 – IRENA

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalEleven million people were employed in renewable energy worldwide in 2018 according to the latest analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

NorthWestern Energy plans to upgrade 8-MW Madison powerhouse

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North America News Rehabilitation and Repair Hydropower Turbines and Mechanical ComponentsNorthWestern Energy has announced plans to upgrade its 8-MW Madison Powerhouse with the installation of four new turbine-generator units.

In quest for bigger batteries, California mulls pumped hydro

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News Hydropower Wind Power Grid Scale Storage SolarAs the sun sets on California’s solar farms, a backup energy source deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains springs to life.