How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool


How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool. To reduce fuel consumption — which by extension decreases emissions — trucking fleets are using auxiliary electric battery HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units in combination with solar panels installed on truck roofs.

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Gentherm’s localized heating and cooling system can save energy vs central HVAC


ClimateSense technology is designed to use localized convective and conductive heating and cooling to create personalized comfort while reducing HVAC energy consumption. Newswire The Tech Gentherm HVAC

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How Does a Control Valve Work in an HVAC System?

The Environmental Blog

Almost every HVAC system consists of pressure control valves that help in the smooth operation of the entire unit. From maintaining a specific pressure in the circuit to keeping the system pressure under control, the control valves play a crucial role in keeping the HVAC system safe. .

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5 High Efficiency HVAC Trends in 2021


Several trends are emerging in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry, from technologies designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and costs, to offerings that improve homeowners’ overall quality of life.


Warren Controls Announces Electrically Actuated HVAC/BAC Control Valves


Offering the Largest Size Range with Greatest Number of Choices for Customers

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A closer look at why heat pumps are dominating EV HVAC systems


Heating or cooling the interior cabin of an EV substantially affects the vehicle’s on-road efficiency, and the HVAC system often gets the proverbial “rented mule” treatment.


What’s It Like to Be an HVAC Installer or Technician?


What do HVAC technicians do? “Our HVAC technicians respond to emergency calls, troubleshoot and determine next steps as needed,” says Lednyak. ” What skills does an HVAC technician need? Different HVAC companies may tackle problems of varying complexity.

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[Blog] The Future of HVAC is Smart

Home Energy

The HVAC industry is not known for its quick rate of change, but when change comes, it shifts the industry dramatically. The introduction of scroll technology, SEER requirements that transformed system efficiency, smart Wi-Fi thermostats that changed how we interact with our systems, and the looming technician shortage that is


Sports and Environment: 6 Tips for Making Sports Facilities More Green and Sustainable

U.S. Green Technology

Energy Efficiency Green Tech, Green Products HVAC LED SportsAs time goes by, non-renewable energy sources come to the very brink of their purposefulness, and climate changes impossible to ignore.

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[Blog] HVAC Industry Trends: 7 Things Every Contractor Should Know

Home Energy

The past year has seen many developments in HVAC technology and the industry as a whole. For contractors, understanding these HVAC industry trends is key for maintaining competitiveness in the space.


5 Reasons to Switch to Green HVAC Technology

Energy Refuge

Fortunately, there are green HVAC technologies available that can make a difference. Right now, you can claim a tax break when you have a new HVAC system installed. Enhance Your Existing HVAC Systems. There are several examples of green HVAC technology on the market that improve HVAC systems’ performance and make them more energy-efficient and ecologically-friendly. There is mounting evidence that HVAC systems are associated with better overall health.


As the world warms, the call for climate-friendly cooling heats up


Energy & Climate HVACThe next phase of The Climate Group’s EP100 initiative stresses need for more energy-efficient air conditioners, especially in emerging economies.

[Blog] Avoid These Pitfalls When Installing HVAC Sensors

Home Energy

Modern HVAC systems are getting smarter, which means they need sensors to tell them when to keep the house cool and when to let the temperature climb a little bit to save power when no one is home. These sensors serve a specific purpose, but they can be tricky to


Renesas unveils integrated LIN interface sensor signal conditioner for EV HVAC Systems


HVAC plays a significant role in EV battery range, and OEMs are looking for ways to improve system efficiency while maintaining high performance and staying within tight cost constraints,” said Renesas VP Christian Wolf. With the ZSSC4132, customers can access a complete SSC solution that is already LIN certified, allowing them to easily and cost-effectively scale their HVAC system development for mid-range up to high-end EVs and hybrids.”.


How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool


How solar-charged HVAC keeps trucking cool Mike Roeth Tue, 08/11/2020 – 00:01 When most businesspeople travel for their jobs, they retire to their hotel room at the end of the day. To reduce fuel consumption — which by extension decreases emissions — trucking fleets are using auxiliary electric battery HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units in combination with solar panels installed on truck roofs.


