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Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips To Reduce Water Usage

Green Business Bureau

Water Conservation Guide for Business: 20 Tips to Reduce Water Usage. Employee Waste – Employees, whether they are working in person, at home, or are traveling, can generate a significant amount of a company’s water waste in areas such as bathrooms, water fountains, and kitchens. Monitor Energy Usage.

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Using voltage optimisation to improve energy efficiency in commercial properties

Envirotec Magazine

James Goodby, director at voltage optimisation specialist, Powerdown220, presents what he describes as the most effective strategy available to enhance energy efficiency and reduce overall consumption. In addition, these buildings also typically house extensive infrastructure, which further contribute to energy demands.


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Utilities must educate customers about their power to curb climate change

Renewable Energy World

The renewable energy industry and utilities have a unique opportunity to educate consumers about how that buying power can turn into climate action. Read more: The automated vessel designed to transport electricity from offshore wind farms to shore. Starting now, any new appliance in a home should be electric.

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What Electric Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The Environmental Blog

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your electric company? We recently had the opportunity to speak with other electricity providers that have been in business for over 30 years. There may be certain truths about electricity providers being kept hidden from public view – but not anymore.

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A Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meter for Clean Power Trading?


Blockchain’s energy sector uses range from the highly speculative—think peer-to-peer energy trading using cryptocurrency raised in initial coin offerings (ICOs)—to more incremental efforts, grounded in real-world challenges of operating an increasingly decentralized power grid. are testing it out.

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Green Realtor® Guide: Marketing Eco-Friendly Homes and Sustainability

Green Business Bureau

Realtors® and Home Buyers Going Green. With continued advances in energy efficiency, green technology and design, houses built today operate more sustainably than they did several decades ago. There is also a growing number of homebuyers desiring green homes. Why Green Homes Should Matter to Homebuyers and You.

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Home Energy Reporting’s Evolution to True Home Energy Management


Hear more from Bill Hughes about the future of Home Energy Management , and learn more about the design philosophy behind Bidgely’s industry-leading HEM solutions. . The term Home Energy Report is based upon the original notion of enabling customers to visually see how they’re using power. Is that good?