This AI-driven energy efficiency app in Madrid's metro has many fans


Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Energy & Climate HVAC Information Technology Transportation & Mobility Energy EfficiencyThe software has helped Metro de Madrid reduce its energy costs by 25 percent so far.

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Indoor Air Quality – How Cleantech Can Deliver a Healthier Future

CleanTech Group

Cleantech Insights Resources & Environment Sector Insights Sector Watch Air Quality HVACThe World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 92% of the global population live in areas where air pollution exceeds safe limits. Following global lock-downs.

4th Mega Clima Nigeria Expo – The Largest HVAC+R Sector Show of West Africa!!! Mega Clima Nigeria Expo 2021: 4th International Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Exhibition which is organized by Elan Expo will be hold on 8-10 September 2021 at Landmark Ce


Mega Clima Expo is on the Stage in Lagos - Nigeria for the 4th Time Elan Expo is on Lagos again with its worldwide HVAC Shows brand Mega Clima Expo; 4th Mega Clima Nigeria Expo on 8-10 September 2021 with the product line of Refrigeration Systems & Components, Installation Systems, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems & Equipment, Heating Systems & Equipment, Water Purification, Treatment Systems & Equipment, Insulation Materials Service Groups


Spring Maintenance to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Green Living Guy

clean energy Climate Change Climate Resiliency Eco Friendly Products energy efficiency going green green home green living LED Lighting save energy costs sustainability energy efficient home Hvac sustainable living thermostatHave you been working on your spring cleaning to-do list?


10 Energy Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Green Living Guy

Clean Air clean energy Climate Change Climate Resiliency Eco Friendly Products energy efficiency Environment global warming going green Green Energy green living pollution save energy costs sustainability carbon footprint Hvac Programmable thermostat smart thermostat

These 8 Tips Will Save You Energy This Winter

Green Living Guy

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits energy efficiency Environment Green Buildings Green Lighting green living green products insulation LED Lighting save energy costs sustainability Hvac save energy smart thermostat solar energy

How Solar Control Window Films Have Made Office Buildings More Energy Efficient


The film also reduces solar heat gain, which can throw a building's HVAC system out of whack through uneven building temperatures

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YMCA Flexes Power-Saving Muscles with Budderfly’s Energy-Efficiency-as-a-Service


YMCA of Southwest Kansas has selected Budderfly to upgrade its lighting and HVAC units—at no out-of-pocket expense and Budderfly providing 100% of the capital, equipment and installation—to transform the YMCA for better energy efficiency

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Top Trends in Thermal Energy Storage Market 2021: An Overview and Outlook Report for 2030


The shifting preference towards the generation of renewable energy, including concentrated solar power, and the growing demand for HVAC thermal energy storage (TES) systems are key factors driving the growth of the industry

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Zero Energy Ready Homes bring you net-zero energy bills


These are insulation materials that can almost eliminate condensation in ducts used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ( HVAC ) systems. Business Eco Green asia climate-action energy efficient energy-ready hvac img-loading insulation japan north ohio projectZero Energy Ready Homes push the limits of sustainable living.

Clean Energy Business Network Weekly Bulletin- July 23

CleanTech Alliance

MEMBER CONNECTIONSXChanger system offers 30% HVAC improvementThe XChanger is a forced heating and cooling air management […]. Source: CEBN, July 23, 2020 This week, Senate Republicans plan to release details of their COVID-19 aid package, CRES Forum hosts an event (today) addressing climate change plans among conservatives, and a coalition of mayors from cities across the world releases a COVID-19 recovery blueprint.

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How roasters and retailers can support farmers and make coffee more sustainable


Business Green 100-percent airline-plans corporate strategy food-systems hvac longlist offsetting-and renewable energyCollective action is needed. Here is the original: How roasters and retailers can support farmers and make coffee more sustainable.

Global search uncovers proven innovations in clean energy, climate solutions


Business Green 100-percent ashden clean energy fuels-and hvac longlist renewable energyInspiration from the longlist of finalists for this year’s Ashden Awards. Go here to read the rest: Global search uncovers proven innovations in clean energy, climate solutions.

Onsite Utility Services Announces the Launch of the Hospitality Clean Air as-a-Service Solution


Delavan, Wisconsin - As hotels strategize to reopen and operate in today's new COVID environment, hotel owners and managers are scrambling to upgrade their HVAC systems to provide a safer, healthier indoor environment for workers, tenants, customers and students


Canadian AI firm selected by UK government to demonstrate emissions-reduction commercial building technology

Envirotec Magazine

of real estate across 17 countries, combines AI and cloud computing to create a fully autonomous commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solution. Building operators can also see up to 50% extension in the service life of the HVAC equipment.

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Delta lifts off with $1 billion pledge to become carbon neutral


Business Green 100-percent aircraft-renewal airline-plans ashden aviation clean energy corporate strategy fuels-and hvac longlist offsetting-and renewable energy weight-reductionThe airline plans to invest in aircraft renewal, sustainable jet fuel, weight reduction, and CO2 offsetting and sequestration projects. Read the original post: Delta lifts off with $1 billion pledge to become carbon neutral.

North America to Dominate Global Thermal Energy Storage Market: Research Report


An increase in demand for thermal energy storage systems in HVAC, government incentive programs for thermal energy storage systems are significantly influencing the demand for thermal energy storage systems in recent years


Unlocking Home Electrification With Heat Pumps


Every few seconds, a new residential HVAC system or water heater is installed around America. Katherine and Stephen are joined by Nate Adams, the co-founder of HVAC 2.0. Most of them are designed to burn oil and gas -- locking in 15-20 more years of carbon pollution.

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Simplified EV battery and fuel cell testing with regenerative DC loads: WEBINAR


This energy conscious approach to test saves utility costs and HVAC costs, reduces cooling fan size and noise, reduces cooling infrastructure for high power instruments and reduces overall impact on the test environment and the larger environment as a whole.

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Companies Continue To Drive Demand For Clean Energy

Forbes Green Tech

The corporate market for renewable energy is set to break new records, thanks to falling prices, new financial instruments and the spread of the energy transition to transportation and HVAC. Markets such as China and Japan are set to see policy changes that will help markets there take off


Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia 2020


Into its 6th edition, the event will showcase HVAC-R, Water, Electrical and Solar Technologies, that cools and powers industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings


Nomad Go’s AI technology could reduce building emissions by 30%

Renewable Energy World

Nomad Go’s new version of its HVAC solution is designed to help the real estate industry reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs by over 30% in buildings.

No room for solar on a high-rise? Seek out a parking deck

Solar Power World

Often, rooftops are riddled with obstructions like HVAC units, and there isn’t enough roof surface on high-rises to build a solar system that could offset significant electricity use — not to mention… The post No room for solar on a high-rise?

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GridPoint launches new building-centric charging solution


GridPoint takes a whole-building approach to managing customers’ peak demand charges by analyzing and managing load across several controllable, grid-interactive assets from a single platform, including HVAC, lighting, and now EV chargers.


[Blog] Which Refrigerant Has The Lowest GWP?

Home Energy

Knowing which refrigerant has the lowest GWP will allow HVAC contractors to take the opportunities As you probably know, 2020 will see the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implementing stricter rules concerning refrigerants in the United States. Specifically, HCFC refrigerants will no longer be produced in or imported into the United States.


Coast Guard announces first solar+storage microgrid project

Renewable Energy World

The U.S. Coast Guard will build its first battery energy storage system (BESS) with its also first-time microgrid at a training center in California. The Coast Guard selected Ameresco to provide energy savings performance contract (ESPC) services at Training Center Petaluma.


Why Empty Office Buildings Still Consume Lots of Power During a Global Pandemic


Shutting down key building systems like heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) can lead to unhealthy air or corrosion in boilers and chillers. HVAC accounts for a far greater portion of energy use, about a third or more for most buildings, and it can’t be shut off completely.

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Lessons from inside the heat dome about the future of the electric grid


All-electric HVAC systems are more efficient. Lessons from inside the heat dome about the future of the electric grid. Sarah Golden. Fri, 07/02/2021 - 02:00. The impacts of climate change feel abstract until they’re not. .